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Chapter 239 – Mental State

Part 1

Xiao Shishui defeated Chulain of the Heroic Four. This news was like a gale as it spread throughout the Shang Dynasty’s capital city in a single night. This was undoubtedly a sensational news.

The Heroic Four were almost unrivalled among the youth generation. The names had shaken the Shang Dynasty for several years. They were invincible and practically unparalleled. Even those who were one generation older than them might not necessarily be able to win against them.

The Warbeast Palaces, casinos Spellbind Castle, Moonflower Castle… and all the practitioners were talking about this matter. The travelling artist Xiao Shishui had become famous in Yindu overnight.

In particular, the grown-up generation was more concerned about this matter after learning the news. Chulain was a prominent figure among the youth generation, for him to lose like this, it was definitely a major event.

“The Destiny Twins are known to be invincible. With the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel paired up, just how many people can stand up against them? However, he was defeated by a travelling artist who appeared out of nowhere. We must him that artist at all cost.”

“Let’s see if we can make use of this Xiao Shishui.”

After they received the report, many clans issued orders with similar meaning. A youth expert like this would definitely become an absolute powerhouse in the future. If he was educated efficiently, it was extremely possible for him to stand at the top among his peers. How could these major clans not recruit him?

Eightfold Worlds had only been revealed to the public eyes for the first time, and it had already become well known in this region.

In addition to that, Xiao Chen’s origin had become all the more mysterious due to his proficiency in various seal techniques. These five powerful seal techniques possessed indescribable power and had once shocked the heaven and earth.

Not only that, the extremely destructive Telepathic Sword Wave had once intimidated the whole world during a certain era. Adding on to that, there’s even the Yin-Yang Seal. All of these seemed to indicate that… Xiao Chen’s origin was very complicated. He should have the backing of several world-renowned experts, otherwise how could he have learned all of these long lost skills?

This was a very restless night for Yindu. Regardless of the casinos or the brothels, every practitioner was discussing about this matter.

And it was also during this night that everyone learned of another matter. Yanzalp of the Heroic Four would be back in three more days. The urgent letter Chulain received in the middle of the fight was delivered by him.

This news made everyone very excited. Chulain of the Heroic Four had been defeated, would Yanzalp stick out for him? Not for vengeance, but to give him some face.

After all, the Heroic Four were close friends to begin with. Since Yanzalp would be coming back, how could he look on without lifting a finger? Since that was the case, the following days in Yindu would definitely be very fantastic.

Furthermore, there was still one more piece of news that only the scions of renowned clans knew of. There was a “strong tiger” from Middle Earth’s Tiger clan in town. Once he learned that two “young tigers” were killed, they believed that the “strong tiger” from the world-renowned Tiger clan would not be able to sit still much longer…

Many people were bound to suffer from insomnia this night. That was because of their expectations for the following days.

The lakeside had already quieten down. Everyone had left a long time ago. It was already very late at night.

The bright moonlight shone upon the lake. A soft and gentle radiance circulated in the clear Moon Lake. It looked like a piece of shiny gem. With the reflection of the moonlight, this place had been shrouded by a layer of faint mist. It was beautiful beyond words.

A small boat was slowly drifting on the Moon Lake, creating ripples as it drifted. The ripples broke the reflection of the moonlight into tiny pieces of jade.

Part 2

Xiao Chen sat at the bow of the boat all by himself, admiring the moon as he drink. What was absent was the joy of victory, the only thing present was a feeling of emptiness. When everyone was making a racket out there, he was at the Moon Lake alone.

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During the battle, he did indeed felt a surge of strong emotion. At that moment, he was full of mettle. He wholeheartedly devoted his life to the passionate confrontation, allowing his flower of life to bloom fully. During that life and death confrontation, he tasted the true meaning of life and death. He felt a passion and caused his blood to race.

However, after the extreme showdown was over. When his strong emotion gradually waned, when his thrilling sensation gradually cooled down, all he felt instead was tiredness and emptiness.

Everyone was making a racket out there, yet he was all by his lonesome self.

Even if the whole world was cheering for him, his lonesome feeling still couldn’t be changed.

Fame, he already attained it. Money, he easily obtained.


An exciting but a lonely life, that’s what he was feeling right now.

His back leaned against the boat’s railing. With the bronze cup in hand, he faced the moon and drank. Xiao Chen’s face was full of loneliness and solitude.

He was already a little drunk. While facing the hazy moonlight, he felt a little lost.

What is the meaning of immortality? Being invincible and living an eternal life might not really be a fortune. In those long years, what they might face were nothing but hardship and loneliness.

Perhaps, attaining immortality before the age of forty and “returning home” to take a look was his only pushing force.

However, thinking about it carefully, his white-haired parents were not that healthy to begin with. Would he still be able to meet them if he were to return twenty years later?

And his ex-girlfriend in the human world, who would be her partner after twenty years?

[I used up my youth to train, but I can’t see nor predict the future… is this worth it?]

Xiao Chen silently gazed at the moon by himself. He felt very tired all of a sudden. It was as if there was an invisible chain firmly tying him up.

[Should I go back…?]

