Chapter 179 – Auctioning the Ancient Weapon

Pasteur’s ominous name had spread far and wide, it was a genuine good at fair price. In regards to the practitioners, it was a priceless treasure. If they could obtain it and exhibit one tenth of its might, their power would rise by one fold!

The ancient clans of the legends were an extremely mysterious and powerful race. Their populations were as sparse as the phoenix feather and unicorn horn. However, they were powerful enough to contend against the deities. Along with the vicissitudes of time, the aforementioned race vanished without a trace. It was very hard to find a pure-blooded ancient race anymore. However, their glory had never been forgotten by the people.

The ancient race possessed earth shaking ancient battle skills. The ancient weapons once used by them were very attractive to the practitioners. Reportedly, there were not more than five ancient divine weapons being handed down to the outside world. Pasteur being one of them.

If it was really put on auction, then it would undoubtedly cause a huge commotion! Let’s not even mention the others, many older generation figures would certainly join the fray as well. Legend has it that the ancient spear’s killing intent contained the inextinguishable spirit of the ancient race. If they could analyze one or two, then they would gain endless benefits. In addition, when the ancient spear reached its full potential, it was known to have the might to kill even the gods. It was unlikely for anyone to not be tempted by it.

“Do you guys really think that I can keep the ancient spear?” Xiao Chen was very calm. He knew that by keeping this hot potato, he wouldn’t gain the slightest benefit from it. On the contrary, he might invite more disaster.

Many people had guessed that he was from the depths of the south and had some connection to those few legendary existences. However, not everyone believed in this. In addition, the phoenix’s divine feather could force some super powerful warriors to fall back, but it couldn’t completely guarantee that everyone would withdraw because of it.

Especially Exuvia and Historia level practitioners. They hadn’t reached that kind of heights yet and didn’t know about those legendary existences, so they weren’t as apprehensive as the older generation figures.

Holding on to Pasteur would only bring more trouble than necessary. At the same time, would the real owner give up on the bloody spear because of this? Absolutely not! As long as he got the news, he would definitely make an appearance immediately. Perhaps, he might even be on the way already.

“Such a pity. It’s a god killing ancient weapon for god’s sake! A murder weapon handed down from the ancient race! The treasure everyone in the mainland yearns for, even in their dreams! To be unable to take hold of it, it’s really too regretful!” Obviously, after a burst of emotion, the fatty also called to mind the seriousness of the matter. However, the bloody spear was really too attractive. Even if he was not the one possessing it, he also felt very regretful. Especially when he thought about the divine blood flowing unceasingly on the ancient spear. If they could take control of it, the sense of accomplishment would be indescribable.

Xiao Chen grabbed the ancient spear Pasteur and said, “It seems like the so-called spirit of the ancient race was already wiped out by the others. I can only feel a weak trace and already memorized it. Now, this is just nothing more than an unstoppable ancient weapon for me. There’s nothing particularly special about it.”

“It possesses formidable power capable of killing gods! If we really put it on auction, it will definitely give rise to a huge commotion!” The beautiful Fairsky was also very excited. His glossy cheeks were flushed like that of a stunning beauty. His handsome face really made people feel that the heaven was unfair.

Fairsky and Zhuge fatty were definitely not slow on the uptake, they profoundly understood the seriousness of the matter. Just as Xiao Chen had said, perhaps the real owner of the ancient spear might already be on his way. As such, both of them used their connections and immediately set up the arrangements according to Xiao Chen’s wishes. The faster, the better. As for whether their families would also fight for it, that was not something they put into consideration.

Obviously, Xiao Chen’s plan was not as simple as fishing out all the major powers. This hot potato would certainly give rise to a huge wave. Many major powers might even fight on the spot. Maybe some people would even fight in secret.

Xiao Chen’s goal was precisely to stir up a disturbance! The more chaotic, the better!

On this very day, a huge commotion broke out in Celestial City. Someone actually wanted to sell the ancient race’s treasure! Pasteur’s ominous name had been spread for endless years, it was a famous treasure in the world of martial arts. Those news indeed caused countless people to lust after it.

As the warbeast tournament was fast approaching, the composition of the practitioners in the Celestial City at the moment was very complicated. There were a lot of outsiders. And adding the major powers that were complicatedly rooted at this locality, this news really caused an unusually lively sensation.

“Honrado Auction House” had more than a century of history. They already expanded beyond the south desolate region and had many branches on the mainland. Honrado Auction House was very imposing, with two guardian lion statues weighing more than a thousand tons located at both sides of the vermillion entrance. The lofty gate was similar to that of the castle’s and people were continuously going through the entrance.

Within the wide auction hall, there were more than a thousand seats. Although the news were spread out in a rush, it was already full house by the time of noon. The hall was a boiling cauldron of voices. Many big families had dispatched a representative. Of course, the majority of them were hermits. Almost everyone in the hall were practitioners.

“Are they really auctioning the ancient spear Pasteur?”

“I heard that this ominous weapon was in the hands of a small tribe at the western part. Legend says that they are the descendants of the ancient race. How is it possible for it to circulate around?”

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“Someone must have taken it forcibly. Just which madman did it?”

