Chapter 146 – Human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon

One hit knock out!

Xiao Chen stood calmly on the field, and Rex, on the other hand, was sent flying away. Lambda, who was at the side, transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there to catch Rex. Traces of blood could be seen spilling from the corner of Rex’s mouth. Although there was no danger to his life, he clearly couldn’t fight anymore.

It was extremely noisy outside of the field since a while ago. Everyone was incomparably shocked. Rex was a student of North Style Academy. A Sixth Celestial Layer practitioner could already be considered an expert in the academy. It’s not that there was no one who could surpass him, it’s that he was defeated in a single move. It was only natural that people would be flabbergasted.

The news spread out really fast. In a short period of time, almost a thousand people already gathered at the central dojo.

“I will go next!” Another one of the four grand experts stepped forward. Medium build, somewhat thin, ordinary appearance, but his eyes possessed a hint of sharpness. He announced his name as he entered the field, “I am Maple.” This person was very straightforward. He didn’t say any superfluous words and his figure turned illusory in an instant. It was as if his entire person had transformed into a shadow. It made people unable to seize his aura.

The spectators already started their heated discussion.

“Maple is a natural Psychic. A Sixth Celestial Layer expert. Only a few in the institution are a worthy match for him. He’s in control of a terrifying divine ability!”

“He can hide his own whereabouts, and kill people from the shadows!”


These people were discussing in a low voice, so it was only natural that the two in the field didn’t hear it. Under everyone’s attentive gaze, Maple’s figure suddenly disappeared and became invisible.

The sunset glow dyed the sky red. The red afterglow shone upon the dojo and made the entire field scarlet red. Everyone was dumbstruck, they couldn’t find Maple’s vestiges anymore.

Just at this instance, Xiao Chen suddenly moved. He quickly moved away from the center of the field, and landed five meters away as light as a feather. A glaring ray of light swept past the place he was just standing a moment ago. Clearly, Maple had launched a razor-sharp attack.

But after missing the target, that ray of light disappeared in a flash and didn’t leave behind any fluctuation. Xiao Chen couldn’t help but knit his brows.

The field turned quiet all of a sudden. The spectators had stopped their discussions and watched everything quietly. This was a special match, Xiao Chen might be powerful, but the opponent was invisible. He still possessed a certain threat to him.


A dazzling lightning slashed through the air. The lower hem of Xiao Chen’s cloth turned into ash in an instant. If he was half a step slower, his body might have turned into charcoal. Nobody doubted the power of that lightning. The smell of ozone drifted in the air.

Dodging one attack after another by a hair’s breadth, Xiao Chen furrowed his brows again.

The dojo became extremely quiet, so much so that everyone’s breathing sounds could even be heard. All the spectators were nervously paying attention to every details, because the outcome of the battle might be decided at any second.


A resplendent sword-qi suddenly appeared in the empty space and slashed towards Xiao Chen’s neck. But the instant it approached, Xiao Chen’s body bent in an unfathomable arc like a soft vine and avoided it by a hair’s breadth. Following that, he turned around as quick as a cheetah and pounced at the direction where the sword-qi came from.

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Although the sword-qi already faded away, and Maple’s vestiges had disappeared a long time ago, Xiao Chen seemed to have already locked onto him. He headed straight for a certain space. Without any unnecessary movement, he attacked with a punch; simple and direct. The fist was crystal clear and emitted a glorious radiance. A “rattling” sound could be heard as he ruthlessly smashed down on the empty space.

A groan could be heard. Maple’s figure reappeared as he fell back at lightning speed. One of his arm was twisted in a weird position. His bone had obviously been broken by Xiao Chen’s punch.

“Very good!” This was Xiao Chen’s evaluation of Maple. Even though the opponent was only a Sixth Celestial Layer, he possessed the ability to make himself invisible. This was something Xiao Chen regarded as important.

However, Maple was feeling incomparably furious when he heard these. The opponent was a few years younger than himself, and yet the way he spoke was like an elder giving directions to the younger generation. “Again!” He didn’t think he had been defeated yet. He concealed his figure at lightning speed and disappeared on the spot again.

