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Chapter 94 – Spiritual Divine Light

It was already too late for Lawrence’s assistance, all of this happened too fast. Just now he was sent flying very far away, he was too far away from Xiao Chen, the void power wouldn’t be able to reach this area. As for Rowena who was at the sideline, she didn’t have that kind of power.

But just at this time, three streaks of white light rushed into the sky like three streaks of lightning. The three skeletons that didn’t make a move until now finally made their move after Xiao Chen was caught up in danger. Since the battle began until now, the three fellows watched at the sideline, they were unusually calm. It seemed like they were looking for the evil spirit’s weak point.


They bumped into the evil spirit at the same time, six bony claws violently tore apart the burial cloth, and saved Xiao Chen from the dangers of being wrapped. At the same time, Xiao Chen quickly took action. After his legs clashed a few times with the evil spirit’s legs, he sent a horizontal slash towards the evil spirit’s throat with his left hand.

By the time they landed on the ground, Xiao Chen’s right palm had already broken free from the burial cloth. The three skeletons split up and tore the burial cloth from three different directions. They wanted to tear it apart from the evil spirit’s body.

The burial cloth was a bizarre cursed item, the three skeletons had seen everything clearly, and Xiao Chen already had a profound understanding. He almost paid a huge price because of this just now, he also started to tear the evil cloth that was covered in black bloodstain.

The black netherworld light flickered, the burial cloth actually let out a screech. It was an incomparably mournful screech, just hearing it caused people’s scalp to feel numb. The black fog violently rolled over and over in this alley.

“Shriek……!” The evil spirit seemed very anxious, the burial cloth trembled violently in hope of destroying Xiao Chen and the rest.

Just at this time Lawrence also rushed over, the overlapping space enveloped it again. The green rays of light made the evil spirit felt as if it was caught up in a swamp.

“Quick! Pull the burial cloth apart, he is not as strong as we thought, his power came from this evil cloth!” Xiao Chen yelled at Lawrence. He was able to uncover this secret during close combat. It was the burial cloth which granted the evil spirit this kind of power.

“What…… The burial cloth?!” Lawrence kept sending the green-colored void power to confine the burial cloth and pulled it outward with all his might.

“Shriek……!” The evil spirit bellowed in rage, the burial cloth that covered its face was already tore apart by Lunhui Wang. Half of its rotten face was exposed. Eerie green light emitted from its eye sockets, and the messy blood-colored hair was spiky. This kind of rotten corpse was especially intimidating. It was a genuine evil spirit.

The evil spirit was getting desperate, if the burial cloth was torn apart, his power will diminish substantially. He struggled intensely, and then spouted a few yellowish gas from his mouth. It transformed into a glaring light sword that attacked Xiao Chen and Lawrence. This was the strongest demonic-qi he accumulated in his body.

It forced Xiao Chen and the rest to fall back.

“Shriek……!” The evil spirit screeched loudly. The instant Xiao Chen and Lawrence were forced to take a step back, he shook the burial cloth with all his might. The inexhaustible aura of death spread all over the place, the black fog rolled, and pushed Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang away in an instant.

“Clatter! Clatter!” The three skeletons’ framework collapsed and scattered on the street. The white bones all over the ground were especially unpleasant to the eyes.

Xiao Chen was downhearted, but his tension immediately loosened up after he notice that framework was not destroyed. They were just separated from the joints, and he actually saw Qinguang Wang’s skull flickering with specks of radiance. It seemed to be telling him that they were fine.

Three cunning skeletons…… Xiao Chen no longer worried about them.

The evil spirit viciously gazed at Xiao Chen and Lawrence. Then it dragged its rotten legs and walked towards them in large strides. Traces of yellowish dead water was left on the surface of the ground. Its full attention was focused on the two people ahead. But just at this time, when he was about to get past the three skeletons’ skull, the skulls jumped up at high-speed, and shot towards the evil spirit like three streaks of white light.

At the same time, Xiao Chen and Lawrence also made their moves. A blazing sword-qi and light rain enveloped the evil spirit.

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The evil spirit let out a screech, it waved one demonic claw towards the three skeletons’ skull. The other demonic claw was used to fend off Xiao Chen and Lawrence’s attack. As expected, the skulls were sent flying by him, but three spiritual light shot out from the skulls like three streaks of lightning and pierced the evil spirit’s eyes.

