Chapter 160 – The Persistent Beauties

At this moment, Xiao Chen had already received the golden banknote with seventy nine thousand gold coins from Zhuge Kun, as well as the golden banknote with eighty three thousand gold coins from Hofmann. He made Keke put them into his cloth not far away.

Such a big harvest! Xiao Chen felt accomplished and had an especially bright smile. However, Zhuge Kun and Hofmann felt that their hearts were bleeding.

“You guys can pay the rest slowly. I believe with your personalities, the both of you won’t leave a written contract.” Xiao Chen originally didn’t plan to cause too big of a disturbance. After all, this was the problem between the youth generation. To receive this much money was already out of his expectation. He didn’t count on receiving the remaining amount. If by any chance he provoked the figures of the older generation, that would be bad. What he didn’t know was that, he had already broken the rules. It was just that… due to a freak combination of factors, the fathers of the scums became very apprehensive of him.

When Zhuge Kun and Hofmann heard this, they had the urge to cough out blood. Still wanted more gold coins? In your dreams! They vowed to immediately find someone to kill this insufferably arrogant ******* once they got out.

“I have almost settled everything with these two. It’s about time I set things straight with both of you.” Xiao Chen turned his head to stare at Lidong Bo and Austrian.

Lidong Bo felt his scalp going numb. The scions of two big families were already beaten to such a submissive state, and his family fell short of their families by a lot, he didn’t have that much gold coins.

“I… I don’t have that much gold coins!” Lidong Bo felt that today he was very unlucky. Just why did he take the lead?!

“I know you don’t have much. Come and sign this contract. You are owing me twenty thousand gold coins!”

“I……” Seeing that Xiao Chen’s eyes sharpened, he immediately lowered his head and said, “I will sign it immediately!”

“Un, I’ve already prepared the pen and ink.” With a wave of his hand, the pen and ink flew over from not far away. He came totally prepared. It made the few of them completely dumbstruck.

“Austrian…… you also come and sign. You owe me twenty thousand gold coins.”

“Wh… Why do I have to sign? I didn’t provoke you.” After looking at Xiao Chen’s unyielding means, Austrian had a little of a guilty conscience.

“Hmph! If it wasn’t because you were sowing the seed, why would Katalina come to make trouble for me? How would I end up fighting with Lambda at the North Style Academy? Hurry up and sign, you owe me thirty thousand gold coins.”

“Didn’t you say twenty thousand gold coins just now?”

“Time is money, if you still don’t sign, then I will increase it to forty thousand.”

“I’m signing, I’m signing!”

While the two of them were signing, they hated Xiao Chen to the extreme. This was not a small amount! Their hearts ached so much. However, it was fortunate that they didn’t have to pay it immediately. Maybe this arrogant guy would be killed once he left this place, then they would have nothing to be scared of.

Just like before, Xiao Chen made Keke put the contracts into his clothes.

All of a sudden, lovely voices transmitted into the VIP area two. After that, a beautiful blue-haired girl actually charged in valiantly.

Xiao Chen and the rest were stupefied as they fixed their eyes on her while in the hot spring.

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“Katalina!” Austrian cried out, “Why did you come in?”

It was precisely the baby girl of the Mander Family. She very valiantly burst into the VIP area two.

“I heard you were being beaten along with those two scums, Zhuge Kun and Hofmann, I came here to save you!”

That lively little brat was really too valiant! In front of a few grown-up men in the hot spring, she had a content expression on her face. So much so that she was even comparing who had the most sturdy chest muscles.

Zhuge Kun and Hofmann tried to woo Katalina once, it could even be said that they were drooling over this youthful young lady. However, they still didn’t manage to woo her after suffering losses several times. They had the urge to cry right now, why must they run into her in such an awkward situation? They had utterly lost their face. They were not as pretentious as they were before, how they wished they could just submerge their heads in the water.

“Sisters, come in quickly. They have already put on their clothes. The cute snow-white critter is here.” Katalina revealed a sharp expression.

The sound of footsteps could be heard as four beauties walked over.

“Katalina, what are you planning to do?” Austrian knew this cousin of his was usually eccentric, but how could this be considered helping him? She was clearly trying to embarrass the guys at this place. However, this brat was seriously getting more and more daring.This was the men’s spa for god’s sake!

