Chapter 162 – I am Dragon

The south desolate region, god knew just how many secrets were hidden in the millions and millions of mountain range. Endless amounts of fairy tales spread out from here. It left behind many beautiful and terrifying tales for the later generations.

At present, the top three youth experts of the south had ended their training as if agreed by chance. They made their way back by going towards three different directions respectively. Their target, the Celestial City!

From the north came Wuxing Feng. There was even a grapevine saying that another two of the most powerful experts from the north had come to Celestial City in succession. Their goal was to fight with the strongest of the youth generation from the south.

The reason they gathered in Celestial City was precisely because of Windfeathers, Dugu Jianmo, as well as that handsome blue-haired man.

The warbeast tournament getting closer was also tantamount to the showdown between the strongest of the youth generation getting closer. Excluding the south and the north, there might be even more outstanding youths appearing from every corner of the vast mainland.

Without a doubt, Celestial City would be enveloped by a hurricane. The warbeast tournament might very well develop into a tournament between the practitioners.

It was natural for humans to make war and the warbeast tournament was started by humans.

The youth generation was the most energetic generation. Their confrontation would attract a lot of attention. Some young warrior’s life would be as beautiful as the shooting star, but only for a brief moment. While other young warriors’ would inevitably be as long-lasting and as bright as the stars. None could stop their rise and fall. The victor now could end up being the strongest in this land a few dozen years later. They might be able to obtain some clues on who to watch out for.

Fairsky had already left. Leaving Xiao Chen thinking by himself for a very long time. The news leaked out by Fairsky were very unexpected to him. He already decided to use this as a “cover up” and let them misunderstand as they wished. Maybe he should take more initiative to mislead them. It was very important to have this kind of identity!

Although the layout of the residence was not big, the arrangement of the gardens was very delightful. Xiao Chen was taking a walk. He passed through a few pavilions in the central courtyard, passed through a wisteria tree tunnel ⌈1⌋, and walked over a marble bridge. Clear water gushed out from the mouths of a few stone beast sculptures and flowed into the pond below the bridge.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen widened his eyes. He was surprised to see that white-shelled tortoise who had run away.

Under the arch of the marble bridge, the white-shelled tortoise was happily chasing after a shoal of goldfish.

What made Xiao Chen most surprised was that, the fist-sized little tortoise’s movements were not like that of a tortoise at all. It was more like that of a spirit wearing a tortoise shell. Its movements were very agile and natural.


What made Xiao Chen even more stupefied was that, it was actually doing a backstroke on the pond. All four of its limbs were very agile. It did not appear the slightest bit clumsy at all.

“Is this… really a tortoise?” Xiao Chen couldn’t seem to believe his own eyes. This sneaky little tortoise was really too strange! He unconsciously revealed a smile after staring fixedly at it for quite a few minutes.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked when he tried to fish it up. The white-shelled little tortoise disappeared like a flash of lightning. Just a slight movement and it scuttled across the field. Its speed was truly unimaginable. Keke and Tenax tried to catch it several times, but ended in failure. It could practically be described as “coming and going without a trace”.

Moreover, what made Xiao Chen more shocked was that, the black divine chains were no longer locking it up. It already came off from the tortoise shell and was left on a water-lily on the pond.

The white-shelled little tortoise was looking at Xiao Chen sneakily. It seemed to be smiling. That’s right, it was smiling! It did not seem nervous nor scared at all!

“How did this happen? What is going on?”

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Only after the three skeletons appeared and gesticulate unceasingly did Xiao Chen finally understood what was going on. When Tenax was seriously hurt last time, the white-shelled tortoise drank a lot of Tenax’s blood. After that, it sneaked away and by the time it appeared again, those chains already came off.

Xiao Chen was very shocked. After thinking for a little bit, he asked the easy-going white-shelled little tortoise, who was on the stone bridge, as if he was talking to someone, “Larcenist, you are already free. Why did you come back?”

Although Xiao Chen looked calm on the surface, his heart was in a turmoil. After all, according to his speculation, this might be a sealed dragon! At present, it had already been liberated, but it didn’t regain its original form. So he was not worried that it would possess any unreasonable destructive power.

With a flash, it seemed as if the fist-sized little tortoise had cut through the empty space and appeared in front of him. After that, it sneakily carved three ancient characters on the slab.

This made Keke’s big eyes turn perfectly round. After that, it used its hairy little beast paws to rub its glittering big eyes. Tenax also revealed the same shocked expression.

They were flabbergasted! Looking at the strokes of the ancient characters, it had a striking resemblance to the sacred writings of the distant past. Xiao Chen only recognized that “dragon” character that had never changed since ancient times.

