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Chapter 48 – Sweet Dew of Life

Now, Xiao Chen finally know how he could dig out the small sacred tree so smoothly. Surely it was because the little critter tossed it around at random, leaving the treasured tree behind at that place. And the three skeletons already knew about the existence of the sacred tree and the little critter at a much earlier time. Maybe because it tossed the sacred tree in the deathly swamp before.

Xiao Chen seriously wanted to hit its head strongly!

The little critter lazily reclined on top of the flowers and plants, it seemed to be reflecting on the aftertaste of the delicacy. It actually smacked its lips with an “onom-onom” sound.

Xiao Chen prepared himself to set this place on fire in a moment, but just around this time, the little critter seemed like it had enough rest, it actually rolled over to Xiao Chen’s side with a “Guruguru!” sound. The little critter pulled the corner of the lower hem of his shirt to hint Xiao Chen to follow it. Recalling that the small sacred tree is still within the valley, Xiao Chen didn’t have the heart to let it be destroyed in the conflagration. Thus, he followed after the little critter, at the same time he also wanted to see just what did the little critter ate earlier.

The three skeletons were raising the back of their heels and walked lightly like a thief. However, with three skeletons walking in such a way, it is actually somewhat amusing.

They clung to a forest tree and climbed down along the valley wall. After entering the valley, the little critter leads them to turn left and right, getting further and further away from the area that was once flickering with flame. After that, they narrowly avoided detection from two treants. The little critter bring them to the depths of the valley.

In the depths of the valley, the forest trees are very scarce, each ancient tree require at least more than ten people to wrap their arms around it. They looked like huge umbrellas, some of the ancient trees have a great number of branches, and luxuriant leaves. The crown of a single tree can occupy up to almost one square kilometer, it can be said to be an extremely flourishing forest.

After advancing for roughly several miles, they finally arrived at the deepest part of the valley.

There are specks of radiance flickering in front of them, it appears a little strange in this quiet valley. After they looked at the light source clearly, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons stopped their footsteps in shock.

A bluish-green giant, flickering with specks of green radiance, seemed to be suffering from intense pain. It stood there with a crooked body, it is much taller compared to the other three treants before. Its height is no less than twenty meter tall, this is an old treant. The wrinkles are piled up on its face, the long green whiskers hanged down until its chest.

What makes Xiao Chen and the rest startled the most was not the especially lofty old treant. But rather the small crack on the treant’s chest, there is a two meter tall naked man inside the crack struggling to get out!

The man has a corporeal body, he doesn’t look that much different from any normal human kind. However, even though he looks like a youth, he has the same appearance as that of the treant. Moreover, once you look at him carefully, a faint green radiance is circulating around his body. ⌈1

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked, the man seemed to be trying hard to evolve from the old treant!

As the man struggled to get out from the crack a little by little, the twenty meter tall old treant slowly started to wither. Its vitality diminished quickly, and the specks of radiance constantly gathered around the naked man.

An alternative evolution! Xiao Chen was shocked to the extreme.

The millennium ancient tree can evolve into treant, and the treant can completely transform into human!

He felt a really powerful energy fluctuation from the body of the naked man, it doesn’t feel any inferior to a vicious dragon! The evolving process of the man seemed to be exceptionally painful. Who knows how long this process had persisted, only half of his body had undergo transformation.

The snow-white little critter blinked its big eyes, and pulled Xiao Chen’s trouser to indicate him to continue moving forward. However, they steadily distanced themselves from the currently evolving treant.

After bypassing the old treant, only a few hundred meter away, an area filled with the fragrant of flowers and plants appeared in front of them. All of the flowers and plants are brimming with spiritual aura. The divine radiance located at the center of the area is even more brilliant, it is especially gorgeous under the dim light of night.

Right in the center of the flowers and plants, there is a half square foot tiny puddle. The bright radiance is precisely emitted from that place, there is an endless amount of life aura circulating around the little puddle. And the little critter’s treasured tree is rooted right in the center of that little puddle. The seven-colored radiance is extremely dense, the entire tree is very dazzling, and the liquid in the small puddle is almost dried up.

Xiao Chen was dumbstruck, even though he never heard of the treants in the human world, he had heard of the sparkling clear liquid in the little puddle. That seemed like…… the Sweet Dew of Life!

That is the crystallization of nature. According to legend, only an incomparably vast ancient forest can produce a few drops over the countless years. This thing has the effect of bringing the death back to life, but ordinary people can never hope to find it. This is a genuine Sweet Dew of Life.

And this place…… actually had a half square foot worth of dew!

However, no matter how startled Xiao Chen felt, it is already too late. Most of the Sweet Dew of Life had already entered the plump little belly of the little critter. And the remaining dew had been absorbed by the sacred tree, it is truly regretful. This little critter is really too miraculous, it is actually able to find the sweet dew.

An astonishing transformation had already occurred to the palm sized sapling. That sparkling clear white jade leaf already completely grow up, it is now as big as the black jade leaf. Moreover, it sprouted another piece of jasper-like leaf, a glorious green radiance roam around the sapling.

In contrast to discovering the Sweet Dew of Life, Xiao Chen is more surprised at the state of the little critter and the treasured tree. Who knows how much sweet dew was drank by the little critter, even though its little belly is as round as a ball now ⌈2⌋, it didn’t undergo any transformation. This is really too startling, even if a huge dragon drink this much Sweet Dew of Life, it should at least have some bizarre transformation.

This little critter is too mysterious!

And even after the sapling absorbed the other half Sweet Dew of Life, it was only enough for it to grow a piece of new leaf. This is also a very startling situation, could it be that one piece of new leaf is even more dominant compared to a half puddle of dew?

All humans are selfish creatures, Xiao Chen is not a saint either, he decided to use any means to keep the little critter and the treasured tree by his side. This little critter is too inconceivable.

The snow-white little critter pulled up the treasured tree, and placed the tree on top of its head without a care in the world.


After the sapling was pulled up, a noise was transmitted from the dried up tiny pond. Three sparkling clear crystal appeared in the pond. The little critter grabbed the crystals suspiciously, then it throw one of them into its mouth as if it was a candy and chew it with crackling sounds. After breaking it down into small pieces, the little critter swallowed it. Using that opportunity, it passed one of the remaining crystals to Xiao Chen.

All of this happened too quick, Xiao Chen didn’t had the chance to stop the little critter. He didn’t expect there would be a crystallization of the sweet dew in the puddle. The little critter is wasting the natural resources way too recklessly. Just a moment ago, it drank a bellyful of the Sweet Dew of Life, now it even swallowed the crystal whole!

Such a waste! It is such a waste! ⌈3

Apparently, it doesn’t taste so good, so the little critter tossed the last remaining crystal to Qinguang Wang. This kind of carefree action is seriously driving Xiao Chen mad, could it be that this little critter grew up from the divine spring? ⌈4⌋ Xiao Chen was completely speechless!


  1. Silva: Gasp! The treant is reborn! 
  2. Selutu: Chubby critter is cute <3 
  3. Silva: This little critter needs discipline! 
  4. Selutu: First world problems 
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