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Chapter 129 – Underground Cave

The snow-white little critter had stolen the Undying Sect’s scripture, Xiao Chen was momentarily stunned. This little critter was really born with an exceeding spiritual sense, which was specialized to look for treasures. Xiao Chen already knew this when they were on the dragon island, the rare treasures were unable to escape the hollow of its palm, even this kind of heavenly technique was unable to do so. This made people a little speechless.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke blinked its big eyes innocently, seemingly saying that this was an insignificant matter. After that, it passed the crystal clear fruit that was emitting an alluring scent to Xiao Chen.

“Could this be the Cloudfire Fruit? According to legend, it takes ten years to bloom, ten years to bear fruit, and ten years to ripen.” After a careful examination, Xiao Chen had confirmed that this was indeed a Cloudfire Fruit. However, he had a kind of bad premonition.

There were about thirty of this Cloudfire Fruits all together, they were like a bunch of crystal clear red grapes. Just where did this little critter manage to find it, did it steal the fruits from an important place of the Undying Sect? If that was the case, the little critter had certainly caused a huge disaster, because since it had already retrieved a bunch of it, it must have already eaten to its fill a long time ago with its personality. Even if they returned the Cloudfire Fruits now, it was already too late.

Xiao Chen was holding the Undying Sect’s scripture and this bunch of Cloudfire Fruits, he was really speechless. This matter would not be easy to deal with.

“Didn’t I warn you before? We must not stir up any trouble at the moment, you…… why did you steal other people’s most valuable scripture?”

It was only natural for him to reprimand this snow-white little critter, it was unavoidable. Since this matter had already escalated to this point, the most important thing now was to find a remedy to pacify the situation. However, since they had already stolen the goods, might as well take a look at it. While Xiao Chen was reprimanding Keke, he began to read the legendary scripture.

However, Keke was getting dissatisfied, it took the Cloudfire Fruits back and began to enjoy the fruits by itself while panting with rage.

“Hey, don’t start throwing a tantrum, was it wrong for me to point out your mistake?”

The snow-white little critter didn’t try to justify itself, only after it ate all the Cloudfire Fruits in one breath did it pull the hem of Xiao Chen’s cloth unhurriedly, hinting him to follow it.

Xiao Chen’s heart was racing, taking the Undying Sect’s scripture with him, he followed Keke out of the residence. After they climbed over the back mountain, they kept going northward. They only arrived at their destination after going forward for more than twenty miles. Xiao Chen didn’t expect the snow-white little critter would actually bring him to a precipitous rocky mountain. Soon after, its figure flashed and brought Xiao Chen to an ancient cave.

This mountain that couldn’t be considered very tall was completely made out of rock, the ancient cave was very deep and winded around complicatedly. There were many forks in the road, it was very easy to get lost. After they walked into the cave for a really long time, Xiao Chen felt a heatwave assaulting him, there was actually a stream of hot springs in the cave.

They kept forging ahead for a while longer, the front was flickering with brilliant rays, he followed the snow-white little critter into a wide and spacious cave. Many night pearls were embedded on the rock walls, which made this place as bright as daytime in contrast.

After entering this place, Xiao Chen was startled at first, then he laughed. He saw plenty of crystal clear Cloudfire Fruits on the walls not far away from the hot spring. It was like a bunch of rubies that emitted an alluring fragrance. And that tough little dragon was half-submerged in the hot spring while letting out a hiccup. This little guy was always playing it cool, this kind of appearance was really too rare.

Xiao Chen already knew he had treated the snow-white little critter unjustly, but he was still very shocked. It seemed like calling the little critter a treasure hunting beast was more than appropriate. The Cloudfire Fruits were hidden so deep in the mountain and yet it was able to find it, it seriously made people speechless.

“Hmph!” Keke actually let out a hum like that of a human, seemingly trying to convey its dissatisfaction.

“Alright, I know I blamed you wrongly. I feel that I have given you the wrong name, it shouldn’t be Keke, ‘Tongchi’ would be a better name. I see that no treasures will be able to escape from the hollow of your palm.”

After carefully examining the cave dwelling, Xiao Chen found that there was a man-made room; the table, the chair, the bed, they were all made out of rocks. And the Undying Sect’s scripture in his hand was actually found in this place by the little-critter. He was only able to confirm it because there was a clear dust imprint left on the stone bed.

Xiao Chen suddenly laughed out loud, he knew that the Undying Sect’s divine arts was not lost, and he actually obtained a similar scripture at this place. He could very much feel at ease while using this as a practice reference.

The martial arts he practiced in was originated from the Yellow River’s ancient monolith, as well as the dragon island’s mysterious monolith. Although it seemed to have improved one step further, it was still unknown if it had been perfected yet. However, the power was still tremendous. If the other martial arts were not especially well-known, he wouldn’t have any interest in them either, but the martial arts left behind by the Demon King was still pretty attractive to him. He wanted to see what kind of unworldly divine arts did this legendary genius passed down. Perhaps he could comprehend new things by using it as an analogy, and understand some profound mysteries.

