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Chapter 190 – Marriage Proposal

“You… just go and die!” Yan Qingcheng glared at Xiao Chen. However, Xiao Chen found a hint of craftiness behind her beautiful eyes.


Like a flickering light and passing shadows, Xiao Chen left an afterimage in his original location and rushed in front of Yan Qingcheng, then he grabbed her lily-white hands. And just at this time, a lightning landed on his original location with a rumble.

“When I was at your Undying Sect’s headquarters, I have already seen this kind of mystic art. You think I will fall for it?”

“Unhand me!”

“No way!”

“Xiao Chen, you scoundrel…”

“If you curse me again, then don’t blame me for turning into a real tyrant and satisfy your expectation!”

“Who’s expecting what? Go to hell, drop dead! You are really too shameless!” Yan Qingcheng was extremely ashamed and resentful as she continued to struggle.

“Let’s go. We’re going to see the elder.”

“If you want to go, then go by yourself. Unhand me!”

“How can you not go? You are the reason I come to your sect today.”

“Xiao Chen, you *******!” Yan Qingcheng was really a little scared now. This negligent guy actually wanted to go and meet the elder now.

“If was your Undying Sect who spread the rumor that you have been betrothed to me. Because of this, I was almost killed by the ancient spear Pasteur.”

Xiao Chen and Yan Qingcheng flew past the garden in the sky. Their sleeves were brushed by the wind. The man was handsome, the woman was like a fairy, they seemed to be the perfect match.

“Hey, isn’t that junior sister Yan Qingcheng? Am I seeing things? Why is she flying side by side with a man!”

“Junior sister Yan is actually flying side by side with a man…”

“I am going to challenge that guy!”


There’s plenty practitioners of the Undying Sect below. After seeing this scene, few of the male disciples felt heartbreak.

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When Yan Qingcheng heard those words, she narrowly fell from the sky.

“Xiao Chen, you *******. Let go of me.”


The two of them had mastered the Undying Divine Wings. They flew past the gardens at lightning speed and arrived in front of a big hall in the blink of an eye. Then they landed as light as a feather.

The Undying Sect’s elder had already received the report. He sent someone to lead the two into the main hall.

Within the ancient hall, many demon god’s portraits were enshrined. Impressively, the one enshrined in the centermost was a gold statue of the Undying Demon King in battle stance. He looked handsome and outstanding. The lonesome look in his eyes was so vivid that it felt as if it had traveled through time and reflected upon the hearts of the later generations.

Naturally, that arrogant appearance had been carved even more vivid. A hint of loftiness could be seen among the loneliness. It was as if every living things in the world were under his foot, as if nobody in the world deserved to face him at his best!

The Demon King had shaken quite a few generations. When he just founded the sect, he had slaughtered a lot of demon gods. He was very good at power play. He raided the sacred island’s palace alone and was bathed in the blood of the deities. He was genuinely worshipped by the people of the Undying Sect, regardless of gender and age!

For the men, they wanted to reach the summit and look down on the multitude of hills! This was the dream of every men in the Undying Sect. Who wouldn’t want to recreate the former glory of the Demon King?

The girls also became proud and arrogant due to the existence of the Demon King. In their heart, only this kind of man was a good fit for them.

Xiao Chen stood in the main hall and silently paid his respect in front of the Demon King’s statue.

“Did you finally start to become aware of your own insignificance in front of the Demon King?” Yan Qingcheng used this chance to shake off Xiao Chen’s palm.

“The Demon King is worthy of my respect. This is how a man should be. Proud, ambitious, famous, and powerful. However, I don’t have superstitious belief in the Demon King, he is but a man who reached that height through hard work. Everyone has a different path, my goal is not to become the Demon King, I am myself.”

“You sure know how to talk. However, it is pointless. Show it with your action, not words!” Yan Qingcheng hurled back.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You can witness it step by step when we are together in the future.” He resumed his negligent appearance and the sharp expression on his face just now was gone.

