Chapter 161 – The Depths of the South

The sound of shrieks, the sound of cursing… It was a piece of chaos!

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and quickly chased after the girls. When he found that his clothes were with Katalina and Fairsnow, he immediately made his move.

Two hazy radiances transformed into huge dragon claws that tried to grab their waists. Katalina was extremely angry, she waved her hand to produce a pink radiance. Fairsnow also produced a green-qi. The two girls only wanted to run away from that place. But they were totally oblivious to the fact that the clothes in their hands were the reason why Xiao Chen was chasing them.

With a few brittle noises, two hazy radiances successfully engulfed the beautiful Fairsnow and the youthful Katalina as he pulled them back.

“Let go! Don’t come near me!”

“Give me back my clothes!”

Xiao Chen caught the two girls, but their postures were a little indecent. The materialized dragon claws bound their little waists tightly. Although the claws hadn’t really touched them, it was already more than enough to make the two girls flush with anger and fuming with rage.

“Xiao Chen, I’m going to kill you!” Katalina kept struggling. Her snow-white bathrobe drooped down and exposed her supple chest. That beautiful arc was really enticing.

“It’s completely exposed.” Xiao Chen said casually and extended one of his hand to fix her bathrobe very seriously. Then he said, “Very… ‘satisfying’.”

“You…” The blue-haired Katalina immediately fainted.

“Young lady, can you please return my clothes?” Xiao Chen exposed his snow-white teeth to Fairsnow and smiled brightly.

The beauties of the south fighting over his clothes. It smelled fishy no matter which angle they looked at it.

Fairsnow had a slender body with graceful curves. She was busty and extremely beautiful. Her height was only a little shorter than Xiao Chen. Her graceful bearing was many times more elegant than other beauties, it could even be said that she was extremely beautiful. She was a genuine beauty.

Her dripping wet long hair emitted a sweet fragrance. Her snow-white skin was as smooth as the baby’s skin. It felt as if there were fogs winding around in her misty eyes. Below her delicate nose, her bright red lips appeared incomparably sexy. She lightly bit her lower lip with her pearly white teeth and spoke to Xiao Chen softly, “Quickly let go of me.” She was trying to remain as calm as possible.

She had already tossed Xiao Chen’s clothes on the ground. She was really scared of this daring man in front of her, but even under this kind of circumstances, she was still calm and collected. She didn’t cause too much of a disturbance.

Before Xiao Chen could let go of her, Fairsky’s excited voice resounded from the VIP area two, “Xiao Chen, I came to watch how you collect the booty…”

His voice was awfully urgent. Fairsky seemed to be rushing over at astonishing speed. However, the sound came to an end spontaneously. After that, a flustered and exasperated yell was transmitted, “Xiao Chen, I’m going to kill you! You actually dare to defile my sister!”

Fairsky already passed through the flowers and trees. He rushed over with lightning speed.

If it was any other people, this misunderstanding definitely couldn’t be cleared, but Xiao Chen was very calm. He removed the materialized dragon claw and took a step forward to support Fairsnow. Then he said, “Careful, watch your steps.”

Fairsky was extremely angry and shouted loudly, “Xiao Chen, you…”

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“You, what you? Don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not what you think it is. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your sister.”

After Fairsnow was freed, she immediately told Fairsky, “There’s nothing going on between us, I will take my leave first.” Even if there was something, she wouldn’t be able to say it out loud. Moreover, there was really nothing to begin with.

Seeing that both of them were so calm, Fairsky looked at this and that doubtfully. Only until Fairsnow’s figure was gone did he regain himself. He fiercely faced Xiao Chen and said, “I definitely was not mistaken, you were trying to defile my sister. Xiao Chen, I warn you. We may be acquainted, but if you dare to touch my sister, I will kill you!”

“That sounds like a challenge. If I have nothing better to do, I might as well go give it a try.”

“You dare!” Speaking until here, Fairsky looked at Xiao Chen with shock. Then he said, “What are you doing?”

Right now, Xiao Chen was skillfully spreading a piece of paper and ink on the ground. Then he grabbed the fainted Katalina’s little hand, smeared her thumb with ink, and left her thumbprint on a piece of white paper.

“It’s nothing important. She owes me money. I just made her leave behind a contract.”

Fairsky was dumbstruck.

Far behind, Zhuge Kun and Hofmann were stupefied. This f—— Xiao Chen was really too arrogant. He wouldn’t even let a beautiful lady go. This was what they called “to not discriminate between gender” ⌈1⌋! He actually dared to treat the Mander Family’s baby girl like this. And what made them the most speechless was that, Xiao Chen grabbed Katalina’s lily-white hand and did not smear just one piece of paper. He smeared one piece after another. There were at least eight or nine sheets of papers.

“Let’s go, there’s nothing left to do.” Xiao Chen did not think that he was going over the top. After he completed all of these tasks skillfully, he put on his clothes and left together with Keke and Tenax. Fairsky followed after him closely.

A lot of people in the Paradise Spa were rushing over to this place. Xiao Chen nimbly dodged everyone and left the building.

On the way back. After Fairsky had heard the series of events, he had the urge to cough out blood.

“Xiao Chen, you… aren’t you a little too violent? This… play, you cannot play like this. Are you not scared that you might provoke the old farts in the Zhuge Family or the Reagan Family?”

