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Chapter 117 – Unforeseen Event

Oxman’s grandma shouted loudly, “Everyone follow the rainbow bridge to get on the boat, you must not attempt to fly onto the boat, because regardless of the sea or the sky, they are brimming with the sealing divine power. Without the protection of the divine ship’s seven-colored radiance, your body and bones will definitely be crushed.”

Nobody dared to play with their life, everyone stepped onto the divine ship by following the regulation. And just at this time, the eleven young Dragon Kings and the dragons finally finished bidding their farewell. All of them rushed onto the divine ship while uttering sad calls. After the young Dragon Kings ascended onto the divine ship, the seven-colored radiance of the divine ship glinted, it immediately started to tremble. The ship was actually going to set sail soon.

“Stop wasting time, everyone hurry it up.” The people on the divine ship shouted loudly.

Xiao Chen said to Lawrence, Yizhen, and the others, “Let’s go, we should also get on the boat.”

Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly had a bad premonition, he felt as if a huge bottomless cave was going to swallow him up, he tried to dodge hastily. But it was already too late, he didn’t even see the enemy clearly, because there was already no one behind them, and yet a huge scroll had already unfolded, it enveloped him, Yan Qing Cheng, and the three skeletons. A huge cracks split open in the sky and engulfed them.

“God damn it!” Xiao Chen couldn’t resist from cursing, he fell for someone’s scheme, and yet he didn’t know who the enemy was. There was nobody behind him, and in front was a chaotic group of people boarding the ship.

An indescribably huge power pulled Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng, who knows just where was it taking them to. That huge crack was about to close, Xiao Chen spared no effort to run back, but he found that it was hard to succeed.

Keke was also beside him, the snow-white little critter let out a few angry growls, it waved its two paws violently and sent out a few light screen, it seemed to have rolled up a few human figures within with a few “swishing” sound.

After the light flashed, they had completely sunk into the darkness. In this deathly still space, the time seemed to be at a standstill, Xiao Chen knew this seemed to be passing through the space.

On the beach, Lawrence and the others let out a cry of surprise, and then they got furious.

“If my guess is not wrong, someone schemed against them with a Space-Time Scroll, this is really too detestable! Sending them somewhere else at this crucial moment, it clearly shows that the schemer wants to trap them on the dragon island forever.”

Time wouldn’t wait for people, even if Lawrence and Yizhen was incomparably furious, they still couldn’t find any traces of Xiao Chen even after they searched the entire beach. And just at this time, the divine ship was going to set sail soon, they had no choice but to board the ship.

After experiencing another fantastic space-time travel, Xiao Chen felt the space in front of him suddenly brightened up. They passed through this deathly still space and reappeared in the real world.

Before their eyes were the endless primal forest, what entered their ears were the bellow of beasts.

Xiao Chen found that aside from himself, Yan Qing Cheng, and the three skeletons, there were still three white-haired old man, and Keke was pointing at them with its little paw angrily.

“Keke, was it them that plotted against us?” Xiao Chen asked. Keke nodded its head strongly. Xiao Chen almost went berserk, he didn’t even know the few people, and yet they wanted to set him up. He was beyond angry.

The three old man were also incomparably furious, one of them shouted loudly, “How did this happen? How did we also get here, it was a ten miles transportation, this place is at least ten miles from the beach, there’s not enough time for us to board the ship!”

“Martial uncle, why do you want to kill me?” This Yan Qing Cheng also shouted angrily.

The old man who was called as martial uncle by Yan Qing Cheng shouted angrily, “If the news regarding you and that youngster were to spread out, how are we to keep our face? Trapping the both of you on this dragon island is already being lenient. However, I never thought…… something so simple, we would also get caught up in it.”

They originally thought it was a simple mission, they thought they could easily get rid of the Undying faction’s disgrace, but the elderly man absolutely never thought it would turn out like this. He furiously shouted at the other two men, “The both of you are Spell Master, don’t tell me you don’t even know how to use the scroll? What kind of lousy scroll was that?!”

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“Let’s stop wasting time, we might be able to catch up if we hurry it up.” Those two already flew into the sky, they wanted to head towards the direction of the beach.

Yan Qing Cheng’s martial uncle also rushed onward like a monster, he didn’t even care about killing Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng anymore.

