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Chapter 81 – Absolutely Brilliant Surprise

Wharton finally made his move!

Just at this time, the duration of the Sealed God light screen was over. This was a flawless trap.

All of them was for this single blade attack!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. The nip in the air gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. The prickling murderous aura actually assaulted Xiao Chen’s entire body from every direction. The tiny yet resplendent blade was about to make contact with his chest, unless he was a god, it was already impossible to avoid it!

Death was only a few inch apart from Xiao Chen, although he felt unwilling, he already didn’t have the strength to reverse the situation. He was unable to change the end result at this moment, he could only wait for his impending death. ⌈1

A sharp ringing sound echoed at the top of the summit, Xiao Chen was sent flying by an incredible amount of power. The sparkling clear throwing knife actually dropped towards the ground, it didn’t penetrates him. However, the powerful impact sent Xiao Chen flying for six to seven meter.

In that instant, everyone present held their breath, the two snowy peaks were dominated by absolute silence.

The legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that never missed the target actually fell onto the ground after making contact with the enemy. It didn’t penetrates the enemy’s body, this was simply inconceivable!

Xiao Chen stood straight, his lofty body was bursting with searing divine flame. He actually came out unscathed. His furious desire to battle was aroused. Xiao Chen coldly fixed his attention on Wharton in between the gap of the illusion. His pair of eyes were burning with undisguised fury. This carefully prepared attack nearly took his life.

He gently caressed the hole on his cloth, he could touch a few fragments as smooth as jade. That was the colored egg shells left behind by Keke after it was born. He never thought in the juncture of life and death, it actually blocked the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger.

When he gathered these multicolored egg-shell at the time, it wasn’t because he thought it was gorgeous. Xiao Chen wanted to keep this for Keke was because of two reasons. One, this was the only thing that was left behind by Keke’s parent. Two, Xiao Chen wanted to let someone with extensive knowledge see it in the future, perhaps they would be able to figure out Keke’s origin.

Never in his wildest dream had Xiao Chen ever thought the multicolored jade shell would be so hard. It actually blocked the unstoppable Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. God knows how did Keke break out from these shells back then. This shell was comparably harder than adamantium by who knows how many fold!

Only now did people woke up from their daze, they started to make a clamor at the snowy peak on the opposite side. All of these was just too unbelievable.

Divine flame was throbbing outside of Xiao Chen’s body, the murderous aura soared to the sky. He closed in one step at a time, the snowy peak under his foot trembled with each steps he took. One after another huge cracks spread to all directions under his foot. The edge of the snowy peak produced a few cracking noises, countless icicles fell from the peak.

Although there were several hundred illusions, Xiao Chen had firmly locked onto Wharton and Carlos. One searing blade aura that seemed to have linked up with the heaven and earth slashed forward, sweeping away all the illusions ahead, even all the real spiritual attacks were intercepted.

Meanwhile, the three experts finally launched the real combined assault, in hope of eliminating Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng swooped down from the sky with glaring purple light, her target was undoubtedly Xiao Chen. The genius Illusion Master Carlos moved simultaneously with several hundreds illusion, one after another phantom besieged Xiao Chen. And the present day Flying Dagger’s successor, Wharton, executed the second resplendent blade attack. A speck of starlight illuminated the summit, it became the most dazzling point in the heaven and earth.

The more dangerous the situation was, the calmer Xiao Chen become. All of his actions were simple and direct, it’s time to get serious! With his right hand serving as a blade, he jumped up at once. A light beam soared towards the sky, and directly sent Yan Qing Cheng flying away. Then the North Star light screen trembled violently, it separated from his body, and swept across all directions. It destroyed the rain of light made out of spiritual energy, and then heavily hacked on that dazzling speck of sword radiance.


The legendary flying dagger was hit!

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Within the dazzling multicolored radiance, the tip of the crystal clear knife sunk into the icy ground. After that, the North Star light screen also disintegrated, and faded away.

If Xiao Chen only survived due to mere luck last time, then this time he relied on his sharp intuition. He actually stopped the legendary flying dagger in midair!

The people on the other snowy peak couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

The godly flying dagger skill had been passed down for many generations, the power will not be the same if used by different people. However, it was hard to say…… whether Xiao Chen could block the third or fourth attack.

After the fierce confrontation, the entire area entered a period of silence for a moment. The following battle will inevitably be a confrontation between dragon and tiger, this will be a life and death showdown between experts of Sixth Celestial Layer!

Xiao Chen’s situation doesn’t seem very hopeful, unless he find an opportunity to retreat, or else he will have to pay a huge price in this battle. However, sensing the murderous aura coming from him, nobody knows if he will fight or retreat.

“Roar……!” Just at this time, a loud roar could be heard from the back of the summit. As if the heaven and earth were shaking, the entire snowy mountain shook violently. A huge monster climbed up from the rear of the snowy mountain, it was as long as fifty meter, it looked as if it was carved out of glacial ice. Its entire body was as white as jade, yet it seemed very terrifying. It had a dragon head with one horn, a dark-blue wolf-like body, a huge crocodile-like tail, and it was covered with white scales that glittered like frost and snow from head to toe.

