Chapter 32 – The Genuine World of Immortals

The Sacred Dragon continuously fired off its spell, one after another dazzling radiance lit up in the sky. At the same time, its pair of wings were like two huge divine swords slashing vertically in the air, pitting itself against the Fallen Angel.

A terrifying power fluctuated violently, everyone on the ground could clearly feel that, this was definitely a spectacular battle!

After hearing Buddhist Yizhen’s explanation in a low voice, Xiao Chen had roughly understood the circumstances of these Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angels were an ancient race whose strength almost rivalled that of the gods. Even though their population was as rare as phoenix feather and unicorn horn, their military power was incomparably strong. Some experts among them could even be considered an esteemed god!

Many of the weak races in the world of immortals treated them as if they were gods. This caused some dismay for the esteemed gods of some exotic tribes. Rumor has it that they were almost exterminated, it has already been a few centuries since they made an appearance in the mainland.

An ancient deity clan!

The more Xiao Chen learned, the more mysterious the world of immortals appeared to him.

“The fight between two demigod-like existence are actually this intense!” Buddhist Yizhen was deeply moved.

Yaluo De, the young expert from Jungle Tribe, said in a surprise, “The Sacred Dragon is obviously no match for the Fallen Angel, her strategy is very cruel indeed. It was her who forced the Sacred Dragon here, perhaps she wanted to banish it to the Dragon Island!”

Chaos, the three meter tall young expert from Barbarian Tribe, nodded in agreement and said, “That must be it, even if the Winged Dragon race hasn’t been sealed. As long as they fell into the Dragon Island, they will also lose their divine ability eternally!”

“Roar……” The Sacred Dragon growled unceasingly. In the end, it actually transform into a human body. Crossing the glittering fog that spiralled around the entire sky, it engaged in a fierce fight with the Fallen Angel within the bright fog. The terrifying fluctuation of energy encompassed every directions. It seems many of the dragons on the Dragon Island finally noticed the disturbance, the bellow of dragons could be heard from the depths of the island.

In the end, the Sacred Dragon was forced to revert back to its huge draconic body. It let out an extremely angry roar as it fell towards the Dragon Island. Its pair of wings were wounded by the huge energy broadsword of the Fallen Angel. At the same time, it received a large-scale dark energy attack on its body.

The fight was concluded with this, the few people who observed the fight knew, once the Sacred Dragon entered the Dragon Island, it will lose its divine ability forever. From now on, it will lose its divinity and exhibit more of its beastly nature.

The Fallen Angel also didn’t dare to approach the Dragon Island. After achieving victory, she transformed into black light and disappeared beyond the horizon.

A long time later, there was still not a single sound to be heard from the coconut grove. This kind of fight between demigods clearly made the few onlookers incomparably shocked.

The tall and strong expert with a steel-like body from Barbarian Tribe, Chaos, was the first to speak, “Demigod is indeed demigod!” After that, he faced Yan Qing Cheng, Lande, and Yizhen, and said to the three of them, “Since everyone already reached the Dragon Island safe and sound, we will go our separate way from now on. I will go with Yaluo De.”

The expert from Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De, nodded his head slightly as he faced Yan Qing Cheng and the other two. Then he took large strides towards the depths of the island with Chaos. One was three meter tall and looked as sturdy as a gigantic ape, while the other had a frail body that was as fragile as a willow tree. It was a very bizarre combination, but the Barbarian Tribe and Jungle Tribe had been close friends for many generations. Moreover, their ability have a huge compatibility. So it doesn’t appear weird even if they walked together.

Xiao Chen laughed at himself mockingly, the two who just left seemed to have completely ignored him.

The Western Spell Master, Lande, who was as bright as a golden sun, faced Buddhist Yizhen and said with a faint smile, “Master Yizhen, I decided to form a party with Fairy Qing Cheng, will you join us?”

The peerless Yan Qing Cheng also revealed a smile that was sufficient to drive every living things crazy as she said, “Senior brother Yizhen, if you join us, the three of us will certainly be benefited greatly.”

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Buddhist Yizhen came from the Bodhidharma’s faction. Since Laozi, Gautama, and various other powerful experts disappeared, Bodhidharma had already become the most renowned expert in the East. Even the immortal Undying Demon King, Pavilon, doesn’t dare to rashly point his sword at Bodhidharma. The people from Bodhidharma’s faction would naturally be regarded as important as well.

“Heh heh, no need. One of my senior brother might come to Dragon Island too, I better wait for him at the coast for a few days first.”

“If that is the case, we will go ahead first.” Lande and Yan Qing Cheng waved at Yizhen, and disappeared in the depths of the coconut grove. They seemed to have forgotten about Xiao Chen’s existence.

Xiao Chen only laughed at himself without saying a single word. In reality, strength represented everything. If only he was a famous expert whose name has shaken the heavens, nobody would dare to act so disrespectful towards him. However, he will never indulge in self-pity. Only time will testify everything, it is hard to say who will become the invincible expert in the end.

After gathering enough sea salt, Xiao Chen parted with Buddhist Yizhen who was still waiting at the coast. He must dispose of Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er as soon as possible, so as to avoid any unforeseen event to happen. Even demigod like the Fallen Angel and Sacred Dragon have appeared, one can imagine just how chaotic the Dragon Island will inevitably become. In just a few more days, there will certainly be a large quantities of experts hurried over in succession to fight over the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon King. This place will turn into a war zone!

As soon as he got close to the deathly swamp, the three skeletons; Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, came out of the jungle without making any sound. These three undead creatures had really taken Xiao Chen as their companion.

In his amazement, Xiao Chen discovered that the three skeletons seemed like they wanted to transmit some kind of message to him. Their jaws opened and closed, generating a clacking sound unceasingly. They used their snow-white bony claws to gestures simultaneously. At last, they even pulled him along a certain direction. Their speed were so fast, it was as if they were flying.

Could it be that they already found Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo? Xiao Chen quickly thought about this kind of possibility.

Passing through the dense mountain forest, moving forward for roughly three miles, the three skeletons brought Xiao Chen before a valley. He had never come to this place previously. Relatively speaking, that was an unfamiliar place to him.

In the surrounding of the valley, even though the forest was very dense, there was rarely any ferocious beasts roaming about. Relying on his common sense, Xiao Chen concluded that a terrifying beast must be dwelling nearby. After carefully surveying his surrounding, he discovered quite a few claw prints outside of the valley. They seemed to be…… the claw prints of a dragon!

Within the valley was a wide expanse of stone forest, there was no hint of any vegetation. Apart from the entrance, all the other sides were all precipitous stone wall. Xiao Chen’s sharp intuition perceived a formidable dragon aura.

Lunhui Wang used its bony claw to hint Xiao Chen to look forward. Within that incomparably wide stone forest, a supreme huge silver monster was prostrating there!

That was…… a dragon!

Even though he cannot see the entire body, he felt a sense of déjà vu. Xiao Chen took a moment to recall, it might possibly be the Sacred Dragon that was fighting with the Fallen Angel earlier! He could hear the faintly discernible light snores of the dragon, that huge silver dragon seemed to be fast asleep.


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