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Chapter 75 – Entering the Snow Mountain

Keke also gathered over here, its glittering big eyes blinked a few times. It seemed to have understood something, so it lifted a huge tree that was much bigger than its body to chase and beat the three skeletons unceasingly.

“Hey, Keke, stop fooling around.” Xiao Chen hastily put a stop to it.

Keke discarded the huge tree, and took off the “treasured tree hat”, then it extended one tiny paw to point at the three skeletons. It seemed like it was silently denouncing their crime, the three skeletons stole its treasured tree once, and caused it to starve for several days after all.

The three skeletons open and shut their jaws with a “Clack! Clack!” sound, they never thought stealing the dragon eggs today would evoke Keke’s memories. In the end, they unanimously pointed their bony hands at Xiao Chen.

“Alright, if you want to vent your anger on them, we can put that off until later. For now, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.” Xiao Chen didn’t want to invite trouble upon himself, he lifted the golden dragon egg and left first.

In the dense primitive forest, Xiao Chen’s party bore through the mountains and climbed over the ridge, they cautiously avoided all kinds of vicious beasts, their speed was already raised to the limit.

Xiao Chen knew, not long later, the vicinity of the sacred mountain will inevitably become very chaotic. Four greater dragons will surely go berserk, perhaps it wouldn’t be safe even within the circumferences of ten miles.

While they were running at high-speed, Keke was the most relaxed, it just leisurely jumped from one crystal clear dragon eggs to another. The dazzling divine splendor caused it to shine with an even brilliant luster.

Xiao Chen and the gang didn’t dare to stop for a moment, they keep running westward until they pass through the deathly still forest. They only stopped to rest when they get close to the sea of bones. Within the quiet forest, four dragon eggs were flickering with a misty splendor. Only Keke was in high spirit, still hopping and skipping from one dragon egg to another like before.


A faintly discernible dragon roar was transmitted over here, following that, the roar of dragons and beasts resounded in succession from the direction of the sacred mountain. Even though they very far away from the sacred mountain, they could vaguely hear the uproar. One can easily imagine just what is going on at the vicinity of the sacred mountain, the sky and earth must be turning upside down by now.

“We cannot stay here!” Xiao Chen was scared that a few vicious dragons would chase after them, the second reason was that there were other practitioners roaming around the sea of bones. He decided to keep going westward.

When they are passing through the deathly sea of bones with thick baleful aura, Xiao Chen and the gang did not stop, they keep pushing their way through from the deathly still forest at the side. They keep going westward at lightning speed. At the west side is a piece of unending snow mountain, they can see it clearly from this place, it is simply a miracle for a snow mountain to exist on this hot and humid dragon island! Using this chance, Xiao Chen might as well go and explore the snow mountain.

“Quick, we will enter that mysterious snow mountain, it should be safest there.”

The unending snow mountain at the West, with the sea of bones at the center, and the mysterious sacred mountain at the East, the three location formed a straight line, they were only separated by the deathly still forest in between.

After passing through the deathly still and noiseless ancient forest, they passed through another few mountain woods full of vitality, Xiao Chen and the gang finally arrived in front of the snow mountain. This is absolutely not a hallucination, there really is a perpetual snow mountain in front of them. The spotlessly white snowflake danced in the air along with the wind, a chilly aura directly assaulted them.

Keke is brimming with curiosity regarding the snow mountain, seeing that snow-white world, it let out a cheer. It was the first to dash towards the snow mountain, it cheerfully rolled here and there on the snowy ground. With its hairy snow-white body, it could most likely camouflage itself within the pile of snow, and won’t be discovered.

Xiao Chen and the gang carried the dragon eggs and took large strides onto the snowy ground, the temperature rapidly decreased, the gas he breathed out from the mouth already became white, the chilly wind that carried the snowflakes directly breezed through the skin. Turning back to look at the hundred meter of grass-covered world out there, it really gives people a pensive feeling. The climate defies all common sense, this doesn’t seem like something that was formed with the power of nature!

On the surrounding of the deathly still forest, many alliances gathered there.

On the beautiful mountain peak with dense spiritual energy, even in front of the waterfall or ancient cave with lingering worldly essence, there are young experts training there. On this uncivilized dragon island, strength is everything. Only with enough strength would they be able live a peaceful life.

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Today, Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton who had disappeared for many days finally returned, the peace that lasted for many days was finally broken. All the experts they took with them at that time were all gone, only the three of them returned, which led to another uproar, could they have fought with Xiao Chen?

At the moment, Yan Qing Cheng secluded herself in a flowery valley, the entire valley is filled with unknown flowers. The glistening green leaves emphasized the beauty of the multicolored flowers even further. The flower buds brimmed with an intoxicating fragrance.

Yan Qing Cheng was adorned with a purple dress, words can’t even begin to describe her beauty and elegance in this field of flowers. Her entire person was as hazy as an illusion, as if she was a fairy descended from the heavens. Her entire body was brimming with spiritual energy, with an appearance that could hide the moon and shame the flowers, the previously tender and beautiful flowers seemed to have lost their splendor.

Not far away from her, Spell Master Lande is sitting on top of a bluestone. His long golden hair is somewhat messy, the originally beautiful man is not as arrogant as before. After suffering a crushing defeat after that battle with Xiao Chen, he received a very heavy blow. However, he did not indulge himself in despair, in the course of recuperating, he also diligently trained hard. He attempted to condense the spiritual knowledge, hoping to become much stronger. He slowly described how Xiao Chen extinguished three powerful alliances a few days ago.

“What?!” Yan Qing Cheng’s jade-like body emitted one after another divine radiance, it caused the flower trees nearby to disintegrate into pieces. Her beautiful face was brimming with anger, her towering twin peaks violently jumped up and down.

“Xiao Chen actually eliminated everyone who left behind in the big three alliances in a single night?”

Lande bitterly nodded his head, and said, “That’s right, apart from me who hid myself in the flowery valley to recuperate, no one else is left.”

After quite a while, Yan Qing Cheng helplessly heaved a sigh, and said, “Seriously, this time…… Carlos, Wharton, and I encountered the Amethyst Dragon King again. Unfortunately, we suffered a disastrous loss, and still were unable to retain it.”

All the troops that were sent away were completely wiped out, and the alliance members that left behind in the camp were eliminated by Xiao Chen. This could really drive one crazy.

“It was that Qilin-like Amethyst Dragon King?” Lande’s thought’s stirred, when the Amethyst Dragon King appeared for the first time, it caused quite an uproar, but soon after, something big happened on the dragon island, the divine radiance sealed the island, which shifted everyone’s attention.

“That’s right.”

“That was but only a young dragon king, even three powerful experts like you guys were unable to capture it……” Lande was very shocked, his handsome yet pale complexion gradually regained some colors, he was somewhat excited, and said, “The legend was true, after they grow up, even deities would shrink back. If we can somehow subdue it……”

“If Carlos, Wharton, and I were to breakthrough another two Celestial Layers, then perhaps we would have a chance to force it into submission.” Yan Qing Cheng was feeling very regretful.

“There will be plenty of opportunity in the future!” Lande said while brimming with hope.

When Carlos and Wharton returned, they were unable to find any people from their own alliances. After they learned about the situation from other people, they almost went crazy. Xiao Chen is really too strong, he actually cleaned up their remaining troops, he is truly firm and decisive!

On this day, all the experts in this area could hear the bellow of rage, that was the bellow of someone who’s ⌈1⌋ driven to the brink of madness.


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