Actually, the beauties had arrived at the VIP area two at an earlier time and had already heard about those news.

“Katalina, you want to die? You actually dared to deceive us.”

Those beautiful girls pouted playfully, but none of them moved back. All of them were looking at the guys in the water and giggling. Their bodies were covered up by bathrobes. The graceful curves, the delicate bodies, the faintly discernible arms and legs, it was full of allure.

Zhuge Kun, Hofmann, Lidong Bo, and Austrian wished they could find a hole in the ground and hide in there.Their heads almost submerged into the water. This was too embarrassing. Why did they have to run into them at a time like this? How they wished they could swallow Xiao Chen alive.

Xiao Chen looked at Katalina, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng and the other girls dumbfoundedly. These girls were really too bold!

“Oh please~ This is the men’s area, you girls came to the wrong place.” Xiao Chen didn’t mind about coming into contact with beautiful ladies, because that was one kind of pleasure. However, if they were being studied attentively by the girls, that was a different story. They felt uncomfortable all over.

“Hehe…” Katalina giggled as she walked over. Her long blue hair was still dripping wet and was naturally scattered on the shoulders. She just came out from the hot spring not long ago, she was still soaked from head to foot. The sweet scent of the girls pervaded the air.

“The guy surnamed Xiao, didn’t expect to meet you here. This is truly an inevitable clash between opposing factions. What, scared now?” Katalina had a provoking expression. She cast a sidelong glance at Xiao Chen with her big, beautiful eyes. This sight could really hook one’s soul.

“As if!” Xiao Chen smiled mischievously and said, “Katalina, you owe me twenty thousand gold coins. Now, sign the contract.”

Hearing these, Zhuge Kun, Hofmann, Lidong Bo, and Austrian were dumbstruck. Was this guy crazy? How daring of him to extort money by taking advantage of everyone’s weaknesses. Even a robber wouldn’t do it to such an extent!

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“Who owes you what?!” The blue-haired Katalina flared up immediately and pointed at Xiao Chen. Then she said, “Are you trying to take advantage of me? I didn’t cause trouble for you, and yet, you want to extort me. Such abomination!”

“You mysteriously came to cause trouble for me several times. Moreover, you lost to me and promised to become my attendant for a month, but you refused to acknowledge it and didn’t keep the promise. Now, sign the contract. Bring me twenty thousand gold coins and our business will be settled.”

“Go to hell!” When Katalina heard the word “attendant”, she wanted to bare her fangs and pounce on him like a cat that had its tail stepped.

“It is impossible to deny it anymore!” As Xiao Chen was saying these, he calmly sat in the hot spring, but with a wave of his right hand, a glorious radiance enveloped Katalina. He wanted to pull her over.

Zhuge Kun and Hofmann at the rear were completely stunned. This guy was actually playing for real! He even dared to make a move against the baby girl of the Mander Family, this… was too crazy! Too unbelievable!

Katalina screeched and tried to resist without delay. She didn’t mind looking down at the guys in the hot spring like this, but if she was pulled into the hot spring by Xiao Chen, then that would too shameful. Just thinking about it made her feel fearful.

At the rear, Yan Qingcheng, Fairsnow, and the other girls hastily made their move to help Katalina. Red, green, purple, and yellow rays of light dazzled the eyes. They clashed with the clear radiance sent out by Xiao Chen at the same time. Resplendent rays of light exploded on the hot spring, a surge of energy fluctuation rushed forth.

Fortunately, they made it in time. Katalina escaped successfully and didn’t get caught by Xiao Chen. This gave her a lingering fear. She panted with rage and stared at Xiao Chen, “This guy named Xiao actually has the cheek to do it for real! I’m not done with you today!”

“I can see it.” Xiao Chen replied without a care in the world.

Katalina’s pure white bathrobe rolled up and exposed her pair of lily-white legs. They were slender and exceptionally eye-catching. Even her yellow underwear was exposed.

Katalina let out a screech and hastily straightened out her cloth. After that, she extended her slender finger and pointed at Xiao Chen, “Attaboy, you have the guts. You dare to take advantage of this young lady. I will not let you get away with this!”

“Oh please! Who is taking advantage of who? Would ordinary people come barging into the men’s spa like this?”

