Chapter 86 – Rain of Blood

Yan Qing Cheng, her beauty could even captivate the birds and beasts, her appearance could hide the moon and shame the flowers, her charisma could even ruin and overturn the states. She was a genuine beauty unmatched in her generation. Right now, her pair of eyes were burning in fury, she was an overbearing woman, she’d rather die than becoming a slave. She stared at Xiao Chen wrathfully.

“A captive needs to understand their own position!” Xiao Chen ignored her after he stopped talking. He began to inspect Lawrence’s condition.

The exceptionally beautiful Rowena smiled gently, and said, “Xiao Chen, if you are fine with it, you can leave her to me. I assure you I will turn her into a qualified slave.”

“Good, I will leave her to you.”

At present, the chaotic massacre had persisted for one night, it already started to gradually settle down. It seemed like they had determined the victory or defeat between the few big factions. Even though some practitioners saw Xiao Chen and Lawrence, they didn’t dare to start a fight with them. They already saw the terrifying strength of Xiao Chen and Lawrence.

Of course, if the leaders of the big factions are here, it’s hard to say whether Xiao Chen and Lawrence would be able to escape.

It is already early morning at the moment, but the sun had not risen yet. A chilly wind mysteriously blew across the earth, the originally sizzling hot island is indescribably cold at the moment!

“Whoosh! Whoosh……!”

It was like the screech of the ghosts, the chilly wind produced an ear-piercing screech. It appeared even more mind-boggling and frightening, especially at this sea of bones. Soon after, a yellow wind suddenly blew across the earth. The aura was still as cold as before, and the world had actually turned pale yellow.

Yellow wind was a sign of great misfortune, it was the sign of a demon rising from hell!

Of course, that was just a rumor. But it is indeed very mind-boggling at the moment! All the practitioners raised their heads to look at the sky.


Just at this time, yellow clouds shrouded the sky, and dropped a black lightning towards the ground. It made this place even more bizarre and eerie.

And finally, heavy rain started to pour, it was actually yellow rain!

Water screen was formed from the water droplets. The yellow heavy rain seemed so bizarre. It practically looked like a yellow dead water. ⌈1

This bizarre situation caused everyone to feel somewhat nervous.

Lawrence suddenly opened his mouth and said, “If I didn’t remember wrongly. Today seems to be Ghost Festival!”

After entering the world of immortals, Xiao Chen had long forgotten what date was it today. He didn’t even know the months and year of this world.

“That…… That’s right!” The extraordinary beautiful Rowena’s voice was a little shaky.

“Ghost Festival…… How can it be?!” Xiao Chen was not very convinced.

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Lawrence nodded and said, “Yes, of course it is not trustworthy. I only suddenly recalled it after seeing this bizarre situation and the surrounding sea of bones.”

Only… immediately after they stopped talking, something incomparably bizarre took place in between the deafening thunder and water screen. One immeasurably tall and ancient city emerged from among the sea of bones! ⌈2

Not only did Xiao Chen and the gang saw it, the other practitioners also did. In that instant, everyone present held their breath. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

This ancient city within the rain was too imposing, it was emitting a majestic aura. The city wall was about hundred meter tall, it was higher and bigger than any big city in the mainland. And yet it was brimming with the vicissitudes of time, who knows just how long ago this ancient city wall had been built. It seemed like it had traversed the space-time continuum and came from the ancient era.

That hundred meter tall city gate opened widely, it was directly facing a number of practitioners. Even if the rain was pouring heavily, it was also difficult for the water screen to conceal the scene inside the city gate.

There were groups of soldier within the city wall, they seemed like Yin Warriors with murky deathly aura. They were practicing uniformly under the rain. It was hard to judge which dynasty they used to serve from the ancient armor they were wearing.

Afterwards, someone cried out in alarm, because those people already recognized those armor. They looked completely identical to the written records in the ancient book. Some of them were wearing the ancient armor of Celestial Warrior, and there were also some wearing the ancient armor of Yin Warrior!

Within the ancient city, it seemed like a few huge figures were swaying. It looked almost like a Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon. However, they were really too far away, and due to the cover of the rain, they were unable to see it clearly.

The yellow dead water-like rain poured down heavily, the weather was brimming with a negative aura. The ancient city within the rain curtain was like an underworld ghost town that reappeared in the human world. The bulky black lightning ripped the space apart, it kept falling from the heaven unceasingly. The ear-splitting sound resembled the screech of malicious spirits, this was an incomparably scary scenario.

