Chapter 152 – Breakthrough to Ninth Celestial Layer

The world was filled with vitality, the green divine light was bright and dazzling, as if a green sea of trees was floating in midair. However, that kind of exuberant sight was only in regards to the spectators. To Xiao Chen, who was the target of that light, it was the ray of death.

The inexhaustible life energy gathered towards Xiao Chen and gave him a huge pressure. There was nowhere to run, and nothing to use as a shield. That ray of light wanted to swallow him up.

“Chaotic Pattern!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. The second move of the four major techniques had finally been used in battle for the first time. The Imprint of Dao, it was just like a divine light from beyond the heavens that cleaved the empty air and the inexhaustible green light. It was as if it was being manipulated by an invisible giant hand.

The energy of life became chaotic in that very instant. In the end, it actually tore a huge hole in the inexhaustible green light. Xiao Chen broke through from the green sea. The Chaotic Pattern’s invisible giant hand also appeared at this time. It transformed into a grey plume of light and vibrated as it was launched towards the green ripple.

It was finally over. The Imprint of Dao “Chaotic Pattern” had stopped the Fist of Wood.

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked. This Wuxing Feng was really too powerful. This was his most powerful opponent to date. He actually couldn’t gain any advantage in this fight.

The Quinctus Techniques were really worthy of its reputation as the oldest mystic art!

The Quinctus Fist in the mortal world was merely a superficial skill. It was far too inferior compared to the one in the world of immortals. In this world, the mystic arts really emerged endlessly. Moreover, they were all first-rate martial arts. The techniques handed down in the mortal world were nothing compared to this world’s.

If he had not grasped the four major techniques, it seemed like it would be hard to establish himself in this world!

Wuxing Feng was also incomparably shocked. In his imagination, not many people could resist his Quinctus Fist. This person before his eyes gave him too many surprises. The Demonic Seal, God Slayer Technique, and Chaotic Patterns Technique were incomparably profound. They were definitely not inferior to the Quinctus Techniques. If the opponent’s ability was as profound as his, he should be able to exhibit even more power.

He sent out another punch with his right fist. It wasn’t too slow nor too fast. Endless amount of water enveloped the world. It seemed like Wuxing Feng had blended into the blue rays of light.

Fist of Water!

It was as if the water ripple was omnipresent. The materialization of the Quinctus Fist was like the torrential wave, it spread far and wide over the prince’s mansion as it enveloped Xiao Chen from all directions.

This was the bizarre power of the Quinctus Techniques!

This was not a magic spell nor a spiritual spell. Rather than a “skill”, this was a “path”. A “path” completely cultivated from the “martial arts”. Specifically, it was a “martial way” tempered from a right-handed martial skill. It was the embodiment of the invisible truth.

The legendary Quinctus Techniques were capable of turning the sky and earth upside down. When this techniques were exhibited before everyone’s eyes, it had validated that this legend might not be empty words. If Wuxing Feng could manifest this technique to the pinnacle in the future, its power would be unimaginable.

A rumbling sound transmitted from the sky as if there were thousands of men and horses. That was the sound of the raging sea. Endless amounts of blue light waves rolled over and over. It fell diagonally from the sky like the milky way falling from the Ninth Heaven.

Xiao Chen shouted loudly, “Demon Suppression!”

He ran into his greatest opponent today. It forced him to reveal almost all of his trump cards. The third move of the four major techniques, Demon Suppression, was used in front of his enemy for the first time.

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Black rays of light seemed to have rushed out from a hazy chaotic space. It was very quiet, but the pressure directly assailed the soul. It was rolling over and over in the endless blue ocean like a black dragon.

Like dragons returning to the sea, the Demon Suppression burst through the Fist of Water. A single word “Suppression” had threw the essence of water into disorder. But even in disorder, the power of the Quinctus was still rushing forth from all sides, about to gobble up Xiao Chen any moment now.

The black Demon Suppression technique created a dusky space. It was like a land of death. White bones could be seen everywhere and the vibe of death lingered on. The power of water was completely absorbed by this illusion.

Whether it was real or an illusion, nobody could make a clear distinction. The power was raging violently as it destroyed everything in the surroundings.

Xiao Chen felt a sharp pain all over his body. His chest felt stuffy as he was unceasingly pushed back. This time, he was forced into a disadvantageous position once again.

When all the illusions faded away, as if Xiao Chen had been struck by a thunderbolt, his body was pushed back for more than ten meters. A dozen or more footprints were left on the ground. There were huge cracks around each footprint. His body was swaying slightly, and it seemed like he could bite the dust at any moment.

