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My Loli Brother Chapter 20

So I tried playing Genshin, not impressed. There is my constitution that prevents me from playing 3D games for long hours due to getting nauseous from motion sickness, but my impression of the game itself is anything but impressive. To me, it’s just an open-world game with the disgusting element of gacha. It’s just like any other game where you eventually do the same repetitive tasks to grind for materials to ascend your characters and upgrade your equipment. Totally doesn’t live up to the hype. It only seems fun now because it’s the best shiny new things. People always loves their shiny new toys. The hype will die down eventually.

The thing that irks me the most is that there’s no character customization, no personification, and most of all, no fashion items.

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My Loli Brother Chapter 19

To Genshin or not to Genshin… that’s the question. Genshin Impact has been real popular these days and it’s the talk all over the net, and I have no idea why. I wanted to try it but I’m scared to start playing games that’d take up much of my time. One of the main reason which I stopped playing games nowadays (mostly) is because I have limited amount of time a week and I don’t have much self-control, I’m afraid that if I start playing, I won’t have time to finish my work.

Then again, everyday after I finish my work, I just shut down my PC and lie on my bed, staring at my phone and doing nothing productive for the whole day. Should I play? Should I not play? Will I be able to control myself? Should I let the patrons of Re:Library suffer from lack of chapters due to my bad decision? More importantly, is the game really that fun?

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The Saintess Chapter 15

After close to 5 months, I present to you… a new chapter of the Trap Saintess!! Eh? Why did I suddenly translate this again after 5 months of hiatus? It’s just one of those random mood swings and a casual reminder that this teaser project still exists.

That and also our one and only Queen is a fan of this series. By Queen, I mean Fana, the personage who donated a dedicated server to host Re:Library.

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New Comment Sticker

We have just commissioned a new sticker from Xeph’s Artwork at the price of $35. Before we continue, let’s have a look at the sticker first:


What do you think? It turns out pretty nicely yes? I’m thinking of spending $35 dollars to commission one sticker from Xeph each month, if you have a request for the type of sticker you want us to commission, please let us know in the comment below or ping us in Discord. It would be even better if you have a sample pic we can base the sticker off of.

My Loli Brother Chapter 17

Well, at least I managed to finish 1 chapter. It’s definitely not because I’m lazy to do one more chapter.

Anyway, big thanks to Fire for helping edit this chapter. He’s definitely a hard worker. Speaking of, we haven’t had any new novels at Re:Library for a while now huh… maybe it’s about time to start recruiting again… I think our current team is starting to stabilize a bit… maybe… or maybe I’m just too tired to care anymore…

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My Loli Brother Chapter 15

I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks, while I’d love to use the server migration as an excuse for the lack of update, the truth is that, I left most of the migration work to Fana and indulged myself in reading Spirit Chronicles Light Novel. I only helped a bit here and there, mainly to identify the problems and push all the work to her and restore some of the site functions that didn’t get transferred properly.

To make up for that, I’ve translated two chapters today so you can expect another chapter coming up soon. I might do 1 or 2 more chapters tomorrow depending on my availability.

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[Event] Discord Giveaway

Hey guys, we’re holding a giveaway over on our discord channel! I’d love to see you there participating for this wonderful chance to win any one of our three prizes. First place will receive a Lily keychain based off of our lovely Lily in Demon Sword Maiden, second place will be a Nanako Keychain from the same series, and our third place prize will be Free $50 Patreon Reward for 1 month, which includes view only access to Re:Library’s project folder with all the sponsored novels!

All you need for a chance at winning any one of these every month is to boost our discord server ( at least once and send us a picture of it. I’ll also say that those who have already won a keychain before can opt to get a poster of instead of getting a second one. I hope to see all of your participating!

Here are the photo of said keychains and poster:
DSM Keychains
Image 1: Nanako Keychain (Left) and Lily Keychain (Right)

DSM Poster
Image 2: Lily Poster

[News] Comment Emoji & Sticker

We’ve installed the new comment system for a while now and I’m sure everyone is already getting used to it. You can simply leave your name and email to comment as a guest or you could simply Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Disqus, or WordPress to log-in and comment as a member, which comes with extra benefits of being able to edit all your comments at any given time.

I have been intending to purchase the emoji add-on for a while now and today, we’ve finally completed the deal. With this add-on installed and activated, you should now be able to see two new icons available in the comment form as illustrated below:


The yellow smiley face contains all the default emoji sets you can find on all the major platforms, though it seems that there is a slight problem with it that it doesn’t seem to be working on older devices. At least when I tried to view the emoji on my Windows 7, it only show me a blank page.

You can also insert the emoji while typing by using Emoji Shortname as shown below:

And lastly, the green smiley icon contains the custom stickers we’ve uploaded. For now, we only have 5 stickers with the lovely face of our favorite protagonist from Demon Sword Maiden series. We will continue to commission for more custom stickers from our go-to artist and slowly but surely increase the number of stickers for everyone to use. With this, I hope everyone will be able to make use of the emojis and stickers to enliven the chat and interact with each other more openly on the site.


My Loli Brother Chapter 14

It seems that many people has been bugging me to pick up the Maid novel lately due to the lack of updates. I wonder if I should pick that as the next teaser after I finish My Loli Dude volume 1? Is it any good? I haven’t actually read that yet… but if people are asking for more, it’s probably good?

As for why the Maid novel is not receiving update, well… I am somewhat, a little, acquainted with the translator in question and it seems that she’s working on the frontline as a doctor, and you know how hectic a time it is now for the doctors, so please understand and give em some breathing room.

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