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Chapter 102 – Native Peoples of Sacred Island

Chaos was about three meter tall, he was a powerful beastman brimming with wildness. He had a pair of wolf ears, and a long tiger tail. And the person that was glancing around behind him was actually a fatty! His stature was not lofty at all, he was short and stout. People get the feeling that he was especially simple and honest, even when he was glancing around, he seemed a bit foolish and stupid.

This was too strange! Xiao Chen could indeed sense Chaos’ aura from his body, but why was the body a different person? Suddenly, he felt a nip in the air and quivered momentarily. Could it be that Chaos was already dead, and then resurrected with a different corpse? After all, he experienced too many strange and terrifying things during the ghost town’s calamity. He instinctively thought of something like this. In addition, there was also the bizarre fact regarding the snowy mountain’s old ghost, how could he not let his imagination run wild.

The simple-minded fatty circled around the sea of bones. After that, he actually crossed the sea of bones, and walked towards the Southernmost direction. Xiao Chen was not too familiar with the Southern part of the island, he had never explored that region before. However, he went after him this time, and decided to find out the origin of this little fatty that possessed Chaos’ aura.

When he was following the little fatty, Xiao Chen found that the Solitary Sword Demon and the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist were also following closely. They didn’t even try to avoid him. When they crossed the sea of bones, and entered the mountain woods, Xiao Chen walked over to them, and said straightforwardly, “I suspect there is an evil spirit borrowing corpse to return from the grave. That’s why I came after him, what about the both of you?”

The Solitary Sword Demon sneered, “Heh, likewise! I could feel the aura from a certain beastman that left a little impression in me from his body. But that body doesn’t belong to that person.”

“I also chased after him for the same reason.” The mysterious woman answered like this.

Xiao Chen was finally convinced, his feeling was not wrong, something strange was going on here.

The silly little fatty was not as simple as his outer appearance dictated. He seemed to be very perceptive, he constantly changed his direction in the mountain woods for fear that someone was tailing him. This made Keke that was following at Xiao Chen’s side blink its glittering big eyes unceasingly, it seemed to find this very fascinating.

They kept going southward for about an hour or more, only then did the little fatty enter a wide mountain forest. He was no longer turning left and right, but Xiao Chen and the others were not worried at all, it seemed like they had already reached their destination. But just at this time, Keke jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder. It extended one of its little paw to pull his long hair. After that, it kept glancing backward with its big eyes.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat, he pretended to stop and probe around. Not long later, the snowy mountain’s old ghost entered his perceptive range, he could clearly “see” him following them.

This was definitely not good, Xiao Chen saw the Solitary Sword Demon and that mysterious woman in front, it seemed like they didn’t know the existence of this old ghost yet. Xiao Chen remained calm and collected, he continued to follow them. Not long later, they found a small village in the ancient forest. The surroundings were enclosed by ancient trees, it would be hard to find this village if they didn’t search thoroughly.

The small village only had about seventy to eighty household. They could hear the cries of chicken and barking dog. It was brimming with the scent of countryside. It made Xiao Chen felt as if it was a lifetime ago, there was actually a small mountain village brimming with livelihood on this kind of uncivilized dragon island, it was a bit unreal.

“Cough! Cough……!” A fit of coughing transmitted over, a specter-like old woman appeared behind Xiao Chen and the others. She sighed faintly and said, “Youngster, why are you guys following my grandson?”

Xiao Chen felt heavy-hearted, his foresight ability did allow him to detect the old woman in advance, but the other person was seriously too fast. He clearly saw a figure approaching them from the forest like a wisp of smoke.

The Solitary Sword Demon held his metal sword and retreated to the side, pulling some distance from the old woman. And all traces of that mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist were long gone, it seemed like her ability was really outstanding. She already concealed herself from the old woman in advance.

“We don’t have any evil intention, we only wanted to investigate something.” Xiao Chen was very calm. He looked at this crooked old woman with white hair before him.

“You want to investigate our village?” The old woman’s voice was somewhat cold.

“No.” Xiao Chen decided not to beat about the bush. It was not necessary to cover up the truth with some excuses, he said, “We felt the aura of an acquaintance from the body of the little fatty. We thought it was very strange, so we followed after him. We wanted to find out what is going on.”

“You felt the aura of an acquaintance, don’t tell me that so-called acquaintance was your friend?” Although the old woman was speaking quite gently, Xiao Chen’s prophet-like spiritual sense could feel a trace of danger.

“No, truth be told, he was my foe. Between me and him, only one of us would be able to keep on living.”

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“Oh…” The old woman nodded her head. At the same time, Xiao Chen felt the danger faded away.