“Just who would be this courageous? They actually dared to scramble for the ancient spear Pasteur. And moreover, put it on auction publicly. This is too crazy!”

“The ancient treasure will definitely make people fight over it. There will definitely be a bloodbath!”


As such, a lot of people were discussing about it.

Without a doubt, the mysterious seller was everyone’s focal point. The news regarding Xiao Chen consecutively challenging Ninth Celestial Layer experts last night was already spread among a small circle. His crazy action made many people endlessly shocked.

However, those who knew he had snatched the ancient spear Pasteur was only a handful. It didn’t get spread around.

Honrado Auction House’s operating capability was very efficient. In the shortest possible time, they had spread out the news across the entire Celestial City. Even more people were making their way towards the auction house. There was already no place to sit in the hall. The latecomers could only stand. In the end, even the place to stand had been filled to the brim.

Honrado Auction House did not hesitate to give their all to publicize the item. That was because this commission would bring them a large sum of money. Of course, the most important thing was still reputation! Auctioning the ancient spear Pasteur would bring about an unimaginable popularity for them! As such, they even invited a few beauties to emcee. At present, Fairsnow was taking the stage and was explaining the origin and might of the ancient spear Pasteur.

Fairsnow’s figure was slender and curvy. She was wearing a white one-piece dress which enhanced her beauty. Her refined manners caused all kinds of flowers to lose their splendor.

“I believe everyone has heard of the god killing ancient spear Pasteur…”

Actually, there was no need for explanation, everyone who arrived already knew about it. The beauties were only used to attract more eyeballs. It must be mentioned that the Honrado Auction House possessed great power, they were actually able to invite the most beautiful girl from the Fair family.

Afternoon, the auction started on time.

“Initial price is a hundred thousand gold coins. The minimum increment bid is one thousand gold coins…” Fairsnow’s voice was very sweet. With an agile movement of her hand, she pulled the yellow curtain behind her with a swish. Immediately, the ancient spear flickering with blood red radiance revealed itself.

A biting cold killing intent filled the entire hall in a flash. A mysterious expert shrouded by white mist carried Pasteur and walked to the center of the stage to put on a show for everyone.

With a light wave, a bloody divine qi soared up and penetrated the roof in a flash.


With a light sweep, a wide expanse of bloody wave surged forward in all directions. The entire stage was immediately submerged by the bloody light.

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The instant the ancient spear was pulled back, all of the bloody light disappeared.

“I did not load it with any magic power at all, I only waved it a few times lightly. Its killing intent and might, everyone can very well imagine. This is Pasteur, the ancient spear that once killed the gods!” A muffled voice transmitted from the white mist. It made people unable to determine their age nor their gender.

Without a doubt, this was an expert. A powerful expert invited to secure the ancient spear Pasteur.

“Now, I will load it with magic power and let everyone see its true power.” Speaking until here, he grabbed Pasteur with both hands and soared into the sky. After that, his entire person burst out with resplendent divine radiance.

At the same time, Pasteur emitted a bloody light that caused the roof to vanish in a puff of smoke. A two meters thick bloody light beam soared into the sky. It was as if the light beam had pierced through the skies!

At this moment, many people in the Celestial City had seen this huge bloody light beam. Its power was really too intimidating. It caused many people to tremble with fear and almost crouch down on the ground.

Especially those in the auction hall. They felt all the more apprehensive. That sharp murderous aura, as well as that inextinguishable battle intent, it caused many people to limp weakly on the ground.

The soaring bloody light, an ominous weapon that once killed the gods, the ancient weapon possessed unimaginable power!

The hall turned extremely quiet. Only until the bloody light disappeared for a long time did people gradually come around. The divine blood was dripping from the ancient spear unceasingly. It made a lot of people hold their breath. It was too oppressive and shocking.

“I bid one hundred and ten thousand gold coins!”

“You want to buy Pasteur with only one hundred and ten thousand? I bid one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!”

“One hundred and sixty thousand!”

“One hundred and eighty thousand!”

“I bid two hundred thousand!”


The situation was really too dynamic. Nobody increased the price by one thousand gold coins, they directly used ten thousand pieces as the unit.

The price increased unceasingly. The ancient spear seriously attracted too many people.

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Many people only came to this place to watch the show, because it was simply impossible for them to place a bid on something that pricey. The front competed like wildfire, while many people discussed in a low voice at the back.

“Just who is this mother f—— spendthrift? They actually put Pasteur up for auction?!”

“What if it was obtained from a scramble? Of course there’s a need to sell it as soon as possible!”

“Who would be that courageous to fight over it? Do we have that kind of miracle man in the south who dared to go plunder Pasteur from the descendents of the ancient tribe?”

“What if someone from that tribe came to Celestial City with Pasteur…”

“Bringing Pasteur to Celestial City? That is a killing artifact for god’s sake! Don’t tell me someone wanted to make a big movement in the south? They wouldn’t be thinking of fighting over the Dragon Kings during the warbeast tournament right?!”

“Who can know for sure…”

“Just who would be this exaggerated? They actually dared to snatch the Pasteur from the ancient clan and put it on auction.”


