Chapter 136 – Snooping around the Phoenix Lair

After exploring the south desolate region for another two days, Xiao Chen and company finally left the evil forest. They arrived at a mountain range with incomparably beautiful scenery. This kind of sophisticated zone was rarely seen, the long howl of the beasts couldn’t be heard, nor was there any exotic creature roaming around.

The mountains in this area were lush and verdant, the leaves were as green as jade, fine woods grew left and right. It was practically a place filled with treasures, such as ginseng and reishi mushrooms. This made the snow-white little critter so happy that it skipped a few times. Yanluo Wang and the other two skeletons were already carrying a few bags of good stuff for that little critter.

In this area, they could see red-crowned cranes holding reishi mushrooms in their mouths, aged deers carrying spiritual grasses on their heads, and white apes holding peaches of immortality in both hands. It was practically the so-called paradise.

At this auspicious and peaceful land, all they could see were some meek and docile animals. They didn’t find any ferocious beasts, Xiao Chen even started to think there might be a celestial being living in seclusion at this place. The outcome was slightly disappointing, he couldn’t find any cave dwelling nor traces of an immortal.

Keke and the tough little dragon called out at the same time, then they quickly rushed ahead. They only saw a group of tall trees ahead. Although they were thinly spread, each tree could reach up to a hundred meters tall. The vines were folding over in layers, the fragrance of flowers and birdsong made this place seem especially peaceful.

And on top of the tallest tree, there was actually an enormous bird nest. It was as big as three buildings put together. The most peculiar thing about the nest was not its sheer size, but rather the fact that it was glinting with multicolored light.

After getting closer, they could finally see it clearly, the materials used to make the bird’s nest were really too extravagant. It was actually made out of Goldblaze Lotus, Silverthread Grass, Amethyst Fairy Orchid, and other such materials. There were even quite a few millennium fleeceflower roots, reishi mushrooms, ginsengs, and other pure spiritual items hanging on top of the nest. This gigantic bird nest was practically a gold mine!

No wonder the two little beasts rushed ahead so urgently, even Xiao Chen’s heart was thumping non-stop. This was so extravagant that it made one speechless. Just what kind of mythical beast would build this kind of nest, could it be a sacred bird?!

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The little critter was really too fast, it already grabbed the king-sized sack it requested Xiao Chen to prepare previously and dashed to the top of the giant tree (Mainly because it felt very regretful when they left the Undying Sect, it felt that the spiritual items the small sack was able to contain were really too few). What made Xiao Chen most surprised was that the tough little dragon also knew how to climb trees, it was already on top of the giant tree, at the vicinity of the bird’s nest.

“Get back here quickly, don’t act recklessly.” Xiao Chen shouted.

However, how could the two little beasts care about such things now, they just grabbed anything they liked, such as the millennium fleeceflower root or ginseng king, and stuffed it into their mouths. All the while filling up the king-sized sack with all the items they could find.

Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and flew into the sky, but the two little beasts had already filled up the king-sized sack at this time. Asking them to return those spiritual items to the respective owner would be even harder than reaching the sky.

“The both of you…” Xiao Chen felt a little helpless and continued, “…only know how to stir up trouble. Since you are unwilling to return the items, then let’s leave as quickly as possible.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

They were very obedient this time. After quickly getting down the tree, they ran ahead of Xiao Chen and the three skeletons.

“This time you guys were really too rash, did you know what kind of bird’s nest was that?” Xiao Chen reprimanded them while running, “That place was full of parasol trees, if my guess is not wrong, that was definitely a phoenix nest. Do you guys know that it is an existence on equal footing with the dragons?! If we get discovered, the consequences will be very grave. This is not the dragon island, the phoenixes are not sealed like the dragons, each and every one of them is an existence comparable to gods.”

The two little beasts seemed to know about the phoenixes, they nodded their head strongly to express their understanding.

After running for more than thirty miles, Xiao Chen felt something was not right. He could feel a weak life fluctuation among them. Turning back to look at the king-sized sack carried by Qinguang Wang, he could actually see a faintly discernible radiance emitting from the sack. ⌈1

He stopped his footsteps doubtfully, he had a really bad premonition. He opened that king-sized sack quickly, and after spreading open the pile of spiritual items with both hands, he found a colorful egg about the size of a head. It was flickering with specks of multicolored radiance, the life fluctuation was precisely emitted by it.

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Xiao Chen immediately felt a pang of headache, he could overlook it if the two little beasts only stole some spiritual items, but damn, they were so thorough and even stole the phoenix egg.

