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Chapter 133 – ******* Fatty

Seeing Xiao Chen’s gaping expression, the Undying Patriarch didn’t wait for him to say anything and immediately said, “Oh? I guess we’ll let nature take its course.”

Xiao Chen wanted to explain why he spit out the water just now, but recalling this the old man before him was too mysterious, how could he not have realized already with his worldly wisdom that comes with old age, he was clearly stirring him up on purpose.

Before he left, Xiao Chen drank a cup of wine together with the younger generation of the Undying Sect. All of these were arranged by the Undying Patriarch, it was impossible for the older generation to show up. That was because even if he was the Vindex of their sect, he clearly didn’t have any rank.

They toasted one after another, although Xiao Chen was surrounded by some beautiful ladies, he felt like a fish back in water. It must be mentioned that the female disciples of the Undying Sect were all very good-looking.

“Brother Xiao, when will you marry off junior sister Yan?”

“It’s a pity this older sister has resolved herself not to marry, otherwise I will definitely fight over you with junior sister Yan.”

“I hear brother Xiao had successfully mastered Undying Divine Wings, it must be junior sister Yan’s contribution.”


This group of woman could even be said to be telling one lies after another, the Undying Sect was as the rumor says; the relationship between the disciples are thin, they are always fighting and scheming against each other. Right now, Yan Qing Cheng is their most powerful rival in the competition for the patriarch’s position. They’d rather have her marry off immediately.

As for those male disciples, none of them were being courteous towards Xiao Chen, each and every one of them had an ugly look on their face. They were forcing him to down the alcohol and forbid him from using the secret technique to diffuse the wine. Xiao Chen was seriously drunk and his steps were unsteady.

Damn, these bastards! He had no choice but to keep toasting with those most vicious guy. Fortunately, he had enough alcohol tolerance and downed two of the noisiest guy.

When it was finally his turn, Qinyi drank till he drop, he grabbed Xiao Chen’s neck and said while he was drunk, “You little guy, because of you, I was running around naked……”

Xiao Chen looked at him in such a drunken state, for him to actually bring up such a topic, he immediately thought that this guy might not be that hateful. Thinking about it carefully, this guy did not try to harm him, all he wanted was to humiliate him. And after that, he didn’t take any other action.

“Who asks you to set me up first, this is getting revenge by playing somebody back at his own game, heh-heh……”

“You sneaky little *******…… Wait till I go out to train, I will definitely settle this score. Come and drink…… drink……” This guy obviously drank a little too much, even his tongue is getting loose. After drinking a few cupful, he continued, “Our strongest people have already gone out to train, otherwise you…… are far from their opponent, I am saying…… those who are about the same age as us…… not someone on the level of second senior brother.”

Xiao Chen naturally knew who was this second senior brother he was talking about, he once received them at the beach, that was a forty odd years man, his power was incomprehensible.

When they were about to leave, the little Winged Dragon saw the tough little dragon came to the back mountain, it immediately shouted as if it was wronged, “Are you kidding me, I already fought with you today, why did you come here, wuu~ wuu~”

But when it saw the tough little dragon hinting it to come over, the little Winged Dragon immediately thought it was a little strange. Finally, the tough little dragon placed its little claw on the forehead of the little Winged Dragon. A burst of ripple-like hazy radiance faded away on top of its head unceasingly.

Only until the tough little dragon and Xiao Chen gained some distance did the little Winged Dragon rouse up. It was just like the voice of a baby, but it earnestly shouted, “I will fight with you again in the future, but I might become a Dragon King already at that time, make sure you don’t fall behind.”

After leaving, they waited for the snow-white little critter for a really long time, it ran over at lightning speed like a jade arrow. The little critter was actually carrying a really big backpack. After that, it made Lunhui Wang carry the backpack and passed it to the skeleton very carefully.

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The people who were sending them off felt very baffled; this snow-white little critter is so interesting, could it be that this little critter has packed some items for traveling?

Xiao Chen’s face twitched, he was truly putting on a fake smile. He covered up for the snow-white little critter and said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, this little thing is such a glutton, I reckon it may have cleared out your kitchen, please overlook it this once.” He took the lead and left with large strides as soon as he finished. No matter how they looked at it, it seemed a little like he was running away.

After one hour had passed, there were miserable shouts transmitted from the Undying Sect, “Damn it, the medicinal garden had been plundered…… it must be that white little critter!”

On the road, Xiao Chen was scolding the perpetrator, “How can you do this, do you really need to pack these up before departure? Let’s return these to them stealthily.”

The snow-white little critter jumped onto Lunhui Wang’s body and hugged the backpack firmly. That means it will not return it even if he beat it to death. Even that tough little dragon had abandoned its doctrine and stood in front of Lunhui Wang to guard the backpack. That was because it knew Keke was loyal to its friends, half of these should be his.

Oh god, these two…… Xiao Chen didn’t say anything else and walked forward with large strides.

It must be mentioned that the immortal’s mainland was seriously too vast, who knows just how bigger it was compared to the human world. Despite the numerous population, they had only developed ten percent of this boundless earth. The other ninety percent was covered by primitive forest.

