Chapter 115 – The Identity of the Mysterious Woman

All of a sudden, a beautiful blonde-haired man that was as blazing as the sun entered Xiao Chen’s line of sight. He passed through the dense coconut grove and arrived at this region. It was actually Spell Master Lande.

Xiao Chen restrained his smile, he just sat there and looked at him before he opened his mouth, and said, “You really have the guts to actually appear in front of me, do you want to challenge me?”

Lawrence, Oxman, Yizhen, and Rowena were still joking together, they did not become tense due to Lande’s arrival. That was because they were confident in their strength, with these few people sitting together, even Solitary Sword Demon wouldn’t come to openly provoke them.

“Alright, I will apologize for my frivolous behavior before, but I actually don’t need to apologize, because you already gave me the deepest and most painful lesson. You must know that you were very ruthless during that battle, you broke at least thirty bones of mine.” The blonde-haired beautiful man, Lande, did not seem very embarrassed when he said these. He sat opposite of Xiao Chen unhurriedly, his pair of sapphire eyes appeared very sincere as he said, “A few days ago, I still wanted to find you to take revenge, but now I finally thought it through. The hatred between us was really not worth it. We are about to leave the dragon island soon, there is nothing more exciting and joyous than leaving here alive. Let us forget about all the unpleasant things between us after we leave the dragon island. It was only because I was too arrogant and conceited, I have already suffered enough as a result, I don’t want to keep making more mistake. I came here today to dissolve our past resentment.” ⌈1

Xiao Chen said, “If it was not because I had no other choice, who would want to face you in a life and death battle? If you are sincere, then I will accept your proposal and dissolve our grudges.”

Lawrence’s somewhat sickly face revealed a smile and said, “Lande, I have heard of you before, but I never regarded you as anyone important until now. I can easily take your life within twenty moves. However, seeing your action today, I couldn’t help but see you in a new light. It is easy to take but hard to let go, it proved that you have made a mental breakthrough to some extend.”

“That means I have the opportunity to befriend such a beautiful man, and not as an enemy anymore?” Rowena smiled charmingly.

Lande nodded his head with a smile, “I was desperate before, thinking that we will be trapped on the dragon island forever. But to my surprise, I unexpectedly found that we can leave this island, it really had a big impact on my mental state, I can finally look at things from different perspective, and be more open-minded.” ⌈2

“Lawrence, you might need to get your eyes checked, Lande did not only make a mental breakthrough, his ability might advance by leaps and bounds over the next few years, he’s a demigod that is gradually awakening, a descendant of god.”

“Seems like my little secret had been exposed by you.” It was impossible for Lande to deny.

“A natural born demigod? Lande, I adore you so much!” Rowena discharged electricity3⌋ from her eyes, trying to hook his soul.

“Really? Let’s forget about our rivalry, I will definitely go and swap pointers with you frequently.” Buddhist Yizhen also opened his mouth in shock.

“Huh? Let me take a good long look at the face of a demigod.” The little fatty walked in front and sized up Lande very seriously. It made everyone unable to restrain a smile, it must be mentioned that Oxman was very good at setting the atmosphere.

In this course of events, the beautiful Yan Qing Cheng remained silent. ⌈4⌋ She didn’t say a single word nor did she cast a glance at Lande.

“Brother Xiao, I have a presumptuous request. Can you set my junior sister, Yan Qing Cheng, free? We are about to leave the dragon island soon, let us forget about all the unhappy things in the past.” Lande looked at Xiao Chen earnestly.

“I also did not plan to make an enemy out of her before, but since it has already become like this, it is impossible for me to release her now.” Xiao Chen refused by saying, “Do you believe our enmity can be resolved now? Do you think she will let it go like this?”

In fact, Xiao Chen was a little troubled regarding how to deal with Yan Qing Cheng. A lot of people on dragon island knew Xiao Chen had taken Yan Qing Cheng as captive, it was fine since everyone was trapped on the dragon island. However, everyone was about to enter the immortal’s mainland, the Undying Alliance could even be said to be a powerful force. In the event that the news of Yan Ching Cheng being held captive were to spread out once they enter the immortal’s mainland, it might bring a lot of trouble to him. How about killing her now? That would only be inviting more trouble than necessary. This was the reason why he didn’t act blindly without thinking until now.

