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Chapter 95 – Desperate Straits

“Overlapping Space!” Lawrence saw how the Law of Time slowed down the Yin Warrior, his pair of eyes immediately burned with passion. The void power surged up violently. When the power of space and time merged together, glaring rays of light burst out, it was more powerful than anyone could have imagined.


The sound of something disintegrated could be heard, a little less than half of the Yin Warrior’s ancient armor was actually burst open. Its sturdy body was exposed to the air, that bronze-colored skin emitted waves of black fog.

Xiao Chen also made his move around this time, he jumped into the sky, and swooped towards the Yin Warrior. He launched the God Slayer Technique without blinking an eyes, a few blazing divine radiance tore the space apart. At the same time, the Solitary Sword Demon also waved his metal sword towards the Yin Warrior. As for Buddhist Yizhen, he shot an incomparably huge Buddha Palm forward.

The Yin Warrior felt dangers approaching, after a part of the armor had been cracked, most of his strength seemed to have dissipated. It waved the ancient bronze spear in its hand to resist the attacks. However, within this glaring rays of light, the remaining armor was thoroughly destroyed. The ancient bronze spear in his hand also snapped in half. His bronze-colored body was exposed to the air, and then his body actually began to age slowly. One after another hideous wrinkles emerged, even his muscles gradually started to wither.

“We finally encountered some living person and not an evil spirit.” The Solitary Sword Demon’s voice was very cold, it seemed like he encountered the evil spirits before. The claw marks on his body were very terrifying.

The Yin Warrior had an incomparably bewildered expression, it seemed like his soul was devoured. Following closely, that weak soul fluctuation in his body disappeared. After that, his sturdy body completely deteriorated, only skin and bones were left in the end. ⌈1⌋ Will-o’-wisp flickered in his pair of eyes, and then an incomparably baleful aura burst out from his body.

A practitioner said in surprise, “How did this happen? He lost his life force, and it seemed like…… he transformed into an evil spirit!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a deep and low growl emitted from the Yin Warrior’s mouth. It seemed like he had obtained a new life as he dashed towards everyone with a sinister look.

Xiao Chen who just fell from the sky was the first to receive the attack. But Xiao Chen was not fearful at all, he had already seen the evil spirit before. As long as it was not those figures from the former residence, or those evil spirits with demonic item like the burial cloth, he should be able to handle ordinary evil spirit.

He attacked with the God Slayer Technique, it seemed as if both of his hands had transformed into Heavenly Blades, they were unstoppable and extremely sharp. The blazing rays of light were swung down, and chopped the corpse warrior’s two arms in an instant. After that, Xiao Chen sent a roundhouse kick and destroyed the corpse warrior’s head, sending him flying away.

The corpse warrior was far weaker without the ancient armor, he was unable to threaten the practitioners at all. The Solitary Sword Demon destroyed that headless corpse warrior with a single strike.

The battle ended like this, everyone understood after actual combat. If they wanted to kill the Yin Warrior, they needed to destroyed the armor first, otherwise they wouldn’t stand a chance.

The place became very quiet, all of them had a really ugly expression. After all, they were only able to kill one Yin Warrior after cooperating as a group. And they saw more than hundreds of Yin Warrior and Celestial Warrior when they entered the ghost town. If all of those warriors were to gang up on them, the consequences would be unthinkable.

In addition to those evil spirit that came out from time to time, as well as those terrifying huge monsters, their situation didn’t seem too bright. After all, there were too many monsters in this ghost town. The Yin Warrior was far from the most threatening, those unknown monsters were what they were most afraid of.

“Why did the Yin Warrior possess life force, but once their armor was taken off, they would die immediately and transform into an evil spirit?” One practitioner raised the question, this was also what puzzled everyone.

“We can tell the ancient city had existed since untold time, and those Yin Warrior might have lived just as long. The reason they were able to live for so long might be because those armor was able to preserve their body in that condition all this time.”

Someone proposed this kind of idea, even though it might not necessarily be true, it still made some sense. This made some people among them gave birth to some schemes. Should they plunder the Yin Warrior’s armor, or gather the broken ancient armor on the ground……

But… without giving them the time to think, the earth suddenly produced a rumbling noise and shook violently. A frosty gale blew over, the building in the vicinity began to tremble, and the wretched fiendish aura surged up violently. The deep and low shriek resembled the explosive thunder that caused people’s soul to tremble.