When Fairsky heard Xiao Chen’s explanation. He had this unfathomable expression and said, “You… Just who did you hear that from?! The older generation figures will not make their move, but there’s a limit. The prerequisite is that you must not be too excessive. I am really speechless… I advise you to hurry and pack up. Otherwise you are going to be screwed!”

“Since we are friends, I will help you this once. I will find someone to negotiate for you.” After he finished speaking, Fairsky left.

However, Fairsky quickly returned to Xiao Chen’s residence. He made a racket as soon as he arrived, “Xiao Chen… you are too ungrateful!”

“What’s wrong? I didn’t do anything to your sister. I didn’t use that much power to grab her. When I supported her waist, I also did it lightly……”

“Xiao Chen, I will kill you! Where did you grab my sister? Why did you hold her waist?!” The beautiful Fairsky immediately became anxious.

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Xiao Chen felt a little speechless. It seemed like there was no need for an explanation. This guy didn’t seem to come and condemn him of the matter regarding his sister. It seemed like a cover up would only make matters worse.

Only until a long time later did Fairsky calm down.

And only at this time did Xiao Chen find out from Fairsky that he had been misunderstood by some people. They actually thought that he had an extraordinary status.

“You came from the depths of the south?!” Fairsky said resentfully, “You are too ungrateful. We have been friends for so long, and you actually did not tell me your real identity.”

Speaking until here, Fairsky lowered his voice and spoke discreetly, “Since you are from that most terrifying place, then Tenax should be a Dragon King right? It must be their later generations!’

Xiao Chen quickly digested these informations. He more or less understood his “identity” by now. He muttered under his breath, “That’s right, I come from the depths of the South. This is my current position, and in the future too…”

During the time Xiao Chen was muttering to himself. It was as if a tsunami had taken place at the south sea.

A big and tall youth, with a sword in his hand, was beating himself against the raging waves with a slash of his sword. The rubble floated up, and the giant waves roared with the explosion of a terrifying energy. The ocean was split into half, the seawater poured down in torrents from both sides. A smooth avenue led directly to the depths of the green ocean.

“I, Dugu Jianmo ⌈2⌋, can finally come out of the closed door training!” It was precisely that person who had returned from the dragon island one year ago, the Solitary Sword Demon.

Not far from him, there was a young Dragon King with tiger-like body and Ancestral Dragon head. It faced upwards and let out a roar. It was precisely that Red Dragon King that followed Dugu Jianmo. It was the most savage one among the eleven Dragon Kings. The crimson scales were glorious, steaming rays of crimson light pulsed up and down of its body, as if they were raging sacred flames. Its roar was as earsplitting as the sudden clap of thunder. In fact, it was clearly much stronger compared to the time it was on the dragon island.

At the same time, in the middle of the primitive forest, the wild beasts were snarling and monsters were running away. A black-haired youth with a steel-like body was charging at a group of monsters. His bare upper body was covered with blood.

He was very wild!

Seven to eight meters wild beasts were nothing more than a scarecrow to him. They would be tore into half as soon as he reached out his hand to grab them. A few random strikes was enough to bring down a few huge monsters.

He was very demonic!

His wild nature made people afraid of him. His skin that flickered with a bronze-like splendor was completely encroached by thin blood. His eyes were even more savage than the beast’s, they flickered with a sharp and ice-cold glint.

As if he could use Ground Shrink, the bronze-like demonic body, that was encroached by blood, left one afterimage after another in the desolate forest. Blood was spilled everywhere he passed through. The group of wild beasts was running away unceasingly. Lots of huge corpses were left on the ground. The blood had already stained the forest with its color.

He was practically a killing machine!

Lastly, only after his terrifying demonic body directly bore through a ten meters long primal beast did he stop the massacre.

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He arrived in front of a giant waterfall. He stood right under the thousand feet waterfall and let the torrential current pound against his bronze-colored demonic body. His ice-cold glance seemed to be capable of splitting the water screen. Two terrifying glints were emitted from his eyes as he looked at the direction of the Celestial City.

“It is about time that I, Windfeathers, return to the Celestial City!” With a punch, the thunderous waterfall seemed to be flowing backwards for a split second.

North of Celestial City, eight hundred miles in the wasteland, a youth was sitting atop a rocky mountain quietly like an ancient sculpture.

No life fluctuation could be felt from his body. His ash-colored long hair came off just like the withered flowers and plants. His body was full of dust, as if he had been there for endless years. It seemed he had already been petrified.

It lasted until the black clouds were blown away by the wind, the light driven off the darkness. His body was illuminated by the light. The birdsong resounded in the mountain woods. He burst forth with vigorous vitality in that very instant. The dust on his body flew upward and filled the whole sky.

Those dried up greyish hairs all scattered along with the wind. An aqua blue hair immediately trailed over his shoulders and flickered with a bright blue luster. They appeared incomparably healthy. ⌈3

This was an exceptionally handsome young man. He stood up and looked towards the direction of the Celestial City. Then he muttered under his breath, “I have already confronted Wuxing Feng, who’s next……” ⌈4


  1. Silva: Maybe that’s why he’s not too popular with the ladies~ 
  2. Silva: Yep… that was his name all along. I was stupid and named him Solitary Sword Demon, teehee~ 
  3. Silva: Did he literally grow new hair? 
  4. Silva: I bet I know who is this… and I bet I know who is his next target… 

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