Chapter 44 – Mysterious Little Critter

The moment they saw three bluish-green giant, all the practitioners were startled, especially after they saw who were being chased. Some practitioners who saw the fight between Xiao Chen and Chaos before, become even more interested. Moreover, it was impossible not to notice the magnificent beauty of Zhao Ling Er who is currently perched on the green treant’s shoulder. All the practitioners in the vicinity chased after their tracks momentarily to look at the development. ⌈1

There are already many practitioners on the Dragon Island now. All of them came for the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon King, many battles had already taken place, and even more had lost their lives.

When the enormous treant engage in battle, they chased from one region to another, this is one of the most captivating skirmish. It alarmed most of the practitioners at the surrounding of the island, a lot of people are paying close attention to this fight.

A lot of people even gave birth to a plan to get close to Zhao Lin Er. They could guess the origin of the treants, it is impossible for an ancient tree that is not even thousand years old yet to successfully evolve. They were probably born on the Dragon Island, if they could entice Zhao Lin Er, not only would they get an outstanding beauty by their side, they would also gain an unimaginable power!

In front of the waterfall with a faintly discernible mist, Yan Qing Cheng’s figure seemed as if it came out directly from one’s wildest dream. She stood on top of the precipice, and when saw a few giants passed by, she frowned slightly.

Lande the golden-haired pretty boy was also startled, and said, “There are actually treants on the Dragon Island. This require ancient trees of over ten thousand years, they are the crystallization of nature. Yaluo De is the people of Jungle Tribe, if he can find a way to tame one of the treants, I’m afraid his strength will increase several folds and surpass us!”

At the time they were watching the event unfold, Yaluo De and Chaos were also watching everything at a mountain range not far away. Yaluo De is very excited, his said in a shaky voice, “It is actually treant transformed from millennium ancient tree. Moreover, three of them appeared all at once!”


Even though Xiao Chen had broken through his former level of strength, when facing these three colossi, he still feel a bit troubled. He separated with the three undead creatures, but under the orders of Zhao Lin Er, the treants all went after him.

Until now, they had already passed over a dozen of mountain ranges in succession. Many vicious beasts were alarmed, but the tree green treants still followed relentlessly. It was impossible to break away from them. Furthermore, he eventually got outflanked by them!


One enormous foot trampled the forest trees, faint green radiance circulated around the foot, it attempted to step on Xiao Chen with sudden force. Xiao Chen left an afterimage in his original position, and dodged at lightning speed. The giant foot stamped violently on the ground, one after another cracks immediately emerged. The forest trees in the vicinity swayed hysterically.

Soon after, a few giant arms swept across the horizon, the arms emitted incomparably dazzling green radiance, this is the treant’s natural power. It was as if their arms were made out of steel. With a rumbling noise, a row of huge trees were snapped. The falling trees nearly buried Xiao Chen alive.

Six giant hands tried to seize him at the same time, cold sweats broke out from Xiao Chen’s back. He changed his position continuously, it was as if his body was ignited. Dazzling radiance that resembles searing divine flame burst forth. He left behind one after another afterimages in the mountain woods, dodging the enormous treants’ relentless assault.

All the practitioners who were secretly spying this area turned pale with fright. The treants are indeed very terrifying, they were secretly shocked.

“Xiao Chen, I want to see how you can escape today!” The Imperial Angel stood on the shoulder of one treant, her exquisite face gradually revealed a hint of smile, it caused all kinds of flowers in the mountain woods to lose their splendor.

The radiance on one of the giant’s green arm is brilliant, the giant hand swept away everything in its path. After it fell seven to eight giant trees in succession, it finally trapped Xiao Chen in the front, giving him nowhere to escape.


The enormous bluish-green palm that is two times taller than Xiao Chen slammed forward with all its might. Unable to dodge, Xiao Chen could only raise his power to the limit, and brace himself to receive the impact.

Both of his hands moved to draw a mysterious magic circle one after another. Under the bright radiance, a dazzling star diagram floated in front of Xiao Chen. It resembled a mysterious ancient shield that helped him resist the powerful strike of the giant hand.

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The jade green giant palm shine with a dazzling radiance, with a loud rumbling sound, it strikes the star diagram. When the light curtain in front of Xiao Chen disintegrated, one star after another lose their radiance. Xiao Chen was sent flying by an enormous strength. The noise of falling trees resounded unceasingly, Xiao Chen’s body was emitting an incomparably bright radiance, he bumped into a few dozen of tall ancient trees and break them in succession. He fell among the broken branches and withered leaves.

