Chapter 196 – All Sounds Are Lost

Little Keke appeared out of nowhere and got involved in the battle between the six saints. It completely changed the course of the battle with absolute power and caused every spectator to flare up.

This cute little critter revealed an out of the ordinary divine ability. It did not fall behind even when facing four saints simultaneously. At present, it had jumped up and landed on the back of the Golden Lion King. This intense battle set all the spectator’s mood on fire. Regardless of male and female, old and young, everyone couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. As a result, the Amber Warbeast Castle was filled with noise.

The power of the Golden Lion King was obvious to all. It seemed to have enough power to sweep the floor with Historia level experts. However, it was put in a difficult situation by the little critter. It was out of everyone’s expectation for Keke to appear in the middle of the battle. Everyone was shouting in succession.

“Little critter…”

“Little thing…”

“The seventh sacred beast…”

At present, Keke did not dare to lower its guard. It was right in the middle of dealing with the Golden Lion King’s third vertical eye. The divine flames were pulsing at the surroundings of that vertical eye, as if it was going to open at any time. Although the powerful energy hadn’t been released yet, it already gave people a palpitation.

It was absolutely terrifying!

One eye represented destruction, one eye represented reincarnation, just what kind of power would the last vertical eye contain? No one was able to guess it. However, without a doubt, it would more even more terrifying, even more powerful!

“Squeak!!” Keke seemed a little anxious. Although it had already landed on the Lion King’s body, it was still unable to really confine the third lion head. The head was actually slowly turning around.

Moreover, it was even harder to envelop the surroundings of the third vertical eye with the rainbow-colored radiance. It was as if it had already turned into a world of its own. Other than the divine flames in the surroundings, a lot of characters were actually floating about. The characters contained an ancient desire, as if they were sacrificial writings that were summoning some kind of power from the underworld.


The rainbow-colored radiance flickered as Keke waved its tiny paws. It attacked the third vertical eye ferociously. The glorious rays of light flickered unceasingly, but it was still unable to disperse that divine flames, unable to confine that vertical eye.

A formidable opponent!

The little Keke had come across an opponent it couldn’t easily defeat for the first time.

Within the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen was very nervous, he was afraid that something would happen to the little thing. One must know that the Golden Lion King was still so young, and yet it already have such a terrifying divine ability. Describing it as an S-rank cub was an understatement. Just now, when he passed by the Empyrean VIP lounge, he vaguely heard the elder saying a few words. It seemed like the Golden Lion King had an unimaginable origin!

In the battlefield; although the Golden Lion King had been confined in midair, the effect was not that big on its third head. The vertical eye on that head was about to open!

The little critter had already changed the rainbow-colored radiance to sword-shaped and slashed with it ruthlessly. The brilliant lights and vibrant colors was like a meteor shower that fell all around.

Everyone felt very excited, this was the pinnacle of the sacred beast’s confrontation.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” It seemed to have felt that this sturdy “tortoise shelled eye” wouldn’t be easy to destroy, so the little thing cried out in a fit of rage and jumped down to the ground. Then it waved the rainbow-colored light screen to ruthlessly smash the Golden Lion King on the ground.

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The warbeast stage shook violently as the Golden Lion was ruthlessly thrown onto the ground. The dust flew upward and a huge hole appeared on the surface. At the side of the hole, huge cracks about half a foot wide spread out in all directions. It was easy to imagine just how powerful was the force of impact.

At the same time, it was easy to imagine how powerful was the Golden Lion’s physical body. Under the effect of Keke’s extraordinary divine ability, it actually didn’t receive any injury. It shook the fur on its body and stood there majestically.

However, there’s no way Keke would let it take a breather. The rainbow-colored light screen enveloped it again, and without any unnecessary movement, lift and smash! It repeated these movements for dozen of times. Even with a body harder than the adamantium, the Golden Lion King was also unable to bear this kind of torment. After it was smashed on the ground for the sixty-third time, the Lion King already spilled blood from its mouth and nose.

The once powerful and seemingly undefeatable Golden Lion King had been injured by the little critter! It kept trying to open the third vertical eye, the divine flames were lingering on, and the characters were faintly discernible. However, it was unable to open the eye no matter what. It seemed to be exhausting a lot of power. This time, the Golden Lion King’s great effort had been stopped by the little critter.

During this process, the other three were only staring blankly and didn’t make their move. That was because the Golden Lion King was really too powerful. Letting this little thing of unknown origin to put a stop to it was in accordance to their intention.




It was smashed another twenty times in succession. The Golden Lion King had already lost its will to struggle. Although its eyes were incomparably ice-cold, it was no longer attempting to break away from the light screen. It had already felt that the little critter was more powerful than itself and that it was practically unable to break free.

Its mouth and nose were overflowing with blood. The golden-bright and dazzling mane was already stained by blood. The watery blood was bright and there were hints of gold splendor among the blood.