Without any hesitation, all the practitioners rushed into an alley, and evacuated from this ancient street. Just when they distanced themselves from that area, they could feel enormous monsters passing by. That area shook violently as if an earthquake had just taken place.

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“This is much more terrifying than the Yin Warriors, and who knows how many more of these terrifying monsters are out there. Even if a god enter this ancient city, it’s hard to say whether they can get out alive!” One practitioner groaned in fear, he was already somewhat desperate.

The mysterious woman who was shrouded in colorful mist advised everyone with her heavenly voice, “No matter what happens, do not attempt to hide in the former residence.”

Everyone nodded in consent, because many who entered the former residence never came out again. But Xiao Chen had a different feeling from everyone else. He did see a legendary immortal that was enshrined and worshiped in the mortal world with his own eyes after all. And he seemed to be the owner of that deadly residence…… He felt the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist had also discovered this kind of secret.

“Squawk……!” Gloomy howls resounded above everyone’s head, three skeleton birds were swooping towards them at high-speed. They had skinny body and huge wings, they seemed very ferocious and menacing.

“Hmph! These damnable thing again!” The Solitary Sword Demon snorted coldly. When he brandished his metal sword upward, the space distorted, as if it was about to break into pieces. A “domain” created by his powerful force was launched toward the sky. It emitted a powerful energy fluctuation, and enveloped two skeleton birds in an instant. After that, a bone snapping sound transmitted outwards. The ghost’s feathers filled the sky, shattered skeletal remains fell toward the ground. It was not hard to tell how powerful and terrifying was the Solitary Sword Demon, it made Lawrence at the side couldn’t help but admit the Solitary Sword Demon was stronger than him.

The other skeleton bird was pulled towards the ground by the giant Buddha’s hand created by Buddhist Yizhen. It was then pulverized on the ground. The three skeleton birds were destroyed, but the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist helplessly cried out, “We might be in danger.”

Everyone raised their guards. Before the three skeleton birds attacked them just now, it seemed like they were calling out for help. Everyone quickly rushed towards an alley, wanting to leave this area as soon as possible, but it seemed like they were too late. There was no time for them to run.

Waves of chilly wind swept down from the skies, a bone-chilling air enveloped everyone on the ground. The blood-colored sky was filled by the skeleton birds, they plunged towards the ground like a mass of black cloud. There were at least a thousand of them altogether.

How were they supposed to fight like this? Even if all of these evil spirits just drop themselves towards the ground, it was already enough to drown everyone to death. Moreover, each one of them was just as ferocious.

“This is it, we’re done for!” One practitioner was in despair. In the end, he actually rushed into one of the former residences at the side. But… as soon as he entered, a miserable shriek resounded. Following that, the “cracking” sound of bones was transmitted outwards. It seemed like a monster was gnawing at the skeleton of the dead.

Everyone’s face turned pale, nobody else dared to rush into the surrounding former residences. All the practitioners ran forward at high-speed, wanting to get far away from the death threat coming from the sky.

But… even the Psychic and Spell Master capable of flight found that it was a fruitless effort. Those skeleton birds were really too fast, while producing waves of bone-chilling wind, they quickly outflanked the practitioners and cut off their path.

The shadow and chilly wind were everywhere. The mournful sound made people’s scalp feel numb, the chill even ran through their spine. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang pulled the lower hem of Xiao Chen’s shirt, then they pointed at the blood river in front. After that, the three of them broke themselves into pieces and mingled with the bones on the street. The three of them began to play dead.

“Must we plunge into the blood river?” Xiao Chen thought out loud. There was no need to think much, it was obvious that the blood river was not a benevolent place. Maybe there would be even more ferocious ghosts in the river. However, there was no other way, he could only rush over there.

The skeleton birds swooped down, everyone began to suffer from the relentless attacks. One after another netherworld light spouted from their mouth and were launched toward everyone. Right now, all of them couldn’t help but reveal their most powerful technique. Otherwise, they might perish right here and now.

The woman shrouded in colorful mist used her Law of Time to stop the skeleton birds in the sky. The practitioners below sent one after another dazzling rays of light to rip apart those motionless monsters. After that, the Solitary Sword Demon’s sword-qi also soared into the sky, after an invisible “domain” enveloped those damnable creatures, the sound of cracking bones reverberated unceasingly. The skeletal remains kept falling non-stop.