How could the phoenix not get angry when it returned?! A phoenix capable of building that kind of nest, it was definitely not an ordinary phoenix.

“The two of you……” Xiao Chen was practically howling at them, “Which one of you stole the phoenix egg?”

The two little beasts seemed to be aware that they got into huge trouble. Their reaction was surprisingly quick, they pointed at each other simultaneously. ⌈2⌋ They didn’t dare to admit it was their fault. This made Xiao Chen completely lose his will to be angry, he really didn’t know what to say anymore.

Both the snow-white little critter and the tough little dragon pointed at the path behind Xiao Chen, it seemed like they were asking him if they should go and return it?

However, the cry of the phoenix already transmitted from that direction at this time, how were they supposed to return it now? Just make a run for it! Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings, he carried the two little guys with both hands, made Qinguang Wang held onto his waist, and the other two skeletons to hold on to his thigh. Then he flapped the divine wings and flew at lightning speed while sticking close to the ground. He didn’t dare to fly into the sky, if they were to be discovered by the phoenix, it would certainly catch up to them.

After flying for a few dozen miles, Xiao Chen was so incredibly tired that he felt as if his waist was about to snap. The Undying Divine Wings were getting dimmer over time. However, the cry of the phoenix was getting closer by the seconds, it seemed like it had already locked onto them……

Xiao Chen’s Undying Divine Wings already lost all of its radiance, if not because his skill was profound, he would be unable to endure it anymore. After all, he had just mastered the Undying Divine Wings not too long ago, and flying with this much load was really a little strenuous.

What made Xiao Chen most depressed was that; the two little beasts felt that the experience of flying was very fresh and exciting, it seemed like they didn’t realize they were currently running away from a phoenix that was said to be comparable to the dragons.

The cry of the phoenix was getting much closer, it seemed like it had already discovered their trace. Xiao Chen rested for a while and struggled to refresh himself, then he executed the secret art once again, his entire body was flickering with rays of light, the purple Undying Divine Wings extended from his back once more. Of course, the wings were materialized from energy, they were not a part of his body.

While advancing at lightning speed in the dense jungle, the shadows of the forest trees went in reverse continuously. They were flying while hiding their presence, Xiao Chen had already increased the speed to the limit, but the cry of the phoenix kept resounding from behind, they were simply unable to break away from the phoenix.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and flew for more than one hundred and fifty miles, he was already unable to go on much longer. He felt the three skeletons weighing down on him like three little mountains, he felt that even the two little beasts started to weigh ten thousand kilograms.

After flying for another ten miles, Xiao Chen helplessly landed on the ground, no longer trying to run. He could already tell, the phoenix had already locked onto him, it was completely capable of overtaking him. It seemed to be tormenting him on purpose, forcing him to flee in fear. If this kept up, he would either die from exhaustion or have a nervous breakdown.

After a long time later, a presence with powerful pressure descended from the sky, the multi-colored radiance was as intense as the glaring sun, it made one unable to look up and see the figure of the phoenix directly. The voice of a girl coldly resounded from the rays of light, “Why are you not running anymore, go on~ Eh……?” As if she had discovered something, a sound of astonishment came from the colorful radiance.

Soon after, the multi-colored radiance launched towards them. Although Xiao Chen did not resist, the tough little dragon and the snow-white little critter were struggling with all their might. But regardless of the tough little dragon’s extreme speed or Keke’s confinement technique, they were unable to fend off the colorful radiance.

They were enveloped by countless rays of light, the sound of wind brushing past their ears resounded, Xiao Chen and company had already been lifted off the ground. They flew through the sky at extreme speed and seemed to have come to a stop in what felt like an instant. After that, they found themselves below that emerald green parasol tree.

They found themselves back at the dwelling of the phoenix. The tallest parasol tree was glinting with green light, its entire body was emitting the breath of life. The multi-colored radiance was lingering on the gigantic phoenix nest at the top of tree.

“You guys have the impertinence to break into my sacred place, and even harm my niece, how dare you!” The multi-colored radiance floated in the sky, a cold voice transmitted from within. The figure within seemed to be overlooking Xiao Chen and company.

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Eh, she’s not the little phoenix’s parent? Xiao Chen was a little surprised. But he still felt a pang of headache, wondering how should he resolve this problem. The phoenix girl in the sky was an existence equivalent to gods. All these happened because of the snow-white little critter and the tough little dragon, but it was impossible for him to push the blame to them just to save his skin.

