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Chapter 119 – Nine Underworld Formation

Because what the little dragon held with its mouth was actually a cloth, it was those dark red cloth stained by blood! ⌈1

“Don’t tell me that is Suirenshi’s burial cloth?!” Xiao Chen looked at the little dragon with amazement. This was indeed an unimaginable event, even if that was not ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth, it was already miraculous for the little dragon to find this kind of burial cloth.

Keke and the little dragon were chatting and enjoying the meal. Xiao Chen carefully examined the black cloth in his hands, this really seemed like an antique that had been through the vicissitudes of time, it possessed an unbounded ancient aura. It was clearly different from the one they found in the ghost town last time, this piece of cloth didn’t have any sinister and gloomy aura, it felt like it was nothing more than an antique, there was nothing special about it.

Yan Qing Cheng walked over when she heard Xiao Chen’s shout, her jaw also dropped after she saw this piece of burial cloth.

The two little guy were currently enjoying the roasted meat, the tough little dragon seemed to have never eaten cooked food before, it was no longer being stubborn and ate with relish. At the same time, it kept replying to Keke with squeaking sound.

Finally, Keke faced Xiao Chen and pointed at the divine monolith, then it pointed at the burial cloth before it pointed at the direction of the dragon’s sacred mountain.

“You are saying this burial cloth was originally from the divine monolith and was taken by the dragons to the sacred mountain?” Xiao Chen asked in surprise.

Keke nodded its head, and then pointed at the stubborn and proud little dragon. It means that everything was told by that tough little dragon.

Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng looked at each other in shock, after that they shouted loudly at the same time, this was a truly unexpected event. This also made the two little monster look at each other in shock, after that they engrossed in eating.

“Hey hey, the both of you, leave some for me, I haven’t eat any yet.” While Xiao Chen was examining at the burial cloth carefully, he reminded the two monsters.

As a result, the two little monsters ignored him and ate even more vigorously.

When Xiao Chen appeared at the snowy mountain again, the demon practically couldn’t believe his own eyes when he looked at the burial cloth. He said excitedly, “It seems…… like the real deal. I can feel the aura of sacred blood. Even if this is not Suirenshi’s burial cloth, it might be Laozi or Buddha’s burial cloth.”

Can these even be compared? Xiao Chen was speechless.

The demon said, “Alright, anyone who wants to leave the dragon island, focus your mind on refining this burial cloth everyday. When the time comes to ride the Sovereign King Ship, you don’t need to worry about losing your soul anymore.”

“How do we refine it?” Yan Qing Cheng asked seriously, with Xiao Chen and her current ability, they had never refined a magic weapon or divine artifact before, they didn’t understand the basic.

“That is by sending your spiritual awareness to probe the burial cloth while you are meditating, your goal is to become one with the burial cloth. You guys should go now, I won’t need the sacred tree in two more months, I will return it to you at that time and help you summon the Sovereign King Ship.”

“If you really help us summon the Sovereign King Ship, then what will you do in the future, how will you leave?”

The demon smiled and said, “No matter if it was the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship or the Sovereign King Ship, they will return to the Taboo Ocean once the mission is completed, the most important thing is to have the ability to summon them.”

Two months passed very quickly, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng concentrated on refining the ancestor god’s burial cloth everyday, they didn’t let anything distract them. Keke and the three skeletons were also forced by Xiao Chen to stare blankly at the burial cloth everyday.

The day the demon came out from the closed-door training finally arrived, the eerie aura from the demon was indeed no more, it seemed like he had really turned into an ordinary human, but his complexion was still as pale as before.

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No one could be happier than Keke, after losing and regained the little sacred tree, the little critter was so happy that it rolled all over the snowy mountain excitedly.

“I will definitely repay you several fold in the future.” The demon smiled as he said to Keke.

After that, he brought Xiao Chen and the others to the beach as fast as lightning.

“Summoning the Sovereign King Ship is more troublesome, it requires at least seven days, you guys need to be patient.” After saying these, the demon started to draw a diagram on the beach unceasingly. One after another mysterious diagrams were carved on the sandy beach. After that, he took out a dozen of broken ancient flags and set it at the crucial points of those diagrams.

Just at this instance, waves of chilly wind suddenly blew from the heaven to earth, the black clouds covered the sky, the thunder was ear-splitting. There were even more bloody billows rushing forth in the sky, words failed to describe how bizarre and scary the scene was, and this was just the beginning!

