Chapter 98 – Passing through the Space

“Keke, how come you’re here?” Xiao Chen was really worried about it earlier.

Keke was panting with rage as it pointed at him, and then pointing at itself. Its expression was so cute and funny, it was “squeaking” unceasingly like a sulky child. It seemed to be blaming him for abandoning it.

After Keke jumped over, a huge commotion already broke out below the sacrifice altar. It seemed like the evil spirits that rushed out from the former residences wanted to cross the blood river and rush to the top of the altar. This made all the practitioners incomparably frightened. But fortunately, they only let out a few angry snarl and did chase any further.

“Aw~ so cute!” The exceptionally beautiful Rowena smiled enchantingly. She walked over here and embraced Keke, but the little critter didn’t seem to appreciate the soft feeling of her breasts, it directly jumped on top of her head instead.

This made Rowena felt embarrassed and humiliated. In the end, it was Buddhist Yizhen’s bald head that helped her broke away from this predicament. With a “swish”, Keke jumped on top of his head, it even jumped on top of his head a few times due to curiosity. Buddhist Yizhen was not angry at all, he was all smile. It seemed like he had really became a monk that transcended worldliness.

“Keke, don’t mess around.” Xiao Chen grabbed Keke down from Buddhist Yizhen’s head. However, Keke fixed its gaze on the Amethyst Dragon King in the end. It looked at the legendary king of dragons without a hint of fear. Moreover, it was extremely daring as it hopped onto the Dragon King’s head. This gave everyone another great shock, just what was this little critter’s origin for it to be so fearless?!

“Roar……!” The Amethyst Dragon King raged, it shook its dragon head with all its might. It wanted to throw Keke down. For the Amethyst Dragon King, this was a type of serious provocation. As the future Dragon King, how could it let a little critter ride on top of its head. It was truly intolerable.

“Keke……” Xiao Chen was almost speechless. This little critter was really too naughty. How could it be so fearless? He quickly grabbed Keke forcefully in order to prevent the Amethyst Dragon King from going crazy. Facing such an angry Amethyst Dragon King, Keke waved its little paw without a care in the world. It seemed to be saying; I don’t want to play with you anymore.

Everyone became speechless watching these event unfold.

And just at this time, the bloody sun shifted to the middle of the sky. One after another bloody light descended, the sacrifice altar also burst forth with endless bloody radiance. In the end, everyone felt everything around them were covered in the color of blood. They were unable to see anything else.

The space was distorted, it seemed as if the time had also twisted. Everyone felt as if they had entered a space-time tunnel, a bizarre feeling sprouted in their heart.

The bloody light became the only thing before their eyes. Who knows how much time had passed, everyone felt as if they were walking on the clouds. It seemed as if they were pushing their way through at high-speed. When the bloody light finally faded away, what appeared before them was an empty space. It was like they had returned from ancient times, there was no scenery within this unusual space. Except for their breathing sound, it was deathly silent in this pitch-black space.

It felt like a hundred million years had passed, yet it felt like only a few seconds had passed, everyone was experiencing a space-time disorder. Soon after, countless light beam streaked through the sky beside everyone like one after another shooting stars. Xiao Chen and the rest felt as if they were travelling through time and space.

They quickly pushed their way through just like this. It felt as if time had already stopped, they couldn’t feel the flow of time anymore. Everyone’s heartbeat and breathing also seemed to have stopped.

Who knows when it started, the surrounding space began to twist, one after another ripples of energy fluctuation approached, but the energy ripples did not harm the body of anyone. It brushed past their skin like soft water ripple. ⌈1


With a burst of loud rumbling sound, a glaring radiance suddenly burst out, everyone couldn’t help but shut their eyes.

When everyone opened their eyes again, cool breeze brushed past their face, the moonlight was gentle, this was a peaceful night. The sky was filled with many stars, the moonlight spilled down like the water, everything was so auspicious and peaceful.

It really felt as if it was a lifetime ago, the soaring bloody light, the gloomy baleful aura, the endless stream of evil spirits…… they all disappeared without a trace.

Everyone found themselves on the summit of a huge mountain. There was a pavilion not far away, and a small bridge with running water. There was also the refreshing fragrance of flowers. Under the calm starry sky, everything seemed so beautiful, everyone had escaped from the ghost town. ⌈2

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“We finally got out……” Someone shouted excitedly.