Thinking for a while, Xiao Chen opened his mouth to explain, “Miss phoenix, please allow me to explain, we didn’t have any intention to harm anyone. All these happened because these two little things were a little too mischievous…….” He pointed at Keke and the tough little dragon before he continued, “They originally only wanted to take some spiritual items to ease their hunger, but they unexpectedly collected the phoenix egg as well during the confusion.”

“Looking for something to ease their hunger? Then why must you come here to steal?” The girl’s voice was as cold as before.

“We got lost in the south desolate region, we are already unable to find a way out. We only got here by chance. You can see these two are not some ordinary beasts, they must eat some spiritual items everyday. Just when we found the phoenix nest, the two little beasts had already rushed over there, I wasn’t able to stop them in time.”

The snow-white little critter at the side nodded its head strongly, it looked so very innocent, as if it was saying that was indeed the case. Soon after, it opened the king-sized sack and cautiously retrieved the phoenix egg that was not much smaller than it, then it lifted the egg to present it to the phoenix. The tough little dragon seemed to know it was in the wrong. Moreover, it seemed to be aware that the phoenix girl in the sky was an existence that couldn’t be provoked. It was rare for the tough little dragon to stay in one place obediently. Its attitude was like day and night compared to before, where it would just go and challenge opponents stronger than itself.

The phoenix in the sky did not seem to be worried that they would break the phoenix egg. She never demanded them to hand over the egg since she overtook them, only now did she send a multi-colored radiance down from the sky to receive the egg.

“Hmph, if it were not for the friendship between the sacred beasts of the same kind, I definitely wouldn’t forgive you lot that easily.” The glaring multi-colored radiance in the sky gradually became dimmer, the phoenix girl finally revealed herself.

Xiao Chen knew she was talking about the tough little dragon and Keke.

This was an incomparably beautiful multi-colored phoenix, a dream-like luster was circulating around the colorful divine feathers. The captivating holy aura enveloped her entire body, it gave one an auspicious and peaceful feeling. It was no longer as imposing as it was just moments ago.

“Many thanks to Miss Phoenix’s magnanimity.” Xiao Chen expressed his thanks, he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Hmph! I didn’t say I will let you off.” The multi-colored divine phoenix was about three meters long. She was extremely graceful and looked like a peerless beauty while flying in the sky. Light waves circulated in the phoenix’s eyes as she said. “You guys must pay a little price to make amends for your mistake.”


The king-sized sack on the ground flew high up into the sky, heading towards the phoenix nest. Those millennium fleeceflower roots, golden ginseng kings, and amethyst lotus seeds were all returned to the phoenix nest that flickered with colorful splendor.

Keke blinked its big eyes, that kind of reluctance in its eyes was plain to see. The tough little dragon was also feeling very regretful, it silently watched as all of this was happening, but it also had no other choice, those were not their stuffs to begin with.

But that was no all, the multi-colored radiance flickered again, the three sacks carried by Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons also flew towards the phoenix nest.

The snow-white little Keke became anxious right away, these were not plundered from the phoenix nest. It spent a lot of effort to look for these in the south desolate mountain during the past few days, although it was far from comparable to the spiritual items found in the phoenix nest, these were still something it worked hard to acquire by itself. It immediately shouted with a “squeak” and waved its little paws repeatedly to use the confinement technique, in hope of taking those sacks back.

At the same time, the tough little dragon also made its move. A resplendent ray of light actually emitted from its single horn and launched towards the sky. Xiao Chen had only seen the tough little dragon fight with brute strength before, occasionally using some dragon martial skill, this was the first time Xiao Chen had seen the tough little dragon using a divine ability.

But even if the two little beasts worked together, it was impossible for them to win against the sacred phoenix in the sky. Perhaps even an unsealed adult dragon wouldn’t be a match for the phoenix. Those spiritual items continued to fly towards the sky without any resistance.

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Keke was really heartbroken, it let out a few “squeaks” in anger, seemingly trying to say those belonged to it.

The tough little dragon also had no other choice, although its battle intent was high and did not hesitate to issue a challenge to the sacred phoenix in the sky, the unfathomable phoenix girl just ignored its challenge. On the contrary, she just smiled gently and said, “Wait till my niece is born, then you can go and challenge it.”

They felt so helpless!

They failed to steal the phoenix egg and lost three sacks of spiritual items as compensation. Keke was panting with rage, it silently waved its little paws at the phoenix girl a few times, then it turned around and wanted to leave. Although the tough little dragon’s battle intent was high, the others simply paid no attention to it. The tough little dragon felt that it was unable to muster the strength.

The two of them caused the phoenix girl smile due to anger. She said, “The two of you disturbed by niece, and yet you look as if you were wronged, seriously… the both of you are asking to be spanked!”


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