Imagining the scene twenty years later, he suddenly felt his conviction collapsing. That all of his effort and struggle were in vain. His hope had turned into illusions. While facing these depressing fragments… he wondered if he should still continue to struggle.

He was drunk!

Xiao Chen was drunk indeed.

His mind was in disorder and he started to let his imagination run wild. His hardened heart was softened at this moment.

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He actually started to doubt if there was any meaning behind his training.

Immortality? Live as long as the heaven and earth, shine as bright as the sun and moon, never dying and overlooking all living things.

Part 3

However, apart from these, was there anything else?

Loneliness and isolation were always one’s companion. Would these be the ultimate conclusion?

The world of mortals was full of charm and vitality. As such, was there any meaning to pursue immortality? Perhaps, just living a simple life and live out this life happily would be for the best.

[Who cares about heaven’s collapse or the underworld’s upheaval. Who cares about the death of ancestor gods or the calamity to enfold. I will just live my life free and unfettered, that will be more than enough.]

The the center of the Moon Lake, Xiao Chen gazed at the bright moon alone. After the midnight, this place appeared particularly unfrequented. It was extremely quiet.

The boat drifted with the waves.

Since who knows when, Xiao Chen suddenly heard the sound of swords clashing in his dreamy state.

Lifting his head to take a look, a girl actually flew past the lake. Although her posture was graceful, her killer move was launched straight towards the sky.


The beautiful yet heart-wrenching singing voice spread throughout the surrounding. It immediately caused Xiao Chen to sober up. For some reason, it felt as if he could see a very powerful army. His cooled down blood suddenly began to boil again.


It was as if Xiao Chen had been struck by lightning. His blood began to race in a flash. He was moved by the song and magnificent aspiration actually welled up in an instant. He felt as if he could go and shake up the ancestor gods between heaven and earth.

The intermittent song seemed to have ignited Xiao Chen’s fighting spirit. It caused the perplexed him to find his ego once more. This was a battle song for the men. It immediately boosted his morale.

Although the lyrics was awkward, that kind of artistic conception was already enough to cause his blood to boil and completely recover his mind.

Life was like a song. How could a man hesitate and be at a loss? They must allow the flower of life to bloom. They must be full of fighting spirit and stand upright between the heaven and earth. They must make their life brim with magnificent colors.

It didn’t matter what the future held, it was fine to disregard the conclusion. The most important thing was that he had already tried his best.

Xiao Chen hardened his heart and decided to continue moving forward without changing his direction. Unwavering from start to finish, continue to press forward.

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Everyone was like this, it was impossible to stay simple and pure. Everyone had a complicated mind. And Xiao Chen was also the same. After a brief moment of loneliness, he began to feel hot blooded again, feeling even more confident than before.

The song slowly came to a stop. And that dream-like beauty also disappeared from the Moon Lake.

“Qing Qing… is that you?”

Part 4

“After the battle, I actually got possessed by the devil and narrowly destroyed my mind, that was too close!” Xiao Chen lamented.

He stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the starry sky alone. His gaze was firm and his will was as hard as steel. Xiao Chen was full of vigor. He was currently at the peak of Historia Sixth Celestial Layer, though it felt as if he could breakthrough at any time.

“Train the mind at the human world, that is a wise decision indeed.”

Xiao Chen felt convinced. He decided to vigorously continue this path down the human world. Hundred forms of life were waiting for him.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Xiao Chen tossed the evil twin’s head into the Moon lake. Chulain’s evil counterpart immediately showed up. He cupped his hands at Xiao Chen and left as though he was flying.

Although three days was a very short duration of time, it was more than enough for Xiao Chen to become the most well-known figure in Yindu.

Chulain’s evil twin was really sealed for three days. While everyone was shocked, they also couldn’t help but to admire his courage. He was really extraordinary to have the guts to restrain a young lord.

After quietly meditating at the Moon Lake for three days, Xiao Chen’s mental state had once again advanced by one level. His Spiritual Power had broke through to Historia’s Seventh Layer before his physical power’s advancement.

He jumped up suddenly and left the boat behind him. With the Eightfold’s extreme speed, Xiao Chen instantly appeared on Yindu’s main street. The sky was still the same, the clouds were no less different, but what changed was his mental state. These three days felt like a snap of the fingers.

Some of the supreme clans desired to settle in Yinxu City, but there were many things to consider. Apart from strategic location and economy, the most important factor was the ancient secrets.

According to legend, ancestor gods like Fuxi had once settled in Yinxu City during the distant past. The historical remains they left behind were long lasting.

Reportedly, this place had a hidden treasure. It might also be the burial ground of the gods. Above the sky, the dragon-qi lingered on. Below the ground, the dragon vein was ingrained.

Xiao Chen didn’t plan to leave Yindu for a short period of time. He had already visited the historical site of Fuxi. He still wanted to visit the other historical sites.

Unconsciously, Xiao Chen had arrived at the Lunar Pavilion again. He laughed involuntarily. A human’s habit sure was a scary thing. He had only been here twice, but under an aimless circumstances, he actually arrived at this place.

Since he was already here, there was no reason not to go in.

