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Chapter 176 – Ancient Three-Layered Seal

Xiao Chen lifted Molika up in the air, blood splashed everywhere. Not only did it made Youlan Mu — who just got over a moment ago — so angry that his eyes were about to crack, it also made Dugu Jianmo — who was watching the fight from a distant — to emit two glints from his eyes. He was carrying his metal sword and exploded with battle intent.

Molika was suffering from an extreme pain. His abdomen was completely penetrated. And due to Xiao Chen’s tyrannical power, his intestines were pounded to pieces. He was a Ninth Celestial Layer expert with vigorous vitality, it was impossible for him to die in a short time. As such, this was simply a torture. It was a hellish suffering!

The miserable shriek reverberated unceasingly in the Solitary’s ancient residence. Molika was breaking out in cold sweat all over. More than half of his body was stained by blood. His expression was listless.

Youlan Mu’s stature was very lofty. His appearance was similar to Molika. Although he couldn’t be considered handsome, he had a trace of wild nature. He glowered at Xiao Chen with his ice-cold pupils, and shouted, “Release him!”

With regards to this kind of words, Xiao Chen just simply ignored it. It was completely meaningless! He released one of his hands and gripped the ancient spear single-handedly. The other hand was used to draw a few dots on his body, stopping the blood from gushing out from the wound.

“Release my younger brother!” He stubbornly repeated the same words. Although this might sound like a nonsense in the eyes of an expert — because nobody would change their decision just because of this — Youlan Mu had no other choice but to act like this. This was his flesh and blood younger brother, he was already thinking of compromising.

“Speak, why do you guys want to kill me? If you want to challenge me, it’s impossible for you to mount a sneak attack from my back, so why?!” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen’s eyes became incomparably sharp. It directly penetrated into Youlan Mu’s sea of consciousness.

“There’s no particular reason. Pasteur the ancient spear guided us here to put the demon to death!”

“Don’t deceive me!” Xiao Chen let out a cold snort. Then he shook the bloody spear, making Molika shout out in pain repeatedly. He continued to speak in a cold voice, “The ancient spear had once killed gods, but it had never bore through a demon once. Do I look like a god to you? Why did you guys try to assassinate me from behind?”

Seeing Molika being trampled on, Youlan Mu was unable to keep calm anymore. He said with a very complicated expression, “It is our wrong, I will solemnly apologize to you here. Please let me younger brother go.”

“Speak!” With only one word, then Xiao Chen shook the ancient spear again. Blood immediately flowed out from Molika’s wound, causing him to let out a miserable shriek.

“My younger brother wants to marry Yan Qingcheng, but he had been told by the elders of the Undying Sect stationed in Celestial City, that she has already been betrothed to you.” ⌈1

Hearing this, Xiao Chen stared blankly for a while, then he helplessly sighed: Mother f—! This way can also invite a disaster? This feels so wrong! Can I think of this as a fact? Otherwise, the suffering this time is just so not worth it.

“Anything else? It couldn’t be this simple right?” Xiao Chen didn’t believe that was the only reason.

“When Hofmann and my younger brother were drinking, he said there will be a big reward for eliminating you!” Youlan Mu didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he disclosed the main culprit.”

“Hofmann of the Reagan Family?”

That’s right.”

“It seems like this scum of society really don’t want to live any longer!” The killing intent in Xiao Chen’s eyes was undisguised. Now, the animosity between him and the Reagan Family was getting deeper and deeper. After killing that four Historia level experts, he knew that the member of this family must have hated him to the core. However, because they were afraid of the terrifying existence in the depths of the south, they didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking.

“Anything else?” Xiao Chen swept his eyes over Youlan Mu coldly and said, “I don’t believe these two are the only reasons. I am not very convinced!”

Youlan Mu was already pressing his luck. He stared at Xiao Chen coldly and said, “When my brother held onto the ancient spear Pasteur, he can gain a spiritual power similar to prophecy. He felt that in the future, you will become our greatest enemy. If we don’t get rid of you now, it will cause us trouble to no end!”

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“So, in the end, you guys also wanted to kill me yourselves.” Xiao Chen laughed grimly and said, “He can see the future when holding onto the ancient spear Pasteur? That’s just a bunch of nonsense! It’s merely a reason to eliminate me. If he can really see the future, then why did he not forecast his own defeat?! He can’t even grasp his own future, so how can he boast so shamelessly that he can see the future!”

“Hmph!” Youlan Mu snorted coldly. If Molika’s life was not under Xiao Chen’s control, there’s no way he would swallow his anger like this.

