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Chapter 67 – Stunning Beauty

The next day, most of the alliance had received the news, everyone was incomparably shocked.

They could not make out Xiao Chen’s appearance clearly on the dark rainy night, but with that tall and straight figure, as well as that terrifying strength, the first thing that came to people’s mind was him.

When the news spread out, the founder of the Phantom Alliance, Carlos, and the founder of the Throwing Knife Alliance, Wharton, will definitely bring a few experts to join up with Yan Qing Cheng. It was very easy to guess that Xiao Chen did this on purpose.

This time, Xiao Chen’s terrifying strength really caused many people to shake in their boots incessantly.

Xiao Chen is taking a stroll in the mountain forest after the rain, and breathing in the fresh air. He let the three skeletons return to the deathly still forest to continue their training. He continued to search for Spell Master Lande in the area where many of the alliances are gathering together, all in accordance to the information leaked by one practitioner at death door. Unfortunately, he was unable to find any clue.

This important figure from the Undying Alliance, even though he had suffered a serious injury from the battle last time, he was still able to escape last night’s massacre. From start to finish, Xiao Chen was never able to find any traces of him.

The sun already rose a long time ago, the torrential rain last night made the sky appear even brighter. The cries of the beasts resounded in the ancient forest, hundreds of birds are singing among the exquisite flowers and trees, different areas have different scenery.

Even though he was roaming around an area where a lot of alliances are gathering together, Xiao Chen painstakingly concealed his tracks, so he was not discovered. It lasted until he was enjoying his lunch beside a jasper-like streamlet, the others only realized he was here due to the smoke raised by the bonfire.

An elegant and lovely figure passed through the emerald-green forest with graceful steps. She walked past the fragrant flowering shrub, she arrived at the flowing streamlet, and appeared before Xiao Chen.

This extremely heavenly and lovely woman possesses an irresistible temperament and charm, the word “beautiful” and “charming” can’t even begin to describe how truly enchanting she is. Her flirtatious expression, her gentle and lovely bearing, it was as if she was the incarnation of spring water itself, she can be said to be the most beautiful woman of her generation. ⌈1

Her delicate and exquisite body was faintly discernible under the almost translucent silky black long skirt. Her curvy body, as well as her exposed skin are flickering with an enticing luster, people couldn’t help but be lost in fanciful thoughts.

“Brother Xiao, move aside. Sitting beside a creek alone, are you not going to welcome me?” Her pair of lips are rosy and seductive, her jade-like teeth were exposed when she smiled. Her mesmerizing eyes under the long long eyelashes contain an irresistible charm.

So what if she is the most beautiful woman under the heaven, with Xiao Chen’s personality, it is impossible to entice him with charisma. Xiao Chen smiled as he looked at her, and said, “You must be the founder of Red Powder Alliance, Rowena ⌈2⌋, correct?”

Rowena smiled gently, it was truly enticing, that tender and loving face was like a combination of the spring water’s tranquility and beauty, she was extremely lovable. Her delicate and charming face was so beautiful that it was practically a beauty extract.

“I didn’t expect Brother Xiao actually knows my name.”

“Each and every member of the Red Powder Alliance is graceful and beautiful, and the beauty of founder Rowena can even turn all living things upside down, how could I not know.”

The breeze gently brushed past, and the rippling of the creek-side flowers created waves of fragrance. Rowena’s silk dress fluttered in the wind, clearly revealing and outlining her beautiful and sexy figure. Her slender jade-like legs seemed to be completely made out of gold. Her round and full buttocks provoked countless wild and fanciful thoughts from afar. Her small waist was slender and soft. ⌈3⌋ Her well-rounded and plump boobs were sticking up on one end, it let one’s imagination roam wildly.

Rowena smiled charmingly and said, “Turning all living things upside down…… Is Brother Xiao secretly mocking us as vixen?”

“No way, I am honestly praising you.”

“Hehe……” Rowena laughed cutely, her exquisite body is like a delicate willow brushed by a light breeze, “We sent someone to invite Brother Xiao before, but Brother Xiao looked down on weak woman like us, and didn’t take notice of us. Therefore, I came to find you personally today.”

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“Lord Rowena, you are making things difficult for me. Your union is full of beautiful woman, how can a lone man like me join?”