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The instant he arrived at the ninth floor, Xiao Chen suddenly realized. Xiao Shishui could be considered as a celebrity now, if he was to go up like this, wouldn’t it be inappropriate?

However, it was already too late. Everyone’s gaze was already focused on him. The originally noisy building suddenly turned deadly silent.

Following closely, friendly words of greetings were spat out:

“Brother Xiao, this way please…”

“Greeting to Brother Shishui, please come over…”

A group of rich kids instantly encircled him. Many people wished to invite him as a guest. He had been missing for several days, just to appear at this place all of a sudden, how could they not step forward to worm their way into being friends.

This was but the expert who defeated Chulain. He wiped out the Destiny Twins with Eightfold Worlds. He was worthy of the supreme clan’s attention.

Part 5

The people at the pavilion were still the same. Xiao Chen saw Yin Feng, Bosch, and Chen Hanggin. He also saw Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Frosty, Aqua, Tenvis, and the others in a certain private room.

However, it was a little different today. The rich kids of Yindu was no longer overbearing. They did not ridicule the experts from other continents anymore. The battle three days ago had completely crushed their arrogant attitude. First, several powerful experts were single-handedly defeated by Dugu Jianmo. Following that, Xiao Chen defeated Chulain, who was one of the Heroic Four.

“Xiao Shishui, come over here.”

The door to one of the private room opened. Dugu Jianmo carried the ******* sword on his back and leaned on the door.

Xiao Chen smiled as he cupped his hands at everyone. Then he walked towards Dugu Jianmo and entered the private room with him.

The ninth floor suddenly became noisy. Dugu Jianmo was also one of the target everyone was looking for. They didn’t expect that he was also at the Lunar Pavilion. Bosch, Chen Hanggin, Yin Feng, and the others each had their own plan.

And the door of another private room also closed at this moment. Yanzalp of the Heroic Four faced Chulain and asked with a smile, “So it is him? The one who can kill your Destiny Twin.”

Yanzalp had a slender build and looked extremely handsome. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was an absolute lady killer.

“It is him.” Chulain nodded and said, “I want to pull him into the army, what do you think?”

“If he is willing, of course it’s a good thing.” Yanzalp rocked the golden liquid in his wine cup and said, “I’m only afraid that he frivolous and didn’t want to enter the battlefield”

Chulain shook his head and said, “Not so, I feel that he is currently undergoing training. It might be possible to recruit him to the battlefield. This should be an unprecedented experience for him. Millions of soldiers facing each other in the battleground, that kind of genuine massacre, it should be very fitting to him.”

“How about I beat him and dispel his arrogance first.” Yanzalp had a sharp glint in his eyes.

“Haha…” Chulain laughed and said, “I’m afraid you might end up like me. Arrogance, I didn’t detect any of it from him. However, I do sense a lofty attitude from him. If you use force, it will only make him feel disgusted with us. It’s better to just go along with the flow.”

Yanzalp just thought of something and asked, “I heard that a ‘strong tiger’ is in the imperial capital. Do you think that tiger will leave the matter at that?”

In the other private room, Windfeathers, Dugu Jianmo and Xiao Chen faced each other silently and downed a cup of wine. After that, the door was pushed open. Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Frosty, Aqua, and Tenvis walked in.

Other than the three from the West Border, the few from Southern Wasteland had gathered once more. Xiao Chen felt a little awkward.

After a short period of silence, everyone began to chat. Even the habitually silent Dugu Jianmo joined in on the conversation.

Yan Qingcheng asked, “Dugu Jianmo, what will you do from now on?”

“I will travel to the other end of the world with my sword. I will only live for the sword. Everything else is of no concern to me.”

“How about you?” She then proceeded to ask Windfeathers.

“I… am just a loser. I’m going to go to the Southwest border, enter the Beastmen’s Sacred Mountain, and find an ancient beast king’s soul. After that, I will return to Yindu again.” Windfeathers looked as if he was making an oath.

With regards to Windfeathers, Xiao Chen still sympathized with him more or less. He was originally a powerful warrior at one corner of the world, but nevertheless, he was an unlucky person to run into more powerful opponents consecutively and suffered crushing defeat several times. To him, Xiao Chen could only offer words of comfort, “To experience defeat in the early stage is not actually a bad thing. While you face the sun, the shadow is always behind you.”

“Thank you.” Windfeathers nodded.

“No need to ask me.” Seeing that Yan Qingcheng was about to open her mouth,” Lazio spoke by himself, “The immortal’s mainland is so vast. There are all kinds of races standing in great numbers. There are ancient clans who can stand up to gods, there are high human clan with exceptionally good looks. I will leave my mark in those places. I will climb over thousand of mountains and cross over a great number of ocean. I am going to travel the whole world.”

“What about brother Xiao?” Yan Qingcheng asked.

“I… am going to train my heart in the human society.”

Frosty, Aqua, and Tenvis also declared their own future plans.

The private room had fallen into silence for a brief moment. It had become very quiet for a moment.

All of them knew, after the gathering today, they might not see each other again for dozen of years, or maybe even for a lifetime. This could very possibly be their last meeting. Each person had their own future and their own path to take.

The room was faintly flooded with a sad atmosphere of parting.


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