Chapter 199 – The Outcome

The consequences were grave once the little critter flipped out.

In a flash, the White Tiger was about to meet its end. And Goldie had lost five of its lives, even having nine lives were not enough!

The snow-white little critter had an attitude like it would kill even the Gods and Buddhas if they were to interfere. The four sacred beasts were simply no match for the little critter.


Another rainbow-colored radiance swept over and reaped Goldie’s sixth life. Another one of its Shadow Partners had been destroyed. Goldie had a violent nature, it looked down on Keke before, but now, it was chased by others in such a sorry figure. At present, it finally understood the gap between them was very big. It wouldn’t be all that difficult if the little critter really wanted to kill it.

Keke was extremely fast. It transformed into a streak of white light and overtook Goldie within a few swooshes. It looked like another rainbow-colored radiance was about to be launched soon.

At this time, the Peacock King in the sky was unable to maintain its cool anymore. It grew up together with Goldie, it couldn’t look on helplessly as its buddy was about to get killed. Its multicolored wings radiated with thousand streaks of multicolored light. Its body was overflowing with multi colored brilliance as it dived down. A green drizzling sword-qi was mixed together with the five-colored divine radiance as they were launched towards the snow-white little critter.

Keke was very angry at the moment, anyone who dared to block its path would face its wrath. Even if a god was to come, it wouldn’t stop either.

“Swish! Swish!”

The dazzling light screen soared up and routed the Peacock King’s reputed five-colored divine radiance. Even the green drizzling sword-qi emitted by the Chaos Green Feather was blocked by the light screen.

“Squeak!!” The snow-white little critter shouted angrily. Following closely, it disappeared in the blink of an eye and rushed midair. It appeared on the back of the Peacock King and dropped two layers of divine light while sticking close.


The multicolored Peacock King was unable to bear it anymore and directly fell from the sky. Keke was merciless and continued its assault. It waved its little paw to employ a rainbow-colored radiance to sweep away the Peacock King in front of it.

The descendants of gods had incredible vitality, but even so, they were unable to resist the continuous attacks of Keke. One after another, the rainbow-colored radiances were launched.

The colorful feathers fluttered about in the air. The Peacock King was battered and exhausted, but it was still alive. In the most critical moment, drizzling green-qi leaked out from the Primal Divine Feather, wrapping the Peacock King within.

Back in those days, when that “person” executed the five-colored divine radiance, there was nothing that could bar “his” path, there were nothing “he” couldn’t destroy. There were hardly any worthy adversaries for him in the heaven and earth. Even more so after “he” refined the five feathers and turned them into the most powerful objects. The feathers were divided into five colors, namely; green, yellow, red, black, and white. When five of these feathers are gathered in one place, they would be one terrifying divine artifact.

At the moment, even if there was only the Chaos Green Feather, it was more than enough to protect the multicolored Peacock King. Although the Peacock King was unable to manifest the Chaos Green Feather’s true power yet, the green feather had the ability to protect its owner automatically.

Seeing that it was unable to kill the Peacock King, the little critter was even more annoyed. As if it had an infinite amount of power, the little critter launched one layer of rainbow-colored radiance after another. In the end, it still plucked a handful of the peacock’s tail feathers.

The originally bright-colored and beautiful Peacock King looked extremely uncouth at the moment. Many areas on its body were laid bare as the glittering feathers fluttered about in the air. Everyone in the warbeast castle was so shocked that they were unable to utter a single word.

The Golden Lion crouched calmly in the empty sky with an ice-cold glint in its eyes. It didn’t move an inch, but the surroundings of the third vertical eye were blazing with divine flames that pulsed violently. It was on the verge of opening!

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The snow-white little critter felt the bloodlust and turned its head around in an instant. It immediately noticed the Golden Lion King’s current situation and gave up on killing the tenacious Peacock King at once. With a “swish,” it disappeared in thin air and showed up in the empty sky, heading directly toward the Golden Lion King.

The Golden Lion King was very calm. Its third vertical eye was already on the verge of opening, so it ignored the little critter’s attack to save up as much power as possible. It believed in the strength of its own body, it believed that it could resist a few of the little critter’s attacks.

Keke rushed over in a split second and a wide expanse of light screens were launched in that very instant. There were no less than twenty layers of divine radiance that uniformly fell on the Golden Lion King.

The Golden Lion overestimated the strength of its body too much. As a result, blood splashed everywhere in a split second. Twenty deep wounds appeared on the Lion King’s golden body, all of them were cut open by the divine radiance. Hints of gold radiance could be found mingled in the watery blood, so much so that they looked a little like golden blood.

However, just from this, its power could be seen very clearly, it was so much more powerful when compared to the White Tiger.

The Golden Lion King’s attempt to open the third vertical eye this time had been interrupted again. It was very unwilling and let out a world-shaking bellow. There was just a little bit more to go.

In the end, the Golden Lion King was still an exotic beast, after it let out a thunderous roar, its entire body shone with golden light as blood stopped leaking out. All of its wounds began to heal and its golden body dazzled the eyes.

Keke angrily waved its little paw and directly confined the Golden Lion. After that, it smashed the Golden Lion onto the half-alive Peacock King.

