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Chapter 24 – Super Effective

The action of the three skeletons was out of Xiao Chen’s expectation. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang conveniently lie on the swamp with their backs, skeletal remains were scattered all around them. Xiao Chen was momentarily lost in thought, these three skeletons were much clever than he imagined. So much so that he could even feel something sinister from them.

Outside of the swamp, Zhao Lin Er’s snowy skin, elegant body, and peerless beauty was especially outstanding. It could even be said her flesh was made out of ice and her bones were made out of jade, she was as pure as the snow that piled up on top of the flowers and trees. The title of the prettiest girl in the world was befitting of her, all the more in this dense jungle. ⌈1

Gu Luo waved his hand without making a sound, the dozen of people behind him quickly spread out and entered the swamp while concealing themselves. He and Zhao Lin Er followed closely behind.

The dense negative energy in the swamp make these people felt fearful. The dense aura pervaded in the forest make them realize the swamp was dangerous!

White skeletal remains could be seen everywhere, this was the genuine land of the death!

Thirty experts had already spread out in the depths of the swamp, the corner of Gu Luo’s mouth curved up as they found all kinds of sign that showed Xiao Chen was in this swamp. Today is the day he die.

The setting sun dyed the sky bloody red, Gu Luo could feel something was wrong, but he was unable to pinpoint the roots for his unease.

All of a sudden, his vision was filled with white light!

The human skeleton under his foot jumped high into the sky and penetrated his chest with its eerie bony claw!

This change of event was out of their expectation!

It was impossible to defend effectively against an enemy without live energy that was lying underneath him!

Gu Luo brandished his fists all of a sudden to block the bony claws, when he wanted to change his footing and get into battle formation, he was shocked to find that his legs were firmly locked by another human skeleton!

He frantically repelled the human skeleton in front of him, however he felt pain from his back. A bony white claw had penetrated deeply into his flesh!

There was one more skeleton behind him!


From the sudden ambush of Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, until the Gu Luo screamed miserably. Though it took a while to describe, it happened in the blink of an eye.

The face of the charming Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er turned pale when she saw the scene before her. She had never seen a skeleton killed a person before, however she was not an ordinary person after all, she grasped her longsword immediately and closed in at high speed.

“Undead creature!”

“It’s an undead creature who gained eternal life through unconventional means!”

The crowds in the distant place shouted loudly.

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“Go protect the Master, quickly!”


The swamp fell into utter chaos, all the experts that were scattered all over the place rushed towards that location at lightning speed.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were aware of the dangers approaching. They retreated immediately without any reluctance, however they didn’t forget to ruthlessly attack Gu Luo with their claws before leaving. There were four bloody holes on Gu Luo’s chest, the blood gushed out unceasingly, filling the air with stinging smell of blood.

Zhao Lin Er supported Gu Luo who was about to fall into the pool of blood. Seven to Eight experts encircled them in a flash, the rest went after the three skeletons while bellowing in rage.

Xiao Chen who was lying low on top of a giant tree was extremely shocked!

According to Xiao Chen’s perspective, the brown-haired man was a very formidable opponent! However, the three skeletons gave him an unexpected surprise! The three emperors actually launched a successful sneak attack against the brown-haired man, this huge bounty was indeed beyond his imagination!

Without wasting any time, Xiao Chen jumped down the huge tree, he exerted strength into his legs and trampled on the two people below. With a snapping sound, the sternum of the two caved in, blood gushed out of their mouths as their dead bodies fell to the ground.

Xiao Chen left a few afterimages in the swamp and quickly appeared in the midst of the panic-stricken crowds, then he started the massacre mercilessly!

The three skeletons also revealed their true strength around this time! Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were so fast that only glint of lights could be seen as they travel back and forth. There were already three or four people who had their chests penetrated by them, every single strike of the bony white claws were intended to eliminate their enemies!

After these group of people gathered themselves from the confusion, they began to counterattack with an organized system.

“Sacred Flame, incinerate all that are unholy!”

One brown-haired practitioner chanted quickly. After that, he spread out the scroll in his hand as he tossed it over to where Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were. Endless flames appeared in the sky as it burned the very air itself, turning it crimson red. It was as if an omnipotent meteor was plunging towards Xiao Chen and the three skeletons.

Xiao Chen continuously changed his position, and dodged that terrifying flame by a hair’s breadth. The giant tree beside him was ignited and turned into ashes in a split second!

What a terrifying Sacred Flame! It seemed as if it could truly incinerate everything.

The three skeletons ran away in a sorry state, they extremely detest this kind of flame. Their speed were raised to the limit, leaving only a few glints of light in the swamp. But they were still caught up by the flames in a flash.

Xiao Chen was in dismay!

However, the performance of the three emperor exceeded his expectation again. Although their bones were somewhat black, they didn’t get incinerated! They rushed out of the flames in good condition. If one observed closely, one could see a layer of faint light retreating back to their skulls. Just now they were protected by a pure energy.

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Xiao Chen quickly joined up with the three skeletons, and started to confront Zhao Lin Er’s party. Just now they took advantage of the confusion to kill eight people from her party, it could be considered a favorable result.

The battlefield calmed down for a brief moment, both sides did not rashly took the initiative to attack.

The peerless Imperial Angel emitted an inexhaustible amount of murderous aura. She couldn’t suppress her rage anymore after they encountered an ambush in a favorable situation, and suffered a disastrous loss. The appearance of the three skeletons were out of her expectation, causing her to think twice before she act.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons also didn’t move around randomly. After all, there were numerous people on the opponent’s side, and they had control over the scrolls, it makes them somewhat hesitant.

At this time, an agonizing groan broke the silence.

Gu Luo who had his chest penetrated four times actually regained consciousness miraculously. However, blood started to gush out from the terrifying wounds again, the servants anxiously tighten the bandages once more.

Gu Luo stopped them as he leaned against the bosom of one female servant ⌈2⌋. He took a scroll out from his long sleeve, and chanted with slight difficulty, “The radiance of life, envelop my body!”

The scroll unfolded in that instant and emitted a dazzling radiance. The essence of life spread out in a split second, an endless amount of holy radiance enveloped Gu Luo.

Everyone on Gu Luo’s side started to cheer, every one of them were very excited, because they knew they didn’t have to worry about Gu Luo’s life anymore.

During the time when they were in a state of excitement, Xiao Chen took the three skeletons along and started to attack. The moment a powerful life energy appeared, Xiao Chen surmised that Gu Luo was trying to heal himself. He absolutely couldn’t let the opponent had this chance!

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were indeed very powerful, they were able to distract Zhao Lin Er momentarily by working together, giving Xiao Chen the golden opportunity. He enveloped his body with a hazy radiance and rushed into the crowds, sparing no efforts to kill Gu Luo who was recovering.

The experts in the vicinity put their lives on the line to ward off Xiao Chen’s surprise attack, the brief moment of confrontation was cruel and cold-blooded!

Xiao Chen’s palm was flickering with a divine light as it shattered seven or eight longsword. Furthermore, as the light spirit blade sliced a few people’s flank, blood gushed out unceasingly! In the course of events, something bizarre happened, under the influence of the dazzling radiance of life, all the experts that were heavily injured by Xiao Chen healed immediately. They didn’t have to worry about their life.

At the same time, Xiao Chen’s wound was also healed at lightning speed under the influence of the divine radiance!


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    TL: I know right……. he always took whatever chance he could to randomly praise Zhao Lin Er’s beauty… 
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    TL: hohohohohohoho…. because Gu Luo is a man xD
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