Xiao Chen found this place somewhat familiar, and Keke who was sitting on top of Lunhui Wang’s head was a little restless, it stayed on alert and looked all around. It was rare for the insensitive Keke to show this kind of expression.

One practitioner happily ran towards the clear spring nearby, but just when he passed the ancient hall at the side, he suddenly disappeared in thin air. This unforeseen event made everyone’s expression change, their happy expression vanished from the face of the earth. ⌈3

At the same time, a Psychic also disappeared in the sky. The sky was just as terrifying!

“Don’t move around randomly! Don’t get close to those ancient halls!” Xiao Chen yelled loudly, he finally remembered, this was the sacred mountain! This was the place where many dragons roamed around previously, it was very close to Keke’s home; the Heavenly Tree. At that time, he almost lost his life at the foot of the mountain.

How did they get here, and why was it already night-time, could they really have traveled through space-time, and spent more than half a day? Everyone had this kind of doubts.

The Amethyst Dragon King also let out a growl, it also hinted everyone not to act blindly without thinking. It seemed to be a little fearful of this sacred mountain.

The fine trees were exuberant on top of the sacred mountain, the waterfall was surging down the mountain, and there were many pavilion halls. It seemed just like a fairyland, but everyone felt fearful in their heart instead.

“This is really eccentric, the entire scenery looked picturesque, but the bottom seemed so desolate.” One practitioner who stood at the precipice thought out loud as he looked down.

It was like he said, the top of the sacred mountain had so many grand halls, but the bottom was very desolate. There was almost no vegetation, the huge sacred mountain was all brownish. It was somewhat strange.

It was clearly visible, all those halls had been through the vicissitudes of time, some were already collapsed.

“Where is this, what the hell is going on?” The practitioners were very uneasy. “We passed through the space and arrived at this unknown place.” Psychic Lawrence was most proficient in the power of space, he positively announced his verdict to everyone.

The mysterious woman who was proficient in time said, “We spent a lot of time to reach this place.”

Now, they could finally understand why it instantly turned from noon to night.

Xiao Chen didn’t conceal anything, he shared his experience at the foot of the sacred mountain last time. Right now, their fate was interlinked, only by working together as a group would they have a chance of survival.

Not far away, the mysterious woman whose entire body was shrouded by colorful mist lightly stroked the Amethyst Dragon King’s horn. She attempted to communicate with it, and she finally came back after a long time, then she said, “The Amethyst Dragon King unintentionally charged into an ancient hall at the foot of the mountain and after that, it mysteriously arrived at the ghost town’s sacrifice altar.” ⌈4

Everyone became silent, the Amethyst Dragon King entered the ghost town from the foot of the mountain, and yet when they came back from the ghost town, they arrived at the peak of the sacred mountain. How are they supposed to get down safely?

With Xiao Chen’s experience. As well as how those practitioners disappeared in thin air earlier, all of these indicates that it would be difficult and dangerous to get to the mountain foot.

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“Let’s probe around carefully as we descend, this place should not be as dangerous as the ghost town.” Someone proposed this kind of idea. The other people hesitated for a moment, but they still decided to go along with it.

However, just when they covered a distance of roughly hundred meter, a miserable cry resounded. The person at the frontmost disappeared in thin air. And there was no ancient hall in the vicinity, this was really somewhat frightening. They were still on the summit, they had just left from the precipitous area, they hadn’t really descended yet.

Looking at all the ancient halls below the mountain, everyone started to feel dizzy, they finally felt a sense of danger.

“Life or death will be decided by fate. Let’s go!” One practitioner was very courageous, he actually took the lead. This time everyone advanced for nearly fifty meter, then the practitioner who took the lead disappeared in thin air. He didn’t even had enough time to shout.

“How did this happen?!” Everyone were somewhat terrified, nobody was willing to take the lead now.

“Let me take the lead.” The mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist walked in front without hesitation, everyone couldn’t help but admire her courage.

“No, let me do it.” Xiao Chen walked out from the crowd just at this time, because he recalled what happened last time; Keke had saved him twice in the most crucial moment. He put Keke on the ground and said, “Little monster, you should stay a little far away from me, you must save me at the crucial moment.”

“Squeak! Squeak!” Keke was very dissatisfied to be called a little monster by Xiao Chen. It grabbed Xiao Chen’s long hair lightly and pulled it. After that, it nodded and blinked its big eyes as it got to the back of the line. Soon after, it jumped onto the back of the Amethyst Dragon King without restrain.

