Chapter 231 – Strength

“Such a pity…”

“For the barbaric land to produce a youth expert once is already good enough, what is there to lament about?”

On the ninth floor, the rich kids relentlessly attacked with words. They didn’t even put the experts from outside Middle Earth in their eyes.

“Yin Feng, did your hellfire really reached the Fifth Celestial Layer already?”

“Not yet, it’s merely at the peak of Fourth Celestial Layer, but it’s enough to take care of those barbarians from earlier.”

The Terra Empire was far from comparable to the Shang Dynasty. The dynasty was founded on military prowess, each and every powerful family had martial background. Their offsprings were bound to be strong warriors.

Perhaps some people were prejudiced against the rich kids, and thought that they were just ignorant and incompetent second generations. There were indeed some of them who were incompetent, but under this kind of environment, they were in the minority after all. Even if their behavior was rotten, their power couldn’t be looked down upon.

Their starting point was much greater than other people. Although the arts they practiced were not some Secret Techniques, it was close enough. Additionally, with their family’s profound inside information, it was not surprising at all for their ability to be much greater than ordinary people.

It was the same reason as how a princess was much more beautiful when compared to other ordinary girls. The first emperor might not necessarily be handsome, but his concubine would certainly be the most stunning beauty. As such, how could his sons and daughters be ugly? If they kept passing their bloodline to the next generation like this, the childrens of the imperial household would certainly be good looking.

They hail from a truly powerful family. Their ancestors were one of those martial geniuses. If they instructed the younger generation properly, their power naturally wouldn’t be too bad either. This was the problem regarding those with higher starting point.

“That guy named Xiao Chen, such a pity that he died. If he lives until now, he could be a genius.”

“What, when did you guys start seeking for youth visitors? You can go check out the Qin Dynasty or the ancient Han Dynasty. I hear there are some youth experts with some potential. If the Yin Family is willing, they will definitely come at you like moth flying into fire.”

“Forget it, if the other party is really that promising, you definitely wouldn’t tell me. I have already went there.”

“Alas, the Southern Wasteland, the Western Boundary, and the Northern Desert have indeed declined. Nowadays, there are not a single one from those regions that we should be mindful of.”

The rich kids added critical remarks ruthlessly. Whether it was intentional or not, they looked towards several private rooms on the ninth floor and sneered at them. They even wore a mocking expression as they sweep their eyes past every seat outside the private room. This made everyone at present extremely angry, but there’s nothing they could do about it. Not to mention the power they possessed, even the families behind their back were not something anyone could provoke.

The Shang Dynasty, that was one of the five major nation, and this was the capital city of Shang Dynasty. It wouldn’t be far too to say they were one of the strongest families under the heaven.

“Damn it, they are just a bunch of ignorant second generation!” Yan Qingcheng was furious as she gnawed her teeth. Her snow-white skin had hints of red due to rage as she placed her lily-white hands on the longsword.

Austrian was a pretty boy that could make thousands of girls fall for him. His aqua blue hair was as bright as the water. His handsome mien caused a great number of girls to go crazy for him. However, in this Great Shang Dynasty, even this ordinarily graceful man was revealing a hint of anger. It was hard to calm his nerves.

However, he still repressed his anger in the end, and said, “Forget it, just endure it. The youth expert of my Southern Wasteland is only but second rate to them. Getting involved with them in Yindu district will only get us into trouble.”

“If Dugu Jianmo is here, I reckon they wouldn’t be flapping their mouths.” Yan Qingcheng was really angry. In fact, she wanted to mention the name of another guy, but it was stuck at the corner of her mouth. And thus, she changed it to Dugu Jianmo.

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“Dugu Jianmo is it? Maybe…” Austrian didn’t agree nor deny the fact. Clearly, he had also thought of another guy.

That was a blood soaking night, the entire Celestial City was strongly affected. Dozens of Historia level experts were killed, even five of the demigod experts died, all by the hands of a single youth. This news had shaken the entire Southern Wasteland.

After that, no one had seen that person again. It was said that during his final battle, his life energy was exhausted. It was impossible for him to live on. Everyone unanimously thought that he was no longer in this world.

Recalling these, Austrian heaved a sigh.

