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Chapter 39 – Increase in Power

Early morning, the splendor of the morning radiance shine upon dewdrop on the leaves and flowers, making them seem like a crystal clear pearl. The fresh air was very refreshing.

Xiao Chen was already awake, he finally completely refined the enormous dragon energy contained within the second dragon egg. The “Center Palace Acupoint” at the tip of his chest was finally completely filled. The light speck and acupuncture point perfectly fused together. Compared to other acupuncture point, it was like a lantern in the dark of the night.

The third acupoint was transformed due to the contribution of two Elephans Draco eggs!

At this moment, Xiao Chen clearly felt somewhat different from before. The life energy from his body seemed much more powerful and abundant. The “Shang Hill Acupoint” in his left and right foot, the “Center Palace Acupoint” in his chest, these three acupoints seemed to be linked together by a slight trace of life energy! If one inspected closely, one was unable to see the traces of flowing life energy clearly. However, they could vaguely feel it.

Xiao Chen felt very delighted, what kind of abnormality would occur in the future, he didn’t know. However, his life energy has now become abundant and powerful, the benefits will definitely be huge.

People said cats have nine lives, that is because the life energy they possessed was sufficiently abundant. As a result, even if they suffered heavy injury many times, they would still be able to live on. Xiao Chen did not count on becoming an undying cat with nine life, but if he sustained any injury again, his wounded body will be healed by the abundance of life energy. The speed of recovery will inevitably become much faster.

The instant he got up, Xiao Chen felt his body was much lighter than before. Moreover, his strength also increased tremendously. By lightly waving his muscles and bones, he left behind a few afterimages in the woods, a few dazzling light blades were dispersed with a simple wave of both hands. All the giant trees in the way were chopped in half without resistance. With a rumbling sound, all the giant trees fell down and lie flat on the forest ground, dead leaves were swirling in the air.

His power increased tremendously! Only after a very long time did Xiao Chen finally calmed down, the transformed acupoints seemed to have exceeded his imagination.

Before he was only able to convince himself that his ability was around the second celestial layer of exuvia, or perhaps around the third celestial layer. He couldn’t be sure, but now he is confident that he has reached the third or fourth celestial layer. In addition to his abundance of life energy, he believes he can handle experts around the level of fourth celestial layer, or maybe even opponents a little stronger than that!

Xiao Chen is looking forward to the day that all the three hundred and sixty-five acupoint completely transformed with high expectation!

So many tall ancient trees in the woods were cut down by the dazzling light blade dispersed by Xiao Chen. However, even with such a big disturbance, the three skeletons didn’t react in the slightest. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang encircled the last remaining dragon egg. It seemed like they were nervously watching something.

Since Xiao Chen woke up, he kept inspecting the changes in his own body, he didn’t pay attention to his surrounding. He didn’t took notice of the three skeletons, only now did he clearly feel something was out-of-place. He quickly walked towards there to look, the outcome made him feel dumbstruck.

The palm-sized rainbow-colored sacred tree rooted itself to the jasper-like dragon egg. The divine radiance circulated like ripples of water, the trunk of the sapling is even sturdier than before. The big inky jade leaf was glittering with black radiance, and that small crystal clear white jade leaf seemed to have grown much bigger!

Such a mystical sacred tree! It was actually able to absorb the essence of the dragon egg, capable of refining the enormous life energy of the dragon.

The eggshell that was flickering with green radiance gradually became dimmer. Then cracks began to form slowly, with a ‘pop’ sound, the egg was finally shattered into small pieces. Not even the slightest trace of life energy fluctuation was found in the egg, there was only a glistening yellow liquid that flowed all over the ground.

Xiao Chen held the divine sproutling with both hands, this is really such a mystical treasure! He didn’t feel too bad regarding the lost of the dragon egg.

“The three of you put it on top of the dragon egg?”

The three skeletons shook their heads at the same time.

“I didn’t blame you guys. On the contrary, you guys did a good job.”

Qinguang Wang and the others still shook their heads, with their jaw generating clacking sounds, and gesturing with their body claws unceasingly, they spent a lot of effort to make Xiao Chen understand what they were implying. The small sacred tree actually rooted onto the dragon egg all by itself.

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How is this possible? How could it move by itself! However, it was impossible for the three skeletons to lie. It seems like the tiny sacred tree really did fell from the giant tree and attach to the dragon egg by itself.

