Chapter 43 – Treant

There are quite a few huge footprints in the valley ahead of them. The footprints are around 1 meter long, the shape is actually not that different from a human’s footprint. Could it be a giant? In the human world, he once heard of legends regarding some ancient extinct race. Their figure was incomparably huge, just like that of a giant.

This ought to be the reason why the crimson ape was unwilling to come here. It should be related to the giant that lives here. But…… could Zhao Lin Er really be living in the giant’s territory?

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons advanced carefully, they wanted to get to the bottom of this matter.

The valley appears emerald-green, and full of thick foliage, one could see many tall ancient trees standing upright from the distant. The entrance to the valley is not very wide, it is only around ten meter wide. The valley wall on both sides are somewhat steep, many huge trees are growing there too. All the green vegetation make this place appear so full of life.

Xiao Chen found a lot of traces around the entrance of the valley, the one meter long giant footprint seriously make someone feel agitated. Xiao Chen could vaguely feel dangers approaching, he and the three skeletons cautiously stopped at the entrance of the valley.

Looking at a few miles from the entrance of the valley, it looked very auspicious and peaceful, the pleasant cries of the birds, the fragrance of the beautiful flowers drifted along with the wind, there is even a streamlet gathered together by spring water meandering between the plants, it was like a crystal clear ribbon made out of jade. There are no evil beasts roaming about at this place, it could be considered safe and blissful land.

However, precisely because of this auspicious and peaceful land, Xiao Chen suddenly felt as if a great danger is about to descend. He quickly bring the three skeletons to turn around and run, he didn’t care whether his feeling was accurate or not, they should escape from this place first before anything else.

As soon as they get away from the entrance, a loud rumbling noise resounded. A few boulders rolled down from the walls on both side of the valley. The rumbling noise resembled ten thousands of stampeding horses, the valley wall trembled. Meanwhile, an eight to nine meter tall green-colored giant landed heavily on the entrance of the valley after the boulders. The earth quaked violently, one after another huge cracks were formed underneath the giant. If Xiao Chen and the gang tarry for a bit longer, they might already be crushed under the boulders.

An eight to nine meter tall green-colored giant!

Xiao Chen is very startled, he turned around to behold the giant.

And just around this time, he saw an even more freakish scene.

On top of the valley wall, an inconceivable transformation happened to one of the tall ancient trees in that instant. The huge branches swayed around unceasingly, the glistening green leaves produced a crashing noise, the sturdy dragon-like stolons quickly uprooted from the ground, the entire ancient tree burst forth with a glorious green radiance. A series of transformation took place and changed the form of the tree instantly, the branches are rapidly retracting, the rhizomes are also deforming at lightning speed. Under the influence of the incomparably dazzling green radiance, the tall ancient tree actually shrank. After that, it actually transformed into a green-colored giant! ⌈1

With a rumbling sound, the giant landed on the entrance of the valley, standing side by side with the giant that descended earlier. Faint green radiance was circulating all over the body of both the eight to nine meter tall green giants. It gives people a powerful oppressive force.

This is simply too unbelievable!

A ten meter plus ancient tree that was rooted above the valley wall like a huge umbrella, how did it transform into a green giant now?

Treant! ⌈2

Are these the tree monster who achieved enlightenment?

Xiao Chen is unable to find out, and he didn’t have the time to think. Two green treant took large strides and prepared to attack him at any moment. Meanwhile, on the precipice above the valley, an exquisite human figure appeared. It is indeed the devastatingly beautiful Zhao Lin Er, and standing by her side is a treant. ⌈3

What is going on? She is actually together with the mysterious treant. Xiao Chen didn’t have a chance to think too much, he escaped with the three skeletons at high-speed.

“Don’t let him get away!” Zhao Lin Er’s white dress is as beautiful as snow, she is incomparably attractive, she looked exceptionally charming on top of the precipice. People could seriously confuse her with a fairy that descended from the Ninth Heaven.

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“Bang! Bang! Bang……!” The eight to nine meter tall green giants run as fast as the wind, their body weight is as heavy as a mountain. Every time they stamp on the ground, it was like a huge hammer rammed into the ground. The earth shook violently.

At the same time, on top of the precipice, the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er immediately jumped onto the shoulder of the treant beside her. That treant nimbly leap down the cliff, his body emitted a faint green radiance. After pushing the other two giant away, it chased after Xiao Chen at lightning speed.

Three colossus are catching up from behind, it gives Xiao Chen a powerful oppressive force. The three skeletons and Xiao Chen ran so fast in the mountain woods that they transformed into four rays of light.

The ancient primitive forest is very crowded, even though those three green treant ran as fast as the wind, and each step they took was wide, it is still very difficult for them to catch up to Xiao Chen as they were blocked by the mountain woods again and again.

Zhao Lin Er stood on the treant’s shoulder, her figure was very outstanding. The divine radiance in her eyes were deep and clear, she already waited for Xiao Chen here for a long time. She knew he will eventually find this place, it is finally time to strike back today. She is glad that she received the good graces of the young unicorn, this young divine beast is the nature’s dearest one. It has a good relationship with the exotic treants in the Treant’s Valley. It gave her the opportunity to befriend the treants.

Even though there are only a finite amount of treants, all of them are super strong. All of them are evolved from a thousand years old ancient tree. They are spiritual being nurtured by the nature, they could understand the power of nature. That is why the savage monster don’t dare to get near the Treant’s Valley. ⌈4

Other than the most ancient treant, the other treants seem to have gained sentience not long ago. Their minds are not that bright yet, by using her relationship with the young unicorn, she was able to easily earn their support.

“Xiao Chen, you never anticipated this to happen today right? The one who gets the last laugh is the real winner!” Even though Zhao Lin Er’s tone is very beautiful, her speech contained the desire to kill.

“Hmph, laugh after you catch me, maybe one of these day, a high and mighty Imperial Angel like you, will become my female slave!”

Zhao Lin Er remained calm, she didn’t get angry at all. She command the three treants to outflank Xiao Chen. The forest tree swayed with a crashing sound, three treants ran at high-speed in the mountain woods, they split up the dense ancient forest one after another. A faint green radiance circulated around their body, that is the power of nature they possessed the moment they were born. With the assistance of those power, they pushed away all the huge trees and branches in their way.

The noise generated by the treants’ stampede could even be said to be incomparably loud. Even the mountain forest trembled slightly, the wild beasts were startled and ran in every direction. After that, a few monsters appeared and when they see the three giants, they also stopped their footsteps.

And around this time, the banging noise alarmed the practitioners in this region. A lot of people swiftly jumped on top of a huge tree upon hearing the sound, or climbed on top of the cliff to peer at this location.


  1. Silva: Damn, that is one long paragraph… 
  2. Having a hard time deciding how to translate this, it can be translated as Tree Man, Tree Person, or Tree-Fella. Decided to go with Treant in the end after Selutu pointed it out. 
  3. Silva: Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!
    Chanayh: They love each other so much that they had no choice but to kill each other? Hahaha! 
  4. Silva: Ooh does that mean Xiao Chen can create a treant with the sacred tree? 😀
    Chanayh: I don’t think so…
    Silva: Aw… 

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