Chapter 74 – The Dragon Egg of the King

Clearly, it is highly possible that Keke come from an uncommon race that is not fearful of dragons. However, Xiao Chen pressed it down in a hurry, he must not let this reckless little devil act arbitrarily. Even if it is a miraculous beast, it is still but a cub, how can it confront a Monarch Lion Dragon?

Keke resentfully snorted a few times before it jumped on top of Yanluo Wang’s head.

“You cannot act like that anymore, just how long ago were you born? That was an ancient beast, mind you. You wouldn’t even fit in the gap between its teeth! Wait until you grow up before you go show off your power, but now you cannot be reckless.”

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke waved its little paws fiercely to protest in anger. However, it appears more adorable instead, its glittering big eyes blinked a few times, its hairy body is flickering with a jade light, this little critter could even be said to be a goblet of spiritual energy.

It is impossible to continue explore this place anymore, the ancient castle on the sacred mountain is far from only this building. That place is too bizarre, Xiao Chen didn’t want to throw his life at this place. He turned around to look at the majestic sacred mountain that was shrouded by a dense fog, as well as that faintly discernible deathly aura around the mysterious castle, then they walked towards the opposite direction.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen could hear a “rustling” noise from the distant mountain woods. A fishy smell assaulted his nostrils, he hurriedly ran towards the mountain woods nearby with Keke and the three skeletons.

Under the bright moonlight, a terrifying huge monster got here at high-speed. It was flickering with golden-bright radiance under the moonlight, it was actually a ten meter long golden centipede! Its body might possibly be as thick as a water bucket, poisonous gas spread out in its immediate surrounding.

Not long ago, Xiao Chen saw this centipede in a swamp once, he didn’t expect it would also be attracted by the historical sites on the sacred mountain. Xiao Chen didn’t want to come into contact with that monster, perhaps even a fierce dragon would take a detour once they encountered this centipede.

“Snap! Snap……!”

When that terrifying poisonous insect moved, hundred pair of legs moved simultaneously. The place that it passed, regardless of the ground, or the solid rock, all of them would be cut apart by its incomparably sharp legs.


In another mountain woods not far away, a similar noise could be heard, Xiao Chen felt goose bumps rising on his body. If there are still other poisonous insects such as this one, then this place is really too dangerous!

“Go! Quickly!” Xiao Chen took the lead and ran far away.

Poisonous insects like to roam about at night-time, god knows when will a huge ancient scorpion eventually show up at this place. Even though the strength of fierce insects such as the ancient centipede and so on are not comparable to the dragons, their toxicity is incomparably frightening, and very hard to deal with.

Xiao Chen and the gang covered several miles in a short time, only when they arrived at the root of the Heavenly Tree did they stop for a rest. After arriving at this place, they no longer have that kind of bizarre feeling. Moreover, they actually didn’t hear the roar of the wild beasts at night, the splendor of the hazy moonlight make this place seems harmonious and peaceful.

Early morning, the birds started to sing, the refreshing fragrance of flowers was carried by the wind, the specks of morning radiance seemed to have embedded this exuberant mountain woods with one after another golden edge, the silk-like mist gradually dispersed.

This is a morning with fine sunny weather, the mountain range is thriving with life.

After Xiao Chen washed his face beside a clear spring, he started to prepare breakfast for himself. At the same time, he was also thinking what to do next. There are too many ancient beasts in the vicinity of the sacred mountain, but how could they just return from the rare mountain empty-handed? He felt that at the very least, he must acquire at least one dragon egg.

Seeing Xiao Chen eat the tender-grill meat, Keke slipped away as if it had never seen anything, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. ⌈1⌋ It left this place that was filled with the alluring aroma of the meat. The three skeletons are still meditating as usual, the lotus insignia on their foreheads emitted a glorious radiance, their bones are looking more and more like white jade.

Xiao Chen bring the three skeletons to roam about in the vicinity of the mountain range early in the morning. They unexpectedly discovered seven to eight dragon’s nest, and within each and every one of those valley, there are dragon eggs! Could it be that this is the breeding season of the dragons? Then he suddenly recalled that the Syndicate Dragon King and Ancestral Dragon will show up soon, and the dragons in this place are obviously those kind of uncommon greater dragon. Perhaps a Syndicate Dragon King will arise from among these eggs.

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For the entire morning, regardless of the vicious dragons or the ancient beasts, none of them showed up in front of the sacred mountain. After Xiao Chen finish exploring, he returned to the roots of the Heavenly Tree to train. Only until the noon did they hear the dragon roars resounded from that huge and mysterious mountain. Xiao Chen decided to make his move now.

“We will leave this place soon.”

According to the plan, each skeletons had received their respective mission from Xiao Chen. They will split into three groups, and steal one dragon egg from each valley respectively. Xiao Chen will personally go to the Monarch Lion Dragon’s nest to steal one golden dragon egg. After that, they will assemble at the root of the Heavenly Tree. ⌈2

“The uncommon greater dragon, their eggs are highly valuable. Even though there are two to three eggs in each nest, one is more than enough, don’t take more than that. It is important to leave some behind, we must not let the kings of dragon race go extinct.” ⌈3

The spiritual flame of the three skeletons were pulsing unceasingly in their eye sockets. If they had eyeballs, he reckon they would already roll their eyes a long time ago. Want to steal dragon eggs say what “leave some behind”, seriously……

After that they moved to their respective location, and entered the mountain woods in succession.

The Monarch Lion Dragon’s nest is build within an exuberant valley, apart from its area of activity, other places are not damaged, the plants are easily distinguishable, and it is full of vitality. Two golden dragon eggs are hidden among the flowers and trees, they are perfectly concealed.

It is not necessary for a female dragon to breed the dragon eggs. The rich vegetation in this place haven’t been destroyed, the golden dragon eggs about the size of a millstone have crystal clear eggshell. They are flickering with glorious radiance, they appear especially mystical among the fragrant flowers and plants. Due to the existence of the dragon eggs, brilliant radiance lingered on the surrounding flowers and plants, and they seemed out of the ordinary.

These are but the dragon eggs of the most powerful Monarch Lion Dragon, Xiao Chen believe among these two dragon eggs, a Syndicate Dragon King will most likely emerge from one of them! Or perhaps both of them will be Dragon Kings! He lifted up one of the golden dragon eggs that flickered with divine radiance, raised his speed to the limit, and ran away from this valley. If by any chance the Monarch Lion Dragon was to return, even having ten lives will not be enough.

Very soon, the three skeletons also returned with results to show, the mystical dragon eggs shone with resplendent radiance.

How could the vicious dragon ever thought someone would be so extremely daring, normally not even the beasts would dare to approach their nest, even the birds do not dare to fly over. Their nests are like the forbidden areas to all lower life forms, they had nothing to worry about.

The one Qinguang Wang carried back is the egg of the Tyrannical Dragon, the crystal clear green dragon egg flickered with divine radiance, it is as eye-catching as a green moon. The one Yanluo Wang carried back is the egg of the Saber Dragon, an intoxicating radiance lingered on the jasper-like eggshell, it looks exactly like a spiritual jadeite. The one Lunhui Wang carried back is the egg of the Thunder Dragon, it is enveloped by a purple radiance, the huge egg is extraordinary beautiful, it was as if the egg was carved out of an amethyst.

In addition to the golden dragon egg brought back by Xiao Chen, they have four dragon eggs in total. When the four dragon eggs are laid out together, they are truly dazzling. The divine splendor set this place bright in contrast to the surrounding, there are ten thousand rays of multicolored radiance, and thousands of colorful ray. It was so dazzling one could barely open their eyes.


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