These few days, Rowena, Lawrence, and the rest had come up with a plan for Xiao Chen; That was to leave them with no option but to accept it, he will tie a knot with Yan Qing Cheng and become a married couple for real. This way, they could avoid any dangers in the future. According to what they said; Xiao Chen, you will become the son-in-law of the Undying Faction, and not treating Yan Qing Cheng as a slave. How will the Undying Faction find any reason to come and cause trouble for you? Of course, the prerequisite was for Yan Qing Cheng to act lovey-dovey on the outside.

However, to make Yan Qing Cheng cooperate? That was impossible!

Of course, there was another fatal part; Xiao Chen had killed Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue, the two experts from the Undying Alliance. Although the word did not spread out, there was a key person who knew the inside story. That was precisely Zhao Lin Er. At that time, it was her who passed the news to Yan Qing Cheng. If they don’t seal her mouth, things will definitely turn for the worst.

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Just when Xiao Chen thought of Zhao Lin Er, she really appeared. She actually entered the coconut grove, and that snow-white unicorn was following far behind her. It was unwilling to approach the crowd, it looked over a little timidly.

Xiao Chen almost couldn’t believe his eyes, the peerless Imperial Angel actually appeared in front of him, it was way too unusual. The grudges between them could only be settled with life and death. At that time, they were really at each other’s neck.

Xiao Chen jumped up immediately, if it was not for Zhao Lin Er, he definitely wouldn’t end up in this world. He couldn’t remain calm and said coldly, “You actually dare to show up here?!”

The devastatingly beautiful Imperial Angel had a really cold expression as she said, “I came here to dissolve our grudges.” ⌈5

Not only was Xiao Chen dumbstruck, even the few people beside him were at a loss for words. What was happening today? Why did everyone come to dissolve the grudges? Lande was still pardonable, since it was originally caused by his arrogance. But Zhao Lin Er and Xiao Chen were always at each other’s neck, how could this kind of enmity be dissolved? And it seemed like the person herself was unwilling to let it go.

Even Lande felt a bit inconceivable, even though he was the first to come, their temper was completely different.

“You want to resolve our grudges?” Xiao Chen wanted to laugh, but he didn’t.

“Please come with me to meet someone.” After saying these, Zhao Lin Er no longer paid attention to Xiao Chen and walked over to the beach.

A graceful figure was standing over there calmly, the figure seemed proud and aloof, and yet it was out-of-this-world. There was a purple young dragon beside her, she was looking at the golden ocean. It was that woman who could control the law of time, but the colorful mist was not lingering on her body at the moment. Only because she was facing the coconut grove with her back, everyone was still unable to see her face.

It was not a trap, everyone did not follow him. Xiao Chen took large strides towards the beach.

Just at this time Keke rubbed its hazy big eyes, it finally woke up. When it looked at the young unicorn that was as bright as jade in front, its glittering big eyes immediately lit up. It flew over there with a swish, and landed on the back of the young unicorn.

The young unicorn was startled like a little rabbit, it wanted to run away, but it realized it wouldn’t be able to throw off Keke who was already on its back. It felt anguished as it turned its head, but when it saw Keke’s appearance, its fear dissipated. It looked at the naughty little critter curiously. The two cute little thing looked at each other face to face, they had a very amusing expression.

Xiao Chen followed Zhao Lin Er one step at a time and arrived in front of the golden ocean. He finally saw the face of the mysterious woman clearly. He became dumbfounded in that very instant, how could this be possible, how could it be her?!

She had a beauty that was hard to describe with words, it was impossible to describe how good-looking was her appearance, she was a stunning beauty that couldn’t be described with mere words. She was a goblet of Spiritual Energy, her entire person looked like a mist and far away, she was obviously in front of him, yet it felt like she was high in the clouds. This was a genuine transcendental aura.

In reality, the appearance of Zhao Lin Er and Yan Qing Cheng could already be considered the most stunning under the heaven. It was impossible for the person in front of him to be more beautiful, but her distinctive traits made her surpass the former two by leaps and bounds. This was a charm the ordinary people could never hope to achieve, it seemed like she was already not a living person with blood and flesh, but rather the most outstanding masterpiece in Heaven.