Wuxing Feng stood in his original position. His expression remained unchanged. It was easy to judge who had the upper hand.

All the spectators were overwhelmed with shock. The outstanding talent from the north was really too strong. He actually steadily suppressed Xiao Chen, who was an Eighth Celestial Layer expert. Just how much more powerful could he be? Everyone’s heart was palpitating.

Just like the wind and lightning, the fabled young warrior Wuxing Feng left behind an afterimage and appeared in front of Xiao Chen. He directly sent a powerful punch. This time, he did not use the Quinctus Fist, because he could already tell that Xiao Chen was at his limit. There was no need to reveal his last move, the Fist of Fire.

“You are already very powerful. Among my peers, those who can make me use four out of five of the Quinctus Fist are only a handful.”

With pressure as heavy as a mountain, Wuxing Feng was like a sacred mountain that was too high to reach. The fabled outstanding talent of the north was not an ordinary man.

“Bang!” ⌈1

Xiao Chen was sent flying away. He bumped into a rock at a distant place. There were bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. He felt a little dejected and sour. He was actually unable to contend against Wuxing Feng with the peak power of Eighth Celestial Layer. It seemed like the opponent’s power was really higher than his.

This was the test of absolute strength, he lost fair and square.

Wuxing Feng was absolutely not an arrogant guy. Although he steadily suppressed his opponent, he did not hold back or loosen up at all. Each of his punch contained his full strength. He didn’t give his opponent any chance to retaliate.


Xiao Chen raised his arm to defend, but was sent flying away again. His arm bone seemed to have suffered a fracture. A hall collapsed as his body crashed into it.

The elites who were watching at the sidelines felt secretly apprehensive. None of them had ever thought that Wuxing Feng was this powerful. Xiao Chen was retreating in defeat all the way. He was already detained by an invisible power and was forced to be on the defensive side. Each attack was like a huge hammer smashing on his chest. Who knew how much blood had already spilled from the corner of his mouth.

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Although Wuxing Feng had a calm expression and possessed a bright smile, he was still very cruel when he made his move. He didn’t give his opponent any chance at all.

“I said I won’t kill you. But since you are still alive after so many punches, then I might as well finish up with the last punch. I will grant you the experience of surviving the entire series of the Quinctus Fist.”

That was not at all pretentious, nor was it a taunt. As far as Wuxing Feng was concerned, he definitely had the qualification to say this in the northern nation. It was not a disgrace for the peers to lose to an outstanding youth full of sagas. It was considered an honor if they could survive a few of his Quinctus Fist.

Hearing this kind of confident words, the elites at present all had different thoughts. Zhuge Ming, Lancelot, and the others felt a little frustrated. As a man, standing on the summit and looking down at the whole world was an honor.

As for Yan Qingcheng, Fairsnow, Katalina, and the other beauties, their eyes were flashing. Even if this guy possessed a threat to the south, the girls were still attracted to him. A man had to be this powerful and confident. The prerequisite was that they had to have enough strength to back it up.

Xiao Chen’s two legs felt as if they had stepped into the underworld. He was firmly confined by the divine power of the five phases. Even if he wanted to unfold the Undying Divine Wings and fly, it was impossible. He was forced to meet Wuxing Feng’s next attack head on.

The Fist of Fire!

The conflagration heated the horizon until it turned red. The glaring red-qi was flickering, as if it was set on burning everything in the world. It was omnipresent and trapped Xiao Chen within.

Never give the opponent any chance! This was Wuxing Feng’s doctrine when facing an opponent from start to finish. One must spare no effort in a confrontation!

Xiao Chen was very angry. To others, it might be a test of strength and a glory to receive five attacks from the Quinctus Fist. But to him, it was a humiliation!

He didn’t want to lose, he must not lose!

The peak power of the Eighth Celestial Layer, how could it lose?!

Death Blow!

He utilized the last of the four major techniques. The Imprint of Dao seemed to flow into his mind. A resplendent ethereal light burst forth along with his anger. A powerful energy burst forth.

Death Blow, it destroyed every visible thing.

The omnipresent flame was broken down into one stream of light after another. They glinted in the sky like shooting stars. The sky was incomparably gorgeous. The blaze covered the entire sky and spread everywhere like fireworks.

The unparalleled energy surged forth and fluctuated. A great pressure engulfed the entire mansion.

He actually blocked the Fist of Fire!

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This made everyone very surprised. Xiao Chen already sustained serious injuries. He already lost a lot of blood in his fight with Wuxing Feng. How could he possibly stop the Quinctus Fist?