With a loud bang, dust filled the air and two angry roars from the sacred beasts are transmitted outwards. The Peacock King and the Golden Lion King had collided with one another.

The little critter rushed towards the ground and blinked its big eyes twice, as if it had just thought of something.

“Swish! Swish!”

Rainbow-colored radiances were launched and confined both the Golden Lion King as well as the Peacock King respectively. After that, it controlled the two balls of light and made them collide with one another. ⌈1



The banging sound never came to a stop. The two sacred beasts felt their heads spinning from the continuous collisions.

The snow-white little critter looked at the Peacock King’s Chaos Green Feather, then it looked at the Golden Lion’s third vertical eye as it was hatching up a plan. The vertical eye and green feather were not easy to deal with. At the moment, it had decided to let the two face each other with their strongest aspect.

With a flash of light, Keke sealed the both of them. After that, it controlled the Peacock King’s unfolded tail feathers to bump into the Golden Lion’s third head. To be more precise, it was using the Chaos Green Feather to pierce the third vertical eye.

“Rips! Rips! Rips!”

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The sound of space tearing apart could be heard. Following closely, a fluctuation that caused people’s heart to race spread out in a flash.

Keke’s big eyes immediately glittered as it looked at the point of collision without batting an eye. However, when the terrifying energy fluctuation came to a stop, it was disappointed. The Chaos Green Feather actually did not pierce into the third vertical eye and both remained in good condition. Both sides seemed to possess an unknown power that stopped them from the destructive collision.

“Squeak!!!” The little critter shouted angrily. It waved its little paws with all its strength to control the multicolored light and made the two crash into one another again with their strongest aspects.

“Rips! Rips! Rips!”

The sound of space breaking into pieces transmitted outwards as an extremely bizarre energy spread out. It made people feel nervous and agitated, as if a huge monster had just come into being. Then again, it felt as if there were a few huge mountains pressing down on their hearts. It gave people an indescribable feeling of fear and made them tremble involuntarily.

The Peacock King’s Primal Divine Feather and the Golden Lion’s third vertical eye seemed to contain boundless power. If they were to burst out, it seemed like they would be capable of destroying everything. Just this kind of heart-racing atmosphere alone was enough to astonish everyone.

The space between the two beasts was a piece of darkness. The unknown power had isolated everything in the surroundings from the world. The sound and power of their collision completely disappeared within the black space.

The dark space that abruptly appeared comes and goes just as quick.

The snow-white little critter didn’t know what had just happened, but it noticed that the Chaos Green Feather was not destroyed, and the Lion King’s third vertical eye was also safe and sound. Blazing divine flame was still lingering around the eye.

Only now did everyone in front of the big crystal screen let out a gasp. The pressure earlier was really too oppressive.


The snow-white little critter’s mind was very simple. It could be said that it had a childish heart. It wanted to avenge Tenax, however, even though it could defeat the opponents, it was unable to punish them. This made the little critter shout in a fit of rage.

It didn’t try to make them crash into one another again. Keke just sealed their movements and banged them on the ground over and over with the rainbow-colored divine radiance. The rainbow-colored radiance scraped them unceasingly like knife blades. With the protection of the Chaos Green Feather, the Peacock King was still better off. It was barely enough to prevent its body from breaking into pieces, it only lost some some feathers in the end.

However, it was different for the Golden Lion King. Although it had a shocking healing power, it was still slower than Keke. With more than ten multicolored radiances falling all at once, it was as if the Golden Lion was getting chopped by more than ten divine swords at the same time. It caused the Golden Lion King to be drenched in blood from head to toe. Although the golden divine radiance flickered in that very instant and healed the wounds, it was still unable to withstand the little critter’s continuous attacks.

Only that, the little critter felt a little sick when seeing the blood. It had never taken the life of a living creature, it was not used to these kinds of ruthless methods. Seeing that the Golden Lion King was drenched in blood, it started to hesitate a little.

However, it was not an ordinary little critter to begin with, it knew what to do, it was not the time to be benevolent at the moment. Keke hardened its resolve and launched layer upon layer of divine radiance.

With such an offensive power, even the Golden Lion was unable to bear it. There were a few times it was narrowly chopped in half at the waist, even the thick white bones were exposed. However, it still barely recovered from the attacks in the end.

The little critter’s formidability had already made everyone feel their head numb a long time ago. And the Golden Lion King’s powerful body was similarly out of everyone’s expectation. In front of the big crystal screen, every spectator was overwhelmed with shock. It must be mentioned that the White Tiger had been chopped in half by the little critter effortlessly, and this Golden Lion was actually able to recover from it every time it was about the get chopped in half. With such a freakish ability, if not because of running into the snow-white little critter, just which sacred beast would be able to deal with it?

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The divine ability of the vertical eyes were already exaggerated enough, and in addition to such a remarkable healing ability, it was simply a freak that defied the natural order of the world.

However, everyone knew that if this was to go on, the Golden Lion King would inevitably die. It might be able to resist seven or eight attacks from the little critter, but it definitely wouldn’t be able to resist up to fifteen or sixteen times. Its healing power was obviously getting weaker.

