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Chapter 171 – I am Unparalleled!

The Moonflower Castle, it was a castle-like brothel. The entire territory was filled with one hall after another. This place was brightly lit, the gold and jade were in glorious splendor. It was richly ornamented. The dancers moved rhythmically to the music. The sound of the zither and flute was melodious. It was a beautiful sound.

This was an extravagant brother. This place had the best liquor, the tastiest delicacies, the most flexible dancers, the most beautiful singing voice… this place had a lot of the “best”. Of course, the best of the “best” was definitely the beauties.

This place had the wildest beauties. Vigorous and elegant like the female leopard, very wild; This place had the hottest women. They were as untamed as the wild horse, ready to die to preserve their chastity; This place had the most talented beauties. Willing to converse with you about romance of life. Willing to accompany you as you poetrize or paint a picture until the dead of night. It was a place for scholars’ work.

Pure-hearted young ladies, extraordinarily beautiful woman, talented girls, young married women… This was a place that would even intoxicate the Buddha’s disciple.

Xiao Chen stood on top of a grand castle calmly as he looked up at the starry sky. It was as if he had disconnected from the lower world and found himself in a different space.

The night sky was quiet and cold, while the ground was brimming with activities. His heart was in tranquility. He could feel it and comprehend it to some extent. His mind was located in front of the immortal’s watch tower, his body was in the middle of the extremely wide human society.

Training was not only about strengthening the body, it was also necessary to train the mind. His body was in the middle of the noisy human society. Sometimes, he must follow his heart’s desires and act as he wished, destroying every obstruction and restriction. Sometimes he must transcend worldliness and stand high in the clouds to look down at the noisy human society, using an overbearing attitude to watch every living being.

One must train the body, train the mind, and practice swordplay to press forward!

Xiao Chen already adjusted his wounded body to the peak condition. He flew gracefully under the night sky and left behind an afterimage. Without making any sound, he took a step into the courtyard.

This was a place he’s familiar with. It was the Intoxicating House affiliated with the Moonflower Castle’s rose garden. That was Lyria and Carmina’s castle. Windfeathers was currently at this place.

The entire garden was filled with rose. The fragrance permeated the air.

Xiao Chen walked forward with large strides. Lyria had undoubtedly revealed her skill with the zither at this very moment. The musical tone was very pleasant to hear. It made people immerse in one kind of fantastic mood. The spring flowers were in full bloom and the scenery was very beautiful. A dazzling young lady was smiling in the cluster of flowers…… it was a very vivid scene. Along with the flow of musical notes, it was as though she was just right before the eyes.


Windfeathers’ voice transmitted from within the castle.

The music stopped. Carmina also stopped her fervent dance.

At this moment, Windfeathers bared his chest and was drinking alone. It seemed as if there were young dragons coiling around his sturdy bronze-like body. He appeared robust and powerful. His body was brimming with explosive power and his skin was flickering with a jewel-like splendor.

This was a youth brimming with wilderness. His eyes were like that of a beast’s and emitted a heart-racing glint. It was cold, bright, and vicious!

Windfeathers turned his body around and yelled towards the outside, “Since you’ve arrived, might as well come in.”

Xiao Chen opened the door and entered. He was calm and collected as he sat on a mink fur imperial throne. He looked straight at Windfeathers with eyes as sharp as the sword.

“Eya… Brother Xiao has come…” Carmina walked over gracefully with her curvy, exquisite body. Her thin waist twisted left and right like a water snake. Her speech was very intimate and sweet, “Little Lan, what are you girls doing? Come over here.”

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She needn’t instruct them. Those quick-witted girls at the side already used a tray to deliver the fine liquor and delicacies hastily.

Windfeathers was sweeping his eyes over Xiao Chen like a wild beast. The temperature in the hall seemed to be dropping rapidly. It caused few of the girls to break out in cold sweat unceasingly. He stood up to look down at Xiao Chen, and said, “You want to make a move here?”

“Anywhere is the same.”

“Killing you will not bring disgrace to my fist!” Windfeathers was this confident. He had an overbearing attitude and looked down on his peers. Three days ago, he attacked Xiao Chen at the city gate with this kind of attitude. He was wild and demonic!

“I am unparalleled!” Xiao Chen didn’t want to say much. He stood up directly and walked outside.

There was no wind, but Windfeathers’ long black hair fluttered by itself. A scary battle intent burst out in that instant. He said coldly, “Good, this kind of attitude is not bad. As far as I am concerned, you must die. I am unparalleled, you are already one of my targets. Even if you don’t come find me tonight, I will go find you myself!” After he finished speaking, he drank one cup of strong alcoholic drink, then he ruthlessly threw the wine cup on the ground as he took large strides out of the building.

Lyria and Carmina cast a quick glance at each other and followed the two out of the castle.

