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Chapter 230 – Ignorant and Narrow-Minded

Xiao Chen’s past two years of achievement was very unusual. His spiritual area had already reached Historia’s Fifth Celestial Layer, yet his physical power stalled at the Third Celestial Layer all this while.

Seemingly because he absorbed the essence of the leyline, which caused him to progress at breakneck speed, and now it had come to a standstill. However, little fatty Oxman did not get affected in the slightest. The elders of the Pure Land also investigated his body thoroughly, and found that those were not the reason. The main reason originated from his steep decline of life force. His body constitution was far too inferior to his past self.

The vajra Xiao Chen practiced narrowly fell apart because of this, but fortunately, he was able to stabilize it in the end.

The elder and Xiao Chen himself were not too worried in this regards. That was because hidden in Xiao Chen’s divinized acupoints, were tremendous amount of energies. If those energy could be drawn out, one of these days his physical power could catch up to his spiritual power in an instant.

Today, he broke through three levels in succession. His physical power and spiritual power entered Historia’s Sixth Celestial Layer simultaneously. As his life energy restored, he received a substantial upgrade to his constitution. This was a true transformation.

The changes to his body could be seen clearly by naked eyes.

Those once aged organs regained their vitality. If one looked inside, they could find that, the internal organs were as if they were reborn. The organs were flickering, as if they were sculpted out of crystals. On the other hand, the bones were like diamonds. The fragile bones gradually solidified and became thicker over time. As for the slightly loose skin, they were gradually tightening up until they became as tender as a newborn’s skin…

His body constitution was rapidly improving, this was not as simple as restoration. Rather, it was a genuine quality change. His vajra had transcended the former level by many folds.

This was the true transformation of vajra.

His jet-black long hair flowed down naturally like waterfall. Although he was nursed attentively by Qing Qing’s black sesame congee, and that his hair had already turned back to black, it still lacked some luster and energy.

Xiao Chen felt that every inch of his flesh was brimming with explosive power. As if just by waving his hand, he could prop up the heaven and earth.

“Meditation is also cultivating the mind, looks like I really need to roam the whole world.”

The enlightenment this time allowed Xiao Chen to understand a lot. This one word “Truth” was a mystery among the mystery. His “path” was still very long.

Zhuangzi, who was the closest existence to ancestor god, gave Xiao Chen the best lesson in the world.

When Xiao Chen aroused from the mysterious boundary, he found that the fierce battle in the sky already stopped, and that the prairie was already deserted. Everyone had already retreated, leaving only himself on the field.

Youchaoshi’s Sky Palace had already collapsed and fell from the sky. The exotic treasures had already been taken away by the powerful ones. What made people a little regretful was that, the legendary Demon King, Zhang Sanfeng, and other such experts did not make a move.

Looking up at the empty sky, Xiao Chen fell into deep thoughts. Not to mention Sengen, even the Fallen Angel, Yazi, and Suanni were so much more stronger than him. One major realm had nine Celestial Layers. If they had already reached the realm of immortals, then the differences between than was more than ten Celestial Layers at the very least.

However, he didn’t feel discouraged. The experts only exist today due to the bitter training they did in the past. Being a weakling was an unavoidable process.

Without any reluctance to leave, Xiao Chen spread out the Undying Wings and flew towards the distant Shang Dynasty.

The Southern Wasteland’s Celestial City was a little quiet nowadays. Many of the youth generation had already journeyed north towards the Middle Earth. The legendary figures that only ever appeared in legends made their appearance in succession over the past two years. This made the heart of innumerable youths elevated. Saying they were chasing after their dreams might be naive. Saying they were chasing after their ideals might be a little crazy, but that was indeed the fact. These two years, many youths journeyed up north in succession.

The past three years, the Undying Patriarch was always keeping watch on Celestial City. During that night three years ago, it was him who executed that sword attack and freed Xiao Chen from the trap ⌈1⌋. Two years ago, it was also this old man who executed a sword attack that broke the imprint of Obliterate Demon Absolute God in Yan Qingcheng’s body. He used a powerful sword attack to forcefully help her get through the crisis.

Yan Qingcheng’s master, Liu Qingfeng, had a heavy expression as he looked at the Undying Patriarch. He said with a shuddering voice, “Many thanks to Senior Brother, you are really…”

“I am fine. I only wanted to break through and helped Qingcheng on the way.” The Undying Patriarch’s expression was indifferent. It was practically impossible to tell what he was thinking. One could hardly imagine just what level had this old man really reached.