Everyone wanted to know who was the seller, because this action was really too crazy.

“I bid four hundred thousand gold coins!”

“Four hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Four hundred and seventy thousand!”

While it was getting crazy in the auction house, Xiao Chen was calmly inspecting the Azure Dragon King’s injuries.

Other than the external injuries that it received from Tenax, its internal wounds were also very grave. This was the reason it was defeated so quickly last night. The condition of its injuries were very serious. Moreover, its spiritual sense was very messy, as if its awareness was being manipulated by someone. It had suffered an enormous psychological damage.

Xiao Chen frowned. Just who was that guy last night? It seemed like his goal was only to deliver the Azure Dragon King. He left and never returned after sending the Dragon King off. Just what did he wish to accomplish? No matter what, the most important thing at the moment was to give medical treatment to the Azure Dragon King.

Half an hour later, Xiao Chen sealed off the Azure Dragon King’s five senses and let it sink into deep sleep. Then he walked out from that room.

In regards to auctioning Pasteur, Xiao Chen did not do it on impulse. Would they feel grateful if he returned it to them? Definitely not! He already killed their people, there was nothing more to discuss!

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So what if he was the one selling it? Who asked them to not be stern with their disciples and let them “randomly wave” a lethal weapon everywhere. Xiao Chen had seized the ancient spear after receiving a sneak attack, nobody could say anything regarding this.

Of course, the real owner definitely had no time to care about these. Thinking of a method to get back the ancient spear was his first priority.

It could be expected that the family who ultimately obtained the ancient spear would be a powerful figure. Otherwise it was impossible for them to take possession of it as this would only serve to make an enemy out of the real owner.

Money, Xiao Chen must earn it. Situation, he must throw it into disorder. Revenge, of course he must give it back. One stone three birds, of course he must sell it.

“It’s too crazy! It has already exceeded six hundred thousand gold coins!” Zhuge fatty was very excited. The fat meat all over his body was trembling as he rushed in.

Soon after, Fairsky also returned and said excitedly, “If this keeps up, even millions wouldn’t be impossible! This is too crazy!”

“At the moment, the overwhelming majority of the people don’t even know who the seller is yet. However, you have already become a millionaire in Celestial City!” The fatty was drooling as he said this to Xiao Chen with a smile, “You must invite me to Moonflower Castle three times every month. Otherwise I will publicly declare you as the seller!”

“Filthy!” Fairsky clicked his tongue disdainfully.

“And you are not filthy? You frequently come to the educational street to peek at the female students!” Zhuge fatty retaliated.

“I am merely admiring them, I didn’t have any dirty thoughts. But yours is an undisguised filthiness!”

“The fatty is indeed filthy.” Xiao Chen nodded his head. Then he asked Fairsky, “How old is your older sister?”

“What did you say? Don’t even think about it!” It was as if he had stepped on Fairsky’s tail. His eyes immediately sharpened.

“I am only admiring her. I didn’t have any dirty thoughts. What you are thinking is filthy!” Xiao Chen replied casually.

Hearing his own words being used against him, Fairsky’s beautiful face was brimming with rage. He warned, “Xiao Chen, I am warning you. Don’t you dare touch my sister!”

Zhuge fatty sneered at him, “You address her as older sister, and you sound so serious about it too. You were only born fifteen minutes later than Fairsnow. And who was it that said he couldn’t wait for his ‘younger sister’ to get married as soon as possible because he couldn’t win in a verbal argument a few years back.”

“******* fatty, scram!”

The fatty’s mouth was very undisciplined, he chuckled as he told Xiao Chen, “Fairsnow is a peerless beauty in the south. Along with Yan Qingcheng who just arrived at Celestial City, they are known as the two pearls of the south. Bro, I think if you put some effort into it, you have a very high chance of becoming Fairsky’s brother-in-law.”

“Fatty, I will kill you!” Fairsky was in a rage. At the same time, he turned his head to look at Xiao Chen and said, “If you dare to touch my sister, I will kill you at all cost!”

“This guy likes a challenge. The more challenging it is, the more he likes it.”

Just at this time, a sweet scent was carried over by the wind. The peerless Yan Qingcheng pushed the door open and entered with graceful steps.

Her purple dress made her seem like a person in a painting. Her perfect figure was like the proudest masterpiece of the heaven. Her black hair flowed down like a waterfall and her pupils were very deep. Her snow-white skin was as smooth as fine jade. Seeing her after a long while, Yan Qingcheng appeared more beautiful than ever. Her entire person seemed like a goblet of intelligence. She possessed an indescribable spiritual energy.

“I received orders from the sect to deliver an invitation card to you.”

It was very breathtaking. The fatty was unconsciously wiping the corners of his mouth, fearing that his drools would leak out unknowingly. In the end, he covered it up with a cough, “I already got an invitation card for Xiao Chen. We will definitely participate in that banquet tomorrow evening.” Speaking until here, he whispered to Xiao Chen, “The beauties of the south will gather at the banquet. At that time, Fairsnow will…”

“Fatty, you go to hell!” Fairsky sent the fatty flying with a kick.


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