Chapter 70 – Heavenly Tree

After pushing their way through a wide expanse of primitive mountain woods, Xiao Chen and the rest are gradually getting close to their destination.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke jumped on top of Xiao Chen’s shoulder, and pointed at a mountain range in front of him.




Suddenly, a draconic roar was transmitted from that mountain range. It caused the entire mountain to shake, the forest trees to wave around hysterically, and dead leaves to swirl in the air.

There are definitely more than one ancient dragon there, judging from the sound, there are actually around seven to eight dragons!

Xiao Chen grumbled inwardly, it seems like he really walked into the den of monsters. Keke’s origin appeared to be extremely big!

The lotus insignia on the foreheads of the three skeletons suddenly flickered, they vigilantly watched their surroundings. Their joints were producing creaking sounds, they clearly felt the dangers ahead.

“Keke, you really lived in a den of monsters before? Just what kind of little monster are you?”

Keke seemed extremely dissatisfied that Xiao Chen called it a little monster, it angrily jumped onto Xiao Chen’s head, and then it scratched his head frantically, causing Xiao Chen’s long hair to become a complete mess.

“Alright, alright, you win.” Xiao Chen hastily grabbed the little critter, and put it on the ground.

After they entered the mountainous region, they could clearly make out a lot of huge paw prints. Without a doubt, all of them belong to the fierce dragons! After passing through a mountain range, Xiao Chen saw a very shocking scene, there was a black mountain ridge flickering with black radiance continuously cut across a few mountain range! The entire mountain ridge is flickering with specks of light, it is actually as sparkling and translucent as a black jade.

Keke cheerfully jumped back and forth between Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang’s head. It seems like they have already arrived at its place of origin. After that, it jumped down joyfully, and ran towards the black jade mountain ridge. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons followed closely behind, since they are already here anyway, it is impossible to stop now due to the roar of dragons in the vicinity.

But, when they get close to that black jade mountain ridge, Xiao Chen was completely dumbfounded. He found that the so-called black mountain ridge actually looked like…… a tree trunk! A chunk of it was lying flat on the mountains, it was actually a huge tree trunk flickering with black radiance!

After they got nearer to the mountain ridge, Xiao Chen was shocked to find that the black mountain ridge was really a tree trunk. One can find several huge twigs separating from the trunk along the way.

This is simply inconceivable!

The tree trunk is actually as bulky as a mountain ridge, if this huge tree that is flickering with black radiance is still alive, if it is still standing, just how tall would it be? Perhaps it might even pierce through the skies! This can be rated as a Heavenly Tree!

Not far ahead from here is a piece of collapsed mountain region, it seems like a terrifying earthquake occurred here. Almost all the mountain peaks had already crumbled, even the towering rocky mountains were full of huge cracks, most of the area already sank down. If not for those crumbled rocky mountains, this place can be considered an extremely big basin. It is very bizarre within the basin, although it is filled with rocks, and even if there are soil, no plant is growing at all, it is a piece of dead land.

And the Heavenly Tree only extended until here, any traces of that incomparably big treetop were already gone a long time ago. It seems like it was buried along with the collapsed mountain region ahead. People couldn’t help but be lost in thoughts, and suspect if some kind of big disaster had broken out in this place before. Something big enough that could cause endless amount of mountain peaks to collapse and the Heavenly Tree to fall.

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“Eh, where did Keke go?” Xiao Chen suddenly found that Keke had disappeared.

“Clack! Clack……!” Lunhui Wang moved its lower jaw up and down, and pointed at the other side of the divine tree, hinting that Keke had rushed to the direction of the tree roots.

“Let’s go, we also go take a look.” Xiao Chen and the three skeletons quickly ran after Keke.

Even though that black jade-like Heavenly Tree already dried up a long time ago, and toppled over the mountain range, it is still as high as the mountain peak, it really is too humongous. It is like a mountain ridge across the horizon, it is even more imposing than most of the mountain range here.

Xiao Chen and the others make their way through the dense mountain woods, they advanced for no less than eight to nine miles before they finally arrived near the ancient tree’s roots. And this eight to nine miles does not represent the entirety of the tree trunk. After all, there are still the trunk, and the crown that was completely destroyed.

The Heavenly Tree’s roots are just as stunning, the stump on the surface is actually as majestic as a mountain. Regardless of the thickness and height, it is comparable to the mountain range in the vicinity, it is a truly shocking scene! Few enormous roots that are exposed on the ground practically looked like one after another mountain ridges, they didn’t even enter the underground at the distant mountain, one couldn’t help but feel flabbergasted looking at this scene.



The draconic roar transmitted from nearby, it seems to come from seven to eight fierce dragons. Not only that, there were also the shriek of other monsters, it is as ear-splitting as the heavenly thunder. They dared to make a sound in the dragon’s territory, they must be some ancient beasts not inferior to the fierce dragon!

This place is really as Xiao Chen had expected, it really is the den of monsters!

“What about Keke, where did it go?” Xiao Chen looked everywhere, he was truly worried that Keke had entered the mountain range, into the territory of the vicious beasts.

“Clack! Clack……” Qinguang Wang moved its lower jaw, and pointed at the Heavenly Tree’s stump.

The divine tree’s stump emits the same black radiance, it is as crystal clear as a black jade. Xiao Chen raised his head to look, only to discover Keke is climbing up the smooth mountain-like tree trunk like an agile monkey. It already climbed close to one kilometer.

The three skeletons were also eager to give it a try, they wanted to climb up and get to the bottom of this matter. Xiao Chen laughed and said, “Alright, let us go up and take a look at this little monster’s nest.”

Only someone with their ability would be able to climb up the tree trunk, normal people wouldn’t be able to do it. That is because the tree trunk is as sleek as a jade, it is hard to exert any strength.

The divine tree’s stump is about one thousand five hundred meter high, and most of the mountain range on the Dragon Island are lower than one thousand three hundred meter. The tree stump is a little taller than all the one thousand meter tall mountain range nearby. When Xiao Chen and the rest climbed up the tree trunk, they were shocked once again. He found that the peak of the stump is incomparably smooth, as if it was cut off by a sharp weapon. There can’t be any other reason!

The divine tree’s trunk is as thick as a mountain, it was chopped off in half, this is really too inconceivable. People couldn’t help but associate it with many many things……

The surface is extraordinary wide, and is also flickering with black radiance similar to the color of the tree trunk, it resembles a tall mountain with flat roof. Keke seems overwhelmed in the distant place, it is moving around without an aim. Xiao Chen walked over, and found its glittering big eyes were filled with a perplexed look. It looked just like a child who lost its way home, it is somewhat delicate and charming.

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“Keke, what is going on?”

There was hardly a time where Keke was not mischievous, but now it is quietly leaning down, and curled up into a ball, it actually started to make a sobbing sound. It resembles a lonely child who had just lost its mother. It is just lying there motionlessly, tears are actually rolling down from its big eyes. ⌈1


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