“Shriek…..!” Like it received a devastating attack, the evil spirit suddenly fell to the ground while facing upwards. It rolled around like crazy on the alley.

Without any delay, Xiao Chen rushed over quickly and grasped the burial cloth firmly. And then he pulled it in one breath, the burial cloth flipped over, it produced a flapping sound, and gave rise to thick black fog. It finally separated from the body of the evil spirit. Lawrence also rushed over and used void power to confine the burial cloth in a tiny space.

After losing the burial cloth, the evil spirit’s body was completely exposed. It was a truly frightening scene. Half of its body was completely swollen, it was already rotten. And the other half was like a dried up tangerine skin. The parched skin was sticking to the framework which gave off a black light.

It was sinister and scary!

The evil spirit was still rolling on the ground, Xiao Chen took a step forward. He stepped on the evil spirit’s neck ruthlessly. With a “snap”, the sinister ghost head tumbled down. At the same time, three spiritual light rushed out from the evil spirit’s eyes, and entered three skulls on the ground.

The evil spirit which had its head and body separated still did not become motionless. It actually struggled to get free, its headless body stood up straight, and pounced on Xiao Chen as fiercely as before. After losing the burial cloth, it was far weaker than its former self. It was already unable to threaten Xiao Chen’s life.

Xiao Chen jumped high into the sky, he moved his hands unceasingly, and then threw the seal downward with all his might. A blazing divine radiance descended, and then with a “boom”, the evil spirit was torn apart.

Even though they knew the evil spirit wouldn’t pose any threat to them after losing the burial cloth, Lawrence was still very shocked to see this killing move of Xiao Chen. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why did I never see you use this killing move before?”

Xiao Chen descended from the sky, and said, “How would I dare to use it before, this is a technique I saw on the fence around the divine monolith. It seemed to be the legendary God Slayer Technique. I never practiced it before, how would I dare to use it on the evil spirit? Just now I felt there was no more dangers, so I’m just using it as a test. Who could have thought that the God Slayer Technique was this powerful. Indeed, the better secret technique requires one with compatible ability to exhibit its full potential.

“Is that so……” Lawrence smiled slightly with his somewhat sickly yet handsome face. He had recorded many diagrams regarding the space from the fence at that plaza. It will surely be beneficial if given some time.

And Xiao Chen had also recorded quite a few killing moves. Not only was there the God Slayer Technique, there were also the Chaotic Three-Way Patterns, Eight Laws of Demon Suppression, etc.

After the evil spirit was ripped apart, the black fog dissipated quickly. Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng also came closer at this time. They felt very fearful just looking at the remains on the ground. And Xiao Chen destroyed the head with another attack.

Lawrence opened up the sealed space, and threw the burial cloth onto the ground. All of them could feel a bizarre energy fluctuation.

Yan Qing Cheng was watching this battle from the sideline all along, she seemed somewhat excited. She couldn’t help but start to talk, “This burial cloth was handed down from ancient times, not only was it still in good condition to this day, it is bearing a frightening demonic-qi and powerful energy. It was definitely stained by the blood of an extraordinary figure.”

“Not bad, it was definitely encroached by the blood of a super powerful experts. Otherwise it wouldn’t be this terrifying and bizarre.” Lawrence spoke until here, then he turned his attention to the three skeletons at the side, and said, “It was thanks to the three of them. Otherwise we would be in a really dangerous situation just now. It never occurred to me that their spiritual lights are so strong. This is clearly a sign that they will be able to evolve into Sovereign Kings.”

The three skeletons slowly assembled their framework. After that, they stretched their joints comically. But everyone clearly looked at them differently now, these three skeletons were definitely a perfect example of disguising oneself as swine to eat the tiger.

“Was it really a ghost? I couldn’t feel any soul fluctuation from their body……” Lawrence whispered to himself. The condition of his injury was getting worse after this battle, he seemed a little weak.

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Xiao Chen also pondered for a while before he opened his mouth and said, “Maybe it was because the baleful aura in the ghost town was too heavy, which stirred up the residual thoughts within those corpse, and took shape of such a terrifying evil spirit. Perhaps…… the ghosts in the folklore were formed like this.”