“You, I……”

“You, what you, I what I, you owe me twenty thousand gold coins.”

“Khh… This is so infuriating! Sisters, let’s take care of him together!” Katalina’s charming face was flushed. Although she had a furious expression, she was still very charming.

Just at this time, Lidong Bo suddenly lifted up his head and yelled towards Fairsnow, “Cousin, save me.”

“Lidong Bo, you… how come you are here?” The graceful Fairsnow was very surprised. Just now she had never noticed this cousin of hers who was lowering his head like the ostrich.


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“Enough, you don’t need to say anything. I got it.” Fairsnow had a tall figure, elegant and beautiful, like a delicate fairy maiden carved out of divine jade. She turned her head to face Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Chen, is it possible for you to let Lidong Bo go?”

“Sure, there’s no problem. I have already settled everything with him.”

“Sis, he made me sign a twenty thousand gold coins contract.”

“Eh? Brother Xiao, care to explain?” Although Fairsnow had already heard some news from the outside, she didn’t expect that this dishonorable cousin of his was also involved.

“Oh, nothing much, just paying back the debts.” Xiao Chen replied casually, then he turned his body around to sneer at Lidong Bo, “Your future prospects look promising. A grown-up man hiding in the hot spring, pleading the cousin for help. Heh!”

Just at this time, Katalina’s face suddenly brightened up. She whispered to two girls behind her, and then they turned towards the snow-white little critter together. They directly ignored the guys in the hot spring.


Keke ran beside Xiao Chen like a wisp of smoke. It was baring its fangs at the few girls. However, it didn’t look scary at all. On the contrary, it looked especially naughty and adorable.

“What do you girls want? Keke is my partner.” Xiao Chen looked at the girls vigilantly.

Katalina rolled her big eyes, her long eyelashes flickered unceasingly. Then she shouted, “Catch it! That snow-white little critter doesn’t have an owner. It escaped from the warbeast street last time and was caught by this guy.”

Everyone knew this was a lie, but the beauties needed this as an excuse. Not only because they were very fond of this snow-white little critter, it was also because they thought that Xiao Chen was really too arrogant. The ones who got trampled at this place was not only Katalina’s cousin, there was also Fairsnow’s cousin and a beauty from the Zhuge Family’s cousin. In addition, Yan Qingcheng was originally discontent with Xiao Chen to begin with. The girls made their move without restraint once they found an excuse.

Their goal was to take away the snow-white little critter forcefully while taking care of Xiao Chen at the side.

The girls could even be said to be very intelligent and crafty. After they attacked Xiao Chen at the same time, they quickly fell back and grabbed Xiao Chen’s clothes. They wanted to throw it out of this hot spring area at once. They wanted to humiliate Xiao Chen. ⌈1

“Crap!” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but let out a curse. There were golden banknotes in his cloth with several tens of thousands of gold coins. There were even a few contracts that were worth more than a few pennies. These absolutely must not be lost.

You girls want to play? Then I will play with you!

Just at this time, Xiao Chen made a move that shocked the heaven and caused the devil to cry. The girls were stunned in an instant, and then their faces turned pale before they let out a shriek. ⌈2

Xiao Chen boldly stood up from the hot spring, then he shouted, “Put the clothes down!”

Such boldness! It made Hofmann and Zhuge Kun behind him feel as if they were struck by a thunderbolt. It made them turn as still as a clay figure! This guy… was such a *******, how could he do this… just how?!

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Hofmann and Zhuge Kun admitted that they were not good people, they had done a lot of bad deeds, but even they had never been this ferocious. The few girls in front of them, they were the most beautiful girls in the south. Who would casually defile them? But this guy actually had “no pang of conscience”, he was too fearless!

Xiao Chen stood up and quickly put on the bathrobe that was not far away. Then he rushed forward.

Presently, all three sides were very anxious. Hofmann, Zhuge Kun, and the others felt resentful because that arrogant guy actually dared to be so rude. Those were the girls that they were pursuing all along. Katalina, Fairsnow, and Yan Qingcheng felt unpleasant because that Xiao Chen was too shameless. He actually dared to be so “bold”! Xiao Chen felt anxious because those girls were running away, but they never let go of his clothes. Those clothes possessed more than ten thousands of gold coins, he must not let them get away with it no matter what.


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