Chapter 105 – Sacred Dragon Tree

Xiao Chen gave a cold snort in return, “That is not a funny joke.”

“I had transformed continuously over the countless years, what I am looking forward to the most was to be reborn under the sun. I am no longer a corpse now, I have blood and flesh, I really don’t want to go on killing anymore.”

“How do you explain about the few people you killed at the village entrance?”

“They attack me first, that woman shrouded in colorful mist can be my witness.” The demon heaved a sigh.

Xiao Chen remains unmoved and said, “Stop acting as if you had no other choice. You once murdered so many people, how could a demon’s nature be changed so easily? Besides, if you really restrained your ominous nature, why would you force me to hand over the sapling?”

The underworld fog around the demon became denser, the dense negative aura pervaded the surrounding once more, he then said with an indistinct voice, “The seal on the dragon island suppressed my power. It made me unable to break through the shackles smoothly. That’s why at the intervals of every hundred years, I need to absorb the Yang energy. Although I already have a living body with flesh and blood, I still don’t have the vitality. If I cannot get the nourishment from the sacred tree, I have no choice but to absorb extensive amount of Yang energy again. But I really don’t want to continue this massacre.”

“You are telling one lie after another.” Xiao Chen was not very convinced by his words.

“Why should I lie to you?” The demon’s pale face that was exposed from the black fog seemed very sincere, he sighed and said, “So what if you have Syndicate Dragon King to protect you? Their blood can indeed harm me, but will they be able to protect you forever? You guys should know if I really wanted to kill you, there were plenty of opportunities. Besides, what about the other people on the island, who will protect them, if I really wanted to kill, who can obstruct me?”

“Are you threatening us?”

“If that’s what you want to think, then so be it.” The demon sighed unceasingly. It sent a chill that made people’s blood run cold, he was a genuine demon, every words couldn’t be taken lightly, reaping life was a commonplace for him.

“Someone is coming……” After saying this, the demon faded away without a sound. After that, a scream resounded from the jungle in front of the village. The old woman and old man’s face turned pale on the spot, it was obviously the people from their village.

“Stop it, you demon!” The little fatty shouted loudly. He led the Black Dragon King into the forest. Xiao Chen and the others also followed closely.

The gloomy black fog rushed forth from the forest, the demon appeared again, ten meter in front of everyone. His pale face was very undisturbed, like nothing had happened at all. It made people felt a chill in their heart.

“Why don’t you give the sacred tree to me now. I will give it back after I have no more use for it, I guarantee I will not harm anymore living person from now on. I will try my best to be a good person.” A sincere expression emerged on the cheeks that didn’t have any hint of blood. The demon was very serious and sincere, one was unable to tell if he was acting.

The old woman and old man were very furious, the clansmen who shouted just now was clearly dead, their body shuddered slightly. Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon found this to be really ridiculous. A demon that once killed people like scything flax actually wanted to reform and start afresh……

“What is this sacred tree that you are talking about. Do you really need it that badly?” The little fatty questioned.

“Alas, that is the dragon’s sacred tree, I really need it badly, that is the only thing on this dragon island that can turn me into a living person.” The demon was always sighing as he spoke. It seemed like he was very anxious, it didn’t have any resemblance to the heartless him when he was making his move. It gave people a misconception that he was just a lonesome man.

“The dragon’s sacred tree.” Once these few words came out from his mouth, a huge wave immediately surged up in everyone’s heart. Naturally, the most excited ones were the two young Dragon Kings. Their pair of eyes were emitting substantive divine radiance as they slowly pressed on towards Xiao Chen and Keke.

Keke broke free from Xiao Chen’s embrace and jumped onto the ground while panting with rage. The little critter was not scared of the two Dragon Kings as it stared at them with the treasured tree on its head. Although Keke was usually lively and cute, it emitted an invisible pressure at the moment. The little critter actually wanted to carry out a battle to defend its honor, it wanted to confront two dragons at the same time.

Xiao Chen knew Keke had a powerful defensive power, he would also have a hard time breaking free if he was trapped. But he never saw Keke using any kind of offensive power before, he didn’t want it to fight with the two Dragon Kings. After all, it was still too young.