“Roar……!” The Amethyst Dragon King was completely enraged, this little critter actually dared to offend it again and again. It really made this Dragon King furious, how it wished it could tear the little critter apart immediately.

“Don’t get angry.” The woman shrouded in colorful mist appeased the Amethyst Dragon King who was about to go on a rampage, she said, “It is much smaller than you, let it have its way for a bit, a Dragon King must have a Dragon King’s elegance.” Very clearly, the mysterious woman treated the Amethyst Dragon King as a child throwing a tantrum.

The Amethyst Dragon King let out a growl, then it turned around to take a quick glance at Keke. It seemed like Keke was no longer provoking it and sitting on its back quietly. Keke was currently keeping an eye on Xiao Chen nervously.

After changing their direction, they walked down the mountain for about ten meter. Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, that area burst forth with divine radiance. Keke had made its move! It actually dragged Xiao Chen back.

Everyone was dumbstruck, they couldn’t believe their eyes and looked at this cute little critter. Even the Amethyst Dragon King also exposed an astonished expression, it turned its head around to look at Keke who was on its back.

“Hehe……” Keke laughed out like an innocent child.

Xiao Chen who had just paid a visit to the gates of hell seemed to have sensed something, he turned around and said, “Just now I felt like I was enveloped by inexhaustible baleful aura. It was the same aura as in the ghost town. If we disappeared in thin air at the sacred mountain, we might end up in that ghost town again. Moreover, we might end up in a more dangerous place.”

From this, it could be seen that the quiet sacred mountain was also brimming with danger. A bit of carelessness would mean losing their life.

It was incomparably thrilling as they advanced for more than two hundred meter, Xiao Chen disappeared in thin air three times, but he was pulled back by Keke’s bizarre ability. However, something bad happened, because Keke “squeaked” and using a gesture to tell Xiao Chen that it was getting more and more strenuous.

All of them couldn’t help but feel anxious, if they keep going until the waist of the mountain, the ancient halls would increase in numbers. It was impossible to avoid them all. Everyone had already analysed the regular pattern, the closer to the halls, the more dangerous it became. How would they be able to leave the sacred mountain like this?!

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When Keke pulled Xiao Chen back for the sixth time, the Amethyst Dragon King exposed an astonished expression. It noticed how Keke had a completely different expression from before. After that, it actually emitted a divine radiance and pulled one practitioner walking in front back from the netherworld.

It was actually a divine ability similar to Keke’s very own, but it was not as powerful as when Keke used it. Everyone looked at the Amethyst Dragon King in awe. They couldn’t help praise the Syndicate Dragon King, it truly lived up to its name, it actually learned Keke’s skill in such a short about of time.

But when it heard everyone’s compliment, the Amethyst Dragon King exposed a rarely seen ashamed and upset expression.

The mysterious woman was very close with the Amethyst Dragon King, she could more or less guess the reason it felt ashamed, so she asked, “Was Keke using the dragon’s divine ability?” ⌈5

The Amethyst Dragon King nodded its head in distress.

Seeing this as a result, everyone seemed to have petrified. Keke was actually using the dragon’s divine ability!

“I thought that was the case, when we were in the ghost town, I saw the Monarch Lion Dragon and Tyrannical Dragon using this kind of skill to confine, destroy, and exterminate everything.”

Not only was all the practitioners looking at Keke in awe, even Xiao Chen who walked in front stopped his footstep and turned around to look at that cute little snow-white critter. And just at this time, Keke became a little muddle-headed, it opened its eyes widely and looked at everyone in puzzlement. It had an innocent look.

Buddhist Yizhen recited the chant, and said, “I once saw an ancient scripture regarding the records of exotic beasts. It seemed like there were two or three exotic beasts that were as strong as dragons. They possessed unparalleled inborn intelligence, and could practice the divine ability of every race. I believe Keke might be one of those race, but it’s a pity that the ancient scripture was based on Buddhist doctrine, the record was lacking in details. It didn’t describe the exotic beasts’ appearance and name in detail.”


  1. Silva: Seriously… I wonder what’s going to happen now… are they going to be sent hundred years into the future? 
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  3. Silva: Oh noes… it was that sacred mountain!! 
  4. Silva: Oops…. that means those poor guys are back to the ghost town…. my condolences… 
  5. Silva: Gasp… Keke is a dragon? 

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