Chapter 7 – Unicorn Under The Moonlight

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Xiao Chen rapidly climbed up the ancient tree as though he was flying and grabbed the transparent fabric that was hanging on top of the branch. The fabric appeared to be used to cover the face, it was almost weightless, very smooth and soft. The fabric seemed as if it was made out of the finest materials.

On top of the fabric was a faintly discernible embroidery of a Phoenix. If one looked closely, the Phoenix looked very realistic. Xiao Chen suddenly recalled something, one familiar figure unfolded in his mind; A pretty girl with elegant figure covering her face with a transparent fabric……

He clearly recalled the veil worn by the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er, it was precisely this kind of Phoenix veil!

Could it be that Zhao Lin Er had also entered the World of Immortals?

Xiao Chen momentarily associated it with the scene on that day. He had been running in front of Zhao Lin Er towards the summit, the distance between them was not that big. Then, at that time they came across Goddess Lan Nuo distorting space, dazzling rays of light burst forth, enveloping the summit of the mountain with a layer of holy radiance.

He was enveloped by the multicolored lights on the spot and hereby entered the world of immortals. Could it be that Zhao Lin Er also met the same fate as him? The more he thought about it, the higher the probability of this happening.

This place was no longer the mortal world, Zhao Lin Er’s status as an Imperial Angel wouldn’t have any effects at this place. If he caught Zhao Lin Er on this island, he wouldn’t have to worry about how to handle her.

Not long ago, Xiao Chen was being pursued by Zhao Lin Er. But if she really entered the world of immortals, then their roles would be swapped!

However, Xiao Chen did not wish to encounter Zhao Lin Er too soon. That was because the opponent was a real expert and due to his injuries, he would have a hard time fighting back.

Five days! Just five days should be enough. After he fully recovered, he wouldn’t have to fear the Imperial Angel anymore.

Two days passed by safely, Zhao Lin Er hadn’t appeared.

Even though the light fabric was blown here, she might be very far from this area. After all, the squall was extremely fierce that night. However, Xiao Chen believed that if she was still alive, he would encounter her on this island sooner or later.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon had been guarding the last remaining egg at the seaside ever since. In the event that it goes out to the sea, it would still be in the sea area nearby. Xiao Chen didn’t want to take any more risks. Once this primal beast went on a rampage, it seriously had the power to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

The light speck in the acupuncture point of Xiao Chen’s left foot seemed as if it had perfectly fused with the acupoint. The silver light speck is the acupuncture point, the acupuncture point is the silver light speck. One could not tell them apart from one another.

Even now, Xiao Chen still had no idea what that light speck was capable of. He was unable to feel that tremendous life energy it once possessed nor any other unique characteristics.

These past two days, Xiao Chen diligently recuperated and his recovery went by very smoothly.

The gentle moonlight was like a ripple on the surface of the water, it made the forest seem as if it had been enveloped by a layer of thin silk. Xiao Chen was standing at the side of the tiny lake that resembled a mirror. His slender and well-built body was motionless as he guided the essence of the moonlight into his body.

One after another, miniature holy essences were flowing into Xiao Chen’s body. The essence of the moonlight was like a sweet nectar moistening his acupuncture points, making his inner organs, bones, and flesh overflow with a layer of splendid light……

The flow of time seemed to have come to a standstill, Xiao Chen was immersed in this splendid state of meditation. The inexhaustible essence of the moonlight became more and more concentrated, there was already a layer of hazy radiance enveloping his surroundings. His whole body was emitting a dim light.

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Right now, Xiao Chen’s entire person advanced to some kind of empty spiritual realm. Even though his eyes were shut, the surrounding scenery clearly emerged within his mind. His entire person exuded an agile and graceful aura.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen could feel some life form approaching at lightning fast speed from the depths of the jungle. Soon after, he saw a bizarre scene; A tiny horse with a snow-white body stamped on the tip of the branches lightly as it leapt from one treetop to another towards Xiao Chen’s location.

This was a really shocking scene!

The tiny horse was very young and delicate, its height hadn’t even reached one meter yet. However, it seemed extremely magical as its snow-white body was flickering with a crystal clear luster, as if it was sculpted out of an extraordinarily beautiful white jade. In addition, on top of its forehead was a horn that seemed to be made out of jade, making it appear even more magical!

Especially under the moonlight, it seemed all the more outstanding as it reflected the gentle moonlight while leaping on the treetops in the forest. It resembled the divine steed to the extreme!

It was an immature Unicorn! Xiao Chen felt extremely astonished.

The tiny horse was circling around the lake as it leapt on the treetop and stealthily observed Xiao Chen who was shrouded by the essence of the moonlight. Its huge eyes, that resembled black gems, were brimming with curiosity.

Xiao Chen feigned ignorance, as to not frighten it, and continued to draw the hazy moonlight energy. It was as if a water ripple that was as pure as a splendid white cloud encircled the surroundings, making the spiritual energy around this area very dense. A divine and harmonious aura filled this entire area.

The tiny horse seemed as if it really wanted to get closer to Xiao Chen but it was somewhat afraid. It carefully observed Xiao Chen with its pair of clear big eyes. When it was convinced that Xiao Chen was harmless, it leapt towards a giant tree that was not too far from him.

Soon after, Xiao Chen once more noticed this tiny horse was out of ordinary. The jade horn on top of its forehead could actually gather the essence of the moonlight. Half of the multicolored lights lingering around Xiao Chen were actually absorbed by the jade horn. The tiny horse’s entire body was even more shiny, dim light constantly flickering. It was truly magical.

It lasted until Xiao Chen stopped gathering the energy, the tiny horse, like a startled rabbit, ran towards the jungle by leaping from a tip of the branches to another, leaving behind a silver light in its path. Its speed was extremely fast.

Xiao Chen smiled, that was indeed a fascinating and lovely young unicorn.

For the next two days, the tiny horse would constantly roam around the lakeside to partake in the spiritual energy gathered by Xiao Chen. Early in the morning, it was the essence of the sun. During the day, it was the essence of the plants, and then there was the essence of moonlight during the night. It slowly got used to the regular pattern and was not scared anymore.

Xiao Chen did not attempt to catch this unicorn because of two reasons. One, because he didn’t have enough confidence that he would be able to catch it. Two, because the divine creature possessed intelligence, it would be hard to make it acknowledge him even if he caught it forcefully. He was waiting for an opportunity.

Ten days passed in a flash since Xiao Chen had arrived at this mysterious island. His wounds were thoroughly recovered.

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

Countless seabirds flew off like a rocket from the forest nearby. The tiny horse that seemed to be sculpted out of a fine jade escaped by leaping off the branches of the trees, leaving behind silvery lights in its trail. Xiao Chen could detect that there were people approaching!

Their speed was extremely fast, one could only see their afterimages as they passed by. They practically passed through that woodland in an instant and then their sight locked in with Xiao Chen from afar.

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