And on the other hand, Yan Qingcheng was a little absent-minded. That man who she detest bitterly, could he really have died just like this? No matter how much she hated him for all the things he did in the past, she still had no choice but to admit, his growth was really too fast. If he didn’t die and lived till this day, maybe he could have stood toe-to-toe with the finest youth experts in the Middle Earth?

In one of the private rooms on the ninth floor, Windfeathers frowned and said, “Many thanks to your good intention, but those people are really too savage. If I cannot behead one of them, I won’t feel satisfied!”

In front of Windfeathers was a pair of brother and sister. The man looked valiant. He had a pair of sword-like brows, his eyes were even emitting divine light. One could tell he was an expert.

And beside him was an extremely beautiful girl. She was as graceful as the soft willow that was brushed by the cool breeze. She gave off a graceful and lovely aura. Her glossy skin was as white as snow. She had a lovely pair of eyes. Words failed to do her beauty justice ⌈1⌋, she was beautiful to the extreme.

These brother and sister called themselves Aqua and Frost. They came from the Western Boundary, and were just as unsatisfied with the rich kids. However, they knew those guys were not to be trifled with. Two years ago, they had a few encounters with Windfeathers and built up a budding friendship. They didn’t want Windfeathers to throw his life away so they blocked his path.

However, seeing that they couldn’t stop him, the brother and sister said nothing else.


After Windfeathers left the private room, he kicked one of the tables straight toward the rich kids. Although it was just a wooden table, it was enveloped by a magnificent light, as if it had already metalized.

As such, it weighed at least a few thousand tons. Windfeathers’ magic power was concentrated on the table. If it was a direct hit, even a reinforced steel bar would break.

“Heh!” Yin Feng let out a sneer. Without even turning his head around, he casually waved his sleeve backward. A streak of black light instantly shrouded the wooden desk.

Without making any sound, the wooden desk containing Windfeathers’ magic power turned into ashes in an instant. Such a scene made everyone upstair become fearful. The hellfire was much scarier than anyone’s expectation.

Even the few who were on good term with Yin Feng were also flabbergasted. They asked, “There’s no way you are still at the Fourth Celestial Layer right?”

“Why do I feel that you have already touched upon the Fifth Celestial Layer?”

Windfeathers stepped forward with large strides, and said, “Since you guys are looking down on experts in my Southern Wasteland, how about a match?”

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Three years had passed, the Windfeathers now was not the same Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer Windfeathers from back then. Other people were improving at a quick pace, he too was making a rapid progress. Otherwise, how would he dare to rashly confront the rich kids.

“Hmph, only a hellfire, what’s so special!”

Leaving an afterimage in his original position, Windfeathers appeared in front of Yin Feng. A bloody domain was erected immediately. The roar of the primal beasts instantly spread all over the Lunar Pavilion. It was as if a few lightnings were running wild.

Yin Feng revealed a faint smile and broke free from the domain in a jiffy. He flew up instantly and stood proudly atop the ninth floor as he said these towards Windfeathers, “This pavilion is the place where the Sword Saint Li Bai wrote his poem. To prevent the destruction of the tables and chairs, let us fight atop this ninth floor.”


Windfeathers only gave a cold snort in return before he jumped into the fray like flickering light. One could clearly see more than ten terrifying beast souls revolving around him. The huge shadows seemed as if they wanted to break the floor. Baleful aura leaked from the beast souls and they moved in sync with Windfeathers as he tried to rip Yin Feng apart.

“Hehe…” Yin Feng only sneered at him. His actions were natural and unforced. Although he was a Psychic, he still practiced some martial skills. He moved with extreme confidence and dodged several of Windfeathers’ attacks by a hair’s breadth.


With a light wave of his hand, the hellfire alight from all direction and instantly surrounded Windfeathers. The temperature of the black flame was high enough to melt steel and iron, any tangible material could be turned into ash. Although this was just one of the many spirit magics, it had already been developed into some kind of divine ability.

“Tsssh! Tsssh!”

Windfeathers was caught off guard. He found that the flame had actually invaded into his domain. The three beast souls at the side had already been turned into ashes.

In just a single face-off, he already suffered a great loss. This was very shocking to Windfeathers. If comparing their power, he was definitely not weaker than his opponent. However, Yin Feng’s divine ability was too peculiar, it was even capable of refining the souls. How terrifying!

At this time, Aqua, Frost, Yan Qingfeng. Even Lazio walked out from their respective private rooms. There were several tens of people standing at both sides of the ninth floor, watching the two’s confrontation quietly.

