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Chapter 68 – Movement in the East

“Is it not possible now?” Xiao Chen laughed.

“Hehe, so it turns out you are actually not honest. I always thought you were a decisive, and cold-blooded expert.” Rowena is absolutely a beauty through and through, her flirtatious expression emitted a peculiar charm. Even if Xiao Chen had willpower as strong as steel, his heart couldn’t help but waver.

Rowena left with a flirtatious expressions, she walked as leisurely as a lotus, graceful and elegant, her slender leg, perfectly round buttocks, delicate waist, and indistinct curve, gave Xiao Chen an incomparably sexy view of her back. ⌈1

That was indeed an extraordinary beautiful woman with unlimited charm. Her lovely side already far surpassed her own beauty, even though her appearance is not comparable to Zhao Lin Er and Yang Qing Cheng, her enticing ability already far surpasses them. ⌈2

Xiao Chen looked at his own heroic figure reflected on the creek, and quickly calmed down. The both of them were only trying to use each other, their alliance is nothing but for show.

The news of Xiao Chen destroying three alliances in a single night gave rise to a huge wave. His strength makes everyone realize that this youth who did not join any alliance is not to be trifled with, he is not someone they should provoke! Speaking from a certain point of view, Xiao Chen’s name had already been carved deeply into everyone’s heart, he had already become the main topic discussed by everyone.

Many people are aware that when Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton return, there will inevitably be a big storm. They will definitely not leave the matter at that, a lot of people are expecting a battle from breaking out, it will certainly be a showdown of the highest level.

Undoubtedly, Xiao Chen had already become a well-known figure on the Dragon Island. It caused many alliances to pay close attention to his action, and he attracted the sights of every young practitioners, male and female alike.

Xiao Chen naturally knew people were talking about him. These past two days, he kept roaming around the assembly point of the alliances. He was closely paying attention to the current situation. And then, after having a meat feast with Yizhen and Yichi to his heart’s content, he left this place.

Yan Qing Cheng and the rest should be back soon, Xiao Chen decided to disappear for a period of time, seizing every moment to train, and let them be driven to madness by themselves first. After finding the three skeletons in the deathly still forest, they went to the sea of bones. Xiao Chen wanted to go give Lawrence a greeting first, but he found that Lawrence had already left this place.

And the other practitioners who were the first to enter the depths of the Dragon Island had also disappeared without a trace. It is probably due to the practitioners from the outer region moving here, more and more people are showing up here frequently, this is no longer a good place to train quietly.

The figures around the vicinity of the divine monolith are mostly practitioners that entered afterwards.

Xiao Chen retrieved Keke, who was fast asleep, from within a pile of the Tyrannical Dragon’s skeleton that was close to the divine monolith.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Since its good night sleep was disturbed, Keke fiercely waved its little paw, and squeaked resentfully.

“Keke, how about I bring you to eat something good?” Xiao Chen began to release an “aromatic bait” in order to take Keke away. This snow-white, hairy tiger-like, and lion-like exotic little critter, is really too marvelous. Xiao Chen wanted to keep it beside him no matter what.

This is something that cannot be helped, this little critter was not really following him all along, it only followed him due to curiosity. He must constantly let this little critter experience something new.

Hearing that it can enjoy some delicious food, Keke’s big glittering eyes immediately flickered with one after another tiny stars. ⌈3⌋ It keeps blinking its eyes incessantly, it couldn’t help but swallow its saliva with a “gulp”. ⌈4

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but smile all of a sudden, this little critter is really too funny. But just at this time, Keke lowered its head dejectedly, stroking its plump little belly in agony. At that time, it devoured too much Sweet Dew of Life, it is still not completely digested yet, so it is unable to enjoy the delicacy.

“I have a way to help you get rid of your sufferings, but it will certainly take some time.”

The light immediately returned to Keke’s eyes, it keeps squeaking, as if it was questioning whether Xiao Chen really had the ability to do it.

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“Don’t worry, I can definitely help you resolves your problem. But of course, I need your treasured tree.” Xiao Chen pointed at the ‘treasured tree hat’ that Keke wore on its head.

Keke immediately took off the treasured tree, and tossed it over to Xiao Chen without a care in the world. If the divine sapling had intelligence, it will inevitably wish to cry, the little critter doesn’t seem to care about it at all.

“We cannot do it here, we need to find a quiet place so we won’t be disturbed. Besides, I also need some time to think.”

Just like that, Xiao Chen and his party began their journey. The little critter would turn around to look at the divine monolith from time to time, but it still left this place in the end. In the depths of the island, they can hear the dragon’s roar from time to time, Xiao Chen wanted to try his luck, and see if he can retrieve a few dragon eggs. ⌈5

While they are making their way through the deathly still forest, Xiao Chen felt extremely baffled. This place is so exuberant, yet it is so quiet, not even a bird could be seen, could it be because it is close to the sea of bones?

The tall ancient trees in this area require a few dozen people to wrap their arms around it. The trees are definitely a few millennium old, they are not one bit inferior to the trees in the treant’s valley. But not a single treant is roaming around, evidently no treant had ever successfully evolve from here.

This time, Xiao Chen did not go to the northern side, towards where the alliances are inhabiting. They left from the other side of the deathly still forest, on the east side. They walked for a few dozen miles before they finally left this incomparably quiet forest.

Arriving at the outside world brimming with vitality, one could feel the differences right away. A small stream is flowing with “Drip! Drip! Plop! Plop!” sound, the heavily scented fragrance of flowers, the cheerful birdsong, as well as the roar of the beasts, all of them make this world appear full of vitality.

Even though they could hear the roar of the dragons resounding from the mountains from time to time, they still couldn’t pinpoint the exact location after walking for dozen of miles. Terrifying beasts on the other hand, they encountered a lot of them. Most of them are some kind of ancient beasts, Xiao Chen suspect some of them could even contend against a fierce dragon!

Soon after, Xiao Chen discovered a river in the mountain woods, he followed the river eastwards. The green bamboo gradually become more on both sides of the shore, while the other forest trees gradually become lesser.

It lasted until they advanced for another few miles, their surroundings already turned into a wide expanse of bamboo forest. In this area, the monsters have become lesser, while there are more herbivorous animals.

The green bamboo, bluish-green river, and low shrubs. In addition to the melodious birdsong, and the moose-like animals that are not frightened by human, all of them make this place seem very harmonious and peaceful. On this Dragon Island filled with monsters, it is very rare to find this kind of peaceful zone.

There are twenty plus wild elephants on the other side of the riverbank drinking water, their pure white tusks are flickering with a faint luster. The sturdy body of the elephants lining up in a row resembled a lofty wall.

But just at this time, the pack of elephants suddenly become restless, it seems like the wild elephants had been frightened by something, all of them released a long trumpet as they turned around to flee right away.

Xiao Chen clearly felt something abnormal, he could feel a fishy smell assaulting his nostrils. A gale suddenly blew from the bamboo forest in front, a path actually appeared in the middle of the bamboo forest, all the bamboo automatically fell towards both sides, it appears incomparably bizarre. ⌈6


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