Liu Qingfeng was a little despondent. His senior brother had actually practiced the Obliterate Demon Absolute God indirectly. He continued to nurture Yan Qingcheng’s God Seed. It was hard to imagine just what kind of level he would reach once he made a breakthrough. Maybe he might become the second Demon King.

Naturally, the Undying Patriarch’s Obliterate Demon Absolute God already deviated from the original Demonic Arts. This art did not require an external vessel. One’s own body and mind could serve as the vessel, it was tantamount to cultivating the God Seed in one’s body. It was a technique one step ahead of Obliterate Demon Absolute God.

In history, only two people had practiced this technique. One was the founder of Demon Sect, and the other was the Demon King. In order to reach the highest level of enlightenment, they chose this path that was even more terrifying and dangerous than Obliterate Demon Absolute God.

The Undying Patriarch’s entire figure looked hazy. He looked up at the starry sky and said, “When Qingcheng left for the Middle Earth, it seemed like… she also chose the God Seed technique.”

“Such a brazen girl!” Liu Qingfeng cursed.

The faint melody of the flute echoed in the Moonflower Castle. An old lady with sorrowful expression put down the flute in her hands, and said with a distressed expression, “That heavily wounded Azure Dragon King had already been sent away. In all likelihood, it should be healed already. And my grandson Lawrence… ⌈2⌋”

The Fair family; Fairsnow had already entered the Middle Earth. And Fairsky also had talent on the path of asceticism. However, he hit a dead-end three years ago and helplessly decided to take another path. He always kept the magic formations of the Water-Lily Technique in his mind. It’s already been three years since he began his secluded training.

It was on this day, the light and shadow of golden sunflowers floated around him. Along with an explosive sound, the smoke and dust soared up as the sunflowers drifted in the sky, Fairsky finally returned.

Although the Zhuge fatty had brain for business, he was not from the main branch of the family after all. In the end, he left for Middle Earth.

Looking at his peers leaving one after the other, the second generation head of the Reagan family, Hofmann, felt unwilling to be left behind. He was plotting to create a major event.

As for Dugu Jianmo, Windfeathers, and Lazio, they were already in the Middle Earth. Zhao Chongyang had also arrived before them. He was the only one among the top youth experts of the Southern Wasteland that had yet to cross path with Xiao Chen.

Shang Dynasty, one of the five great nations, its national capital was Yinxu. The Shang Dynasty covered millions and millions of kilometer square, it was vast and boundless. The nation was located at the South-West of Middle Earth.

One month later, Xiao Chen arrived at the bustling Yinxu City. Training in the middle of human society made Xiao Chen feel rather enriched. His mood was substantially different from before.

Since reaching the Historia level, not only would powerful divine abilities emerge prominently, various minor techniques would constantly pop out. Shapeshifting, this was the minor technique Xiao Chen learned while practicing the vajra. The technique only consists of simple movements of the muscles, it was nothing special.

He was not at all worried about being discovered by the Tiger clan. Xiao Chen already stayed in Yindu district for half a month. On this very day, he arrived at the Lunar Pavilion. This Pavilion was very famous. Legend has it that the exceptional sword saint Li Bai ⌈3⌋ had once got drunk at this place and recited hundreds of poem. Because of that, this place had become the holy land that the scholars would come and go repeatedly, and it was also the precious land where the practitioners gathered.

Everyday, the younger generation of many powerful group in Shang Dynasty would gather at this place. As for the practitioners who were passing by the Yindu district, they definitely wouldn’t miss it either.

The Lunar Pavilion had nine floors, it was one of the tallest buildings in Yindu district. There were always VIP guests honoring them with their presence.

The scions of a few influential families were currently on the ninth floor as they talked loudly.

“It is said that Skybound Tongtian had seized one of the ancestor god’s most valuable treasures. As for the other item, the stone dagger, just who got it in the end?”

“They say that it was seized by the Martial Saint.”

“Not necessarily. The One True God Allah and the owner of the Selvagem Tree both possesses exceptional talent. Even if the soul force of the Martial Saint defies the natural law, it shouldn’t be possible for him to keep the other two at bay.”

“One of them must have got it. It’s nothing strange if the Martial Saint was the one who got it. You guys must know back in those days, the Martial Saint mounted his horse and swept across the unparalleled experts all over the world. He was retrieving the enemy’s head among millions of soldiers as easy as eating pie. He’s most proficient when it comes to group fight.”

