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Chapter 35 – Five Major Realms

Lande the blond-haired pretty boy ⌈1⌋, sneered faintly and said, “I advise you to leave the forest as soon as possible, if you lose your life due to curiosity, that is so not worth it!” This is the kind of attitude the experts used to “look down” on the weaklings, it was not as ineffective as the domineering aura of a conceited person, it was part of their instinct.

“Thanks for the reminder!” Xiao Chen immediately turned around and left. He was making supreme effort to contain his state of mind! Now is not the time to show off his strength, he believe some day in the future, everything will change when he get stronger.

If he didn’t suppress his power, and revealed his true strength, he could fight on equal ground with one person. However, he will certainly end up in defeat when facing two at once. Strength is everything! After getting far away from that area, Xiao Chen slowly calmed down, the fury in his heart already settled down. He knew, in the near future, they will inevitably fight!

Xiao Chen discovered many claw prints in the mountain woods nearby. It seemed like it was left behind by dragon claws. Moreover, it was a young dragon! Evidently, it was because of this, that Yan Qing Cheng and Lande turned this into a prohibited zone.

Not long later, Xiao Chen joined up with the three skeletons. They avoided the waterfall area and continued their journey.

After passing a small hill, Xiao Chen was able to smell the stench of blood in the woodland. A faint bloody mist was lingering in the forest, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons ran over there at high-speed. In the forest ahead of them, there were five to six corpses lying flat on the pool of blood. They hadn’t been dead for too long, it seems like a fierce fight was taking place here.

Evidently, more and more practitioners are coming ashore to this sealed Dragon Island!

Chasing after the tracks for some distance, Xiao Chen discovered a few traces of shadows in the forest. There were roughly a few dozens of people in the vicinity. Xiao Chen decided to keep away from here, he didn’t want to be involved in other people’s business.

However, just around this time, Xiao Chen felt a nonsensical fluctuation. He quickly turned around, and only saw a white-clothed monk approaching from the tip of a tree. His movement was fluid, and extremely graceful, it seemed as if he was just taking a stroll in the courtyard. However, his speed was very fast. That person was actually Buddhist Yizhen.

Clearly, Yizhen had also noticed Xiao Chen, he stopped slightly on the treetop, and then landed on the ground as light as a feather. When he saw the three skeletons, he shouted in astonishment, “Undead creatures.”

“Master, I didn’t expect we would encounter each other so soon.”

“Just call me Yizhen, it is a small world indeed. I already left behind some marks for my senior brother. I decided to investigate the borderline zone of the Dragon Island first.” Buddhist Yizhen turned his head to size up the three skeletons. After that, he faced Xiao Chen and said, “How did you end up with three undead creatures? Even though the practitioners on the mainland no longer treat them as a being that must be extinguished, it is still very hard for ordinary people and most of the experts to get buddy-buddy with the undead creatures. Staying together with them might incur some inconvenience.”

“Many thanks for Brother Yizhen’s reminder. They saved my life a few times, there are not many people on this Dragon Island, I believe there shouldn’t be too much problem.”

“That is also true.” Yizhen nodded his head.

When the two were in the middle of a conversation, the three skeletons stood there like puppets with blank expressions. Only Xiao Chen who understood them knew, these three undead creatures were truly, too capable of acting! They were definitely putting on a facade deliberately.

Xiao Chen pointed at the corpses not far away and said, “Brother Yizhen, take a look.”

“I already noticed. When I was on the way, I saw a few corpses in other areas too. Right now, the numbers of practitioner on this Dragon Island should be as many as twenty people. This sealed ancient island is very vast, maybe there are many more.” Speaking until here, he turned his head around to face Xiao Chen and said, “Yan Qing Cheng and Lande are also in this area, it seems like they discovered the tracks of a young dragon. Maybe it might really be the Syndicate Dragon. You better not get too close to them, those two are dangerous figures. I also don’t plan to compete with them. I intend to leave here immediately.”

“Oh, just how powerful is their ability? Xiao Chen was relatively concerned about the two in question. He felt that sooner or later, he might have to fight against the two of them! Moreover, it seemed like the time will not be far away.