“Two of you are distinguished heroes. The fight tonight is bound to shake the south. My Moonflower Castle has a ‘public lake’, the two of you can fight there.” Lyria was wearing a white dress. It was lightly brushed into motion by the night breeze. She was as elegant as the fairy.

Carmina was even more direct. She twisted her soft waist and giggled, “Hehe, a fight that will shake the south, how can a hero not have a beauty to accompany? Sister Lyria and I are willing to stay at the edge of the public lake and root for you with the zither and flute.”

“If only you girls will invite me to the woman’s chamber tonight. I am very expectant.” Windfeathers’ face was brimming with wilderness.

“Hehe, if we are going to invite, we will only invite the victor.”

“Good, just wait for me in your room tonight.” Windfeathers’ expression became all the more wilder. The glint in his eyes became more and more vigorous. He turned his head over and gazed at Xiao Chen coldly, “For the battle tonight, these beauties will accompany us. The winner will get another great delight.”

The intoxicating fragrance drifted along with the wind. Carmina’s giggle was transmitted from a distant place. Her flirtatious expression was extremely bewitching.

The luminous moon was hanging high up in the sky. Beside the public lake, Xiao Chen and Windfeathers were standing face to face.

The moonlight was like a wisp of mist. It made a layer of hazy splendor envelop the clear lake. It was indescribably ethereal and ambience.

There’s nothing to say, there’s no need to say anything.

Windfeathers bared his upper body. His steel-like demonic body was brimming with power. It was hard to speculate his full power. With a single step, he disappeared from his original position. Only a faintly discernible afterimage was left in the sky. His speed was really too fast!

One punch!

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It was a very random punch, ruthlessly aimed at Xiao Chen’s head! The ground started to shake, waves suddenly appeared on the surface of the lake, a powerful energy fluctuation that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas burst out in a flash.

Windfeathers was like an immemorial demonic mountain. His entire person was brimming with an unpredictable power. At the moment, it seemed as if he weighed thousands of tons. The ground fissured along with his random punch!

The demonic body left behind an afterimage and directly appeared in front of Xiao Chen. Instead of moving back, Xiao Chen was going forward and faced him with the same kind of punch.


When the two fists collided, it was just like the sudden clap of thunder that fell from the Ninth Heaven. The deafening sound cut through the vast sky. The castles in the vicinity were trembling. A dozen or more human figures quickly rushed over, but with Lyria and Carmina’s wave of the hand, they immediately retreated silently.

Windfeathers was wild like the ferocious beast, vicious like the fierce dragon. His demonic body was as quick as lightning. He exchanged blows with Xiao Chen boldly.

The ground was getting fissured unceasingly. Windfeathers was really too strong. Each step of his would inevitably cause the ground to shake. This was the wildest opponent Xiao Chen had encountered to date.

This was a ferocious beast not only in name, but also in reality!


The wind given rise by Windfeathers’ punch was really too heavy. Each punch would leave a red streak of light behind. It was as terrifying as layer upon layer of bloody waves. Every time he moved, it was as if a volcano was erupting. His speed was also so fast that it was against reason.

He was abnormally strong and violent!

The musical notes that sounded like clashing swords reverberated. Following closely, the music from the flute resounded. The sound of the zither and flute harmonized. The music sounded like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses galloping. It completely offset the kind of tense atmosphere in a life and death battle.

Xiao Chen jumped high into the sky. Then he stamped the air and strode in the sky. Each step was heavier than ten thousand tons. He ruthlessly attempted to stamp on Windfeathers’ chest.

This was the most ferocious killer kick in the world of martial arts!

Although this was a widely known move, only a few was capable of bringing out its full potential. If used by a genuine expert, this was definitely a terrifying killer move. It shouldn’t be used lightly, as it could easily reap one’s life!

The killer kick, with a single kick, the mountain split apart!

Xiao Chen only took three steps and the space was already distorted. Although he was two meter high, the ground already fissured unceasingly. And furthermore, the public lake at the side was boiling. The lake water was rolling over and over violently!

Xiao Chen was striding forward in the empty sky. As he took the fourth step, the wind rumbled. It was as if a storm was given rise in the sky as the thunder surged on. An indescribable pressure flooded the lake shore.

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Windfeathers was as wild as a fierce dragon. He actually directly lifted his fist to face Xiao Chen’s right foot. The pressure from the fist, that was as heavy as the mountain, caused the space to distort. The space faintly broke into pieces.

The ferocious fist firmly clashed with Xiao Chen’s right foot. However, Xiao Chen’s eyes were as sharp as a sword. He also raised his power to the limit and didn’t shrink back. That was because he didn’t give himself a way to retreat. This battle could only press forward but not retreat!

While the right foot was bearing that crazy power, he already swept his left foot. The fifth step stamped towards Windfeathers’ chest as firmly as before.

After the one year of secluded training in south desolate region, Windfeathers had gained abundance of insight. His Demon Beast Art already rose to an all new level. He was very confident with his own power.

