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Chapter 187 – Dragon Countersteps!

The Lion Dragon King was frighteningly calm. It was as majestic as a lofty mountain as it coldly gazed at Tenax.

Tenax also stared at the Golden Dragon King without batting an eye.

They had already recognized each other. That kind of aura and battle intent would never change, they were unique to each and every Dragon King!

They did not communicate with the dragon language, nor did they let out a deafening roar. They were sizing each other up in silence like two peerless swordmasters.

Needless to doubt, after the Golden Dragon King — who was originally as calm as an ancient well — recognized Tenax, its eyes were burning with passion. That pitiful little dragon that was weaker than any other little dragons on the dragon island had evolved, and its rate of improvement was much faster than the Golden Dragon King.


Tenax finally made its move. It was precisely waiting for this chance. Its silver body left a beautiful streak of light as it charged towards the Golden Dragon King. One silvery light on the warbeast stage transformed into a few dozen afterimages.

The Lion Dragon King was as cool as an iceberg. It jumped up in that instant, but instead of backing off, it was closing in and clashed with Tenax. The golden divine radiance illuminated the entire stage.


Tenax suddenly changed direction while in midair, it was inconceivable. That was totally the angle of refraction. Following that, it made a horizontal sweep with its Ancestral Dragon tail.


The sharp and clear sound spread through the entire stage. Tenax landed on the ground smoothly. The Gold Dragon King had been ruthlessly hit in the head. Its body was flipping in midair as it fell on the ground.

A terrifying wound appeared on the Lion Dragon King’s face. It was a deep cut. More than ten golden dragon scales on its neck had fallen as the blood gushed out. Among the bright red blood, there were actually traces of gold color.

Every spectator became silent. On the other hand, the older generation experts were savoring every particular movement of the two Dragon Kings! They were fully aware of the dragon’s potential. Even though the Dragon Kings were still young, they must have inherited some secret techniques that no outsiders could learn about.

And the youth generation was roughly guessing; if it was them, would they be able to dodge that attack just now? The answer was definitely negative. If they had not reached the realm of Historia, it would be very difficult to dodge an attack that fast!

It was extremely quiet on the warbeast stage. The Gold Dragon King didn’t seem to realize there was a terrifying wound on its body. It was still gazing at Tenax with an ice-cold expression. However, the golden rays of light emitted by it was getting brighter. It was currently preparing a powerful attack.

Tenax was very calm. It didn’t have any particular mood swings as it quietly looked at the Lion Dragon King.

“Swish! Swish!”

The two Dragon Kings moved at almost the same time. The Gold Dragon King threw itself forward. Its right claw was sweeping towards Tenax’s chest. Its left claw was curling up slightly, as if it was defending. Then again, it looked like it was preparing to launch a thunderous attack at any given time! It could even be said to possess both offense and defense.

At the same time, it had already opened its mouth and aimed for Tenax’s neck with the sharp dragon teeth. On the other hand, the Ancestral Dragon horns on its head were flickering with gold radiance. It looked like it would launch an attack. Then again, it seemed like it was taking a defensive stance.

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It must be mentioned, the Gold Dragon King’s stance contained both offense and defense. It was very efficient and unscrupulous. The Gold Dragon King was like a seasoned expert, it made people exclaim in admiration.

Tenax had already rushed into close quarters. It immediately inclined towards the side and rushed to the side of the Gold Dragon King. After that, it swung its draconic body ferociously and rammed against the Gold Dragon King’s side. This method was very appropriate. It avoided all the assaults and attacked the enemy where it was most lightly guarded.


As the body of the two Dragon Kings rammed into one another, they rolled towards the opposite sides respectively. Then, they jumped up almost at the same time and confronted each other again.


The two Dragon Kings let out a roar for the first time. Their roars were seriously ear-splitting. The barrier set up by fifty Psychics was destroyed. The dragon roars soared into the Ninth Heaven, the sound was ringing in everyone’s ears like the sudden clap of thunder. More than half of the people passed out on the spot.

The experts hastily entered the arena and sealed off the stage with newly constructed barrier.

At this time, the two Dragon Kings already closed the distance between them and clashed!