“You are not my opponent.” Xiao Chen spoke towards an empty space. It caused Maple who was hiding there to jolt. He hastily changed his position.

Seeing that he didn’t plan to pull back, Xiao Chen didn’t waste his breath anymore. He had already executed his presence perception divine ability at this time. Maple’s every actions were clearly caught by him.

If Maple knew that Xiao Chen deliberately sealed his spiritual sense just now, he would definitely be dumbstruck. He would never have thought that Xiao Chen was using him to sharpen his reaction speed. He simply did not regard him as an opponent on the same level.

Of course, Xiao Chen would never openly declare he had this kind of divine ability. He would never let others know that he had the ability to detect other’s presence without sound and sight.


An energy storm spread all over the dojo, Xiao Chen’s fist had sent the invisible Maple flying away. The sound of rattling bones resounded clearly in the dojo.

Maple’s other arm also drooped down. At the same time, both of his legs were deformed and there were many fractures all over his body.

The spectators made a huge ruckus. This guy known as Xiao Chen was practically a human-shaped weapon! Maple’s strength was extremely outstanding in the North Style Academy, there were really very few who could actually suppress him.

However, he was beaten by Xiao Chen as if he was a scarecrow. This was somewhat unbelievable. Could this guy’s body actually be made out of steel?

Looking at Xiao Chen’s lofty figure, as well as his handsome appearance, he didn’t seem like a vicious person that underwent the steel skin training. However…… his performance was extremely vicious like that of a beast. A little bit more and his tendons would have detached from the bone!

The unreasonably beautiful Fairsky took a deep breath, then he muttered, “This dude is really fierce!” He turned his head to face Zhuge Liang at the side and said, “Fatty, you better be careful. When the time comes, you better don’t come up with any noxious plan against the tough little dragon. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to keep your swine arms and legs anymore. If you run into him, careful that your pig head might even be smashed.”

“He’s practically not a human!” The blue-haired Katalina at the side widened her watery big eyes. She bit her red lips with all her might. Her pearly white teeth were crystal clear, and her cute little nose were twitching. She appeared somewhat adorable. She resentfully mumbled to herself, “Don’t tell me this guy is made of iron? He’s so strong. Will cousin be able to beat him……?”

At the moment, the North Style Academy was already like a boiling cauldron of voices. More than half of the students had rushed over. The dojo was already filled to the point that not one drop of water could trickle through.

North Style Academy was a close neighbor with Wargod Academy and White Elk Academy. The news of the confrontation between the four grand experts and an unknown expert already spread to the other two academies. Many students had already climbed the wall and rushed over. They wanted to see which madman dared to come “pick a fight” with the North Style Academy.

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It was impossible for Maple to continue fighting. It looked as if he was practically stomped by a Tyrannical Dragon, there were fractures all over his body.

The third person entered the field with large strides. He had a tall stature and a rough appearance. He possessed an air of a bandit. That person was very straightforward and said, “Ryuuji, en garde!”


He attacked with the fist. The fist cut through the space like a comet. The purple radiance left a streak of light like a rainbow.

Xiao Chen didn’t dodge it, he met the attack head on with his own fist. The firmly clenched fist was glittering and the skin was as clear as jade. Although it did not erupt with battle aura, it still emitted a thunderous rumbling noise.


A direct confrontation! The two fists collided together! Xiao Chen did not move a tiny bit. Ryuuji on the other hand, fell back seven to eight steps. His arm was trembling like crazy. Although his right arm did not suffer a fracture, the swelling was very obvious. His right palm was suffering from an internal bleeding.

Everyone outside of the field took a deep breath.

“This guy is practically a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon!”

“Ryuuji is a Seventh Celestial Layer expert, he is nicknamed as the Iron Fist, but he was actually pushed back by this guy’s fist. He’s a beast!”

“Ryuuji could be considered the strongest in our academy. He’s actually being pushed back by that guy. He’s really such a beast!”

“Wrong, Ryuuji is a Seventh Celestial Layer expert. He is the strongest among the outer courtyard. The two trump cards that are secretly fostered in the inner courtyard should be stronger than him.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen’s fist had pushed back the strongest in the outer courtyard and dominated all the spectators.

