Chapter 150 – Who’s the Opponent

Such an action from Xiao Chen was out of Aeon’s expectation. He practically didn’t put this Prince Li in his eyes at all and acted as though there was nobody else present. Even Zhuge Ming, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and the others at present were endlessly shocked.

“Why must this guy sit beside me?” The blue-haired Katalina mumbled to herself. Her cheeks were flushed. She knew that the news that she had lost to Xiao Chen and became his attendant had already been spread to this circle. And now, when this guy mentioned it again, it was truly a little vexing.

“Good, very courageous.” Aeon was the prince of an empire, he calmed down rather quickly.

“It’s just so-so, the number three of Celestial City. Personal guards killing people in the middle of the street regardless of the law and of natural morality. If he is ranked two, who would dare to compete to be first? The prince of Terra, possessor of a huge power. With a wave of his hand, the nobodies in Celestial City all become restless, even the third ranked has to pull over.” Xiao Chen couldn’t give a damn about it and sat besides Katalina. He lifted the wine cup without a trace of politeness.

“Hey, that’s my wine cup!” The blue haired young lady was humiliated and angry, but she didn’t dare to make any move. She knew Xiao Chen was difficult to deal with and that she would be embarrassed again.

Everyone present was incomparably shocked. This guy really had the nerve to do as he pleased. He actually dared to mock Prince Li without any qualms.

Prince Li’s deputy commander, Nishikawa, really wanted to rush over there, but Aeon stopped him with an eye signal. He could only let his rage accumulate.

“This brother is seriously doing as he pleases……” said Zhuge Ming while focused on drinking a cup of wine.

Xiao Chen heard this and turned his attention to him. He only saw a guy with pale face and really dark circles under his eyes. He obviously looked like he had drank too much.

“How should I address this brother?” Xiao Chen felt that this guy was an eyesore. This seemed like a guy who didn’t like a frontal confrontation. The words just now were obviously an underhanded tactic.

“Zhuge Ming of Amber Warbeast Castle.” Zhuge Ming announced his name and affiliation.

“Oh, you resemble Zhuge Liang.” Xiao Chen said arbitrarily.

Suddenly, the expression of a few people in the hall shifted. Katalina even laughed secretly. This guy really didn’t know how to show mercy when he opened his mouth.

Just who was Zhuge Liang? He was a very well known ******* fatty in Celestial City. With a face that looked like a steamed bun, a big nose, small eyes, and thick lips. Although he appeared very merry, he was several hundred miles away from the word “handsome”. Wasn’t this tantamount to scold Zhuge Ming as an ugly fatty?

In fact, Zhuge Ming was not really that fat. His appearance was also not bad. Being evaluated like this, he was clearly cursing him on purpose.

Xiao Chen heard Zhuge Liang mention it before, that Zhuge Ming from the main family seemed to be at odds with him. The reason he said this was most likely related to that time.

“So you are Xiao Chen?” A purple clothed youth revealed a faint sneer and said, “Last time you went to North Style Academy right? It’s a pity I didn’t get to meet you.”

“Oh? How should I address this friend?” Xiao Chen paid him no mind. He was more than happy to see this kind of circumstances. It was far better if those with enmity showed themselves.

“A disciple from the inner institution of the North Style Academy, Lancelot.”

“Oh, it really is a pity. However, I will go to the North Style Academy frequently.”

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Katalina had to hand it to this guy. Aiming for the person but not the face, this guy would actually go this far. He defeated the four grand experts of the North Style Academy in a consecutive battle, and the meaning of his words now were easy to see.

The other people all had different expressions. Today was more exciting than they had expected.

Aeon watched all of these calmly. He profoundly understood, how could this be a simple hoodlum? And just at this time, he also received the secret report. He found out everything Xiao Chen had done recently. However, it was impossible for him to not issue a valid response. He didn’t flare up immediately, on the contrary, he clapped his hands and said, “Please enter, Lady Carmina, Lady Lyria.”

The good show had yet to come, but some people at present were already dissatisfied.

Everyone present watched all of these unfolding with a calm demeanor. This young prince did not launch an attack towards Xiao Chen immediately. It seemed like he wanted everyone to enjoy the singing and dancing first. It was hard to guess what he had planned

The jingling of girdle ornaments resounded. An intoxicating fragrance transmitted over. One of the girls had a fiery figure while the other one was lucid and elegant.

