Chapter 30 – Legend of Dragons

“Exotic tribe…… venerable gods?”

“Right, in the future you might see a giant as tall as twenty meter, a perfect entity that has life span of more than thousand years, as well as races that are born with a pair of wings.”

Xiao Chen suddenly asked, “How did the legendary Bodhidharma, Dugu Qiubai, Lang Fan Yun, and the rest fare with the god?”

Yizhen nodded his head and said, “These outstanding figures that broke the boundaries between life and death, perhaps they can already be considered gods a long time ago.”

“Master Yizhen, may I be a little bold to ask, do you have some important business on this Dragon Island?”

Yizhen laughed as he said, “I dare not to claim myself as a master, just call me Yizhen. I came here to try my luck, to see whether or not I can find the ancestral dragon.”

Xiao Chen exposed an astonished expression, he asked somewhat hesitantly, “Ancestral Dragon? Could you be referring to the totem of the human world? Aren’t those just an imaginary existence from the legend?”

The so-called Ancestral Dragon was the legendary Divine Dragon in the human world. Since the ancient time, the imperial household had always considered oneself as the descendant of the Divine Dragon. However, the Divine Dragon had never made an appearance in the real world once. Unlike the Tyrannical Dragon, Winged Dragon, Thunder Dragon, and so on that once existed in this world. The later generation believed it was nothing more than a fictional existence.

Buddhist Yizhen said seriously, “The Ancestral Dragon really existed, but it seems like there can only be one in existence in a single era. There had never been two in existence at the same time. It is the king among dragons, perhaps it was given birth by the Tyrannical Dragon, or maybe the Saber Dragon…… any dragon had the possibility to give birth to it. Since it was an infant, it struggled amongst the group of young dragons, constantly transforming itself, changing its original form, until it defeated a great number of dragons, and transform into the Ancestral Five-Clawed Dragon.”

“If that is the case, then the Ancestral Dragon was not birthed from the nature. It was transformed from one of the thousands of dragon after it rise above the others in a continuous struggle?”

“That’s right, any young dragon have the possibility of transforming into the Ancestral Dragon! However, the real Ancestral Dragon was already determined since infancy. It possesses extraordinary gifts and is easy to identify.” Buddhist Yizhen gazed at the Dragon Island and continued, “The prophet from every clan in the mainland had predicted, an Ancestral Dragon will be born on the Dragon Island. The seal on the Dragon Island might possibly be broken by its existence.” ⌈1

The Dragon Island, as the name implies, it was the dwelling of numerous dragons. Many ancient dragon races were sealed on this island, it met all the requirements to bring about the Ancestral Dragon.

If the ancient dragon race were not suppressed, they could even confront a god! Then that legendary Ancestral Dragon…… will be even more frightening! If that was the case, it was easy to imagine why Wang Zi Feng and Gu Luo came to this island for. If they can subdue the Ancestral Dragon during its infancy period, it would be hard to imagine just what kind of future awaits!

Buddhist Yizhen smiled as he shook his head, then he said, “To track down the Ancestral Dragon is simply too unreasonable. As long as I can find a Syndicate Dragon King, it will be more than sufficient.”

“Syndicate Dragon King?”

“Whenever an Ancestral Dragon was born, a few Syndicate Dragon King will come into existence. Their strength is not much inferior to the Ancestral Dragon, they are the best whetstone for honing the Ancestral Dragon. They are gifted with extraordinary talents like the Ancestral Dragon since infancy period, it will be easy to identify them. They can also constantly transform in the middle of their fight. They are the Ancestral Dragon’s most powerful adversary and arch-enemy. There are even some legends of a young Syndicate Dragon King who killed the original Ancestral Dragon, and replaced its position as the most venerable dragon.”

“The path of the Ancestral Dragon is rather cruel!” Xiao Chen heaved a sigh.

“That’s right, it is very cruel. Otherwise it wouldn’t have to strength to combat the gods!”

Xiao Chen suddenly thought of something, since the Ancestral Dragon was so formidable, will those outstanding figures who had already achieved immortality come to seek for the young Ancestral Dragon? Regarding this question, Yizhen’s answer makes Xiao Chen feel that this Dragon Island was all the more bizarre.

After the Dragon Island had been sealed, not only the dragon race would lose their Divine Ability, even the gods who break into the island would meet the same fate. However, after the the venerable gods left the island, they can still recover after a long period of recuperation. The dragon race was not that lucky, therefore, the stronger they were, the lower the possibility of them entering the Dragon Island.

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Besides, the surrounding thousand miles of sea area was also affected. It was a deathly region under normal circumstances, it was extremely difficult to get through. It was not called the Taboo Ocean just for show, only in the intervals of every few centuries would the deathly region around the Taboo Ocean disappear for a period of time. It just so happens to be one of the cycle now, one can go through the sea area unhindered for the time being.