“How about you?” The old woman turned her head to look at the Solitary Sword Demon.

Although the Solitary Sword Demon was conceited, he also didn’t want to stir up trouble with a powerful enemy without clearly understanding the opponent’s strength. He used his index finger to point at Xiao Chen and said, “I am the same as him.”

“My intuition tells me you guys are not lying. Then this will be easy to deal with, I don’t mind telling you. That beastman known as Chaos was killed by me. I implanted two of the ancient beast souls from his body into my grandson.”

Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon what a little shocked, they had once heard some beastman had ancient beast soul sealed within their body. It was indeed possible to forcefully remove them and implant them in other people’s body.

“My grandson is also the descendant of a beastman. His body has an ancient beast soul. That Chaos didn’t know what’s good for him, he wanted to swallow up my grandson’s beast soul. As a result, he was captured alive by my grandson, I punished him like such after bringing him back to the village.”

Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon were speechless, Chaos was truly too unfortunate. He actually met this kind of fate.

“Let’s go, we rarely get any visitors, let’s go to the village and drink some tea. I know you guys surely have a lot to ask me.” The old woman walked forward as she said these.

“Granny, may I ask; Are you guys living on this dragon island all along?”

The old woman looked at Xiao Chen, her tangerine-like face revealed a smile, and said, “I knew you were going to ask this. Our ancestors were like you, they came from the mainland. As a result, they were trapped on the island, we are their descendants.”

Although he already thought of the possibility, Xiao Chen still couldn’t help but feel amazed. It seemed like he could see his own future already. Is he going to spend the rest of his life trapped on this island?

“Something’s amiss, the dragon island was unsealed not long ago, why didn’t you guys leave?” Xiao Chen thought of this question.

“How to leave? Living on this island for a long period of time, our physique will change. It was just like a curse, we cannot leave this island.” The old woman let out a breath as she speak.

“Don’t tell me there is no other way?”

“There is, if you guys can subdue nine Syndicate Dragon King, even if this island is already sealed, you will be able to safely depart from this island.”

“Is that true?” The Solitary Sword Demon who remained silent until now also couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask.

“The mixture of nine Dragon King’s blood can lift the curse of us later generations.” The old woman looks absent-minded, she was a little excited.

As they were talking, they entered the village. Although there were the sound of chicken cries and barking dogs, the figures of human was sparse. It appeared lacking of vitality, it felt a little lonely.

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That silly little fatty walked over from a courtyard, and asked, “Grandma, they are……”

“You silly little boy, you were usually quick-witted, but today you didn’t even realize you were being tailed.”

“They were following me?!” The little fatty was somewhat vexed, then he appeared a little silly again. However, Xiao Chen didn’t look down on him. This little fatty might be those kind of people that act like a hog to eat the tiger. Otherwise it was impossible for him to get rid of Chaos.

The old woman brought Xiao Chen’s party into the courtyard. She prompted them to take a sit beside the stone table, then she made the little fatty prepare the tea. Only then did she begin to talk slowly with Xiao Chen’s party.

“The dragon island is sealed, even the sea area in the vicinity had also turned into the Taboo Ocean. Regardless of man or ship, everything that attempted to enter will be destroyed. But according to legend, there is a divine ship that can cross the Taboo Ocean.” The old woman gave Xiao Chen’s party a sliver of hope.

“What kind of ship?”

“It was a divine ship built from the Ancestral Dragon’s bone and Heavenly Tree. It was drifting in the middle of the Taboo Ocean all along. It already drifted for countless years. It can bring everyone on the island out of the Taboo Ocean.”

“How do we find this divine ship?” The Solitary Sword Demon asked.

The old woman took a sip of the tea, then she said unhurriedly, “Didn’t I say it before? You need nine Dragon King, they can work as one to summon the divine ship that drifted in the Taboo Ocean.”

“Then don’t you suppose we have a high chance of leaving here?!” The Solitary Sword Demon was very excited.

Then the old woman poured cold water, “The prerequisite is that you guys must first find nine Dragon Kings, and have them listen to what you said. You must make them agree to summon the divine ship for you.”

This was definitely an extremely difficult challenge. At that time, how many people wished to subdue the Amethyst Dragon King, and yet none were able to subdue it. Of course, if the Solitary Sword Demon knew Xiao Chen and his party had obtained two Dragon Kings, he definitely couldn’t resist his urge to throw up blood.

“Is there nothing else we can use as replacement?”

“There is, if you guys can find the legendary young Ancestral Dragon, it is also possible. One Ancestral Dragon can produce the same result as nine Dragon Kings.” The old woman said very calmly.


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