Zhuge Ming and the other guys at present knew these two girls.

The girl with a slender and curvy figure was Carmina. Her crimson long hair was red-hot and fluttered like the flame. Her beautiful mien was incomparably flirtatious. Her pair of watery big eyes seemed as if they could speak. The other girl wore a white dress more beautiful than the snow, very fashionable. Her black hair was like the waterfall and her pupils were like limpid autumn waters. She was brimming with a hint of wisdom. That was Lyria of the Intoxicating House.

These two were the queens of the Intoxicating House. It was usually very hard to meet them even if people were to go to the Moonflower Castle. But now, they had actually left the Moonflower Castle and arrived at the prince’s mansion. It was easy to tell how much power Aeon possessed from this.

These two girls could even be said to be rather famous. But due to the existence of a few beauties in the hall, they didn’t stand out as much. Despite that, the ice and fire pair was still exceptionally stimulating.

Along with the music played by Lyria, Carmina started to dance. The sleeves of her dress were fluttering in the breeze, she danced as lightly as the butterfly. Her watery big eyes were passionate as she swept it past everyone in the hall, extremely charming. Her snow-white neck, her swaying breasts, her thin waist, her perfectly round buttocks, and her slender legs enhanced her charm.

Not long later, Lyria also came down from the stage after someone stood in for her. She danced her way to the middle of the hall. Her postures were wondrous. Along with her snowy white dress, it made her seem like a fairy dancing high in the clouds.

Soon after, two stimulating singing voices resounded. Carmina and Lyria’s voices were incomparably sweet;

“National beauty of heavenly fragrance, old dreams encompassed.
A Chilling rainfall, a fallen parasol tree,
Gone is a beauty’s youth to old age,
The playing of a lute breaks one’s heart,
As the courage of a warrior and the soul of a musician remains but a dream……”

At the same time, eight youthful and pretty girls walked into the hall in a straight line. After that, they began to dance gracefully.

Although those eight girls’ purpose was to enhance Carmina and Lyria’s brilliance, they were still good looking in their own way. Each of them was of different races. That tall and busty girl was a blondie. Her skin was lily-white and gave people unlimited temptation.

That eastern girl with slender figure had black hair that flowed like a waterfall. Her delicate neck and graceful features were indescribable. It was hard to describe her classical charm with words.

There was also a beastkin with a cat tail and a pair of cute hairy ears. It could even be said that she brought a sense of freshness among the cuties. She had an irregular charm that couldn’t be described with words.

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There was also a girl from the Jungle Tribe. Her green hair was bright and beautiful, her tender skin was like the water, and her bright eyes were like the stars. Her beauty was truly enchanting.

Xiao Chen noticed that Carmina and Lyria were glancing at him from time to time with a smile. He was very much relaxed as he sat beside Katalina. He softly said to the baby girl of the Mander Family, “So, when will you settle the bill?”


“You, what you? I am serious. Someone came to cause trouble for me today, was it incited by someone in your family?”

“Nonsense. If our family wanted to take care of you, there would be no need to go through so much trouble. We could eliminate you by directly sending a peerless expert.”

“An expert on the level of Lambda?”

“Hmph, don’t be so complacent! We have as many experts as the clouds in our Mander Family. Don’t think you are so special.”

“Forget about it, brat. I will not make you feel embarrassed today. Just introduce these people to me in a low voice. The more detailed, the better.”

Looking at Xiao Chen and Katalina quietly chatting, the others were very astonished. They felt that this beautiful lady from the Mander Family was a little different than usual.

Not long later, Xiao Chen was shocked to find out these people’s identities. Zhuge Ming represented the Amber Warbeast Castle, Fairsnow represented the Antarctic Warbeast Castle, Katalina represented the Beast King Castle, Lancelot represented the North Style Academy…… All of these ten young men and young ladies represented ten major powers.

The beautiful singing voice was pleasant to listen to. The dancers’ movements were elegant. Xiao Chen did not feel a sense of crisis. He drank and ate as though there was nobody else present.

“Reporting in, the city lord has arrived.”

“Oh? Liu Daoming finally knows about my arrival at Celestial City?” Aeon coldly snorted and said, “Let him in.”