Xiao Chen absent-mindedly thought of the scene when the ghost town emerged on that day; the world was filled with negative aura, the black clouds rolled over and over, it seemed like it wanted to overwhelm the earth, there were even more bloody light that glinted constantly, the baleful aura flooded the world, it was just like the end of the world.

Is the demon really as powerful as the demigod only? Xiao Chen was filled with doubt, he was not very convinced! The demon already broke the bound countless years ago, could he really be just a single step away? Even if the ghost town had been sealed, he might have already found some kind of methods to increase his strength, otherwise how could the demon bring about such a terrifying scene?!

Yan Qing Cheng also had doubts, she was even more fearful of the demon’s strength now. It was impossible to see anything clearly within a few meter in the demonic cloud. She was filled with reverence as she looked at the demon chanting all alone at the golden beach.

The three skeletons were very calm, but the spiritual light that flickered in their skulls occasionally made it clear that they were feeling apprehensive and looking around carefully.

Keke had an inquisitive look, its big eyes blinked a few times, it was unable to understand where did the demon retrieve those broken flags, it was just like a conjuring trick that made it very puzzled.

The snow-white little critter was fearless, it ran over there without any qualms. The little critter revolved around the demon and squeaked a few times to inquire. It appeared to be taking everything that happened at this place very lightly.

“It is a very simple matter, you will naturally understand when you grow bigger, this is only a very simple divine ability. You can open up a domain that belongs only to yourself and store the items there.” ⌈2

“Squeak……!” Keke still did not understand, it shouted a few times resentfully.

The demon stopped the work he was doing, and with a “snap”, a void door with dense negative aura appeared in front of him, Keke backed away in shock hastily.

At the back, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng vaguely saw a few terrifying objects in that sinister void door. They could vaguely see a few huge skeletal remains, and some flowing black liquid……

The demon quickly sealed the void door, he smiled and said to Keke, “Did you see it? It was that kind of space, it was but a simple divine ability for you in the future. When the time comes, you will naturally learn it by yourself.”

Keke looked at the demon drawing the ancient diagram with interest. From time to time, it would also run around Xiao Chen cheerfully, it was easy to tell the little critter was in good mood.

Half a day later, the demon had already completed a part of the ancient diagram. The negative aura in the sky became even denser, so much so that they were almost liquified. The baleful aura made Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng unable to stay at this place anymore, if they continued to stay, their soul might be devoured by the underworld fog.

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They hastily spread out the ancestral god Suirenshi’s burial cloth and used it to block the underworld fog in front. This made Yan Qing Cheng feel rather embarrassed, she actually had to wrap herself in the same cloth as Xiao Chen.

The result was very obvious, without emitting any fluctuation, the seemingly very ordinary and common dark red cloth actually repelled all the negative aura, making them unable to get close.

“Wuu~ Wuu~”

The chilly wind roared furiously, and ghost screech suddenly resounded in the sky, it was transmitted through the dense dark cloud. Words failed to describe how terrifying and frightening it was.

The demon raised his head to look at the black sky with no sunlight, he spoke to himself, “Is it here?”

“W-What is coming?” Yan Qing Cheng stuttered in fright, she was feeling restless, she had never trusted this demon completely since the beginning.

“They are coming……” The demon did not say who it was, this made Yan Qing Cheng unable to find a peace of mind.

Even if Xiao Chen knew the demon wouldn’t do anything to them, he still felt a bit uneasy. After all, everything was too bizarre and terrifying.

In the dark sky, the black clouds rolled, bloody light glinted, the mournful ghost screech became even more desperate, it seemed like it was just in the sky above their head.

“Don’t be scared, you guys have the ancestor god’s burial cloth, they will not do anything to you.” The demon turned around to face the two of them and said, “These are the lost souls that were drifting around in the world, only by gathering these lost souls together will we be able to summon the Sovereign King Ship.”

The scalp numbing mournful screech got closer and closer, it seemed like they were just shouting beside their ears, this kind of situation made one unable to calm down. Even the snow-white little Keke also yelped unceasingly, as if it was trying to resist those sound. Only the three skeletons were unaffected, the ghost screech didn’t have much influence on them.


Along with the thunderous roar, the dark sky seemed to be cut open, one after another bloody rays of light appeared. Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng could vaguely see a huge shadow standing tall and upright in the sky, it was just above them as it let out a screech, this was simply inconceivable.

“Seven days…… Do we really need to wait seven days?” Yan Qing Cheng were stuttering with fright, if they had to keep watch at this place for seven days, that would be too agonizing.