“Those figures are too far away from us. Let us just talk about the outstanding ones among the youth generation.”

“The experts that came into being for the past few years were mostly from the five great nations. What is there to talk about? Just randomly pick any youth expert from Yindu district and they can easily wipe out their peers in the South, the West, and the North.”


A cold snort could be heard. The youth by the window seat had a stern expression. He was clearly very discontent with their conversation as he said coldly, “A group of spoilt rich kids also dare look down on the youth experts?”

The rich kids came from some powerful clans. They did not take heed of the words and only shoot a cold glance at the man. Then they continued with their talk.

“We can’t say it like that either, aren’t there quite a few beauty outside the Middle Earth? Haha…”

“That’s right, aren’t there two renowned pearls in the Southern Wasteland? I hear they’re gorgeous and matchless. But alas, such a pity, one of them already wedded to the tiger clan. Those tigers are not to be trifled with.”

“What are you afraid of? She’s a widow anyway. Who knows, she might even remarry. Haha… That’s right, I heard that Yan Qingcheng also entered the Middle Earth. Maybe she has already arrived at Yindu district, hehe.”

“Oh yeah? The North and West also have stunning beauty, they might be in this pavilion even.”

The youngsters laughed with a wicked smile as they surveyed a few private rooms repeatedly.

“I will let you taste the power of the Lone Wolf of the North!” That youngster by the window seat was unable to bear it anymore. He lightly waved his hand, and a sword-qi pierced through the air as it slashed towards those youngsters from Yindu district.

“You’re just a grain of rice.” While speaking, a youngster from the influential family lightly waved his hand. A hellfire was produced. The terrifying black flame instantly surrounded the youth by the window seat.

In only a split second, that man known as the Lone Wolf was evaporated. Not even a little bit of his flesh remained. He was burned to ash by the hellfire.

Apparently, the shopkeeper of Lunar Pavilion already knew about the identity of the few men. He didn’t send someone to inquire them. Instead, he only sent a young guy to clean up the mess.

“Hmph, don’t blame me for this. He was the one who made the first move.” The expression of that Psychic did not change in the slightest as he began to chat with his companion once more.

His companion said, “Yin Feng, looks like your hellfire improved again. You should have reached Historia’s Fifth Celestial Layer by now right? Hehe, with your skills alone, you could sweep across the South and West no problem. Did those ignorant fools really thought that, just by being number one in their tiny well, they could roam the whole wide world? Hah, what a joke!”

When they heard these, many people on the ninth floor had a change of expression. Among them also included those from the South. Yan Qingcheng started her journey and arrived at Yindu along with Lazio.

“They are too egotistical!” Even if Yan Qingcheng was a girl, she also felt very angry.

The blue-haired pretty boy Lazio shook his head, and said, “Those guys are indeed very strong, just ignore them.”

And in another private room, the beast-like expert from the South, Windfeathers, also gnashed his teeth. His ice-cold pupils emitted two dreadful rays of light.

“Why do I feel that someone is cursing us?” One of the rich kids glanced at Windfeather’s private room, and spoke to himself, “You guys may flaunt your power at your territory, but in Middle Earth, you pride and reputation will be trampled until nothing is left.”

Windfeathers abruptly pushed the table away, then he walked out with large strides and faced the few men, “Very good, Windfeathers of the South will test you out.”

However, just at this time, a servant delivered a slip of paper to Windfeathers. There was only a short sentence on the letter: Come over and chat.

“Hmph, let’s put off the fight until later!” Windfeathers storm off in a huff.

“Hehe, just go, we won’t bother to see you out. Someone is trying to save you, he’s afraid that you will die under our hands.” One of the rich kids attacked him with words, “Is there… any experts in the South? I’ve never heard of it.”

“No, there is one, just one.”

“Oh? There is a youth expert in the South?” That rich kid was smiling wickedly.

The man at the side explained, “That’s right, there was indeed one, but he’s most likely dead.”

“There was a man called Xiao Chen. He was nothing short of extraordinary. However, this Xiao Chen seemed like someone who dies prematurely. If nothing unexpected happen, he should have died three years ago.”

“Oh oh, I remember now. The bloody event that took place in Celestial City three years ago. That guy is such a man of character, if he is still alive, maybe he could fight toe-to-toe with our Yindu’s experts. Apart from him, nobody else has that potential, what a pity…”


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