“Brother Xiao, you are not frank enough. Last time we obviously did not request you to join Red Powder Alliance, we only want to ally ourselves with you. You cannot pull out like this.”

“If that is the case, then it must be my negligence, that was wrong of me.” Xiao Chen nodded his head and laughed, then he said, “If we form an alliance in the dark, then I have no qualms about it. One more friend, one more route to take. Since we are trapped on the Dragon Island, we ought to be looking out for each other. However, I am a trouble maker, some people always come to find trouble for me, are you not worried that they will bring some inconvenience for you?”

“How could I not.” Rowena cast a glance at Xiao Chen shyly, it was a bewitching and amorous glance. Any average person would have their heart stolen at that moment, “Those people you offended all have great influence. The Undying disciple Yan Qing Cheng. The young expert from the Barbarian Tribe, Chaos. The young expert from the Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De. And now you even offended the genius Illusion Master Carlos, as well as the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, Wharton. One after another harder to deal with.”

“Since you knew, you still want to form an alliance with me?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to provide help in somebody’s hour of need instead of decorating something that is already perfect? If we extend our goodwill after you have overcome your adversity, you might not have good impression of us. And since your circumstances is not favorable at the moment, if I form an alliance with you, and help you in a desperate situation, I presume you wouldn’t not do anything when I run into trouble in the future?” These words from Rowena are very “practical”, but only in this way could they show their sincerity. If they tried to deceive Xiao Chen, it will only earn his disdain. Both of them are intelligent people, they knew this method is the most effective to earn one’s trust.

“Oh? That means you want to form an alliance with me now, stand on the same battlefront, and make an enemy out of Yan Qing Cheng and the rest?” Xiao Chen repressed his smile and looked at Rowena.

“Hehe, I suspect I won’t have a long life.” Rowena laughed gently, then she said, “We will form an alliance in secret, unless one of us get caught up in a life or death situation, we need not help each other. I am serious, if one day, you really are at death’s door, I will come to help you.”

Xiao Chen finally laughed, she is a practical diplomat who loves to gamble. Rowena evaluated his formidable strength, she doubt Xiao Chen will get caught up in a sticky situation during this time of crisis. She might not even need to help him, and forming an alliance with him now is most ideal. She wouldn’t have to waste any resources, and would gain a formidable ally in the future, she has hit a jackpot!

“Very well, then we will form an alliance in secret. Who knows in a few days later, Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton might push me to the brink of death. I might need to come and seek asylum from you.”

Rowena’s lovely expression flipped for a moment, but she quickly recovered, and smiled, “I believe in your strength, you will certainly come out unscathed.”

Xiao Chen smiled, and didn’t say what he was thinking of. This exceptionally beautiful girl has most likely formed an alliance with many people in secret. But it is not possible for him to point it out so bluntly, he still had to “sincerely” cope with it on the surface.

The fishes are swimming here and there in the clear streamlet. The fragrance of the flowers and plants on both sides of the shores pervaded the air. This place is peaceful and lively.

The bare arms of Rowena are as delicate as clear water, they are suffused with an enticing luster, revealing her incomparably appealing youthfulness. Her neck is as white and smooth as a swan, the color of her lovely face is like a flower in full bloom, she laughed and said, “From henceforth we are allies, but this is a secret only between you and me, you cannot let anyone else know.” ⌈4

“Of course, this is a secret between you and me, but it is not really necessary for you to form an alliance with me. An incomparably beautiful woman like you, nobody would have the heart to kill you.”

“Woman like me. Hehe. Is in more dangers than you could imagine. I always feel like I am surrounded by a flock of wolf, who knows when I will be swallowed.” Rowena started to giggle, and said, “That’s why I need to get ready as soon as possible. Hehe. Who knows when will I be forced to find a backer to support me soon.”

Of course Xiao Chen knows what she meant by backer. Among the beautiful girls who delved into the Dragon Island, perhaps a majority of them will meet this kind of fate.

Rowena smiled gently and said, “Xiao Chen, I wish you will become stronger and stronger. I might come and find you to be my backer.”

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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    FatChinee: I can’t believe I did this, I must be bored out of my mind!
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    These line are fine to read, I have nothing against them, but once you start translating…… 
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