“Master Yizhen, could it be that you crossed the ocean by yourself?”

Yizhen shook his head and said, “This island is a few thousand miles away from the mainland, even I do not have the ability to cross the ocean by myself. I embarked on this journey with a few other practitioners. We found out from the notes of the previous generation that the sea area around the island also have fierce dragons. Therefore, we started to move into action by the time we got close to the island. I am merely one step ahead of the others.”

As the two were talking, a few human figures appeared in the middle of the bluish green ocean. They were approaching this location from all directions, some were using secret technique to move the small boat at lightning speed, there were also some who were riding on a flying scroll. But what makes Xiao Chen the most surprised was that golden-haired youth who was flying in midair.

As if he could see through Xiao Chen’s amazement, Buddhist Yizhen explained, “That is a Divine Spell Master from the Western clan. It is said that they can borrow the power of the venerable god they are devoted to.”

A few human figures quickly darted on top of the beach, they were very shocked when they saw Buddhist Yizhen standing together with a tall and heroic-looking youth.

Xiao Chen was also sizing them up, the few of them appeared to be quite distinguished amongst their generation. All of them had a noteworthy constitution.

A beautiful girl will always attract other people’s attention, and a captivating beauty who can even outshine the beauty of the bright moon, will always be people’s focal point. Among the four who got onto the beach, there was one particular beautiful girl who was just like this. Her beauty was not the slightest bit inferior to Zhao Lin Er.

“Yan Qing Cheng, the disciple of Undying Demon King.” ⌈2⌋ The two were still a distance apart, Yizhen introduced them by himself in whispers.

It was a very special name, but that name was very fitting. ⌈3⌋ Her elegant jade-like body seemed like the most perfect masterpiece under the Heaven. If she was standing in a field of flower, it was likely that the hundreds of flowers would lose their splendor. The amethyst dress makes her snow-like skin appeared even more tender and lovely. Her long black hair naturally draped over her shoulders. Under her long, long eyelashes, her pair of eyes were brimming with intelligence. Her beautiful nose sticking up, her red moist lips, her jade-like teeth, and her unrivalled complexion make it seems like there was a thin layer of mist enveloping her, as if she was a hallucination from one’s wildest dream.

Yan Qing Cheng, it was almost impossible for people to forget about her, such a beautiful and exceptional woman will make anyone who laid their eyes on her for the first time to carve her appearance deep into their heart.

However, Xiao Chen felt the situation was not too encouraging. This girl might become his arch-enemy, Yan Qing Cheng was most likely the junior apprentice of Wang Zi Feng, who was killed by him personally!

Yan Qing Cheng was very breathtaking, and others couldn’t help but pay attention to her. The last person who arrived on the beach cannot be said to be pretty or handsome, but it was just as hard not to pay attention to that individual.

This person was actually three meter tall, he was much taller than any ordinary person. His brownish-yellow long hair draped over his shoulders messily. He had thick eyebrows and leopard-like eyes, his appearance was rough. Moreover, he actually had a pair of wolf-like ears. In addition, he had a long, large and powerful tiger tail. This makes Xiao Chen incomparably shocked.

Buddhist Yizhen whispers to Xiao Chen, “Chaos [Kǎi ào], a young expert from the Barbarian Tribe. The population of the Barbarian Tribe is sparse, but they are natural born warriors. Their raw strength are tremendous, legend says there is an ancient and powerful Spiritual Beast sealed within their body. Therefore, they are also referred as the Beastman.”

Xiao Chen looked at the three meter tall Chaos, imagining his powerful burst of strength, as well as his unknown terrifying Spiritual Beast. This kind of person was certainly incomparably fierce and bold.

The sound of the flowing sands reverberated from the beach, one after another green vines actually emerged from the underground. That was a really shocking scene, the vines revolved around the front of a youngster. Originally, he appeared to be very normal, just one of the four people who were walking on the beach. He was hardly eye-catching, but now he was actually the center of attention.

“There is a really bizarre power at work here, my Spiritual Power received interference!”

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Hearing the verdict of the youngster, the few people on the scene creased their eyebrows. Buddhist Yizhen explained to Xiao Chen in a low voice, “Yaluo De, a young expert from the Jungle Tribe. Their tribe have the power to manipulate plants with Spiritual Power.”

Yaluo De had a long dark green hair, even his pupils were also light green in color. His appearance was very normal, his body seemed really frail, but Xiao Chen didn’t dare to look down on him. In merely a split second, the beach was already overflowing with lush greenery. This youth from an exotic tribe had some extremely peculiar abilities. His attacking method should be just as special.


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  3. TLN: The Qing Cheng (倾城) in her name literally translates to ‘Gorgeous’ 

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