Xiao Chen’s God Slayer Technique, Lawrence’s Law of Space, and Buddhist Yizhen’s Divine Ability were also exhibited to the fullest extent. The blazing rays of light soared into the sky unceasingly. One after another skeleton birds fell, but there was an endless stream of monsters, it was impossible to annihilate them all.

Few of them were hit by the deathly rays, it left a terrifying wound on their body. Everyone attacked and retreated at the same time, they were gradually rushing towards the blood river not far away.

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The rapid blood river smelled incomparably fishy, bloody mist pervaded the air. The smell of rotten corpse assailed everyone’s nostrils. It seriously gave people the impulse to throw up the food they consumed the previous day.

Where else could they run if they don’t plunge into the river? One seriously wounded practitioner couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped into the surging river first, but something frightening happened. As soon as he jumped into the river, a huge shadow quickly rushed over in the blood river. A demonic claw about the size of a millstone grabbed the practitioner. It snapped the practitioner in half on the surface of the water, and then it sunk into the blood river.

This scene seriously scared everyone to death, all of them couldn’t help but feel fearful. This scene was really too scary, they didn’t see what was that creature at all, they only saw a huge demonic claw…… The ghost town was really too frightening.

Waves of chilly wind swept down from the skies, the thousand plus skeleton birds were still swooping down non-stop, but nobody dared to jump into the blood river anymore.

Right now, even Xiao Chen, Lawrence, and the Solitary Sword Demon were wounded. As for Yan Qing Cheng and Rowena, if not for the protection of the woman shrouded in colorful mist, they might be dead a long time ago.

In regards to that mysterious woman who could control the Law of Time, Xiao Chen felt a sense of deja vu for some reason. ⌈2⌋ But he didn’t have the time to think about it at the moment, the evil spirits in the sky pushed him to the edge of danger. Under this kind of circumstances, his God Slayer Technique became more and more refined. He was able to exhibit a terrifying power, the blazing divine radiance kept tearing the monsters in the sky, a large quantity of the skeleton bird’s dismembered body already fell all around him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang……!” The earth was shaking, even the buildings near the blood river were shaking. A huge monster walked over from a distant place. A huge shadow was cast on the ground, the earth trembled for a moment with each steps it took.

That was indeed a terrifying giant demon, it was about thirty meter tall, its humanoid body was covered by white bony scales, only its head was not covered by the scale. A layer of dried skin was sticking close to the skull. What little yellow hair it had swayed with the wind. Its deep eye-sockets were emitting bloody red radiance, it seemed incomparably cruel.

And along his tailbone was a huge tail about ten meter long. It was also covered in bony scales,it looked just like a huge crocodile tail. Along with his movement, the earth trembled violently. The demonic aura spread in all direction, some skeleton birds in the vicinity were scared and flew higher into the sky.

When it rains, it pours. ⌈3⌋ This is the worst case scenario for Xiao Chen and the rest. They were already caught up in a desperate strait due to thousand plus skeleton birds, and now this kind of huge monster came. The situation seemed more hopeless than ever.

“Damn it!” The conceited Solitary Sword Demon couldn’t help but let out a curse, because the feeling of fear rose in his heart. He felt death was fast approaching, it seemed like they really had no way out of this now. ⌈4

“We’re dead…… There’s no hope of survival……” Someone already indulged in grief.

Indeed, under this kind of circumstances, it seriously made people lose all hope.

While killing the skeleton birds that swooped down unceasingly, Xiao Chen looked at everything calmly. He was not fearful in the face of death, he only felt regretful that he couldn’t go explore the land of immortals. Are they going to die in this ancient city? He felt somewhat regretful and unwilling to die.

The earth trembled violently, the thirty meter tall demon already got in front of them, a huge shadow was casted on the ground. He tried to trample everyone with a sinister-looking face.

“Roar……!” All of a sudden, the dragon roar shook the heavens. A glaring golden explosion of light flashed through the sky! ⌈5


  1. Well I don’t have a better words to describe it, but it literally mean really skinny people like this: CLICK HERE! 
  2. Silva: She must be Lan Nuo, I called it! 
  3. An idiom: When something good or bad occurs, it usually occurs more than once and often within a short period of time. 
  4. Silva: How is Chen Dong going to fix this mess now…… 
    Chanayh: Calm down bro 
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