Chapter 16 – Bellow of the Beast

Zhao Lin Er’s lily-white hands were like single-edged blades, they were flickering with seven-colored light and cut apart the heavy light screen. She turned her body around simultaneously, leaving a long rainbow in her trail. She attempted to leap towards the giant tree outside of the Stone Forest one more time. However, the crimson four-armed ape was even faster in the Stone Forest, it transformed into a bloody ray of light as it soared into the sky. It looked like it would rip Zhao Lin Er apart in midair.

The Imperial Angel wanted to avoid the claws, but it was an extremely arduous task.

However, something unexpected happened. Just around this time, a silver shadow rushed over here from the depths of the jungle rapidly. In an instant, it clashed with the crimson-colored ape, and caught Zhao Lin Er in the air. After that, it soared into the sky and landed on top of a giant tree nearby.

Few of the gigantic apes in the vicinity actually failed to stop it!

Xiao Chen was shocked as he raised his head to survey the giant tree. It was actually the young Unicorn! The young Unicorn actually saved Zhao Lin Er!

Its small and fragile body was not even 1 meter tall yet. It was too delicate when compared to the four-armed crimson ape, but just now it actually forced the mountain-like ape back. It was hard to imagine just what kind of power was accumulated within its small body.


The crimson-colored ape snarled angrily, it leads more than ten gigantic apes and soared into the sky. They leapt up the giant tree and surrounded the young Unicorn. However, the young Unicorn was too fast, it was practically lightning incarnate. It trod lightly on the tip of the tree, and break out of the enclosure instantly.

“Run quickly!” Zhao Lin Er used her pleasant voice to urge the young Unicorn. Apparently, they had already been acquainted for a long time.

Xiao Chen recalled what Wang Zi Feng had said, only a pure hearted girl could get close to the Unicorn. He suddenly realized in that moment, maybe the disappearance of the young Unicorn for two days had to do with Zhao Lin Er. Perhaps the two of them already had an encounter much earlier than that.

Although the gigantic apes were also very fast, they were still unable to catch up to the mystical young Unicorn. In the end, the four-armed crimson ape faced upwards and let out a long cry. A bright multicolored light spurt out from its mouth, and shoot towards the back of the young Unicorn.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked! He was amazed by the gigantic ape’s miraculous ability, it actually possessed divine power that closely resembled sorcery.

The young Unicorn detected the energy waves coming from the rear, its jade-like horn lit up with brilliant rays, and a white lightning was released from the horn the instant it turned around. It hits the bright multicolored light that was chasing them in a flash. As a result, the multicolored light exploded, and splendid rays of light scattered around simultaneously!

A powerful waves of energy wrecked havoc in the forest. A wide expanse of forest around the point of explosion was destroyed. The leaves were swirling in the air, fragments of woods filled the sky, and a huge hole emerged on the ground.

Xiao Chen was extremely amazed, an ordinary expert wouldn’t be able to receive that kind of attack. Both of the peculiar beasts possessed extraordinary divine power, especially the young Unicorn. It was still so young, yet it already possessed such a bizarre ability. It was hard to imagine just how powerful would it be once it reached adulthood, no wonder it was a divine beast!

The young Unicorn was like a silver arrow that was shot out, it disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving no traces behind. Dozens of gigantic apes let out a bellow of rage as they faced the sky. They seemed very furious, but there was nothing else they could do.

Xiao Chen also felt very disappointed, he had the chance to finish off Zhao Lin Er. However, she was saved by the young Unicorn in the end. He could feel hostility coming from the dozens of gigantic apes, he shouldn’t stay at the Stone Forest any longer so he retreated back to his small peak.

Just around this time, something that makes Xiao Chen flabbergasted occurred. The four-armed crimson ape actually dug out a translucent crystal from within the body of the dead gigantic ape. After that, it swallowed the crystal.

Originally, it appeared to be mentally exhausted after attacking the young Unicorn with the multicolored light. However, after it swallowed the crystal, it quickly recovered its energy. Moreover, its entire body was emitting a dim light.

Could that be the legendary Monster’s Core? However, it doesn’t seem to have much resemblance! Xiao Chen was bewildered as he returned to the small peak.

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Dozens of gigantic apes bellowed in agony as they brought the carcass back to the Stone Forest with them.