“I believe such a divine spear is not something you brothers are capable of controlling at the present time. How can the elder from your family let you guys take it as you pleases?”

Just at this time, Molika endured the sharp pain and said weakly, “Bro… I can’t make it anymore… my internal organs has already been completely destroyed by the spear…”

“What?!” Youlan Mu’s eyes immediately became sharp. To receive this kind of news after speaking so much, it really felt like he was hit by a thunder from the clear sky.

“You can’t blame me for this.” Xiao Chen said very calmly, “Just now we were facing each other in a life and death battle, who would dare to hold back? He originally wanted to kill me anyway. There’s nothing injustice about it if he get killed by me now.”

“I won’t stop until one of us is dead!” Youlan Mu was seething in anger. There’s no need to continue talking. He soundlessly got in front of Xiao Chen like a ghost and attacked with a palm chop. With a sudden clap of thunder, the rays of light flickered.

Xiao Chen swung the ancient spear Pasteur and created a bloody light screen. It was surging forward like layer upon layer of bloody waves. The sound was deafening.

Youlan Mu almost grinded his teeth into pieces. Xiao Chen actually faced the enemy with his brother still stuck on the spear. His younger brother’s body burst open right before his eyes.

“Ah!!!” He let out a wild roar as he fell back. His entire body was shuddering violently. He gazed at Xiao Chen and said coldly, “You are too fierce, too cruel!”

“Am I now? Everything I do is honorable. Your brother used an ancient spear that once killed the gods to mount a sneak attack on me, what’s your thought on it?” Xiao Chen’s expression was very calm. It was as if he was talking about something very common and said, “If you think this is cruel, then you shouldn’t have entered the world of martial arts. This world itself is a sad melody. When you are killing, you should be prepared to be killed.” ⌈2

Youlan Mu almost went berserk. His long brown hair erected one after another. His eyes were incomparably bloodthirsty. He said with a very menacing voice, “I will offer your heart and liver to Molika! Truth be told, I was the one who get the premonition by holding onto the ancient spear Pasteur. It was me who wanted to kill you! Now, you must die!”

“How will you kill me? Can you do it? Your younger brother had said something similar, it looks like you are bound to have the same ending as him.” It was needless for Xiao Chen to tell him off, that was completely meaningless. Everything still depended on actions.

At present, he was very confident in himself. Although he was seriously hurt, he had already touched upon the edge of Historia realm. His fighting ability had increased by a level. Unless he fought with someone like Dugu Jianmo — warriors who were about to take a step into Historia realm — it was very difficult for him to feel threatened.


Youlan Mu pounced over like a ferocious beast. His eyes were scarlet red. He wanted to fight over the ancient spear Pasteur.

The divine flame was throbbing on the bloody spear. Xiao Chen raised his hand and lightly waved it. The mysterious maneuver gave rise to a skyrocketing murderous aura.

The bloody radiance soared into the sky and filled the air with murderous aura!

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The bloody screen enveloped every inch of space within the radius of a hundred feet. The bloody energy billow was like raging waves beating against the shore.

“Break!” Youlan Mu shouted loudly, “Ancient Three-Layered Seal!”

Three divine radiance swept over like a net and directly exhausted the soaring blood curtain. Youlan Mu’s expression was fierce. He shouted almost hysterically:

“Sky Seal!”

“Earth Seal!”

“Humanity Seal!”

The three divine radiance swept past every resistance. Even the ancient spear Pasteur had been stopped.

Sky Seal, sealing the essence of the sky, such as the sunlight, the moonlight, and all kinds of spiritual power! There was hardly any energy fluctuation left in Xiao Chen’s surroundings. That space was completely sealed. He couldn’t absorb the spiritual power anymore.

Earth Seal, sealing the pulse of the mother earth. The divine power of the mother earth was sealed underground and couldn’t rise to the surface. It was completely sealed. Xiao Chen was also unable to borrow the power of the earth anymore.

Humanity Seal, directly sealing Xiao Chen himself with a light beam brimming with boundless power. Xiao Chen was submerged by endless purple radiance.

The Ancient Three-Layered Seal was the battle skill of an ancient clan with power to contend against the gods. It was a bizarre battle skill that manipulated the power of heaven and earth. However, if one was not a direct descendent of the clan, it was impossible to manifest its true power.