She was actually the extremely gifted Goddess Lan Nuo!! It was precisely because she caused a distortion in space that Xiao Chen and Zhao Lin Er wound up in this world.

“Are you surprised?” Lan Nuo smiled faintly, like a beautiful rainbow that was let off from the ice and snow, she was very dazzling.

“Really…… Surprised.” Xiao Chen replied as such.

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“When I distorted the space on that day, I saw the both of you rushing in when I took a step forward. I originally wanted to stop the both of you, but I realized it was already impossible to turn back, I could only bring the two of you with me. Unexpectedly, you guys became enemy. We all came from the human world, I don’t want to see you guys facing each other in a life and death battle. I want to let the both of you make up.”

Xiao Chen highly respected this extremely gifted goddess. This was the only expert that could create a spatial distortion with martial arts in the human world after many long years of silence. Moreover, it was this kind of peerless and lovely young lady, he admired and respected her deeply. Xiao Chen started by saying, “I originally was unwilling to make an enemy out of her, the result today could be said to be caused by her. I am not trying to push the blame, this is the fact.”

“Hmph! If it was not because you killed my maid that was as close to me as my blood sister, why would I even care?!” Zhao Lin Er’s beautiful face was brimming with anger.

“If it was not because your subordinates were relying on force to bully others, if they didn’t besiege me, why would I even make a move? It was a righteous self-defense, how could I care about my enemy’s situation?” Xiao Chen opposed with equal harshness.

“Alright, the both of you don’t bring up the things from the past anymore.” The proud goddess Lan Nuo smiled faintly and said, “I just wanted to ask the both of you, I intent to help the both of you reconcile, are you willing to make up?”

After a period of silence, the both of them nodded. They revered Lan Nuo very much.

“Good, since the both of you are willing, then please forget about all the unhappy events in the past, the both of you are prohibited to fight from now on, will you promise me this?” ⌈6

Lan Nuo sincerely tried to help them. The two vowed not to fight anymore in the end. This outcome made the both of them very regretful, it was not something they could have imagined in the past. However, not fighting anymore doesn’t mean they will become close friends, it is impossible for them to get intimate with each other.

In regards to Lan Nuo’s ability, Xiao Chen was full of doubts. One must know that she was a goddess that was able to create a spatial distortion. And someone with her ability was only able to suppress the Solitary Sword Demon.

However, he quickly understood after listening to Lan Nuo’s brief story.

When Lan Nuo distorted the space, she had already reached the legendary Nirvana realm.

One who reached this realm would become neither dead or alive, their body and mind would be trapped in the brink of death. They would linger around the boundary of life and death to comprehend the profound meaning between life and death. If one thoroughly comprehended the secrets of life and death, they would become an immortal with one more step. However, if they failed, they might be consigned to eternal damnation, their body and soul would be entirely wiped out.

At the same time, the practitioners who are on this level, their ability are neither strong or weak. Their power are very unstable, when they are strong, they can unleash powers equivalent to Immortalis. When they are weak, their divine ability was even weaker than practitioners of Historia realm.

The realm of Nirvana was regarded by the practitioners as the greatest opportunity, but also the most ruthless one. Those who solved the riddles of life and death would break out of their cocoons and transform into butterflies. They would attain immortality and live on forever. Those who couldn’t comprehend the secrets would be annihilated at this point, it was a cruel reality.

After Lan Nuo, who was at the Nirvana realm, created a spatial distortion and entered the dragon island, she found that her power was still very unstable. She didn’t know the secrets of the dragon island; This place sealed every god-level power, when the boundless sealing power rushed towards her, she originally tried to resist, which almost caused this proud goddess to die on this barren island.

Lan Nuo suffered an enormous loss on this dragon island, the ability that she cultivated all her life was narrowly overthrown. However, she was innately gifted after all, while she was caught between life and death, she quickly discovered the nature of the problem and voluntarily sealed her power by herself. Only then did the boundless sealing power have less influence on her.

But even so, that sealing power still suppressed her power to Nirvana’s lowest fluctuation range. One must know that Nirvana level practitioners could become as strong as the immortals, but they could also get as weak as Historia level expert. The lowest fluctuation range of Nirvana was close to the Historia realm. And the heavy damage she suffered for now was also hard to recover from.


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