“Squeak……!” Keke angrily waved its little paw, a dazzling light screen instantly rushed forth and enveloped them, then it pulled them back.

“Keke, just leave them alone, we should make haste.” After Xiao Chen shouted these, he quickly rushed towards the beach. Yan Qing Cheng and the three skeletons also followed closely, the three old man shouted furiously and looking at them leave. They never thought it was that little critter that made them suffered the consequences they brought upon themselves. Only until Keke and their figures completely disappeared did the three old man regain their freedom. They also rushed towards the beach immediately afterwards.

Xiao Chen still missed the divine ship in the end, the distance of ten miles was nothing to experts on his level, even if the path was blocked by forest trees, he still got back to the beach rather quickly. After bypassing those dragons, he was just in time to see the divine ship slowly setting sail and departed from the coast.

It only departed for seven to eight meter, but that seven-colored rainbow bridge on the shore was already gone, he missed the ship just like this. That was because it was impossible for him to pass through that terrifying restricted domain.

Keke seemed to have felt Xiao Chen’s despair, the snow-white little critter spared no effort to exhibit the most powerful confinement technique. It wanted to confine itself and cross this domain together with Xiao Chen. However, it was stopped by Xiao Chen, he knew the little critter’s capability, it currently don’t have that kind of power.

“Xiao Chen!”

“Xiao Chen!”


From the divine ship that was enveloped by seven-colored radiance came the voice of Lawrence and Yizhen. Goddess Lan Nuo, Rowena, the little fatty Oxman, and the others also had a regretful expression.

“How did it become like this, who were the bastards that did this?” Lawrence shouted furiously.

“Brother Xiao, I will never forget you.” The little fatty Oxman also shouted.

“Xiao Chen……” In this kind of situation, Buddhist Yizhen also had no idea what to do.

When the eleven Dragon Kings boarded the ship, the Ancestral Divine Ship sailed automatically, it was impossible to turn back.

“You must live on, if I have the what it takes in the future, I will definitely come and save you.” Lan Nuo waved her hand lightly.

This kind of promise, in other people’s ears, it might sound like an empty promise, but Xiao Chen knew Lan Nuo had that qualifications. He shouted loudly towards the divine ship, “Goodbye, see you again later, I will never forget all of you!”

There were also some who called out Yan Qing Cheng’s name, but what else could they do, she only waved her hand silently.

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A lot of people were standing at the back-end of the ship and waving their hand towards the coast, among them were many acquaintances and some people they didn’t know, including Lawrence, Yizhen, Rowena, Lan Nuo, Oxman, Lande, even Zhao Lin Er and the genius Illusion Master Carlos.

Just at this time, Yan Qing Cheng’s martial uncle and the two Spell Masters also rushed to the beach, they faced upward and shouted furiously, “How did it become like this? Just how did this happen?!”

“Martial uncle Wang Hao, this is the consequences you brought upon yourself!” It was impossible for Yan Qing Cheng not to be angry, the only opportunity to leave the dragon island was actually wasted like this.

Wang Hao only wanted to dispose the two of them without trouble, he never thought it would end up like this, he was very regretful. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have acted rashly. The two aged Spell Masters beside him were even stamping their feet. In the end, they looked at Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng with an ominous glint.

The huge ship was gradually sailing away, but everyone was still able to see everything at this place. The voice of Lawrence and the others transmitted over, they were worried about Xiao Chen and reprimanding the three old man.

The Solitary Sword Demon’s voice that was transmitted over was brimming with regret, “Xiao Chen! It is such a pity! I thought in a few more years, you could become a worthy rival, it is such a pity!”

Xiao Chen said to Keke, “Confine them.”

The snow-white little critter was already panting with rage a long time ago, it didn’t hold back and confined the three with seven-colored light screen, it didn’t even give them a chance to move. Although the three were experts on the level of Historia, they were still unable to break free from Keke’s confinement technique.

“Keke, can you let my power enter the light screen and kill them?” Xiao Chen asked hopefully, if he couldn’t kill the three of them with his own hands, he wouldn’t be able to quell his anger.

The snow-white little critter nodded its head to indicate that it was possible.

Xiao Chen shouted towards the divine ship that gradually distanced itself, “Solitary Sword Demon! There is no need for you to lament, I will let you see my secret technique now.” He held the jet-black broken sword in his hand, and then he slashed it diagonally upwards. Even though there was only a single slash, it seemed as if there were hundreds and thousands of sword-qi soaring into the sky. And Keke let all of it enter the light screen.