“This violent gorilla, he’s practically a wild beast!” The Mander Family’s baby girl muttered apprehensively in a low voice.


The sound of air being slashed transmitted outwards. Ryuuji actually soared into the sky. He was floating in midair and lifted his hand to shoot down one purple light after another towards Xiao Chen. Many people outside the field were very shocked. It was obvious that other than a few people, nobody knew that this martial arts expert was also a Psychic.

Ryuuji didn’t dare to have a direct confrontation with Xiao Chen anymore. He flew in a circle in the sky, diving down occasionally, in hope of draining Xiao Chen of his strength.

However, that was just his wishful thinking. When everyone cried out in surprise, Ryuuji was already dumbstruck. Xiao Chen actually unfolded a pair of energy wings and soared into the sky, flying directly towards him.

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“My god! This human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon is practically unrivalled! He can actually fly!”

“You don’t understand anything, that is the Undying Sect’s miraculous technique. He actually mastered the Undying Divine Wings. That is practically the bane of all Psychics and Spell Masters. A human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon that knows how to fly is too terrifying!”


If Xiao Chen listened attentively, he would surely get angry. Everyone had already treated him as a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon, an unparallelled vicious beast.

Ryuuji wanted to dodge, but since the Undying Divine Wings had already been unfolded, where else could he run? Xiao Chen’s speed was really too fast. Everyone only blinked their eyes for a moment, and Xiao Chen already clashed with the Seventh Celestial Layer Ryuuji. Sword-qi were brandished left and right between them. The surging aura pervaded the air, and the strong light dazzled the eyes.

The energy flow in the sky rumbled violently. It surged up unceasingly and produced thunderous explosions.

Ryuuji was a Seventh Celestial Layer expert after all. He exchanged a few dozen blows with Xiao Chen, but he was still unable to withstand it in the end. He was sent flying away by a roaring fist, blood sprinkled everywhere.

All the spectators were practitioners, their eyesight were especially sharp. They had already seen Ryuuji’s deformed arms. Clearly, both of his arms were fractured.

“Ryuuji also suffered a fracture!”

“This guy is way too strong. I doubt even the two trump cards in the inner courtyard can beat him.”

“Mother f—, this guy is a real beast!”

At this time, many students from the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy had also arrived. After looking at this scene, they started to cry out loud one after another.

“Dude, you are so strong. Even the number one expert in the North Style Academy’s outer courtyard has been defeated by you. Come on, bro! You might as well go straight to the inner courtyard.”

“Bro, let us have a friendly chat later. I am from the White Elk Academy.”

“Buddy, you are practically a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon. Too strong! You even left the North Style Academy’s experts speechless. This big sister will root for you!”


When everyone from the North Style Academy heard these people’s words, they glared at them in succession.

“Oi, that brat from the Wargod Academy. What are you roaring about?!”

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“This guy from the White Elk Academy, you still dare to come to our academy? Did you forget what happened last time? You sneaked into our academy’s female dorm and was chased off after you took a beating.”

A female student interrupted, “Ceh, it’s not like the North Style Academy is a restricted area, why wouldn’t we be here? Hey, the tyrannical bro in the field, fight on! Later we will go to the White Elk Academy and this older sister will introduce some pretty juniors to you.”


It was very noisy outside of the dojo.

Among the unbearable noise, Lambda walked into the field. Although he was not very handsome, he had a different kind of temperament. He was incomparably calm and possessed the air of a master.

“I said that if you could beat the three of them, I would not make things difficult for you today.”

“You might let me off today, but you will probably come find me again tomorrow.”

“I indeed plan to make a future appointment to have a contest with you.”

“I knew you would say that. There is no better day than this, let’s settle this today, once and for all.”

The two’s voice clearly transmitted to the outside, the dojo immediately quieted down.

Who was Lambda? An Eighth Celestial Layer expert. If he did not just graduate from the North Style Academy, the number one expert in the outer courtyard was definitely him.

Lambda smiled faintly and said, “Good! Very straightforward. Then we’ll do it today. Do you need to rest?”