After analyzing it for a really long time, Xiao Chen read it aloud with shock, “I… am… dragon!” ⌈2


When Xiao Chen doubtfully guessed the other two characters, he immediately revealed an unfathomable expression. Although his mental state was substantially different than the olden days and had been upgraded by a lot, he still couldn’t help but be shocked.

His original speculation had been confirmed!

With a flash, the white-shelled tortoise left an afterimage on the little bridge ⌈3⌋ and disappeared.

Early the next morning, someone came to pay a visit. It was a grey-haired old man with childish face. It was hard to speculate his age. He might only be fifty to sixty years old, but looking carefully, he looked like he was more than a hundred years old. Although he was an old man, his deep blue pupils were like that of the ocean.

This old man was very extraordinary. This was Xiao Chen’s first impression. He guessed that he might be the clan leader or elder of some major power. And that he most likely came because of Xiao Chen’s identity.

After hearing the old man’s purpose in coming, Xiao Chen found that he guessed wrongly. The old man did not come for him, but rather the three skeletons, Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang and Lunhui Wang.

“I am a Psychic ⌈3⌋ proficient with the Law of Life, I want to communicate with the three skeletons frequently…”

This old man was very friendly and tactfully stated his intention. Although he said that he wanted to communicate with the three skeletons, Xiao Chen could feel that he wanted to accept them as apprentices. It seemed like he was in love with them. That’s right, he was in love! That expression was undisguised. ⌈4

Xiao Chen was very shocked, how… did this old man fall for the three skeletons?

The spiritual light flickered. The old man was actually able to communicate with the three skeletons via spiritual link!

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The result was as expected, the three skeletons wanted to go train with the old man.

“You don’t need to worry, if you want to see them, you can go to the North Style Academy just across the street at any time. I will be at the depths of the academy.” The old man wore a smile and said, “Their souls are very powerful. When I was training by myself quietly in the late nights these days, I could always feel their energy fluctuations. I was only able to find them at this place due to curiosity.”

After listening to the old man’s brief explanation, Xiao Chen could more or less understand what was going on. It was impossible for him to block his path, this was a good thing. According to the old man, the three skeletons might reborn one day in the future. This was an opportunity!

When the old man left with the three skeletons, the ******* Zhuge Liang arrived with a smile across his entire face. He looked at the rear figure of the old man and muttered, “Brother Xiao, who is that old man? Why does he look like a portrait in my house.”

Soon after, the handsome Fairsky also arrived.

After they heard Xiao Chen talk about that old man, the fatty almost fell head first.

“That elder is still alive?! This… is definitely him, the person in the portrait my family owns.” The fatty had a very positive tone.

“Just who is that old man?” Xiao Chen’s interest was hooked by him.

“I only know he dwells in the North Style Academy. A Psychic who studied the law of life intensively. He had once saved my great great great great grandfather’s life.” ⌈5

Fairsky’s head was already spinning. His great great great great grandfather, just how old was that person?!

While Xiao Chen felt that this was very unexpected, he was glad that the three skeletons had followed the right person.

“Xiao Chen, you better be cautious.”

This was Fairsky and Zhuge Liang’s advice for Xiao Chen. Although Hofmann and Zhuge Kun were reprimanded by their fathers, that they were not allowed to stir up any more trouble before they could ascertain Xiao Chen’s identity, but how could these two dregs of society listen and obey? They wanted to take care of Xiao Chen after secretly gathering the henchmen.

After that, the two of them left.

Soon after, Xiao Chen took Keke and Tenax along as he flew towards a mountain range outside of the Celestial City. He wanted to continue training. He intended to take care of the scums after he got back.

This decision almost made Hofmann and Zhuge Kun choke themselves to death! They set up everything with great difficulty, but couldn’t find the person in question. It was just like when one had clenched their fist tightly, ready to launch at any time, but only to end up hitting the air.

They had power but were unable to exert it. In the next few days, Hofmann and Zhuge Kun were so depressed that they almost coughed out blood. They felt too dejected.

In the barren mountain woods, Xiao Chen left Keke and Tenax alone as he charged into the primitive mountain range. He was sitting quietly under a huge waterfall. He bared his chest and let the torrential current that fell from the three thousand feet precipice to pound against his body.

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The three thousand feet tall waterfall, in front of the overhang, the white torrential current was surging forward like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. It was deafening. With such a height, the downward force was unimaginable, but Xiao Chen was sitting there like an immovable boulder. The huge waterfall was hammering his body like a huge hammer. His body was flickering with a crystal clear brilliance.

For ten days straight, he remained motionless!

Xiao Chen was not merely training his body, he was also training his mind. He remained at peace with himself under the deafening sound of the waterfall. His spiritual sense was condensing and rising to a higher level.

On the eleventh day, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. They were as sharp as the edge of a sword. His body flickered with a glorious radiance. With a clear whistle, his long black hair fluttered hysterically and the huge waterfall actually flowed backwards in that instant!


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