Every cities and towns were separated by an endless sea of trees, the towns resided by mankind were like thinly spread flowers that decorated the vast sea of greenness. Describing it as a red dot was not at all an exaggeration.

Close to the ocean was the Undying Sect which located at the southernmost of the continent. If Xiao Chen wanted to enter the interior, he had to head north. Walking on the quiet yet overgrown path, he strictly followed the path indicated by everyone in the Undying Sect, because it would be inconvenient if he get lost in the boundless primitive forest, as he might need to spend a lot of effort in order to find a way out.

Despite there being a desolate ancient path, most people wouldn’t dare to travel alone, because ferocious beasts would jump out from the forest at both sides from time to time. However, this didn’t have much influence on Xiao Chen and company.

The tough little dragon welcomed all, it would occasionally charge into the primitive forest voluntarily to fight at close quarters. Of course, Xiao Chen didn’t dare to let it go too deep, who knows if there were some exotic beasts.

Six days later Xiao Chen finally arrived at a big town, the population count was around fifty thousand people. It was almost comparable to a small country ⌈1⌋. This was the scale of the cities and towns in the world of immortals, because the land was too vast, the primitive forest was too concentrated, and with many vicious beasts roaming around, a lot of people decided to gather together as a result.

This was the first time Xiao Chen had seen a town in the world of immortals, looking at the humans gathering together gave him a really wonderful feeling. Although he saw plenty of people on the dragon island, and at the Undying Sect, he always felt it was lacking this kind of genuine life activities.

In this big town, Xiao Chen felt as if he had returned to the human world, looking at the crowds come and go on the main street, he felt everything was so familiar.

“Candied fruits……”

“Dog meat steamed bun……” ⌈2

“Rice cake……” ⌈3

“Lamb kebab……”

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“Tender and crispy chicken wrap……”

“Fresh and delicate mushroom soup……”

Xiao Chen was pushed into the “Refreshment Street” by the crowds, listening to these familiar sound, he felt truly wonderful.

“Boss, give me dog meat bun, rice cake, lamb kebab, and other snacks.” Xiao Chen wanted to experience that kind of feeling from the human world again.

“Little brother, I only sell dog meat bun here.”

Xiao Chen gave him a gold coin and said, “Please help me take care of it, you can keep the remaining money.” It was easy to get things done as long as one had money. After that, Xiao Chen began to eat heartily, although it might not be that tasty, the feeling he gets from eating was a different story.

When Xiao Chen was enjoying the food; in the Undying Sect, Yan Qing Cheng was forced to leave the mountain. The words the Undying Patriarch said to her still resounded in her ears, “Since you chose to practice the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, you have no choice but to roam around the world. This law attach importance to cultivating your mind. Moreover, you must not be too far apart from your vessel, otherwise what’s the point of sending a portion of your soul to the vessel? Your senior sisters and brothers will also leave the mountain not long later, it is about time to let you go and learn through experience.”

Xiao Chen was completely unaware of these. In the end, he simply left the dog meat stall and while walking on this lively refreshment street, he was buying and eating all kind of snacks. He felt even more energetic than ever. This made the tough little dragon and snow-white little critter exceptionally curious. As a result, they also ate until their mouth became shiny due to greasiness. All of theses snacks were really fresh for them.

Nobody found these two animals strange, because they had already seen all kind of big and unusual beasts. There were all kinds of ferocious beast in that endless primitive forest.

As for Lunhui Wang and the other two skeletons, they were following the party not too close nor too far. The three skeletons already looked very much like a human now, the Undying Sect had enough materials, they even put pearls into the eye sockets that barely passed off as genuine one. If one didn’t examine closely, they wouldn’t be able to find anything strange.

“Hey, isn’t it time-consuming walking a dog or a cat? Little brother, you sure are carefree.” A fatty with a dishonest look called out to Xiao Chen. He pointed at Keke behind him, and said, “Is this a cat or a dog, it’s beautiful. It is actually grabbing the food with its paw and eat like a human. What kind of breed is it, could it be the legendary Chaos Cat?” ⌈4

Xiao Chen was somewhat speechless. And Keke’s face turned dark at once, it was so annoyed that it directly threw more than half of the sticky cake ⌈5⌋ in its little paw to the fatty’s face with a “smack”.

This ******* fatty immediately shouted out loud, “An intellectual species! It really is too intelligent, it actually knows how to get angry!” This guy was not angered at all. On the contrary, he was excited as he said, “How much? Sell it to be, brother. I guarantee to give you a good price.”


Keke threw the “rice cake” in its other paw to the ******* fatty’s face.


  1. Silva: Raw said small town, but isn’t that a downgrade from big town? XD 
  2. Silva: uhhh yeah, Chinese people eat dog meat, don’t frame… (I don’t eat though) 
  3. I suppose it’s something like this
  4. Silva: Oh? Could the ******* fatty refer to this guy? I thought it meant Keke XD 
  5. Nian gao, New Year cake, typically a sweet, steamed cake made with glutinous rice flour 
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