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But when Xiao Chen reached out his hand to pull Keke, he was repelled by a light screen. Keke’s spotlessly white jade-like body was flickering with seven colored radiance. It was as if a seven-colored sacred fire was throbbing outside of the little guy’s body. It actually emitted an astonishing battle intent.

This had never happened before, Keke was always lively and mischievous. “Competitive” does not sit well with it, but Keke’s current behavior had overturned its former conduct.

The Amethyst Dragon was flickering with purple radiance, the Black Dragon King flickered with black radiance, they were still closing in.

The dragon’s sacred tree was really too enticing, everyone on the spot was unable to calm down, but they knew they couldn’t let the Dragon Kings fight each other. The woman shrouded in colorful mist and that little fatty tried to dissuade the two Dragon Kings unceasingly.

However, the two Dragon Kings remain unmoved, that was the dragon’s sacred tree, and now it was under the control of an unknown little critter like this, they felt that it was a great humiliation for the dragons.

“Squeak……!” Just at this time, Keke let out a young and tender cry. It extended one little paw to point at the treasured tree on its head, and then pointed in front, at the forest that was pervaded by negative aura. After that, it dashed over there first. The two Dragon Kings gathered their thoughts before they let out a roar and rushed towards the evil spirit.

Keke waved its little paws to draw two seven-colored light screen that enveloped the evil spirit in the underworld fog. And the young Dragon Kings’ horns also burst out with glaring rays of light. The rays of light transformed into perfectly straight light beams and shot towards the evil spirit. It seemed like they wanted to decide the outcome with this method, they wanted to find out who was the true king by defeating the evil spirit.

The black fog rolled over and over violently, the demon faded away from his original place. But the three divine beasts seemed to be able to lock onto his aura. They followed after him into the forest, under the roar of the Dragon Kings, under the sound of falling ancient trees, that place was dazzled by rays of light, and leaves were swirling in the air.

Suddenly, like the wind rolled up the clouds, the underworld fog floated over at high-speed. The demon appeared in front of Xiao Chen and the others without making any sound. The cold aura locked onto the few of them, they felt as if an avalanche had weighed down on their body.

Keke transformed into a streak of light and appeared on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. The two Dragon King also came back respectively, the demon then faded away without a sound. All of this happened in an instant.

“You guys saw it already, if I wanted to kill you just now, I had plenty of opportunity, but I didn’t do it.” The demon heaved a sigh at a distant place and said, “The Dragon Kings are too young, although their blood can restrain me, they cannot do anything to me as long as I am fully prepared. On the contrary, if I wanted to kill them, they will certainly be in danger. However…… I do not want to offend the dragons.”

That was indeed the case, the demon had immeasurable strength.

At this time, everyone started to hesitate. In the end, all of them looked at Xiao Chen and Keke. They are the most crucial point of this event, everything will be decided by them.

Keke was panting with rage on Xiao Chen’s shoulder as it widened its glittering big eyes, it casted an angry look at the demon in the cloudy fog. The sapling was a sacred tree that had accompanied it since birth, it was also its ration, and the only thing that’s been accompanying it all along since it was abandoned by its parent. Don’t look at how it was uncaring of the sapling most of the time, when someone really wanted to fight over it, Keke will not comply no matter what.

“Little guy, I only wanted to borrow it. I will definitely return it to you. And I will certainly repay you several-fold.” The demon revealed a gentle expression, he revealed a slight smile to Keke. This made the few people on the spot a little astonished. The demon seemed to attach more importance to Keke than the two Dragon Kings.

Xiao Chen looked at the few people beside him, he quickly understood everyone’s intention after taking a quick glance. Even the most stubborn Solitary Sword Demon wanted to reach a compromise. The demon was really deep and immeasurable, they didn’t stand a chance against him. Although they didn’t know if what he said was true or false, it was still a hope anyhow.

After everyone’s opinion was made clear to him, Xiao Chen became silent. After that, he embraced Keke who was panting with rage tightly to prevent it from rushing over there. He said to the demon, “If your target is the sacred tree, then just come at me. This has nothing to do with the others. We will discuss this further after changing location. No matter what happens, I ask of you not to harm the others. This is the very least you can do to show your sincerity.”

The demon’s pale face turned slightly red, he nodded slightly and said, “My only target is the sacred tree, if other people don’t hinder me, or attack me, I will absolutely not harm them.”