This was a Snow Jade Dragon! Most of the people recognized this legendary dragon. It lived in ice-cold area, and was fond of sleeping, it spent most of its time of the year sleeping. Legend says that even deities wouldn’t dare to disturb its sleep, otherwise it will freeze over a thousand miles of land in its rage. Everything in its path will be ripped apart, even deities would be considered lucky if they were able to escape.

The battle at the summit disturbed the dragon who were fast asleep in the icy cave below, it seemed incomparably furious now.


The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar was ear-splitting, a ten meter long huge claw that was flickering with cold and threatening rays of light slammed onto the ground viciously. Carlos, Wharton, Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen all dodged at lightning speed.


Along with the earth-shattering sound, the apex of the snowy peak was actually destroyed by that terrifying dragon claw in one fell swoop. This was seriously too shocking!


The Snow Jade Dragon faced upwards and let out a roar, it almost caused people’s eardrum to rupture. Many people blocked their ears in pain, if they were one step slower, they might have fainted and died on the spot.


It launched another fierce attack, the sharp gigantic claw viciously swoop down, the snowy summit was unable to bear it, another section of the mountain was destroyed. At the same time, endless amount of ice and snow in the entire area was roused up, it seemed as if a torrent of ice tsunami had been welled up in the vicinity of the snowy summit. This was way too terrifying, when this huge monster flaunted its strength, it was practically unstoppable.

Everyone at the other snowy peak immediately began to flee, they were extremely noisy. All of them wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. The genius Illusion Master Carlos, the Flying Dagger’s Successor Carlos, the exceptionally beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen ⌈2⌋ didn’t have the leisure to care about their life and death battle, they were just right beside the Snow Jade Dragon, they were exposed to the most danger. Each and every one of them raised their speed to the limit, and wanted to get far away from the exceptionally reckless dragon.

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Carlos soared into the sky, Wharton directly jumped down the snowy peak, Yan Qing Cheng also soared into the sky, but the light wing at her back doesn’t allow her to take flight for a long time, she was swept by the torrent of ice tsunami stirred up by the Jade Dragon, and fell directly towards the direction of Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng’s finger was like a blade, one resplendent purple light was launched downwards in hope of penetrating Xiao Chen’s back. Those who had reached Xiao Chen’s level would be able to sense the dangers in their surrounding even in the middle of a chaotic situation. He reacted in almost an instant.

His body was like a flickering light and passing shadows, he left behind an afterimage in his original position, and avoided that approaching attack. After that, without giving Yan Qing Cheng the chance to balance her body, Xiao Chen coldly executed his most powerful attack, this was definitely a killing move with nothing held back!

The glaring light made people unable to look at it directly, seven dazzling energy waves rolled up thousand piles of snow, it was like the raging waves beating against the shore. One layer after another rushed towards Yan Qing Cheng, this was the power of Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, Yan Qing Cheng did not have the capability to dodge, and was sent flying by the searing energy wave. She coughed out blood from her mouth unceasingly, her beautiful face was extremely pale.

Without taking any pity on her, Xiao Chen jumped down from the snowy peak, and disappeared on the scene. So what if she was the number one beauty under the heaven? Xiao Chen will not be lenient just because of this, an enemy will always be an enemy, he will not be swayed by any reason!

The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar shook the heavens, and caused the snowy summit to chip. The inexhaustible ice tsunami was like tens of thousands of horses stampeding down the mountain. The vast expanse of snow slide buried Yan Qing Cheng at the base of the mountain. ⌈3

The snow-white dragon let out a roar as it dashed towards the snowy peak in front. It chased after those practitioners that were escaping, this was a huge change of event, no one would have imagined there was such a terrifying dragon here.

The roar caused an avalanche to break out on the other snowy peak, it happened in an instant. But luckily those practitioners responded fast enough, and had already escaped from that area. Only seven to eight people were not so lucky and were buried alive.

Xiao Chen didn’t follow the masses, he selected a flat area, transformed into a light beam and buried himself deep in the snow. Rather than running away, it was better off to just hide quietly.

On the outside, the dragon roar pierced the skies, and the rumble of the avalanche resounded non-stop……

Only until the panicky yell gradually got further away did the dragon roar slowly calm down, and completely faded away soon after. The world slowly regained its former tranquility, the Snow Jade Dragon seemed to have returned to the icy cave.

Xiao Chen only came out from the deep snow after an hour later, and silently looked at the snowy peak that was rended by the Snow Jade Dragon. One could imagine just how furious was the Snow Jade Dragon just now, the dragons were truly a race that could cause even the deities to shrink back. Even after losing their magic power, their powerful physical body was still unparalleled.

The path of cultivation is endless, he still have a very long path to walk, just when will he attain enough strength to fight with this kind of race?


  1. Silva: Did anyone read the teaser yesterday? It was such a good teaser too, it’s a shame if you didn’t read it XD  
  2. Silva: Wait… why only Xiao Chen has no special title? You racist Chen Dong? 
  3. Silva: SHE’S DEAD!!! SHE’S DEAD, OH, OH, OH, SHE’S DEAD!!! Or is she? 
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