Regardless of the people in the VIP lounge or the general room, as long as it was the spectator in front of the big crystal screen, their mood had already been set on fire. This little critter was really too crazy, it had overthrown the Golden Lion just like this. If this keeps up, even killing it wouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, everyone felt a little regretful. If the Golden Lion was killed by the little thing just like this, it would be such a pity. Many people wanted to see what kind of power was contained in the third vertical eye. They wanted to see the little critter of unknown origin fending off against the Golden Lion’s third vertical eye.

After successfully breaking away from the potential threat, Keke was no longer feeling nervous. It just kept beating the Lion King as it pleased.

The three sacred beasts at the side finally made their move. If this keeps up, they wouldn’t be able to put the little critter in place anymore. They would be taken out one after another. The Golden Lion King had already received enough lesson.

The White Tiger arrived from the left side. The External Incarnation separated from its body and transformed into countless metallic characters that floated in the surroundings. It gave rise to an energy storm as it pounced towards the little critter.

Goldie’s nine Shadow Partners moved simultaneously. The purple heavenly lightning was mixed together with the gold light, then they suddenly united as one and was launched towards the little critter.

The five-colored divine radiance flickered as the Peacock King attacked from the sky. Naturally, that was not just any divine radiance. Even the Lion King’s Eye of Destruction and the Eye of Reincarnation couldn’t deal with the little critter, that’s why the Peacock King attacked with the Primal Divine Feather that it used to break free from the Genesis.

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The little critter’s keen intuition felt dangers approaching and disappeared from its original location with a “whoosh”. It didn’t face their attacks head-on and avoided the terrifying encirclement!

The mother earth was like a piece of easily flammable paper that was put into the furnace, it vanished in a puff of smoke. Without making any sound, a huge bottomless hole appeared in the place that the little critter was standing at just a moment ago.

Keke seemed to have received a scare. It was lightly patting its chest like a human. It took a quick glance at the Golden Lion that was crouching nearby with its glittering big eyes and then rushed towards the three sacred beasts with a whoosh.

It was going to take the initiative to attack.


The rainbow-colored radiance brushed Goldie off and sent the White Tiger flying. After that, five layers of light screen rushed up simultaneously as it enveloped the Peacock King.

Keke’s spiritual sense was very sharp, it had already sensed that among the three sacred beasts, the Peacock King was the most threatening, so much so that it was not weaker than the Golden Lion.

The five-colored divine radiance glinted. Among the divine radiance, a green sword-qi was mixed in. The rainbow-colored light screen was split open as the sword-qi continued to descend.

The sound emitted by the formless sword-qi was not a ripping sound, but rather the rumbling noise of the space getting torn apart. It was ear-splitting, and sounded like a meteorite falling unto mother earth. At the same time, it sounded like there was a tsunami and landslide. The momentum was extremely fast.

The mother earth soundlessly caved in. It was crushed and destroyed by the green light of the Primal Divine Feather.

This was the reason for Keke’s unease — the Chaos Green Feather.

The little critter leapt towards the sky and the rainbow-colored radiance suddenly became so bright that it was comparable to ten suns hanging in the sky. The little critter wrapped itself within the rainbow-colored radiance and rushed up against the green sword-qi.

This was an extremely dangerous course of events. All the spectators had already seen it, the dazzling rainbow-colored radiance around Keke was melting at lightning speed. Everyone held their breathing and waited for the outcome nervously.

Within the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen’s clenched fists were breaking out with cold sweat. He never thought that the little critter was actually this powerful. It actually dared to face the legendary Chaos Green Feather head-on. With its ordinarily mischievous behavior, it was a little hard to imagine. This was the first time Xiao Chen knew the little critter had this side to it.

Although the glaring rainbow-colored light screen was dissipating, the little critter made it through the formless sword-qi the instant it was completely dissipated and pounced towards the Peacock King.

However, just at this time, a terrifying energy fluctuation suddenly spread out from the surface. A streak of bloody light and black light made everything in the world to lose their colors. The lights streaked across the vast sky and rushed over in an instant.

The Golden Lion King finally made its move!

Although the Lion King couldn’t open the third vertical eye in a short time, it was capable of opening the Eye of Destruction and the Eye of Reincarnation at any given time. When the little critter’s defense had fallen to the lowest point, the Lion King made its move. The Eye of Destruction and the Eye of Reincarnation opened in succession.

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The bloody light submerged the little critter, the black light opened the gate of hell and enveloped that area!

This sudden change gave everyone a suffocating feeling. It was too sudden. The Golden Lion King’s ability to seize the opportunity in battle was too outstanding that it was somewhat scary. How to guard against such attacks under this kind of circumstances?

The Amber Warbeast Castle had instantly fell into deathly silence, almost everyone had been petrified and looked at the big crystal screen blankly.

All sounds were lost in the heaven and earth, it was extremely quiet at this moment.

Xiao Chen’s heart sank!


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