“Haha……” With a loud laughter, a young man with a purple qipao gown entered the hall with large strides. He smiled and said, “Liu Yu pays his respect to Prince Li.” Though he said pays respect, he merely cupped his hands. He didn’t salute at all. Although Celestial City was already half-independent, it was still a part of Terra Empire. Such an attitude from the purple gowned young man was very disrespectful. He didn’t give Aeon any face at all, such arrogance!

“You are the third child of the Celestial City’s lord?”

“It is I, Liu Yu.” After saying these, Liu Yu didn’t wait for Aeon to say anything else. He only minded his own business and walked towards Xiao Chen. After that, he chuckled and sat beside him.

Katalina felt a little depressed. Why did this guy also sat at her table? Why did these two big men insisted on cramming in? It made her feel awkward. These two were definitely here to cause trouble, who knew if they would take it too far.

The others only looked on with calm demeanor. Without a doubt, with Liu Yu’s appearance, it would become more lively.

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“So this is brother Xiao, I came specifically to meet you.” Liu Yu was practically the same as Xiao Chen, acting as though nobody else was around.

Xiao Chen replied warmly. The purple gowned youth before his eyes was very interesting, this would definitely be a very good ally.

Liu Yu was handsome and had a stalwart build. His most outstanding characteristic was that he had a rebellious look. Otherwise, how might it be possible for him to sweep the floor with Aeon’s face.

Prince Li’s face was ashen. This Liu Yu was merely the third son of the city lord Liu Daoming. And he actually dared to treat him with such disrespect. It was easy to imagine what Liu Daoming was thinking. He was positive that Liu Daoming wanted to become completely independent from Terra Empire.

“How audacious! You have the impertinence to act so rudely!” Deputy commander Nishikawa shouted loudly. At the same time, he drew his shiny longsword and walked over with large strides.

Seeing that Aeon did not stop him, the other deputy commander, Liu Haibo, also followed closely.

The singing and dancing already stopped. Carmina and Lyria fell back with the eight girls. They didn’t want to be involved in this dispute.

“Move aside!” Xiao Chen was still sitting upright, but his right hand already pulled out the black broken sword and slashed diagonally. A jet-black sword-qi ripped the air apart like the black lightning. It clashed against the shiny longsword in a split second.

A brittle noise resounded almost at the same time, as if they were synchronized. The longsword in Nishikawa’s hand shattered inch by inch. In the end, only the sword shaft was left.

“Nice sword!” Liu Yu praised.

Xiao Chen did not so much as glanced at Nishikawa who was holding the sword shaft. He directly faced Aeon and said, “Is this how you treat your guests? Don’t disturb me when I’m chatting with a friend.”

After he stopped talking, Liu Yu and himself laughed out loud.

These two were really wild! Just where did they think they were? This was not the city lord’s manor, it was the prince’s mansion!

“You were only relying on the sharpness of the divine weapon, let’s go out and settle this!” Nishikawa discarded the sword shaft in his hand.

“Didn’t you invite me to the prince’s mansion for this very purpose and to restore your honor? You only have to make a move, there is no need to put up a pretence. But I think finishing you off here is more than enough.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen stood up and sent a punch towards Nishikawa.

The strong wind was just like a tsunami, it actually produced a thunderous roar. Some interesting and appealing furnitures in the hall immediately swirled in the air.

Fairsnow and the other guests were incomparably shocked. This Xiao Chen really didn’t know how to hold back. He clearly showed that he wanted to cause havoc. He actually made his move at this place. Without a doubt, he wanted to tear this building down.


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Nishikawa’s right palm and Xiao Chen’s fist collided. A loud bang resounded. Following closely, Nishikawa was pushed back four or five steps. His expression changed again and again.

Xiao Chen followed up with lightning speed. The moment he swept his right foot, another gale surged up violently. The doors and windows were broken into pieces. Everyone at present had already changed countenance. Xiao Chen was powerful. Such a power was too extreme and very rare among the youth generation!

The rumor was true! This guy had reached the Exuvia Eighth Celestial Layer!

Everyone at present thought that it was dubious when they heard that Lambda was defeated. They thought that maybe he was not in his best condition at the time, but they were finally convinced at this very moment. Xiao Chen was a genuine Eighth Celestial Layer expert. Even if one surveyed the entire south desolate region, a person who had reached this stage at such a young age, there were definitely not more than five!