“Right now, they should be in the third or fourth celestial layer of ‘Exuvia’ realm.”

“Exuvia?” Xiao Chen did not understand.

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After Buddhist Yizhen explained in detail, Xiao Chen gradually began to understand.

The world of immortals is vast and boundless, there are a great number of races, this also mean that there are many different kinds of training systems. Such as the Spell Master that draw the power from the venerable god, the ancient and mysterious Beast Soul Warrior ⌈2⌋, a psychic with powerful innate Spiritual Power and exotic ability, the terrifying demigod that was born from some small clans close to extinction……

If they didn’t have a power ranking to differentiate them, it would be really hard to tell just how powerful was an individual from a different training system. As a result, the power ranking was set up, but it didn’t include the ordinary practitioners. It divided the powerful experts into five major realms.

Most of the practitioners don’t have the qualifications to use these five realms to rank themselves. This was set up for the truly powerful experts, only when one delved into these five realms would they have the chance to challenge the legendary realm of immortality.

These five are: Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis! ⌈3

There are untold numbers of practitioners out there, only after they delved into the realm of “exuvia” could they be considered to have grasped the true essence of meditation. It was like a moat around the heaven, preventing numerous practitioners from advancing!

Exuvia, anyone who entered this realm could be regarded as “transcendence”. They distinguished themselves from the others by leaping over the “moat” blocking their path to heaven. Along the path to immortality, the first step was the most crucial point. The worldly power, physique, and base power of the practitioners who entered the realm of exuvia will grow and multiply without end.

Historia, one who entered this realm will begin to touch upon the wisdom of god. Their Spiritual Power will increase drastically, and starts to realize that one’s own body is a big treasure. Comprehending the wisdom of god and strengthening the physical body at the same time, one would slowly discover their body’s hidden potential. All kinds of divine ability will be unearthed with the passage of time. Historia was precisely a process of “knowing thyself”, it was a process of “opening one’s own treasure chest”!

Zephyrus, the Spell Master could already fly before reaching this realm. When one’s ability reached this realm, regardless of whether one is a wise man, a martial artist, or a practitioner who trained in other systems, one will be able to resist gravity and fly in the sky freely. Naturally, Zephyrus really isn’t only limited to its superficial meaning, the practitioner at the level of Zephyrus signifies that they had already attained perfect control of the worldly essence, and powered up their divine ability one step further. The practitioners who reached this level had the rights to name themselves as a demigod!

Nirvana, one who reached this realm will become neither dead or alive, their body and mind will be trapped in the brink of death. They will linger around the boundary of life and death to comprehend the profound meaning between life and death. If one thoroughly comprehended the secrets of life and death, they will become an immortal with one more step. However, if they failed, they might be consigned to eternal damnation, their body and soul will be entirely wiped out.

At the same time, the practitioners who are on this level, their ability are neither strong or weak. Their power is very unstable, when they are strong, they can unleash powers equivalent to Immortalis. When they are weak, their divine ability is even weaker than practitioners of Historia realm.

The realm of Nirvana was regarded by the practitioners as the greatest opportunity, but also the most ruthless one. Those who solved the riddles of life and death will break out of their cocoons and transform into butterflies. They will attain immortality and live on forever. Those who couldn’t comprehend the secrets will be annihilated at this point, it is a cruel reality.

Immortalis, those who reached this realm will no longer be bound by the laws of the mortal world, they will live on for a lifetime. Many different kinds of profound mysteries will be self-taught, their Magic Power will rush forth from within, and divine ability will manifest from oneself.

Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, Immortalis, these five major realms clearly distinguished the strength of every experts in the world.


  1. Would you prefer bishounen, handsome youth or pretty boy
  2. TL: Reminds me of Elfman from Fairy Tail.
    ED: Reminds me of Dou Luo Da Lu.
  3. 蜕凡、识藏、御空、涅槃、长生
    TLN: Meh… I’m just getting whatever meaning in English I can get out of these and translate to latin with Google Translate. 
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