Chapter 49 – Setting the Valley on Fire

Only a valley that could produce the Sweet Dew of Life had enough capability to nurture these kind of spiritual beast such as the treant.

They cannot stay in this place for too long, Xiao Chen recalled that treant who is currently evolving not far from here. That is definitely an existence as powerful as a fierce dragon, he is not very far away from this place, maybe it was in order to protect this Sweet Dew of Life. However, he is not able to attend to this place due to the evolution.

Xiao Chen and the rest of them quickly withdraw from the depths of the valley, they carefully avoided the detection of two treants along the way. It seems like the little critter also know it should not startle those big fella. It remains especially quiet on the way back, it even relied on its instinct once to avoid a treant that had transformed into a tall ancient tree. If one is not careful under the dim light of night, it will be very hard to imagine that is transformed from a mobile green giant.

Including the currently evolving old treant, they have already discovered five treant in this valley. This is absolutely an extremely powerful force, especially when that old treant might possess an inconceivable level of strength.

Xiao Chen don’t believe Zhao Lin Er and the rest of them could drive that old treant who is currently undergoing an evolution into action. He who has already taken the form of mankind should possess wisdom incomparable from the other treants. Furthermore, he possessed strength beyond comparison, there is no way he could let other people order him around!

Since they already had a plan to find a place to hide and train after the uproar, Xiao Chen decided to make his move one last time before he leave. This can be considered a warning and his counterattack against all the people in the treant’s valley. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons transformed into four glints of light, they roamed around the surrounding of the treant’s valley to set up the fire all over the place.

Most of the vegetation on the Dragon Island are oily in nature. One they are ignited, they will immediately burst into a huge conflagration. Xiao Chen need a torch to ignite the forest, and the three skeletons possessed powerful Spiritual Power. Their spiritual light pulsated unceasingly, they send out their Netherworld Flames as they passed through the forest. In only a short period of time, the flame soared into the sky all around the treant’s valley. The raging flames cannot be stopped as they spread towards the interior of the valley.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons didn’t dare to stay here for much longer, they immediately distanced themselves at lightning speed. It is impossible to return to the deathly swamp anymore. Moreover, it is also impossible to return to that direction. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons dash towards the West side of the Dragon Island as if they were flying. That is an unfamiliar region that they have never explored before.

Behind them, the flame soared into the sky, it is exceptionally dazzling this late at night. Half of the sky was heated until red, only after running for more than ten miles away did Xiao Chen and the three skeletons stopped their footsteps to turn around and watch. There are no people pursuing them, there are no other sounds other than the wailing of the beasts all around them.

The snow-white little critter also followed after them. When they were setting the forest on fire earlier, the little critter followed after them excitedly, then it escaped along with them in the end.

Standing on top of a mountain range, Xiao Chen looked at the crimson-colored valley. He could vaguely hear the clamor and chaos in that place, Xiao Chen can guess what kind of expression is on Zhao Lin Er’s face now. Even if they did not receive any damage, this can also be considered a big blow in regards to all the people in the valley. Their alliance had just been formed, and the treant’s valley had already been ignited by others on the very first day of their alliance. This is the contempt of the enemy, and their disgrace!

Xiao Chen didn’t stay behind to watch any longer, he pushed his way through the woods at lightning speed along with the three skeletons. They keep going westward while avoiding the monsters in the woods. Only after traveling for a few dozens of miles that very night did they finally stop. It should be mentioned that this Dragon Island is apparently very big. After traveling for dozens of miles, this area still belong to the outer part of the Dragon Island. This can be considered a really big island.

Let the others go crazy and massacre by themselves, Xiao Chen did not want to get caught up in the maelström of contest over a Syndicate Dragon King. He wanted to spend the rest of his time training in secret, waiting for someone to find the Syndicate Dragon King quietly, and then board the ship of those people to leave the Dragon Island. After that, he will finally enter the vast continent of the world of immortals.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps there really was a mysterious power at work here, after the conflagration burned the treant’s valley for an hour, and destroyed half of the valley, a black cloud suddenly covered the cloudless starry sky. A downpour fell at high-speed, extinguishing the raging flame soon after.

There is no casualty in the valley, but everyone had a really ugly expression on their face. It was very obvious that this conflagration was set up by someone. Zhao Lin Er stood on top of the treant’s shoulder, her entire body was surrounded by a glittering radiance that blocked the rainwater. The water vapour formed a thin layer of mist around her, which makes her seem like an illusion.

However, the mood of the Imperial Angel was not as ethereal as her fairy-like body. She felt extremely angry in her heart, she once thought it might be other people who attacked their alliance, but she ruled them out very fast. She discovered distinctive claw marks that belongs to the three skeletons. All of this was undoubtedly Xiao Chen’s doing.

This is indeed a tit for tat, she just recently gathered a formidable force, and Xiao Chen immediately sweep their face ruthlessly. This will no doubt make them an object of ridicule among the other practitioners on this island.

Among the crowds, Chaos let out a low beastly howl. Being forced to leave the treant’s valley by Xiao Chen in such a sorry figure, it makes him incomparably angry. His companion, Yaluo De, was very calm. He watched the three treants attentively from time to time. There were five treants in the valley, there were two in the depths of the valley that were not affected by the conflagration. The remaining three, only one of them sustained an injury on its left arm, the other two were in excellent shape. This is indeed a really powerful force, Yaluo De felt extremely moved.

The rests were also very angry, more than ten awe-inspiring experts were actually stuck in a dilemma due to one person setting the valley on fire.

Most of the practitioners at the outer region of the Dragon Island were startled. Some of them stood on top of the mountain range to survey the surrounding from an elevated position, some of them jumped on top of a lofty treetop to gaze afar, some Spell Master and Psychic even flew over there to watch in close distant.

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Yan Qing Cheng stood on top of a precipice not far away, gazing at the glorious starlight far far away. When she noticed that the black clouds only covered the treant’s valley, it seems like she thought of something and said, “This power is originated from the Dragon Island!”


This is a very chaotic night.

The second day, the news regarding the conflagration at the treant’s valley caused a sensation as expected.

Xiao Chen, that name once more become the focal point of every practitioners. However, no one can find a single trace of him, it seems as if he disappeared from the Dragon Island. Many people guess he must have escaped into the depths of the Dragon Island.

However, the disturbance this time didn’t last for long, it was diluted by what was about to happen later. Three days after the event in the treant’s valley, a big event occurred on the Dragon Island. Somebody has found the Syndicate Dragon King!


The sound of the dragon roar resonated in the earth and heaven, a great number of beasts were completely terrified. And the creature that produced the dragon roar was only a one meter long little dragon! The enormous sound wave produced by it was like a tempestuous storm, it even caused the mountain woods to sway violently. Judging by the power of its roar, it should be comparable to the Tyrannical Dragon and Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon!


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