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Vampire Princess Volume 3 Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Did you know? We recently purchased all volumes of Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream from Bookwalker and uploaded the illustrations here. If you’d like to see more illustrations from other novels, help us buy those books by supporting us on General Purpose Patreon!

Did you know? Ragweed Princess of the Livithium Kingdom is a sequel of Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream. If you like this series, why not give Ragweed Princess a try?

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Ragweed Princess Chapter 2-2

We will start publishing Ragweed Princess at the rate of 1 chapter per week starting this month.

Please note that, as we were close to catching up to the latest chapter of Hero King available at the time, we decided to lower the monthly commissioned chapters of Hero King from 10 to 5, in exchange for 5 monthly chapters of Ragweed Princess. As such, subscribing to Hero King on Patreon will grant you access to Ragweed Princess and vice versa.

  • Disclaimer: We are aware that the author of Hero King has continued to update the webnovel, as of this moment of writing, there are 348 chapters, meaning that we still have 64 chapters to translate. At this rate, it’ll take another year to catch up. We will consider splitting Hero King and Ragweed Princess into their own individual project in the future when we have more leeway in funding.

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