Xiao Chen could now feel the suffering of Chaos. He once treated Chaos like this, he didn’t expect he would personally experience the same feeling not long later.


One giant foot stamped beside Xiao Chen’s body, if he didn’t roll away fast enough, he might have turned into a mincemeat by now. Xiao Chen quickly jumped up, his body emitted a bright radiance. Under the circumstances that he is unable to escape, he can only choose to fight.

Only… the treants are not only tall, they also possess the power of nature. Every time they attacked, they will emit a green radiance. Xiao Chen felt as if he was hit by a huge mountain, the powerful impact always made him feel acute pain from head to toe.

Even if his life energy is exuberant, and already transformed into a medium-like divine flame that is similar to the raging outside of his body, he is still unable to withstand the treant’s bombardment. After all, the treants are too big.

Xiao Chen was sent flying in the mountain woods again and again, row after rows of huge trees were snapped in half. Facing the treants, Xiao Chen felt so powerless.

There is a flowing river in front of the ancient primitive forest, Xiao Chen finally saw a hint of hope. He clashed a few more times with the treants, and ran towards the river with all his might.

“Stop him, don’t let him get away!” Zhao Lin Er hastily shouted.

The mountain forest is too dense, even though this river is very wide, it is very gentle, the sound of flowing water couldn’t even be heard. Therefore, they didn’t discover it beforehand. This wide river is like an angelic river to Xiao Chen. Without any hesitation, he jumped into the river with a plop sound, leaving behind a splash on the water surface and disappeared without a trace.

Everything is always unpredictable, Zhao Lin Er felt incomparably dispirited. Victory was already in sight, she didn’t expect she would fail at the last-minute.

She really wanted to go along with the river to chase after him, but once she saw the terrain in the vicinity, she didn’t dare to let the treants forge ahead. Without paying attention, they actually already arrived at the edge of the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory. That is one violent sovereign king, don’t say three treants, even if a few more were to come, they would still be ripped apart by the Tyrannical Dragon instantly.

The Tyrannical Dragon is the most savage ones amongst the ruler ⌈2⌋ of the dragon race. They were reputable as a powerful dragon-kind that has the power to stand off against the deities!

After a long time later, the spindrift ⌈3⌋ rolled over and over, Xiao Chen finally emerged from the water surface. There are bloodstains on the corner of the mouth, the eight to nine meter tall treants are super strong, the injuries he sustained are not light.

In this half an hour, he didn’t go along with the flow of the river. Since he dived into the water, he swam against the stream and advanced for a few dozen meter. After that, he concealed himself within the river, not moving an inch. He struggled to climb up to the river bank, he walked in a staggering manner for dozens of meter. Xiao Chen sat on the ground with a plop sound, then he lie in the underbrush to breath in a big mouthful of fresh air.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen felt a dangerous aura, someone is secretly spying on him. Xiao Chen stood up immediately, the rich and powerful life energy surged up violently like a divine flame. The glaring radiance instantly evaporated the water droplets on his clothes. It seemed as if he was wearing a layer of bright divine armor, it was as lively as a dragon and as vigorous as a tiger.

He knew very clearly that the practitioners who entered the Dragon Island increased by many fold. There were many people who were secretly observing the event where he was being chased by the green giant earlier. There is a possibility that the people in the vicinity will make a move against him, so that they can get rid of one powerful competitor.

He had no choice but to let off a powerful aura to give a warning to them.

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As expected, the dangerous aura seemed to have been reduced by many fold. However, there are still some people fixing their gaze on him attentively, he could feel a viper-like cold radiance penetrated him from the mountain woods behind him. Some people firmly believe he already received a heavy injury, and thought that this is the best opportunity to eliminate him.

On this Dragon Island now, only the strong can survive and the weak will fall, it is a very cruel reality!

Xiao Chen restrained the glorious radiance outside of his body, otherwise the experts might think that he is not confident. He walked towards the territory of the Tyrannical Dragon unhurriedly. Sure enough, he was being followed! The murderous aura is getting closer, it seems like some expert firmly locked onto him!

The danger is getting closer and closer, the people who concealed themselves are about to attack. This is definitely a powerful expert, perhaps the following attack will be very intense.