Nishikawa was forced back twice as much distance by Xiao Chen’s second strike. The ground under his foot already cracked, one after another huge cracks extended for a few meters. Moreover, his face was incomparably flushed and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

“This is how it is. Didn’t you keep saying you wanted to fight with me? You have the nerve to be so arrogant with only this much power.” Xiao Chen sneered at him. His disdain was undisguised.

Nishikawa was extremely furious. He opened his mouth to spit out the blood. The ominous glint in his eyes was burning like the flame. He threw himself over again as nimble as a cheetah.

This time, Xiao Chen did not make any complicated maneuver. He just sent a straight punch.

“Bang! Bang……”

With every punch, a part of the hall would be destroyed and Nishikawa would be pushed back unceasingly. When the seventh punch landed, he was unable to move all of a sudden. Both of his arms ruptured, and as if there was no bones in his body, he immediately slumped on the ground.

Everyone present was a practitioner. They immediately realized that all the bones in Nishikawa’s body were no more. He was completely destroyed, he definitely wouldn’t be able to live much longer.

This was too terrifying. Nishikawa was the deputy commander of the prince. How could he be weak? He was an Exuvia Seventh Celestial Layer expert, but he was actually broken into pieces by Xiao Chen with merely seven punches.

Such a power really made these VIP’s of the same age feel a bit terrified. Xiao Chen was definitely one of the most terrifying youths in the south. Among his peers, other than the Solitary Sword Demon and a few others, who else could stand up to him? He would definitely become an influential figure in the south desolate region twenty years from now!

Deputy commander Liu Haibo mustered his courage and stepped up, he had no choice but to go.

This time Xiao Chen immediately drew the broken sword. The jet-black knife blade was incomparably cold. He drew a beautiful trajectory and one bewitching radiance after another was emitted. A thunderous roar resounded in the entire hall, it was quite deafening.

Liu Haibo seemed to know that it would be difficult to deal with the attack. He didn’t dare to face it head on and quickly dodged to the side as he hacked with his sword. However, Xiao Chen’s speed was really too fast. The broken sword was raised diagonally and destroyed the longsword in a flash. His body even left an afterimage behind as he appeared at Liu Haibo’s right side. All the while sending a vertical slash.

Blood splashed everywhere. Liu Haibo’s right arm was severed from the body.

“Argh……!” The miserable shriek was exceptionally ear-piercing, but his body did not stop moving. He wanted to move back immediately.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t want to give him any chance. With the speed of lightning, the thunderous noise resounded in the hall again. Following closely, blood splattered all over the place. Liu Haibo’s other arm was chopped off.

Liu Haibo fell back with dishevelled hair and blood all over his body.

When the jet-black sword-qi flashed again, the head flew up and the body fell among the pool of blood. The steaming blood was gushing out like a waterfall.

All of this happened too quickly. A deputy commander was beheaded in merely four slashes!

This made the peers especially frightened. This kind of power was too scary. Katalina even started to have doubts; would her big brother really be able to beat this madman before her eyes easily?

The broken sword swept across. The dazzling sword-qi destroyed the entire hall. After everything had calmed down, Xiao Chen grabbed the broken sword with his long hand and quietly stood on top of the ruins. His long hair fluttered along with the breeze as he coldly swept his eyes across Aeon and the rest.

Too arrogant! He directly tore down a hall in the prince’s mansion.

All of the young men and young ladies at present were the elites from some major powers. They watched all of these unfolding in silence. Nobody declared where they stood.

“Wuxing Feng, kill him!” Aeon’s face was extremely ugly. His voice was incomparably cold. He was already beyond angry.

A black haired man came out from behind Aeon with large strides. His expression was sharp, his long eyebrows touched the temples, and his eyes were as bright as the stars. This was a young expert with similar characteristics to Xiao Chen.

“Wuxing Feng, it’s actually him!”

“Wuxing Feng has actually come to the south!”

“The outstanding talent of the north!”

“He is reputed as the undefeatable youth warrior!”


The sound of deep breathing could be heard. These young elites of the south revealed a shocked expression and cried out in surprise one after another.

Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, Katalina, and the others revealed a peculiar expression as they observed this rumored outstanding figure. There were even rumors regarding him in the south, he was the household name of almost every youth.


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