Youlan Mu’s master came from a small tribe in the West. Tradition has it that the people from that tribe was the descendant of the ancient clan. As a result, they would have inherited some ancient battle skills. Youlan Mu possessed great talent. Although he hadn’t entered the Historia realm, he had already opened up parts of the treasure in his body. In addition to that, with the skills forcefully instilled into him by his master, it made him able to use the “Ancient Three-Layered Seal” easily.

He sealed Xiao Chen in a short while!

At a distant place, Dugu Jianmo emitted two cold glints from his eyes. He watched all of these without batting an eye.

At present, Xiao Chen was like a clay statue. His lofty body stood there as he couldn’t even move an inch. The ancient spear in his hand was flickering with a bewitching red light. The gleaming light of the ancient sacred writings engraved on the spear was circulating, as if it was alive. Vaguely, it seemed to be throbbing. On the surface of the spear, the divine blood was flowing!

It seemed as if Youlan Mu was suffering from heat exhaustion. Using his own power to seal the worldly energy of the surrounding space and sealing Xiao Chen at the same time really exhausted too much power. After accomplishing these, he already didn’t have much strength left.

“Heh-heh… heh-heh-heh…” Youlan Mu laughed coldly. He slowly moved his body in front of Xiao Chen and said, “Where’s your confidence now? In the face of my ‘Ancient Three-Layered Seal’, nothing can stand before me!”

“Break!” Along with his shout, the ‘Humanity Seal’ attacked fiercely. Xiao Chen coughed out a big mouthful of blood on the spot. The glaring purple light wrapped him up, as if it wanted to crush him.

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“Cling! Clang!”

Youlan Mu pulled out a longsword and ruthlessly stabbed Xiao Chen’s chest.



Two bloody light splashed out simultaneously. The longsword stopped before it even pierced deep enough into Xiao Chen’s body.

Blood gushed out non-stop as the ancient spear Pasteur pierced through Youlan Mu’s heart!

“Impossible…” Youlan Mu couldn’t believe what was happening as he muttered, “This is absolutely impossible…”

“You relied on your so-called ‘Ancient Three-Layered Seal’ too much. If I am not heavily injured, you wouldn’t even be able to seal me for a split second! I ———— have already touched upon the genuine Historia domain!”

The endless purple light vanished like smoke in thin air. Xiao Chen broke away from the seal and lifted Youlan Mu with the ancient spear Pasteur. After that, his body burst open in the air.

“Many thanks for helping me accomplish my aim. Only after the bone-chilling winter would the spring flower bloom. It was you two brothers who allowed me to get this close to Historia realm. I feel like I can immediately touch it by reaching out with my hand!” Xiao Chen’s voice was very deep and low.

After he finished speaking, he dragged his injured body to turn around to cast a glance at Dugu Jianmo profoundly. After that, he walked out of the Solitary’s ancient castle with large strides.

Tonight, the injuries he sustained were really too grave. The bones in his hand were broken by Dugu Jianmo’s attack. The left rib was pierced by Molika with the ancient spear Pasteur. His chest was stabbed by Youlan Mu with the longsword. Furthermore, there’s the dreadful internal injuries. There were slits all over his inner organs.

The ice-cold voice transmitted from behind, “Safe trip, don’t let someone kill you midway!”

Xiao Chen didn’t turn around. He immediately unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and soared into the sky. He was actually waiting for Dugu Jianmo to make his move. However, this response from the other party made him feel very grateful.

Nobody was left on the scene. Dugu Jianmo’s figure seemed to be very lonely ⌈3⌋. He carried his metal sword and walked forward, slowly waving his swords on the ruins, as slow as he wanted.

Over and over, until he repeated the same motion for hundred times, he seemed to have comprehended something. After that, he lightly waved his sword towards the ground. As a result, the corpses on the ground actually evaporated without a sound. They scattered like ashes along with the breeze, leaving no traces behind.

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings, with the ancient spear Pasteur in his hands, as he streaked through the sky. Now, it was already impossible for him to continue battling. The condition of his injuries was too grave.

How many battles was not important, the important thing was the result. He had already achieved his aim, the door to the treasure in his body already opened. Now, it all depended on how he dig out the treasures.

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It was already past midnight at the moment. When he landed on the courtyard, the snow-white little Keke and Tenax rushed over with lightning speed. In addition, the white-shelled tortoise also showed up sneakily. It was secretly sizing him up on top of a pavilion.

Xiao Chen reached out his hands into his chest to take out a multicolored phoenix feather. His shaking hand was set down on the tallest rock in the courtyard. The divine feather of the phoenix might be his safety charm for tonight, it’s about time to put it to good use! ⌈4


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