Xiao Chen wrinkled his eyebrows, the condition of his body is really terrible at the moment. Being bombarded by the eight to nine meter tall green giant, even if one have an adamantine body, it will also be just as hard to endure. To engage in another big battle now is simply a nightmare for him!


The roar of a tiger resounded from the front, Xiao Chen could see three familiar figure there. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, tore the huge tiger blocking their path, and make their way here by transforming into three rays of light.

At this moment, the three snow-white skeletons in Xiao Chen’s eyes looked like three angels instead of skeletons. They arrived just in time!

The dangerous aura that locked onto Xiao Chen in the dark hesitated slightly, and finally dwindled at high-speed.

If the three skeletons didn’t arrive in time, then it will really turn into a fight. Xiao Chen can finally loosen his guard, but he cannot stop here now. Together with the three skeletons, they follow along the river into the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory ahead.

If they wanted to get back to the deathly swamp, they must go through this region first. And this area is the atrocious sovereign king’s territory. Most of the ordinary practitioners wouldn’t dare to get close to this area, after they travelled for two meter, Xiao Chen no longer worried about the onslaught of the monsters, nor the sneak attack of the practitioners. Other than staying on guard against the Tyrannical Dragon that might show up at any time.

After finding a safe desolate location, Xiao Chen lie down in the underbrush all of a sudden. He really is too exhausted and cannot bear it anymore. Acute pain assaulted his entire body, he didn’t even move a single muscle for half an hour. He just silently operated his secret technique to treat his injuries and restore his strength. A wave-like radiance slowly circulate around his entire body.

Finally, Xiao Chen enjoyed the service of the three skeletons. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, these three carried Xiao Chen and pushed their way through the mountain woods at lightning speed, heading towards the swamp.

A small number of practitioners who this bizarre scene, among them are some practitioners who doesn’t have deep understanding of the undead creatures. They felt as if they just saw a ghost, three snow-white skeletons were actually carrying a man while running away……

There are also some people who wanted to follow their tracks. However, the distance between them is too great, and the ancient primitive forest is too concentrated. The skeletons disappeared with just a few vertical flash.

Even though Xiao Chen is being carried by the three skeletons, he kept an attentive watch of his surrounding. When they get close to the swamp, he unexpectedly found a hairy little critter.

Even if some people were standing in a sea of people, they appear to stand out from the masses, and attracts a great number of gazes. This kind of situation can also be applied to animals, the hairy little critter looks just like a pure white pompom. It emitted an indescribable intelligence in animals.

It looked like a small tiger, and also like a small lion, but it looked even more like a kitten. However, it is much more beautiful than those three combined, the fluffy long fur is white and soft, pure white without other colors, and at the same time, as bright as a silk fabric. It is flickering with a milky white splendor.

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It is only half a foot tall, but it is brimming with intelligence. Its pair of big eyes are as bright as a black gem. It made a clear distinction in contrast with its snow-white body. Its eyes sparkled every time it blinked, brimming with spiritual energy.

At the moment, it is curling up on the ground, it appears unusually humane. Its pair of bright huge eyes gazed at Xiao Chen miserably. One snow-white tiny claw was placed at the side of its mouth, it seemed to be sucking it. It looked like a famished child.

Xiao Chen didn’t know what kind of animal is this, but he knew it was a little critter brimming with intelligence. It gives people a really unique feeling, even though it looks like a cute little beast, it is brimming with intelligence like that of an elf. Fortunately, Xiao Chen is a guy, if it was a girl, they might not be able to bear it anymore and pull the little critter into their embrace. This intelligent little critter is the epitome of cuteness.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The voice let out by the little critter doesn’t sound like that of an animal at all. It is just like that of an infant who just started to learn how to speak. It keeps squeaking unceasingly, and gazed at Xiao Chen miserably.

Even if Xiao Chen had a firm will, his heart still felt slightly touched by the little critter. He decided to prepare something for this little critter to eat, and he can temporarily keep it at his side.

However, just around this time, the three skeletons seemed as if they had just seen a ghost. While Xiao Chen still did not understand anything, all of them loosen their grips simultaneously. With a plop sound, they dropped Xiao Chen on the ground. Xiao Chen was completely off-guard, he fell heavily onto the ground. A few solid rocks are just directly below him, he immediately jump up due to the pain. At this moment, Xiao Chen had the impulse to tear the three skeletons apart.

Just around this time, Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang rushed into the swamp in a panic. After that, they parted from one another, and lie down motionlessly in the pile of bones. They actually started to play-dead!


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