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While eating the Cloudfire Fruits that could replenish the three energies, Xiao Chen studied the Undying Sect’s scripture attentively. Just by skimming through the text, he was already deeply invested. The Demon King was indeed an outstanding individual, the martial arts he created displayed originality, it was essentially different from the other sect’s martial arts.

While studying the Undying Demon Technique attentively, Xiao Chen felt as if the Demon King had passed these martial arts to him, he was deeply indulged in reading the scripture.

However, this sect’s strange arts were too mysterious and unpredictable, it was still not that bad in the beginning, but the more Xiao Chen read, the more difficult it was to understand. Not long later, he even started to see illusions, so much so that he almost threw up blood. It seemed as if there were countless demonic shriek in the surroundings, it made people’s mind sway, and the soul about to break down.

Xiao Chen took a huge breath, then he started to operate his martial arts in silence. Only after a long time did it slowly start to calm down, he sighed inwardly, this sect’s strange arts were really worthy of the Undying Sect’s scripture, it proved itself to be the heroic Demon King’s creation, it was really too bizarre. An average person would most likely collapse after reading a small chunk of the text.

He recalled a certain legend, in the mortal world, when the Demon King had just created the Undying Demon Technique, countless people had once fought for that imperfect technique, and every single one who had seen that martial arts almost had their soul broken into pieces. The Demon King’s nefarious name became even more infamous due to this.

“Scripture, divine arts!” Xiao Chen sighed.

This scripture really had originality, the glorious “Immortal Demonic Seal” explained how to use the smallest power to bring out the greatest might. Thus, allowing the weak to fight against the strong, the small to kill the big, it gave people no choice but to exclaim in admiration. This was the main reason the Undying Demon Technique became world renowned; it was an art that brought out the full potential of every power.

What Xiao Chen was most interested in was the records of the “Undying Wings”. By condensing the energy, one was able to produce a pair of Undying Wings, it allowed martial artist of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer to fly in the sky. This was much too attractive to Xiao Chen, to be able to fly freely in the sky was the divine ability he yearned for even in his dreams. And the answer was within this Undying Sect’s scripture.

The “Immortal Demonic Seal” and “Undying Wings” were the Undying Sect’s scripture’s most important part, it was also because of these two essential factors that this sect’s strange art was world-renowned and how it came to be the most famous divine art.

Xiao Chen only skimmed through a part of it, it was impossible for him to grasp it so quickly. However, he already had a plan, it was impossible for him to stop practicing the divine monolith’s secret arts, but he could effectively assimilate some skills.

For example, the “Immortal Demonic Seal” which was capable of bringing out the full potential of every power, this kind of skill could be assimilated with ingenuity. As for the “Undying Wings”, it was only a matter of finding out how it works, then he could make the energy pass through his back and form divine wings capable of flight. It was fairly possible to combine them.

Xiao Chen was unable to calm down, by fusing the world-shattering arts with the martial arts he practiced in, it would undoubtedly bring it up to a whole new level.

In the end, his mind was submerged in a fantastic state, he read without thoroughly understanding the Undying Sect’s scripture and mechanically embedded it into his mind. He didn’t dare to trifle with it, because it was impossible to comprehend all the profound mysteries in a short amount of time. If he tried to do it forcefully, his soul might even end up dissipated like the majority of the people.

After embedding it deep into his sea of consciousness, Xiao Chen let out a long breath. It was impossible for him to bring the scripture with him all the time, it was also impossible to come to this place everyday, the safest method was to memorize it.

After plucking a few bunches of Cloudfire Fruits, Xiao Chen let the snow-white little critter led him out of this underground labyrinth, and returned to the residence.

By the time they returned, Xiao Chen could vaguely see a figure swaying a few times in the front, that place seemed like the kitchen. That was a small kitchen that primarily served the people at the back mountain. The back mountain was an important place for the Undying Sect, it seemed like the super powerful experts were staying there. And Xiao Chen was currently staying in between the front mountain and back mountain, thus his food and drink were usually provided from that place.

He felt a little baffled to see a dubious figure this late at night, so he approached without making a sound. Arriving at a place illuminated by the lighting, his prophet-like spiritual sense caught everything.

Every night, someone would come to ask Xiao Chen what he wanted to eat the next day, and the people in the kitchen would prepare the ingredients for breakfast the night before the next day. That person actually sprinkled a lot of drug powder on the foodstuff prepared for him.

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That guy seemed to be the person who was always beside Qinyi, Xiao Chen understood everything clearly in a flash; Qinyi wanted to deal with him. Waiting until that person retreated, Xiao Chen walked into the kitchen calmly. Unless it was a special drug, even if practitioners on his level were to be poisoned, they could remove it from their body at high speed.

He left after taking a little foodstuff, he caught a hare and forcefully fed it. As a result, this rabbit’s eyes immediately turned green and went on a rampage. After observing for a long time, Xiao Chen finally understood this drug powder’s function, the green-eyed male rabbit was chasing female rabbits all over the mountain.


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