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An impending storm was actually eased up like this, Xiao Chen didn’t turn around and took large strides out of the village. The two Dragon Kings roared as they chased after Xiao Chen, they didn’t want to let the sacred tree fall onto other people’s hand.

The little fatty hastily chased after the Black Dragon King to appease it. He spent a great deal of effort to convince it to fall back. As a matter of fact, even though the Dragon Kings are young, they already have intelligence. It knew deep down that it didn’t have enough power to retrieve the Sacred Dragon Tree.

“I wish you can come back safe and sound, I really wanted to make friend with you. I am called Oxman.” The silly little fatty said to Xiao Chen in a low voice as he fell back.

Oxman was a rather funny name ⌈1⌋, but Xiao Chen didn’t have the mood to laugh. He nodded lightly and said, “The next time we meet, we will be friend. My name is Xiao Chen.”

The woman shrouded in colorful mist also walked over, but it was not to take the Amethyst Dragon King away. On the contrary, she wanted it to accompany Xiao Chen and protect him if necessary.

“I appreciate your kindness, but Keke is as powerful as a Dragon King, if Keke cannot restrain the evil spirit, even an additional Dragon King will not help in the least.” Xiao Chen felt the mysterious woman was indeed good-natured. He told her about the other two Dragon Kings with a voice only the two could hear. Soon after, he walked over to the mountain woods alone, that demon had already went ahead of them.

Keke, the snow-white little critter, was extremely intelligent. It clearly knew what happened just now, it unwillingly took off the treasured tree from its head, then it hugged it tightly for a really long time. After that, it reluctantly handed it over to Xiao Chen, it had a really dejected expression. ⌈2

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You little monster, this is the sacred tree that had accompanied you since birth, how can we give it to others so easily? Besides, that guy is a demon, we cannot believe anything he said, we cannot make a deal with him.”

Keke was unhappy to be called a little monster, it angrily grabbed his long hair and pulled it lightly. Soon after, it still handed over the treasured tree to Xiao Chen.

“Don’t worry, you little monster. We don’t need to hand over the sacred tree yet. He was definitely concerned about something, otherwise on what basis would a demon use kind words to talk with us, and not seize it by force.”

“Squeak……!” Keke’s big eyes suddenly lightened up, its long eyelashes flickered unceasingly. But in the end, it became dispirited again as it lowered its head. It funnily compared its height to the evil spirit’s height, it seemed to be saying it really was too young at the moment, and that it wouldn’t be able to defeat the demon.

Xiao Chen found its action to be very amusing, he laughed and said, “You were always sleeping all day long, and those Dragon Kings were fighting almost everyday; They thought of every possible methods to make themselves stronger. You are not inferior to them, you just need to work hard. If you want to have enough strength to fight off the demon, you cannot be lazy from now on.”

The snow-white little critter angrily grabbed Xiao Chen’s long hair and pulled it lightly, then out of his expectation, the little critter actually nodded its head seriously. It put on the treasured tree hat and jumped from Xiao Chen’s arm to his shoulder. It earnestly sat in meditation and began to harmonize its breathing.

That’s right, it was sitting in meditation and harmonizing its breathing!

This made Xiao Chen so shocked that his jaw literally dropped. Keke was actually sitting like the practitioners. Its pair of glittering big eyes were shut, the long eyelashes were no longer flickering. Moreover, its entire body burst out with faint multicolored radiance, as if it had already submerged in an ethereal boundary.

Xiao Chen’s current state of mind already couldn’t be described with mere words, the shock Keke gave to him was really too much. How could this little critter manifest something like this?

However, after walking for a few miles in the jungle, Xiao Chen became completely speechless again. That was because he heard a slight snoring sound, the little critter actually fell asleep on his shoulder. ⌈3

Speechless…… Totally speechless.

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Habit was not easy to change, Xiao Chen really didn’t know what to say to this little critter anymore.


  1. Silva: Since they said it themselves it was a “funny” name, I decided to westernize it so that it really is funny. If I use the Chinese name, Niuren, nobody would find it funny right? Since nobody understand what it means! 
  2. Silva: Awtz… my heart cringe when I read this… 
  3. Silva: Hahahahaha, Oh my God! That was priceless XD 

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