However, their speed were too fast. Everyone could not see their movements clearly anymore. They could only see a golden ray and silver ray winding together as the two Dragon Kings growled unceasingly on the stage.

Occasionally, the blood would be splashed everywhere. That was the blood of the Dragon King!

Xiao Chen’s mood fluctuated along with the two Dragon King’s rumble. With his current ability, he was able to see the battle of the two Dragon Kings clearly. Tenax had already received some fatal injuries. Its neck was cut open by the Gold Dragon King’s Ancestral Dragon horn. He could vague see the bones through the flesh, the wound was extremely grave.

However, Tenax’s power did not diminish. On the contrary, it became fiercer than ever. The silver rays of light had shrouded its entire body. It had executed the ancient battle skill to its full potential. Its power was inferior to the Gold Dragon King, so it could only score a victory by means of skill!

The Gold Dragon King also knew of some dragon martial skills. Despite how it was an inferior version, its tyrannical power was still something Tenax couldn’t match up to. After all, it was already 1.5 meter long, while Tenax was only a little more than one meter long. It was the differences between their age.


The Gold Dragon King revealed its might. Two glaring golden light beams were launched from the Ancestral Dragon horns. Tenax was instantly submerged by the light beams.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Tenax used an inconceivable footwork. At the critical moment of life and death, it actually escaped from the surge of deathly gold radiance. Following that, its footwork became more profound and swift. Each step actually gave rise to a thunderous sound as one silvery light after another appeared under the soles of its feet.

The faintly discernible ancient patterns seemed to have overcome the vicissitudes of time and miraculously appeared at the present time. One draconic pattern after another actually appeared around Tenax’s feet. Every time it took a step, the explosive noise transmitted outwards. After that, the patterns under its feet actually moved and formed a sea of stars.

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“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Its movement was outrageous. It was unimaginably fast.


It rushed to the left side of the Gold Dragon King in an instant and pierced its abdomen with the silver Ancestral Dragon horns. The blood gushed out right away.

Soon after, Tenax moved back with lightning speed.

The Gold Dragon King let out a roar. It turned its body around and emitted two golden glints from its eyes. After that, the dazzling rays of light shrouded its entire body, in that very instance, it jumped up and took flight!

With the speed of light, the Lion Dragon King left afterimages in the sky as it pounced on Tenax, who was on the ground. The Ancestral Dragon horns emitted gold radiance unceasingly.

The dazzling golden light immediately illuminated the entire stage. Tenax couldn’t fly, even though it had marvelous footwork, it was still impossible for it to take flight.

The Gold Dragon King practically went berserk. It was attacking unceasingly with its tyrannical power while swooping down continuously. It was pouncing on that silvery light on the ground.

Xiao Chen felt his heart sunk. This was the so-called one man army. The Gold Dragon King was strong enough, it was completely capable of crushing Tenax with only brute force. Moreover, it also knew a little bit of the dragon martial skills and was very proficient in the dragon’s most terrifying divine spell!!


The violent energy wave surged forward and everyone was blinded by the resplendent gold radiance. The barrier created by the Psychics was shaking and almost broke down. The experts who was on standby at the side hastily went to reinforce the barrier.

The golden light had once again submerged Tenax. It sent the tough little dragon flying away immediately. Tenax’s entire body was stained by blood. The silvery light seemed to have become dimmer. Its skin and flesh were split as the dragon scales fell all over the ground. The blood had dyed the stage red.

Every spectator held their breath.

Within the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen was feeling very anxious. He felt a little suffocated.

The Gold Dragon King’s ice-cold pupils emitted two terrifying light beams. Its killing intent was undisguised as it transformed into a streak of golden light and rushed over.

Just at this time, Tenax — who hadn’t touched the ground yet — suddenly shifted a few feet to the side and barely avoided the Golden Dragon King’s certain kill attack. Then it transformed into a silvery light and jumped onto the Lion Dragon King’s back in that very instant.

The sharp dragon claws immediately left four bloody scratch on the Gold Dragon King’s body. And its head was firmly sticking to the Lion Dragon King’s body. It cut open the Gold Dragon King’s neck and almost snapped it off!