“No need, let’s begin right away!” Xiao Chen took a single step forward. As if he had the Ground Shrink divine ability, he covered ten meters in a single tiny step.

Strong wind rose as his right hand made a diagonal slash. The right hand was flickering with a glorious metallic luster. Xiao Chen didn’t dare to look down on Lambda, he was an expert on the same level as him.


Lambda was as light as the leaf carried by the wind. He moved along with the wind and drifted eight meters apart. Xiao Chen jumped high into the sky, and swept over with both legs in front. His legs looked as if they were made out of steel, if anyone received a direct hit from that, their bones would inevitably be shattered.

Lambda had obviously seen through it; Xiao Chen was very wild and violent. His power was formidable, yet unrestrained. He was unwilling to exchange blows with him. He shifted a few feet horizontally, and then jumped high into the sky. He made a somersault in the sky, his legs were like a pair of scissors. They separated into two sides and cut towards Xiao Chen’s waist like a pair of scissors.

All of these happened in two shakes of a lamb’s tail ⌈1⌋, it was unimaginably fast. Many people could only see a few afterimages, they couldn’t see the specific movements of the fight clearly.

Xiao Chen was really cool-headed. Scissors leg was the most basic attack pattern. Every martial artist knew it possessed unparallelled power, but only a few could use it properly. Xiao Chen did not panic, he did not dodge. On the contrary, he suddenly shifted horizontally in midair, increasing his speed as he knocked against Lambda.

“This guy is really too fierce!”

“Strong! This dude is the real deal!”

“Truly a human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon! So crazy!”


The experts outside of the field had seen everything clearly. A lot of people were having a discussion. Especially those from the White Elk Academy and the Wargod Academy, they had no qualms when they opened their mouths to speak.

Xiao Chen rushed forward like this, his waist directly ran in between Lambda’s two legs. This was the most spicy method to neutralize the scissors leg. Before Lambda’s leg could cut him, his body would have already bumped into his weakest spot. ⌈2

“Wild beast!” Katalina mumbled.

One after another, many people cried out in alarm.

Lambda was an expert after all, he never thought Xiao Chen would be this fierce. He quickly adjusted his posture and as if his body had suddenly weighed ten thousand kilograms, he quickly fell towards the ground and avoided Xiao Chen’s fierce attack.

At the same time, Xiao Chen dived head first. Both of his palms were as sharp as blades. The resplendent rays of light made his two palms flicker like jewels.

The surging energy looked as if it had materialized. It was smashing down like a ten ton giant hammer. The ground was making a cracking sound. The invisible energy already caused a fissure on the ground, one after another huge cracks appeared.

The strong breeze caused Lambda’s long hair to flutter hysterically. It was already impossible for him to dodge. That mountain-like energy had already enveloped him from above. He could only exchange blows with him, there was no room for cowering.


As if two mountains had collided, the turbulent gale and energy surged up violently. The bright rays of light caused everyone to cover their eyes. The terrifying incorporeal power spread out wildly.

The innermost spectators suffered the aftereffects, their body trembled as they got pushed back involuntarily. Many people were affected, the dojo burst into disorder.

In the center of the field, after Xiao Chen and Lambda exchanged a fierce blow, the two of them tangled together like two streaks of lightning. The afterimages and shadows of the palms swirled in the air. The glaring rays of light exploded unceasingly.

The two exchanged one intense blow after another.

“They’re flying… they’re flying!”

“It’s the El Volar Cloth. I never thought that Lambda actually had this kind of rare item.”

Cries of alarm transmitted from the outside. Lambda actually jumped and flew into the sky. Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and also defied the laws of gravity. The both of them began to fight in the sky.

Almost all of the students of the North Style Academy had arrived at the central dojo. A lot of experts from the White Elk Academy and the Wargod Academy also arrived. Even the older generation experts of the academies were startled and began to pay close attention to this fight.

“Xiao Chen, you are finished!” Lambda was so confident that it couldn’t be described with words as he yelled, “Yin Yang Element ———— Annihilation!”

Xiao Chen felt very uneasy, he also yelled, “God Slayer!”


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