Soon after, their gaze fell back to the burial cloth again. Judging from how easily Xiao Chen destroyed the evil spirit in the end, the evil spirit was not really that strong. The only reason they were unable to defeat it in the beginning was because this bloodstained burial cloth increased the power of the evil spirit.

“This adult evil spirit is not much stronger than the young evil spirit we eliminated earlier. It was only because of this cursed item, how do we deal with it?” Lawrence asked Xiao Chen.

In regards to this kind of demonic item that was filled with fiendish aura, no one had a favorable impression of it. Nobody was willing to use it as weapon. It didn’t seem too likely for it to be refined either. Perhaps only an evil spirit would be able to refine it.

“How about giving it to the three of you?” Xiao Chen looked towards Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons.

“Clack! Clack!” The three skeletons moved their jaws unceasingly. They waved their hands to refuse. At the same time, the lotus insignia on their foreheads emitted resplendent divine radiance. It made their framework appear as bright as the white jade, not a single trace of sinister aura could be found. On the contrary, they looked like the most perfect masterpiece under the heaven.

All of them thought it was weird, skeletons brimming with divine aura, it was really strange.

In the end, they used a slab to cover the burial cloth in the alley, then they quickly left this place. But… when they were about to turn at a corner, Xiao Chen clearly heard the door of a former residence opening with a “creak”. He suddenly turned around to take a look. He only saw a man wearing ancient cloth, he pulled that burial cloth from under the slab quickly, and floated back into the former residence.

In that instant, Xiao Chen felt a chill down his spine, because he saw the real face of that person clearly in the last second. It was actually a legendary immortal that had a golden statue in the human world! But… within that instance, he didn’t feel any immortality on the other party’s body. He also didn’t feel any soul fluctuation, there was only a sinister baleful aura.

Xiao Chen quickly caught up with Lawrence and the rest, leaving that alley behind him. However, he was unable to remain calm, just what kind of place was this ancient city? Why…… Why did it become like this?! Just now, he definitely didn’t see wrongly. His state of mind fluctuated violently, he thought of many possibilities, but he didn’t tell Lawrence and the rest what he saw earlier, because that will only increase the anxiety.

They pushed their way through the ancient street, Xiao Chen became more cautious than ever. They remained at a respectful distance from the door of every former residences. It was hard to say what would be hiding in the former residence, it was even harder to predict what kind of dangers exist in this ancient city.

All of a sudden, waves of yelling noise entered their ears. The sound of battle was transmitted from an ancient street not far away, it seemed like there were quite a few people.

“The line is empty, sit empty, silent movement are all empty. It would go head to head. Like the cranial longitudinal sword cut spring……”

Xiao Chen heard Buddhist Yizhen’s voice. He walked out from this alley, and looked towards that ancient street. He only saw seven to eight practitioners having a fierce battle with two Yin Warriors. Buddhist Yizhen and Solitary Sword Demon were among them, they had laid down their desire for revenge at this moment, and worked together to confront a powerful enemy. Even that mysterious woman who was shrouded by colorful mist was among them.

The Yin Warrior was like an ancient fossil, their entire body was covered by the armor. He was standing at the same spot without moving an inch. The ancient bronze spear in his hand emitted one after another brilliance. It gave a hard time for a few young experts.

If it was not because the woman who was shrouded by colorful mist using the Law of Time to slow down its movement, those few people would already be in a dangerous situation. The Solitary Sword Demon was showing off his ability like a sharp sword, and the sword in his hand even caused the space to distort. His long sword emitted a whistling sound. He was definitely the strongest among the group.

Buddhist Yizhen seemed transcendental, when he was soaring in the sky, he seemed like the Gods and Buddhas. Lotus flower light were actually floating in his immediate surrounding. His entire person was brimming with Buddha nature. Thousands of Buddha Palm kept attacking that Yin Warrior. After he received enlightenment from the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, he had successfully transformed. He is not much weaker than Solitary Sword Demon now.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence walked forward with large strides, their only hope for survival now is to work together. They decided to join the fighting group.

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They had no choice but to admit, the Yin Warrior was indeed very strong. Only one of them was able to resist eight young experts, and it seemed like he was not very clear-headed. He definitely had a super terrifying strength. They were unable to read his state of mind, he looked like a stone statue no matter how they looked at him. One person fighting against eight experts, and he was still as silent and indifferent as in the past……


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