After the rays of light faded away, Wuxing Feng was standing in the field unmovingly. Xiao Chen already fell onto the ground with his back. Both of his arms were fractured, but at the same time, a resplendent divine radiance erupted from his body like a raging flame.

As if representing his anger and humiliation, a raging flame ignited on the surface of his body. At the same time, an extremely rich and powerful energy forcefully rushed out to the surface of his body. It made his entire body shrouded by brilliant rays.

His body trembled violently, as if he had broken some kind of shackles. Xiao Chen could hear a brittle noise within his body. The peak power of the Eighth Celestial Layer had broken through the shackles. It allowed him to make a breakthrough in the middle of this life and death battle.

He had been racking his brain to breakthrough the shackles, but he still failed to rise to Ninth Celestial Layer. However, he actually succeeded at this very moment. Wuxing Feng’s last attack sent him flying and broke his two arms, but it also seemed to have opened the door to a certain treasure in his body.

It was already impossible to close it now. The era of the Ninth Celestial Layer had arrived!

The joints were making noises as the bones trembled. The broken arm bones actually reconnected. It was growing, restoring, and became as good as new under that glaring radiance. The skin was as clear as the precious jade, it was flickering with splendor.

It was as if Xiao Chen had rose from the ashes. His seriously injured body recovered in an instant. In the middle of this life and death battle, he completed his transformation!

An incomparably rich and powerful energy surged up within his body. It surged on like a large river and felt like it would erupt from his body. Every inch of his skin contained an extremely terrifying energy. His body was like divine steel that had been tempered for thousands of years. At the same time, it also felt like a vast ocean that contained an endless amount of worldly essence. His entire body flickered with brilliance.

The instant Wuxing Feng sent Xiao Chen flying away, he felt that the circumstances had turned for the worst. He, who was standing calmly all along, rushed over there like the flickering light and passing shadows. Not giving his opponent any chance was his doctrine.

However, all of these just now happened in a split second, it was impossible to stop it anymore, even if he had already brandished his fist and tore the space with the all-powerful Fist of Iron.

However, Xiao Chen’s transformation already completed at this time. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and soared into the sky.

“Haha……” The laughing sound was deafening. The surging sound wave pierced through the vast sky. The tremor caused the ruins on the ground to shake. Xiao Chen’s messy hair was flying upward, the glints in his eyes were sharp, and his lofty figure was standing in the sky. Among the holiness, there was a huge pressure.

Without any superfluous words, Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and dived down fast. His fist carried a mighty wind, as if it had attracted the heavenly thunder and hellfire. A large expanse of glaring purple-qi poured down in torrents.

It was a simple punch, but also a punch with nothing held back. It contained an extremely powerful force!

Ninth Celestial Layer. To many of the youth generation, it was a goal too high to reach. However, Xiao Chen had finally broken through to this realm. He was merciless and did not spare any effort when making his move. He did not get careless just because his strength had increased.

Two fist clashed! A thunderous roar exploded! Wuxing Feng’s figure shook violently. The ground under his foot cracked as he was pushed back. Every time his foot dropped onto the ground, it felt as if a huge mountain was shaking. He was pushed back five steps before he stopped.


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With a flash of light, Xiao Chen landed on the ground. He stood at the opposite side of Wuxing Feng. There was no need for any delirious ravings, that was too childish. The powerful pressure and formless aura was enough to explain everything. After Xiao Chen had went through the Ninth Celestial Layer’s transformation, he had the upper hand in raw power.

Tiny light streams were flickering unceasingly on the surface of his body. He was still slowly going through the last transformation.

All the spectators were incomparably shocked. The situation reversed so quickly, it was totally out of their expectation.They had personally witnessed an Eighth Celestial Layer expert breaking through to the Ninth Celestial Layer. This was the realm everyone yearned for even in their dreams.

Transforming in the middle of a life and death battle, this was something that only a warrior truly unafraid of death or a madman dared to do. Today, Xiao Chen had went through this kind of experience.

Ninth Celestial Layer expert, what did this mean? With the most conservative estimates, they could have easily ranked among the top three of the youth experts at the south.


Leaving an afterimage in his original location, Xiao Chen appeared in front of Wuxing Feng. He brandished his right fist with all of his might and sent a straight punch.

Wuxing Feng did not panic in the slightest. On the contrary, his eyes had a divine glint and an astonishing battle intent burst out. He lifted his fist to fend off the attack.

Looking at his temperament, all the spectators were overwhelmed with shock. The outstanding talent of the north was really a Ninth Celestial Layer expert. No wonder he could steadily suppress Xiao Chen, who was at the peak of the Eight Celestial Layer.


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