At this time, all of the Peacock King’s multicolored feathers had fell off, it looked extremely miserable. Goldie, who was watching from a distant place, was unable to bear it anymore and rushed over instantly. It knew that it was not a match for Keke, but its honor does not allow it to glance back. It grew up together with the Peacock King since childhood, their relationship was very deep.


With a flash of rainbow-colored divine radiance, Goldie had been detained in an instant. Keke threw Goldie beside the Peacock King and used the divine radiance to sweep the three of them simultaneously.

Goldie had already lost six of its lives, it only had three out of nine lives remaining. There’s no way it could resist much longer.

The multicolored Peacock King struggled and used all of its power to protect Goldie. Taking advantage of the instant when the little critter was dealing with the Golden Lion, it successfully wrapped Goldie within the drizzling green-qi emitted by the Chaos Green Feather. It was using the green feather to protect the two of them.

However, it was not able to provide much protection with such a method. After all, the Peacock King was still unable to really control the Primal Divine Feather. It could only rely on its function to automatically protect the owner. In only an instant, another one of Goldie’s lives was lost. And the Peacock King itself was only barely alive.

The rainbow-colored radiance flashed one more time. Keke launched more than ten layers of light screens simultaneously. Goldie had lost another one of its lives. At the moment, it only had one life remaining, it was no different from any other sacred beast anymore. If it dies one more time, it wouldn’t have any lives left.

And the Peacock King was also very miserable. After sharing a portion of the Primal Divine Feather’s power, it was unable to protect itself anymore. This time, it narrowly lost its life directly. If it was not because it had the blood of the gods flowing in its veins and the fact that had high vitality, it might have perished a long time ago.

Goldie struggled to get out from the Chaos Green Feather’s range. It didn’t want to let the Peacock King protect it. However, since it was already fixed in place by Keke, its wish would never be fulfilled. Moreover, the Peacock King also didn’t want to give up Goldie. If this keeps up, it would be impossible for the two of them to escape the fate of getting wiped out.

However, the little critter had a change of mind. Seeing how the two were giving their all for each other’s sake, even when flipped out, Keke didn’t have the heart to make its move anymore. It must be mentioned that the snow-white little critter was very kind-hearted. It actually took pity on the opponent under these kinds of circumstances.

These kinds of thoughts gave the two beasts a chance of survival. From a distant location, two figures were closing in at high speed. They came flying from the sky like two streak of lightnings.

“We beg for your mercy!”

“We admit defeat!”

Since the little critter had flipped out, only a short time had passed. The White Tiger’s death strongly affected everyone. For fear that the Peacock King and Goldie would meet the same fate, these two ignored the rules of the tournament and broke into the stage at a crucial moment. They wanted to prevent the following tragedy.

At the moment, the snow-white little critter’s anger had already gradually settled down. First, it was because it could clearly feel the life force of Tenax slowly recovering. Second, it was moved by the friendship between Goldie and the Peacock King.

The kind-hearted Keke couldn’t bear to make its move again.

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When the two elders violated the rules and appeared on the stage, the little critter instinctively stopped.

After that, another six elderly men appeared. Those six were the guards of the tournament.

Seeing that the little critter permitted it and didn’t let a tragedy take place, the two elders were very moved. After all, they were able to drag two sacred beasts back from the verge of death.

After carrying the Golden Lion King and White Tiger’s bodies, Keke disappeared from the scene with a swish as it rushed towards Tenax.

Just at this time, an angry bellow transmitted over, “Let go of the White Tiger!” Following closely, a tall elderly woman flew over and appeared on the stage.


A streak of lightning was launched at Keke.

Everyone caused a storm of protest. So be it if the violator just broke into the warbeast stage, but she actually made her move against the competing warbeast. This had incited public anger and immediately caused the Amber Warbeast Castle to break out with noise.

Keke was as quick as lightning. While carrying the Golden Lion and White Tiger’s dead bodies, it disappeared with a whooshing sound and dodged the attack, then it angrily turned its sight to the sky.

“Evil creature, release the White Tiger’s dead body, otherwise you can go and die!” The old woman was quite fierce. She hated the snow-white little critter to the extreme.

“Guards, go and kill that old witch, quick!”

“Quickly behead that old witch!”


The crowds were furious and shouted angrily in succession.

Keke was amenable to coaxing but not coercion. It was very angry as it looked at the old woman. It dodged yet another attack and then appeared in front of Tenax as if it had passed through the space.


The White Tiger’s body was totally crushed after a rainbow-colored radiance swept past. The life essence of the White Tiger burst out and was all pushed into Tenax’s body by Keke.

“You hateful evil creature!” The old woman moved even fiercer.

“Squeak!!” The little critter flipped out. It threw the Golden Lion King towards a distant location and then jumped towards the old woman like a streak of white light. It instantly launched the rainbow-colored divine radiance.


The old woman, who was flying over, was sent tumbling away in a short while.

“Squeak! Squeak!!”

The snow-white little critter shouted angrily and followed up with another divine radiance. A large area of the old woman’s clothing were ripped apart as she was sent somersaulting in the sky.


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