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The opponent had fell for the bait!

Tenax succeeded and found a way out of a desperate situation!


The Golden Dragon King sustained a serious damage. It let out an extremely miserable howl. The golden-qi all over its body was dazzling. It was as if a sun was suspending on the stage as a boundless power burst out.


The Gold Dragon King exerted itself physically to shake off Tenax. Its weak draconic body swayed as it flew high into the sky.

Tenax was thrown onto the ground, the blood gushed out non-stop. It got up unsteadily, and was dripping with blood from head to toe, but its fighting spirit was unbendable as it looked at the Golden Dragon King in the sky arrogantly.

The Lion Dragon King’s ice-cold pupils gradually changed into anger. The pitiful little dragon that was far from a worthy opponent actually gave it such a serious damage today, this was a humiliation!

With its neck narrowly snapped off, it was only one step away from death’s door. The Golden Dragon King knew it was impossible to kill this opponent with brute strength anymore. The only sure kill method was to use the dragon’s most terrifying divine spell.

The Gold Dragon King was floating in the sky unmovingly. It was unwilling to swoop down anymore. After adjusting its breathing slightly, its pair of horns began to circulate with dazzling gold radiance.

“Rips! Rips!”

One golden radiance after another fell from the sky, they were even more terrifying than the sharp sword-qi. Each golden radiance contained a frightening power. This was the unique divine magic of the dragons!

Everyone could already tell, the wobbly Tenax definitely wouldn’t be able to fend off this attack. It could even be said that death was inevitable!

The unyielding tough little dragon did not feel apprehensive at all. It was dragging its injured body and moved at lightning speed. Its speed didn’t seem much slower compared to before.

And this time, its footwork became even more eccentric. When its four limbs touched the ground, the silvery light flickered and one after another, the draconic patterns fluctuated unceasingly as the sea of stars appeared under its feet. The specks of radiance dazzled the eyes.

And during this process, Tenax clearly paid a huge price. It coughed out a small mouthful of blood with every three steps!

Just at this time, something astonishing happened. Tenax suddenly executed an unfathomable footwork and it was actually ascending from the ground with every step it took!

It seemed to be ascending towards the sky as those starry diagrams appeared under its feet!

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“Dragon Countersteps!”

Some older generation figures in the VIP lounge let out a cry of surprise!

“The legendary sky rending ancient martial skill!”

“Even deities could be stamped under the soles of the feet!”


Tenax changed from one position to another with each step. As if it was passing through empty space, it suddenly changed from one position to another. With only four steps, it ascended to the high altitude.

With the fifth step, it ruthlessly stamped on the back of the Gold Dragon King.

The sound of bones snapping resounded clearly. The Gold Dragon King’s body was split open at once!

With the sixth step, the dazzling gold radiance exploded. At the same time, the blood splashed everywhere. The Gold Dragon King’s body completely burst open!

Only the dragon head remained as it fell down from the sky.

Tenax’s entire body was throbbing with silvery light as it landed on the ground. It was standing on the stage proudly and swept its eyes past every spectator like a lonesome expert.

The condition of its injuries was very grave. A lot of dragon scales had come off and its bones were exposed in many places. It made people feel frightened just looking at its condition. Tenax walked in front of the Gold Dragon King’s head and then it seemed to be muttering softly after lowering its head. That dragon head on the ground emitted a gold radiance and burst open in the sky. Then, it transformed into specks of light and entered Tenax’s body.

That was the pure aura of the Ancestral Dragon!

That was not a power, nor a soul, that was purely an “aura” that symbolized the status of the Ancestral Dragon!

The spectators already became panic-stricken, a Dragon King had died!

A legendary Dragon King had been killed right in front of their eyes! One must know that once they grow up, they would become an existence that even the deities wouldn’t dare to provoke!

Over ten thousand people were already flaring up. This battle between the Dragon Kings was too suicidal, and also too pitiful. The people were shouting in succession.

At this moment, Tenax had undoubtedly became the most dazzling star. It was the true king of kings. It didn’t win by a fluke, it prevailed over its opponent with pure strength.


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