The demon turned around to look at them and said, “Oh, I need seven days indeed, but you guys don’t need to wait here. You just need to come back and complete the summoning ceremony on the last day. However, you guys don’t go too far, maybe there will come a time when I need some help from you. This Nine Underworld Formation is powerful and unpredictable, I cannot master it completely.” ⌈3

“Nine Underworld Formation?!” Yan Qing Cheng cried out in alarm and said, “I had heard of this ancient formation before, it seemed to be one of the most mysterious ancient formation in legends. However…… I can’t remember the specifics.”

“The young lady is quite knowledgeable, this is passed down by a sovereign king once upon a time, it was the holy formation of a dark clan. Although what I obtained was only an incomplete formation, I can have such an accomplishment today is greatly linked to it. I just hope it can help me retrieve my past memories.”

Xiao Chen and the others quickly retreated from the seaside area. They looked at that lingering demonic cloud from a distant place, from the sky all the way to the ground was filled with darkness, they could vaguely see the shadow of the ghosts roaming about, and even hear the mournful screech of the ghost. Many frightened beasts at the coastal area of the island flee in all directions, getting further away from that area.

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In the next few days, Xiao Chen and the others prepared to depart from the island by gathering a large quantity of coconut fruits. Traveling on the ocean, fresh water was essential. Even though with their current ability, they would be able to endure for a long time without food and drinks, but since they had time to prepare, why should they suffer hardship.

These past few days, the dark underworld fog became denser at the coastal area, if Xiao Chen’s party did not have ancestor god Suirenshi’s burial cloth, it was absolutely impossible for them to enter that place. The black fog were almost liquified, it felt incomparably heavy to be walking within. Yan Qing Cheng had an experiment before, she tried to force a wolf to enter that area, as a result, it scattered and dispersed like a puff of smoke in split second. One could very well imagine just how terrifying this place was.

Even Keke and the three skeletons had no choice but to take shelter in the burial cloth. Fortunately, this cloth was long enough.

The thunderous roar resounded at the seaside constantly, even the gold ocean seemed to be shaking up, the vicinity of the beach had already turned into a forbidden area.

In these few days, gigantic and vigorous illusions appeared constantly, it seemed as if this place had turned into a nation of death. Despite knowing that it was far from comparable to the ghost town, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng still felt great dangers.

The seventh day was finally here, the demon’s formation was also completed, he had gathered enough negative aura over the past few days, and a lot of lost souls wandering at the dragon island also gathered at this place. It had satisfied the requirement to summon the Sovereign King Ship.

The dragon island seemed so peaceful, but who knows just how many powerful experts lost their life on this island in the distant past. The lost souls were sufficiently powerful.

“I need the blood from either one of you to begin the real summoning ceremony.” The demon looked at them from within the underworld fog, his face was a little pale. Drawing the ancient formation, gathering the negative aura and lost souls, it was extremely tiring. It seemed like he had almost exhausted his strength over the past few days.

“Wait a moment, Keke is not here yet.” Xiao Chen turned around to look behind.

These few days the little critter appeared and disappeared unpredictably, it always went into the depths of the dragon island by itself. Who knows just what it was doing, Xiao Chen also didn’t stop it from causing mischief, as long as it didn’t cause some disaster.

“I told it to come back earlier today, how come its still not here?” Xiao Chen looked at the direction to the depths of the dragon island doubtfully.

Just at this time, the noise of something collapsing suddenly resounded from the depths of the island, it sounded like a mountain had crumbled.


The coastal area trembled violently, as if an earthquake had just occurred. One could very well imagine just how powerful was the fluctuation that transmitted from a distant place. ⌈4


  1. Silva: …Yea… I bet we all thought it was the Ancestral Dragon Horn >.< 
  2. Silva: Ooooooh! That must be where the divine halberd is!! 
  3. Chanayh: Hard to explain; The Nine Underworld (九幽) indicates the lowest point of hell, the complete opposite of heaven. The Heaven has nine layers, the underground also has nine. “Nine Underworld” is a numeral-classifier compound. The underworld possess the meaning of isolated, and gloomy. As for the “nine” in the “Nine Underworld”, only because nine is the greatest single digit number, it is highly esteemed. Therefore, it possess the meaning of “extreme boundary”. Nine Underworld indicates the deepest depths of the underground, it is used to describe the highest and the lowest point. 
  4. Silva: Uh oh! What did that little critter do now?! 
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