He still lifted his fist to resist. It was a direct confrontation!

The exploding sound rang out unceasingly. The mother earth seemed as if it was being crushed by a huge mountain. It kept breaking up unceasingly!

Xiao Chen kept stamping with the killer kicks. The space was rumbling. In the end, tiny cracks even appeared in the space. Windfeathers earnestly faced all his kicks head-on as he fell back unceasingly. Until finally, both of his legs were completely submerged in the ruptured ground. Half of his body was directly bombarded into the ground level by Xiao Chen.

It wasn’t because his power was not equal to Xiao Chen, but rather because Xiao Chen’s main assault this time was too sharp. Moments of howling wind and torrential rain made him rather passive.

However, after receiving all of Xiao Chen’s killer kicks, Windfeathers became vigorous and lively again. With a long shout, his black hair fluttered wildly as the surrounding ground quickly exploded. He jumped up and charged towards Xiao Chen wildly.

The clangs of the zither sounded like an ancient battlefield had descended at the lakeside. As if there were millions of mighty soldiers charging forward, as if the blood was spurting out and the bones were getting crushed… The music was very seasonal.


As if a meteorite fell into the public lake, along with the two great experts’ earth-rending battle, a torrential wave was stirred up at the lakeside. The white drizzle of water droplets appeared especially hazy under the moonlight.

Windfeathers was as cold as a fiend, as wild as a beast. He left behind one afterimage after another and already rushed into the lake with Xiao Chen. They were battling on the surface of the lake! Every time when the lake water was unable to bear their weight anymore, they only needed to lightly step on a lotus leaf to lift themselves up.

It was close to an air battle!

On the surface of the lake, under the moonlit night, there was the great confrontation between the strongest youths of the south desolate region!

Fighting fiercely until now, the both of them had already build up enough power. Windfeathers’ surrounding space gradually twisted and became fuzzy. A glaring bloody radiance enveloped him. That was actually some kind of bizarre “domain”! It was reeking with blood and breath of brutality. Windfeathers’ hair danced wildly. He was like a blood-soaked Asura.

Domain, that was a divine ability that gradually opened up when one reached the Historia realm. Only extremely few genius in the Exuvia realm had the luck to manifest this kind of potential in advance. Without a doubt, the wild Windfeathers was unconditionally one of the strongest among the peers.

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Xiao Chen had once seen a youth expert with a domain before. Because of this, he wasn’t too shocked. A long time ago, on the dragon island, he had seen Dugu Jianmo creating a mysterious “domain” when he waved his sword. Besides, Xiao Chen’s very own “presence perception” was also considered the manifestation of the Historia realm’s hidden potential in advance.

Not one person was the Heaven’s sole favorite. Everyone possessed a different ups and downs of life. When Xiao Chen had an accomplishment in the martial way, someone else would also have an out of the ordinary opportunity and progressed with their heads held high. In the end, everything depended on their tenacity and efforts.

I am unparalleled!

Windfeathers, he was the wildest among his peers. He indeed had enough power to be proud of, truly had the right to look down on the youth generation.

When the bloody domain was executed, the stench of blood changed the surroundings in a flash. The heaven and earth lost their colors. Every directions were set in motion because of it!

Thousands and tens of thousands of beast shadows appeared behind him. He already made a very big accomplishment in the Demon Beast Art he practiced. During this one year of secluded training, he was fighting at close quarters with the wild beasts everyday. So much so that he even consumed some of the legendary primal beast’s souls.

The Demon Beast Art refined the beast soul!

Because of this, he learned this terrifying bloody domain — The domain of the beast!

“Xiao Chen, go to hell!” His body was in the domain. Windfeathers’ figure couldn’t be seen at all. There was only a scarlet red domain that looked like the raging flame. At the same time, it looked like thousand layers of bloody wave rolling over and over. There were countless beast shadows in the domain, baring their fangs and claws, facing upwards and roaring.

It seemed like it could directly assault the soul. An extremely terrifying power charged towards Xiao Chen along with Windfeathers’ wild movements.

Under the moonlit night, Xiao Chen stood there, straight and tall. His eyes were as bright as the stars as they emitted two sharp glints. He was not afraid. The overflowing battle intent burst out. An extremely powerful energy caused the lake water to turn over. His killing intent was soaring!

When encountering someone stronger than oneself, they must become stronger! ⌈1

A chance upon an opponent with this kind of domain, Xiao Chen was like a wargod that had just awakened. His entire body burst forth with resplendent rays of light. The North Star light screen passed through his body and draped over his body like an ancient battle armor given a new lease of life. It was flooding with baleful aura!

Every time the battle armor enveloped a part of his body, it would produce a sonorous metallic sound. In the end, the North Star light screen completely enveloped Xiao Chen’s body!


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    Encounter the strong, become stronger… how to make it sound less awkward? 
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