“Ahhh……!” Miserable shrieks resounded, the flesh of Wang Hao and the two Spell Master’s right arm were scraped from the bones cleanly, only the bones remained.

The Solitary Sword Demon could see it clearly, that attack was not simply using the sword-qi to burn the flesh, it was a complicated move, the flesh was cut apart by using hundreds and thousands of dazzling knife. He was emotionally moved and shouted loudly, “Nice move! What is that sword technique called?”

“God Slayer!” Xiao Chen shouted loudly.

The divine ship gradually distanced itself, he was unable to hear the voice nor see the figure of the people on the ship clearly anymore. The seven-colored divine ship gradually faded away at the gold ocean.

Wang Hao and the other two were thrown into the Taboo Ocean in the end, even Keke’s light screen was unable to resist that kind of destructive force. The three of them were crushed in an instant.

For things to actually end up like this, it was a really shocking conclusion, Xiao Chen looked at Yan Qing Cheng, the two of them remained silent.

“The most terrifying thing on a desolate island is not having an enemy, but to be left all alone. Yan Qing Cheng, do you still want to kill me now?” Xiao Chen looked at this Undying disciple.

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“It was precisely because only the two of us left, I felt all the more scared.” Yan Qing Cheng spoke bluntly.

Xiao Chen was speechless, their line of thoughts were really too different. He laughed mischievously and said, “It seems like I was being too lenient before, if I treated you as a slave at an earlier time, perhaps you might not find me that scary now. Alright, alright, I am only a man, and you are only a woman, let us have a talk between man and woman.”

“You…… don’t mess with me! Or I’ll commit suicide immediately.” Yan Qing Cheng’s voice was a little shaky.

Xiao Chen smiled slightly and said, “If you want to commit suicide, go ahead and do it. I won’t stop you.”

“You……” Yan Qing Cheng’s frail and elegant body backed away unceasingly.

Being forced to stay on the dragon island, Xiao Chen was indeed very depressed in the beginning, but now he already adjusted his mood, because he knew there was still the “Sovereign King Ship” that could take him away from this place. As a result, he still had the mood to tease Yan Qing Cheng and said, “Woman, just what are you thinking? Am I that scary?”

The three skeletons looked at each other in dismay, they followed Xiao Chen closely.

Knowing that Xiao Chen was teasing her, Yan Qing Cheng angrily turned her head to one side. And on the other side, Xiao Chen carried Keke and walked forward, then he said, “Little monster, it seems like we will be staying on the dragon island for a while, at least until you get your little sacred tree back.”

When Keke heard the “little sacred tree”, it immediately became spirited and ignored the “little monster”. It cheerfully ran all over the place and then followed Xiao Chen towards the snowy mountain.

Yan Qing Cheng followed closely behind.

“Hey, woman, why are you following me? Aren’t you afraid that something will happen? You better keep far away from me, the sooner the better. Otherwise, you will be in great danger.”

“You sealed more than half of my power, if I don’t follow you, then what? Waiting for the monster to eat me?” Yan Qing Cheng replied unhappily.

“You want to kill me, and I am not such a cruel person, I am unwilling to kill you, so I can only seal your power. How about this, why don’t you just commit suicide? We don’t need to make things difficult for both of us.”

Yan Qing Cheng was speechless, she felt that the man before her eyes was too hateful. This was a clear indication that he was using her to modulate his emotions and stave off depression.

Presently, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to kill Yan Qing Cheng, the demon said he needed at least one year to shake off the breath of death. In other words, he had to stay on this dragon island for one year if they wanted to get Keke’s sacred tree back. If it was only him, he would be bored to death, leaving Yan Qing Cheng alive, even as an enemy, he wouldn’t feel so lonely at the very least.

“Xiao Chen, I warn you, don’t you dare try to do anything to me.”

Xiao Chen sneered at her and said, “You are warning me? Oh please, rather than warning, it’s more like enticing me. Just relax, after a long period of misery and oppression on the isolated island, we will have something to talk about, you will not be disappointed.”

This kind of reply was misleading, it made Yan Qing Cheng worried and fearful, but she felt even more humiliated and angry.

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