“Solar Hell Lotus!” Yin Feng yelled softly. He seemed to be very relaxed, not a hint of nervousness to be found.

A lump of black sun abruptly appeared above the ninth floor. It hadn’t even approached Windfeathers, and yet, his bloody domain already caught on fire.

The black sun was incredibly bizarre. It actually changed into the shape of a flower bud. It looked exactly like a lotus flower as it blossomed. The black petals were so dark that it made people’s heart palpitate!

“Not good, that is the Yin family’s Secret Art. It is capable of burning the practitioner’s spiritual source.” Aqua and Frost let out a soft yelp. Then he yelled towards Windfeathers, “Brother Wind, just forget about it. There’s no need to let your anger control you.”

“Heh!” Windfeathers was not agitated, he shouted coldly, “Thousand Beasts Secret Art: World Cataclysm!” Countless beast souls instantly appeared in his surroundings. They were baring their fangs and let out a thunderous roar that shook the entire Lunar Pavilion.

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The hellfire and endless beast souls clashed. Although many beast souls had been turned into ashes, there were even more beast souls charging toward Yin Feng.

“Lotus Flower, spread!”

Along with Yin Feng’s voice, the black lotus began to spread. Yin Feng fell back leisurely, and the black lotus broke through seven waves of Windfeathers’ beast souls. Even the lower hem of his jacket was caught on fire, forcing him to fall back with lightning speed.

“Haha… you dare to compare your light of firefly against the luminous moon?” Yin Feng laughed out loud.

The rich kids at the side also began to laugh without restraint.

“Brother Yin is spectacular as expected. Even though you are really still at the Fourth Celestial Layer of Historia, you hellfire make people feel apprehensive. It has already evolved into a divine ability. With such a divine ability, perhaps you wouldn’t even lose against Sixth Celestial Layer expert.”

“The Southern Wasteland is nothing, haha…”

They completely ignored the ashen-faced Windfeathers and didn’t give him any face. They even cast a few glance at Lazio intentionally.

However, when they saw Yan Qingcheng, their eyes were burning with undisguised passion, but they didn’t make any move. These people were definitely not a degenerate on the same level as Hofmann. Even if they saw a matchless beauty, they wouldn’t snatch her by force.

That would only incur the scorn of other influential families. It’s not that there were no tyrannical second generation scions, but for the genuine scions of the influential families, that kind of method was too vulgar.

In regards to them, conquering her without any tricks was the genuine Way of the King.

What they pursued was that, I can go wild, but since I have the power, I will beat you openly and let you have nothing to say. Giving in to lust, they could do that too, but not through the way of tyranny.

“Again!” Windfeathers was extremely furious as he took a large stride forward.

“You… are no good!” Yin Feng indifferently waved his index finger and said, “To tell you the truth, although I am still at the Fourth Celestial Layer, I can face off against Sixth Celestial Layer expert. Seeing that you are quite the talent yourself, why don’t you place yourself under my Yin family. If you follow me, I can promise you high position and great wealth.”

Windfeathers was furious, with a single stomp, thousands of beast soul let out a bellow and rushed out from his body, with Yin Feng as their target.

“Black Lotus, Blossom!”

Yin Feng yelled softly, one black lotus petal after another appeared in the sky. With the burning sound lingering on, all the beast souls were wiped out.

Windfeathers was sent flying by the hellfire forcefully.

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The rich kids at the rear laughed heartily. They might be insolent, but they had enough power to back them up.

Yin Feng’s expression turned cold, “I planned to accept you, and yet you refused. Don’t blame me if you get killed!”

At this time, Aqua and Frost rushed to restrain the furious Windfeathers, and said, “Don’t let your emotion cloud your judgment. This guy is very scary. Even if you are on the same level, your divine ability is no match for his.”

“Oh, so it is Aqua and Frost from the Western Boundary. Hehe, nice to meet you. It’s an honor to meet you at least, Lady Aqua. Your reputation precedes you, I’ve heard that you are an outstanding beauty, but seeing you personally today, you are much more beautiful than the portrait depicts you.”

The rich kids at the rear smiled frivolously.

Xiao Chen was just sitting nearby. He saw all of these unfolding with his own eyes. However, he didn’t have any intention to cut in. All of these seemed to be unrelated to him.


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