The yellow sky gradually became darker, the pale yellow clouds completely turned into black clouds. Even though it was already early morning, this place was even darker than midnight. Layers upon layers of black fog looked like lingering ghost aura. And the color of the lightning actually changed into crimson red!

The crimson red was especially unpleasant to the eyes, one after another terrifying crimson light continuously cut across the sky from that rumbling demonic cloud. It resembled multitudes of bloody rivers surging toward the ground. It made this dark world appears mind-boggling and terrifying in contrast.

The negative aura from the sea of bones was heavy, but it was still not comparable to that of the bizarre ancient city located in the center of the sea of bones. The divine monolith in the center of the sea of bones was already nowhere to be seen. Perhaps it was due to the appearance of the ancient city that this flat land seemed to have significantly been enlarged.

Just at this time, the stench of blood suddenly assailed everyone’s nose. Someone finally cried out in alarm, “Blood…… It’s watery blood!” ⌈3

Within the dark sky, that intense yet glaring lightning brandished wildly. They could clearly see the raindrop within the intervals of the electric light. The raindrop actually turned scarlet red! The stench of blood assailed the nostrils, the world was actually covered by a layer of bloody curtain. The rainwater had transformed into watery blood! ⌈4

This was seriously too terrifying and scary, this made everyone in place unable to suck in a cold breath. Everyone could feel their scalp go numb, their back breaking out in cold sweat, and the hair all over their body standing on end. It gave rise to a bone chilling fear.

Not only did the ancient city’s hundred meter tall city wall emits an ancient aura, it also appears incomparably mind-boggling after being bathed in the rain of blood. It seemed like a huge monsters which broke the bounds of time and came from the ancient era. The fiendish aura it emitted could break anyone’s willpower.

Someone said in terror, “Those things embedded on the city gate are……”

All of them couldn’t help but raise their heads to see. They could only see a huge Eternal Wheel of Life. Many people couldn’t refrain from shouting, “That looked exactly like Buddha’s Eternal Wheel of Life in legends!”

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“Buddha, Laozi, and all the experts on their level already disappeared countless years ago, why would his Eternal Wheel be embedded here?”

“It seemed to be smashed onto the wall!”

“It seemed like he wanted to destroy the city gate!” And the mysterious city seemed extremely bizarre under the rain of blood! It seemed like the legendary artifact of Buddha had been viciously smashed onto the wall. Many huge cracks appeared on the ancient wall near the Eternal Wheel. The right side of the city gate had suffered serious damage.

Clearly, someone tried to use the Eternal Wheel to attack these wall before. However, the Eternal Wheel had been confined by these bizarre black wall.

If their guess was correct, then this thing was more terrifying than they originally thought! To make the merciful Buddha became like this, it was obvious that he must had been really furious. But he even lost his Buddhist Artifact in the end, one could imagine just how bizarre this ancient city was.

After all, the legendary Buddha was a figure as powerful as Laozi, his magic power and ability surpassed the ancients and dazzling contemporaries. He didn’t have much worthy adversary during that time period.

Buddha and Laozi had already disappeared for countless years, could it be related to this ancient city? Everyone thought of this terrifying question.

The scarlet rain of blood still poured down as heavily as before. Through that wide open city gate; They could clearly see those soldiers adorned with Celestial Warrior and Yin Warrior’s ancient armor. They were dyed in the color of blood, there were abundant of bloody figures, it was exceptionally terrifying.

“Too scary…… We can stay here no longer……” Some practitioners’ voice were already trembling. They quickly retreated, and left the sea of bones. They entered the deathly still forest, but as soon as these people entered the deathly still forest, their miserable shrieks resounded. ⌈5


The dark sky. The intense lightning, the scarlet rain of blood, and the miserable shriek. When all of these interweaves together, it was so extremely scary and terrifying.

“Tree demon, evil spirit!” Those people screamed in fear, “All the ancient trees have come to life, they have transformed into evil spirits!”

That incomparably exuberant ancient woods at the rear turned extremely eerie at the moment. All the ancient trees were fluttering about under the rain of blood. A human face had appeared on the trunks of every ancient trees. It truly seemed like they had been possessed by malicious spirits. All the branches were like demonic hands that firmly bound the practitioners. Their bodies were slowly corroded, and absorbed into the tree.

Only a few with enough strength were able to make it back. Dozens of people lost their life in the ancient forest.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence casted a quick glance at each other. They felt somewhat shaken up, everything that happened today was really too bizarre. Nobody was able to understand what was going on.