As if Zhao Lin Er had backed out to avoid defeat, she did not make her appearance in the following two days. However, Xiao Chen didn’t dare to be careless, he was not convinced that the Imperial Angel would give up just like that.

Dozens of gigantic apes clearly showed some hostility towards Xiao Chen, their friendly relationship was not the same as before. Xiao Chen knew it was about time to change location.

As he pushed his way through the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory, he discovered plenty of large monster’s remains. He also had no idea what kind of species the skeletal remains belong to. There were skeletons of all sizes, from three to four meters until more than ten meters. The white bones were everywhere, making this place seem especially eerie. They were clearly skeletal remains left behind by the Tyrannical Dragon.

When Xiao Chen passed through the pile of bones from the other side, he discovered a red crystal by chance. It was as big as a thumb and resembled a dazzling gem. His heart was stirred, wasn’t this crystal similar to the one swallowed by the four-armed ape? The only difference was the color.

He picked up the translucent red crystal from the pile of bones. While he was holding the red crystal, he could clearly sense the pure energy contained within it. Xiao Chen was somewhat shocked, could this be the Monster’s Core? He activated the Secret Qi-Training Method recorded on the Ancient Stone Monolith to guide that extremely pure spiritual energy into his body.

A short while later, brittle sounds were produced from Xiao Chen’s hand, “Clink! Clink!” The originally translucent red crystal lost its luster and became dull. It was starting to fall apart, along with the last of the spiritual energy absorbed by Xiao Chen, the crystal immediately disintegrated and turned into dust!

The spiritual energy contained within the crystal was really not feeble, and it was really easy to absorb. When comparing to the speed of gathering the worldly essence, it was several folds faster. If that was not the Monster’s Core, it would otherwise be known as a Spirit Stone.

However, Xiao Chen was very puzzled. Only a small amount of spiritual energy he absorbed was used to heal his wounded body, and most of it unexpectedly disappeared without a trace. He had no idea where the rest of the spiritual energy went to.

Xiao Chen activated the Secret Technique to inspect his own arteries and veins, in order to find the traces of those spiritual energy. All of a sudden, he discovered the silver light in his left foot. That was from the enormous life energy contained within the dragon egg. It seemed to have fused with that acupuncture point. The difference was like that of night and day when compared to the other acupuncture point, it was like bright star in the night sky!

At the same time, he discovered a faintly discernable red light in the acupuncture point of his other foot. He immediately realized the same thing had occurred in his other foot. However, the spiritual energy contained within the crystal was far from comparable to the dragon egg. He wondered if there would be a similar change in his other foot after he accumulated enough spiritual energy.

Xiao Chen did not advance to the depths of the island, he merely moved several miles away from the habitat of the gigantic ape. He relocated next to a rocky precipice close to the borderline of the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory.

That was because the terrifying monsters wouldn’t dare to approach this territory. In regards to the condition of his body at the moment, he was unfit to engage in a fierce fight with the vicious beasts.

It was already the dusk, Xiao Chen was calmly meditating on top of the rocky precipice to recover his wounded body.

“ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……” The sudden howl of a wolf could be heard from the distant mountain forest. Moreover, it was accompanied by the cries of the other beasts.

At first, Xiao Chen was not really concerned about it, because the wolf was really weak compared to the other beasts on this uninhabited island. However, the cries of the other beasts could be heard soon after, such as the bellow of the tiger, lion, and ape. Moreover, the mountain forest not far from him started to tremble. It seemed like many vicious beasts were fighting in that region!

Xiao Chen stopped meditating and went to find out what happened.

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When he arrived at this woodland, the battle between the vicious beasts were already approaching the climax. A large area of the woodland were covered by the carcasses of the beasts, a dense fog of blood permeated in the air. The bloody smell that stings the nose spread through the forest.

Two male lion that was as big as a huge elephant had their necks ruptured, and there were innumerable carcasses across the forest; seven to eight Three-Eyed Black Tiger had their body ripped in half and concealed by the underbrush, two eagles that were five to six meters long were hanging on a huge tree with their chest and abdomen penetrated, three huge One-Horned Bear that spanned five to six meters long were piled together with their heads severed…… There were actually so many carcasses of different peculiar beasts here.

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