Chapter 18 – Merciless

When Xiao Chen refined the rare dragon crystal, the boundless energy from the dragon crystal was almost entirely absorbed by the acupuncture point in his right foot. Even though only a little portion of the dragon essence entered his wounded body, the condition of his injuries was much better than before.

Zhao Lin Er hadn’t shown herself in the past three days. However, she will certainly not give up on the opportunity to kill Xiao Chen right before her eyes. After all, both of them strived for time, perhaps the rumbling of thunder strike would occur at a moment’s notice.

Xiao Chen urgently needed time to recover his wounded body. In the past few days, he constantly regulated his breathing through certain techniques in the primitive forest.

This island is brimming with mystery, Xiao Chen discovered traces of many huge monsters in the vicinity of the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory. Many of them were sacred ancient beasts. Such as: A Divine Panther capable of ripping apart huge elephants, an ancient crocodile that extended up to twenty meter long, a huge golden centipede that was as thick as a bowl…… He could even hear the dragon roar that was transmitted from the depths of the island. Naturally, that was not from the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, nor was it the ancient Tyrannical Dragon. It was from another unidentified dragon-kind.

The essence of the plants was flowing sluggishly, the green radiance flickered unceasingly in the mountain forest. Xiao Chen’s surrounding was occupied by a dense spiritual energy, his body was enveloped by a hazy green radiance. The pure essence of the plants entered his body, and he was healed by the lukewarm green afterglow.

Another two days had already passed, the state of Xiao Chen’s body was so much better than before. He decided to go and observe what Zhao Lin Er was doing, she couldn’t have given up her intention to kill him. The next time would probably be the conclusion, it was necessary to probe around.

After by-passing the zone frequently roamed by the Tyrannical Dragon, Xiao Chen passed through a dense primitive forest, avoided various kinds of peculiar beasts, and finally returned to the outermost zone of the island where he had built the green bamboo house.

The blue sky and white clouds were reflected by the clear sapphire-like lake, the surrounding was filled with wisterias, and colorful flowers were in full bloom. The refreshing fragrance of the flowers filled the entire region of this forest.

The bamboo house was fresh and green, it was decorated with some vines and fresh flowers. A plain cotton towel was hanging on the rattan string in front of the bamboo house, fluttering lightly along with the breeze.

The bamboo house built by Xiao Chen was already occupied by Zhao Lin Er. That was indeed a spoil of war not just in name only, but also in reality.

However, Xiao Chen did not see Zhao Lin Er at all, he began searching by circling around the area . His sight suddenly become focused, in the depths of the jungle hundred meters away from the tiny lake, there were actually five newly constructed bamboo houses! Moreover, he saw an unfamiliar figure there!

It was a youngster with a tall stature, judging by his appearance, he seemed to be roughly twenty plus years old. The youngster had a long brown hair, and extremely fair skin. However, the expression in his eyes was somewhat malicious, giving an impression that he was not very friendly.

Who was that?

Xiao Chen observed the brown-haired man quietly in the forest.

Not long later, countless seabirds flew away from the direction of the seaside with a jet-like speed. The silhouettes of two people could be seen passing through the jungle, they quickly ran towards the brown-haired man.They appeared to be a man and a woman around the age of twenty, both of them have light brown hair and by the looks of their uniform, they seemed to be the servant of the man in front of the bamboo house. The two of them bowed when they reached the brown-haired man.

The brown-haired youth waved his hand to dismiss the courtesy. After that, he asked, “There are still no traces of them?”

“Yes, My Lord. We couldn’t find a single ship at the ocean.”

The brown-haired youth slightly knitted his brows and said, “It is rare for the Taboo Ocean to be this calm, and that there isn’t any mysterious power hindering us. There shouldn’t be any great danger, how come they still haven’t arrived? Could it be that they ran into the vicious dragon?” Soon after, he turned his head to the direction of the tiny lake. After a brief moment of silence, he said to himself, “Exceptionally charming…… even the Unicorn is accompanying her, she is seriously as beautiful as an angel……”

The male servant who was standing at the side said, “My Lord, if you like her, why not……”

“Humph!” The brown-haired man snorted coldly to cut off the servant’s words. Then he reprimanded him, “You better watch your word! Wait until our men arrive, then we will help her eliminate her enemy first. I have my own plans.”

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Xiao Chen calmly retreated back into the jungle.

Zhao Lin Er! Even just the thought of her name alone made Xiao Chen’s eyes filled with rage. She had already met with the people of this world, and pledged to have him killed no matter what.

Now, he had even more powerful enemies to worry about, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but sigh. The charm of a woman was indeed the most powerful weapon, Zhao Lin Er had actually gained the assistance of this brown-haired man with her beauty.

He had two options to pick from. One: Immediately flee into the depths of the island. Two: Wait for an opportunity to strike first.

He was a very calculative person, after pondering for a while, he decided to gain the initiative by striking first. He should try to vanquish the opponent’s strength first, so as to avoid the worst case scenario when the brown-haired man’s reinforcements arrived later.

Xiao Chen carefully surveyed the surrounding, he discovered that there were three guards concealing their presence near the newly constructed bamboo houses, protecting the brown-haired man. Soon after, Xiao Chen discovered three more people at the coconut grove near the coast. Judging by their uniform, they ought to be the brown-haired man’s servants. Each of them surveyed a different area of the sea, they were obviously waiting for the backup to arrive.

After scouting the place over and over again, Xiao Chen decided to begin his assault!

The coconut grove was tightly secured, each person stood about five hundred meters apart. Xiao Chen approached one of them without making any sound. He didn’t have any weapon with him, his body itself was the best weapon. A cold aura rushed forth, and he assaulted his target with a finger! The blood gushed, then Xiao Chen quickly retreated. One brown-haired servant had his throat ruptured and fell to the ground.

He didn’t have the slightest hesitation, if he didn’t kill the enemy, he would be killed instead. Only by cutting them down firmly would he have the chance to survive!

He approached his second target, but when there was only seven meter left between them, a ripe coconut fell on the sandy beach with a “Plop!” sound. When the servant heard the noise, he turned his head around. Xiao Chen promptly increased his speed to the limit, then he leaped towards the servant. While he was still airborne, he twisted his leg around and swept it towards the opponent’s throat.

Everything happened as quick as lightning, however that servant was quite perceptive. Even with the unexpected occurrence, he did not panic as he quickly fell back to avoid the kick, he used both arms to protect himself simultaneously.


Xiao Chen’s right leg packed several thousands pound of weight. It broke the brown-haired servant’s arms in a flash. Even though the sharp pain distorted his senses, he was still as clear-headed as before. He urgently shouted for help, “Help……”

Xiao Chen’s right palm was enveloped with a glorious divine light, it split the air like a divine blade. Along with the flash of the dazzling radiance, the brown-haired servant was decapitated, blood spilled everywhere. Xiao Chen then jumped backwards to retreat.

The shout of the servant was engulfed by the sound of the sea waves. The blood was gushing out rapidly from the headless body as it fell on the sandy beach. By the time the stench of blood had spread through the entire forest, Xiao Chen was gone without trace.


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