It was a very strange phenomenon, Xiao Chen was somewhat puzzled.

Xiao Chen could vaguely feel that his body was transforming. The essence of training was to continuously break the shackles of the human body, to achieve the constant transformation and promotion of oneself. He clearly felt that his body was slowly changing.

The three skeletons as well, after refining dozens of highest quality crystal stones, and using the tiny sacred tree to aid training, they seemed different compared to before. The spiritual light in their skulls became a little brighter, the traces of luster on their bones was much smoother than before. They are becoming more and more lustrous.

Xiao Chen decided that no matter how much crystal stones he earned in the future, he will give them to the three skeletons immediately. So as to let them transform constantly and advance towards a higher evolution. What he wanted was to transform his acupoint, which needed an enormous amount of energy. An ordinary crystal stone will not be able to satisfy him, unless it was a Dragon Crystal. Otherwise it will be like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, it will never be able to satisfy him.

After the tiny sacred tree absorbed the essence within the Elephans Draco egg, the seven-colored radiance lingering around became even more magical. The white jade leaf might become as big as the inky jade leaf very soon.

After carefully placing the divine sproutling in the depths of the swamp, and burying the pieces of jasper-like Elephans Draco eggshell, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons began their journey again. He must resolves the problem with Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo as soon as possible.

At the time of setting off, Xiao Chen suddenly recalled those group of Mystical Giant Ape. When Zhao Lin Er was saved by the young unicorn, that four-armed crimson ape led a group of apes to go after them. Maybe they can get some important clues from that place.

Not long later, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons showed up in the vicinity of the Stone Forest where the giant apes were dwelling. Unlike the other region, this place is very peaceful. The constant bellow of the beasts could not be heard in this region. The fragrant of flowers and plants around the Stone Forest pervaded the air, the lovely birdsong was pleasant to listen to, many vines twisted around the Stone Forest.

“Roar……” A bellow of rage was transmitted over, a three meter tall elderly ape flashed out from the Stone Forest. It kept releasing a low growl as it rushed towards Xiao Chen and the gang. It exposed extreme hostility towards Xiao Chen, this group of giant ape was in a friendly relationship with Xiao Chen for several days. However, because of the death of a single ape, their relationship fell apart.

Xiao Chen already knew these group of giant apes possessed intelligence, he patiently gestured to explain, he wish they could provide any clues regarding Zhao Lin Er.

The cries of the young apes transmitted from the Stone Forest, a few immature apes leaped out of the Stone Forest. There was also one elderly ape following after them. Apparently, the fully grown giant apes are not around, only two elderly apes remained to look after the young apes, and watch over their dwelling. It was easy to tell the two elderly apes were somewhat nervous.

By means of constant gesturing, and explaining over and over again, the elderly apes seemed to have understood what Xiao Chen was implying to some degree. One of them leapt into the depths of the jungle as if it was flying, it went in search of the other giant apes.

After at least half an hour later, a few dozens of long cries was transmitted from a distant location. The crimson ape led dozens of giant apes over here and surrounded Xiao Chen, each and every one of them were growling unceasingly. They seemed very hostile.

Xiao Chen knew he couldn’t come to this place anymore in the future. The little bit of friendship they had before was completely shattered. He tried to get through to them by explaining repeatedly, and constantly using his hands to make a gesture. He even went as far as drawing Zhao Lin Er and the young unicorn’s portrait on the ground. The crimson ape was an intelligent beast after all, it finally understood and snarled at the other apes. After that, it brought Xiao Chen and the three skeletons by itself towards a certain direction of the ancient primitive forest, it left by jumping into the dense forest first.

Instead of going into the depths of the island, they were led towards the west. One couldn’t help but feel that the crimson ape was extraordinary, its body and hands were incomparably strong. It was impossible for Xiao Chen and the three skeletons to leap over the branches and leaves for a long period of time. However, at least they could still keep up with the crimson ape in the woods, it was unlikely for them to be left behind and lost track of the crimson ape.

After passing through a few mountain range, the crimson ape finally stopped. The ape pointed at the ancient primitive forest in the mountain range ahead of them, and let out a few growls. It didn’t continue to advance, it seemed like the region in front of them is filled with dangers. Even the crimson ape doesn’t dare to approach.


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