Chapter 54 – Trample the Spell Master

“Stop it!” Damian flew over at high-speed, like a streak of golden lightning. From his mouth transmitted an eccentric sound, then with the wave of both hands, his spell was released. A several meter long energy-converted giant serpent swept towards Xiao Chen with its huge body.




The audiences are unable to put up with it any longer, Damian grabbed Xiao Chen’s speech before, and disgracefully obtained the rights to challenge him, but he was already forced by Chaos to withdraw. However, just now he actually dashed over here, and launched an attack. It must be Yaluo De who gave him the command, he was afraid that Chaos will be killed. They didn’t even care about their faces now.

“Hmph!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly, he grabbed the heavily injured Chaos, and violently swing him against the energy-converted giant serpent.


The energy-converted serpent was routed in the sky, and Chaos had more fractures on his body. Xiao Chen landed on the ground while swinging Chaos’ body around. After that he fling Chaos into the sky, and brandished his fist to strike Chaos’ chest with all his might!

The aura of the fist is as bright as a star, it is as if a comet had streak through the sky. A dazzling divine radiance burst forth, and violently strike on Chaos’ chest. At the same time, a glaring divine blade chopped towards Chaos’ neck, causing him to fly twenty meter away. Within that interval, a few dozen of ancient trees were snapped in a row.

Chaos is a praise-worthy opponent, but an enemy is still an enemy, regardless of his honor as a Martial Artist, they are still enemy in the end. It is impossible for them to sit down to drink and chat merrily every time they come across each other, they can only face each other in a life and death battle. Thus, Xiao Chen didn’t even think twice, he directly used the most effective method to kill him!

However, unexpected thing happens frequently, he actually didn’t manage to kill Chaos.

Chaos heed from the Barbarian Tribe, many experts in this tribe had ancient beast soul sealed within their body! Without a doubt, Chaos possesses ancient beast soul within his body. Moreover, he actually had two beast souls in addition to his body. The difference is that one is the soul of a divine wolf, while the other is of a fierce tiger. Just at this time, the hidden potential of the ancient beast souls were triggered. A dazzling radiance burst forth, and blocked most of the power behind Xiao Chen’s attack, they were able to preserve the life of Chaos.

However, a majority of Chaos’ bones were fractured, he sustained an unimaginable damage. He would remain a handicapped person until half a year later, he will not be able to threaten Xiao Chen again.

The audience from every alliances began to clamor, Xiao Chen’s strength gave them a really profound impression. Many of them were incomparably shocked.

In a distant place, Yaluo De bellowed in rage, he caught Chaos who was falling from the sky. He was filled with murderous intent when he looked at Xiao Chen.

On the other side, Spell Master Damian already engaged in a battle with Xiao Chen. Spells were constantly dispatched, purple lightning, black underworld flame, energy giant serpent, and blazing divine blade…… were brandished around unceasingly. Damian was attacking Xiao Chen like a madman.

However, under the glorious aura of Xiao Chen’s fist, every spell completely crumbled apart, unable to injure his body. Damian gradually lost his patience, he was already ridiculed by others when he just entered the arena, and now he is actually losing ground against someone who had just went through a life and death battle. He felt even more irritated in his heart.

Damian’s flying altitude is getting closer and closer to the ground, he had no choice but to slowly approach Xiao Chen. It was because Xiao Chen is too strong, spells dispatched from long distance were unable to do anything to Xiao Chen.

But doing this didn’t bear any result, it only help Xiao Chen accomplish his aim.

Xiao Chen keenly grasped the opportunity in the battle, as if his tall and straight body was taken over by a fleeting light, he left behind an afterimage in the woodland. Xiao Chen transformed into a streak of light, and dashed above a tall ancient tree. Soon after, he soared into the sky.

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Under the inconceivable gazes of numerous audience, Xiao Chen trod on the empty sky, he ran at high-speed in the sky, transforming into a streak of light, and left behind a few afterimages. It lasted until he finally stepped on Damian’s body, then he exerted strength on both legs to stamp on Damian, causing him to let out a miserable shriek. Damian fell from the sky while bearing the weight of Xiao Chen’s body.


After they landed on the ground, more than half of Damian’s bones were fractured. Xiao Chen lightly waved his right hand backwards, he left with large strides without even looking back. A dazzling divine radiance swept past, Damian’s head tumble down from his neck, fresh blood gushed out.

This is really too shocking, it can even be rated as a classic battle! A Spell Master capable of flying, was actually trampled by a Martial Artist. This is simply inconceivable, this will definitely become the perfect teaching material for when one is confronting a Spell Master!

Many of the audience could not endure it any longer and they let out a cheer. The intention of recruiting Xiao Chen had arisen in the minds of many alliances, quite a few people wanted to discuss this matter with him.

The curtains of the splendid match closed with this, a lot of people are talking about it. This is the first legal battle after the establishment of the alliances. It was also an extremely marvelous fight, Xiao Chen had inevitably become famous on this Dragon Island.

Many people extended their goodwill towards Xiao Chen, but they were all indirectly rejected by Xiao Chen. He didn’t want to bind himself in a certain alliance. ⌈1

As for what had happened recently, he already knows. He knew that the Dragon Island will become very interesting, and also very cruel. In his opinion, if one had enough strength, they might obtain everything, otherwise they might encounter all kinds of danger.

He had already heard, some of the beautiful female practitioners invited the founder of a certain alliances to their bed. And today, he finally experienced this personally, there is actually a sexy and charming female practitioner extending a “pink flag” ⌈2⌋ towards him.

Xiao Chen is an ordinary man, he is equally attracted to a beautiful woman, but he still rejected in the end. He clearly knows what he should be doing now, the most important thing is to work hard to become stronger on this dangerous Dragon Island. As for the rest, there are plenty of opportunity in the future.

Xiao Chen was very calm after the big battle. The dangerous and exciting Dragon Island is not that terrifying in regards to Xiao Chen. On the contrary, he felt this island might be brimming with opportunities and challenges.

Some people felt delighted, naturally there were also some who were not happy. At the moment, the Nature Alliance established by Yaluo De was furious. And it was the same for the treant’s valley, how could Zhao Lin Er be happy with the result!

Within the Undying Alliance, Lande was astonished after he got wind of the news. Both he and Yan Qing Cheng did not go watch the battle. He could not believe Chaos would suffer a crushing defeat in Xiao Chen’s hand. The exceptionally beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, stood in front of the spectacular waterfall, also exposed a slight color of astonishment. Xiao Chen’s strength had far exceeded her expectation.

An ice-cold smile gradually emerged on Lande’s face, then he said, “Such an interesting guy, I will personally go test his skill!”

“Don’t act rashly, according to the rumor, it will be very difficult to win even if you are stronger than him. He knows how to conceal his own ability.” Yan Qing Cheng had an exceptional bearing, as if she emerged from one’s wildest dream.

“Hmph, so what if he is concealing his true strength, I was also holding back to some extend!” ⌈3


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