The extraordinary beautiful Rowena who could turn all living things upside down with her cute act, is no longer acting in a seductive manner. Her voice trembled as she said, “Today is the Ghost Festival, the legend is true. The gate to the underworld shall open, the aura of life will weaken, and the Sovereign of Death will descend upon the world!”

“Nonsense, whence had you ever seen this kind of situation in the world of immortals?” Lawrence coughed moderately, his face was somewhat pale. His body really doesn’t seem that good.

The scarlet rain of blood poured down continuously, but not a single drop was able to make contact with Xiao Chen’s body. The invisible aura around his body blocked every drops of rain, he calmly gazed at the ancient city, and said, “For all the dragons as powerful as deities to be sealed back then, I suspect it had something to do with this ancient city.”

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“I also thought so.” Lawrence nodded his head in agreement.

The mutual killing between the numerous practitioners had already come to an end a long time ago. They divided into a few big factions and stood at opposite side. As for Xiao Chen’s party and other “lone wolf”, they did not join up with those big power.

The appearance of the ancient city and rain of blood gave those schemers no other choice but to form a truce. At last, everyone who was scattered at the sea of bones came together, those key figures seemed to have reached a compromise, and no longer continue to fight.

There were plenty of human figures, the fight between the schemers this time led to a battle royal, which resulted in the death of two hundred plus people. There are presently four hundred plus people remaining on dragon island. And among these numbers, three hundred plus were gathered in this sea of bones.

Nobody dared to act blindly without thinking. Facing the unknowns, everyone could feel a great sense of danger. They could only gather together and watch the ancient city attentively.

At a distant place, one lonesome figure passed through the curtains of blood, and walked towards Xiao Chen’s direction. He walked unsteadily, and staggered left and right. It was actually Buddhist Yizhen. His white shirt had long been dyed red by the blood. Abundance of faint radiance covered his entire body. The blood all over his body was clearly not drenched by the curtains of blood. His monk cloth was worn out, it was obvious that he had went through an intense battle. “Yizhen……” Xiao Chen immediately rushed to his side.

Yizhen had a really sorrowful expression, he said with a trembling voice, “My senior brother is dead, he died very miserably, he was cut into eighteen pieces by three slash.” As soon as he finished these sentence, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and fell head first onto the ground.

Xiao Chen hastily lend an arm to support him, his pair of eyes emitted two streaks of divine light. Buddhist Yichi actually died like this, Xiao Chen mourned in silence.

“Don’t feel sad, it’s good that you’re alive.” He tried to console Buddhist Yizhen like this.

Buddhist Yichi had reached Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer at the very least. He might had even broken through to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, but he was actually killed by three slash. That person’s ability couldn’t be taken lightly.

The big confrontation between the schemers this time caused many experts to fall. Except for Buddhist Yizhen from the Dharma Alliance, everyone else perished.

“Is that guy Solitary Sword Demon?” Xiao Chen asked.

“I only saw a person covered by black fog from head to toes, he killed my senior brother, destroyed my Dharma Alliance, and injured me with a sword slash. Yet I was unable to see his true identity.” Speaking until here, Buddhist Yizhen had an expression worlds apart from his transcendental self in the past. He was incomparably sorrowful, and emitted waves of murderous aura.

The North Star light screen emerged from Xiao Chen’s left hand, one after another divine radiance flowed into Buddhist Yizhen’s body, and stabilized the condition of his injury.

“The only reason I was able to survive, was because someone came to save me.” Speaking until here, Buddhist Yizhen recalled the scenario at that time. His face was a little excited as he said, “A woman surrounded by hazy bright mist, she…… actually used the Divine Law!”

“What?” Lawrence who was at the back cried out in surprise, he quickly walked forward to ask, “Is what you said the truth? She used the power of time?!”

“I saw it with my own eyes, she utilized the legendary Divine Law, and made that terrifying person in black fog become as slow as snail. It was as if he was caught in a swamp.” ⌈6

“Space was highly regarded, but time is above all else!” Void Master Lawrence had a feverish look in his eyes.

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  1. 尸水: Literally means corpse and water. I believe it is the liquid that is used to submerge the corpse. I don’t have a better word for this so I’m just calling it dead water >.< 
  2. Silva: I swear…. this island is getting more and more mysterious by the seconds. 
  3. Silva: Gasp…! You kidding me? The lightning was actually made out of blood?!?! 
  4. Silva: oh god, so scary… 
  5. Silva: The blood… it was the blood! 
  6. Silva: Is this… what I think it is? The “God Realm” from Coiling Dragon?! 

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