“Xiao Chen, I will say it one more time. There is nothing between the two of us. I will definitely make you crouch under my foot one of these days!” Yan Qingcheng had endured silently for a very long time. Nobody had ever opposed her like this. And now, all her inner feelings had finally burst out.

“Haha…” Xiao Chen laughed out loud and said, “In that case, does that mean I should make you crouch under my foot first?”

“You… I’m going to kill you!” Yan Qingcheng’s beautiful face was covered with frostiness. Her lily-white body was trembling slightly.

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Just at this time, a disciple of the Undying Sect came out from the back of the palace hall and said, “The master is asking Lord Xiao to come in.”

At the back of the palace hall, a sixty plus years old elder with remarkable appearance was quietly sitting on the mat. He was actually that elder who called himself Liu Qingfeng. He had once saved the middle-aged man, who wanted to take revenge for the Gold Dragon King, from Xiao Chen’s hand.

He sat on the mat calmly and rolled his sleeve noiselessly. Then, two mats immediately floated up and landed in front of Xiao Chen and Yan Qingcheng.

“Xiao Chen, what is the reason for your visit today?”

Naturally, Xiao Chen couldn’t say something as shameful as “receiving my wife” anymore. That was only to rouse up the proud Yan Qingcheng.

“This junior had once been under the care of the patriarch, I ought to come pay a visit to the Undying Sect’s branch in Celestial City.”

Liu Qingfeng nodded his head and started to chat with Xiao Chen leisurely.

Yan Qingcheng was so angry that the roots of her teeth started to itch. Xiao Chen was teasing her wantonly earlier, but now, he’s actually deadly earnest. She originally thought he would act indifferent in front of Liu Qingfeng and not give any respect to the elder of the Undying Sect. If that was the case, then he would be severely punished. However, she didn’t expect Xiao Chen would behave himself. He didn’t show any disrespect and was chatting with Liu Qingfeng on friendly terms.

Liu Qingfeng said earnestly, “Recently, you’ve been too reckless. You should learn to hold back a little. There’s a lot of things you cannot do rashly.”

“The senior’s advice, I will take it to heart.”

“Oh? You really don’t have any other business for coming to the Undying Sect?”

“Of course there is!” Following that, Xiao Chen tactfully conveyed his purpose in coming. Although he didn’t say the few words, “To take my wife home,” that was clearly what he meant.

Yan Qingcheng almost dropped the teacup in her hands. This guy was really too shameful, he actually dared to bring this matter up!

Liu Qingfeng’s hands also shook slightly. Wasn’t this guy a little too “straightforward”? Couldn’t he be a little more “evasive”?

“Regarding this matter…”

“The ancient spear Pasteur…”

Yan Qingcheng was endlessly resentful. This guy was extremely daring. He actually had the intention of pushing the blame of getting penetrated by Pasteur to the Undying Sect. This was the reason he dropped in to propose marriage.

“Master…” Yan Qingcheng was in an uncomfortable situation. Looking at Liu Qingfeng smiling from beginning to end, she couldn’t help but raise her voice.

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On the other hand, Xiao Chen was surprised. Liu Qingfeng was actually Yan Qingcheng’s master. This was indeed out of his expectation!

“Generally, I don’t oppose this marriage!” Liu Qingfeng declared his opinion.

Startled, Xiao Chen immediately looked at him blankly. He didn’t expect his proposal would be successful. All of this was only to give vent to his accumulated dissatisfaction. The Undying Sect clearly used him as an excuse to evade the brothers who held the ancient spear Pasteur. Although he didn’t dare to criticize them violently, mocking them was still unavoidable. However, he didn’t expect the other party actually didn’t turn him down.

“Master…” Yan Qingcheng became anxious. It was simply unimaginable for her to marry to Xiao Chen. Even if she had to make a compromise last time, now that she had returned to the immortal’s mainland, how could she continue to make herself feel wronged?

“Oh, we must not be too hasty regarding this matter. I feel that it is better to wait till Qingcheng master the Obliterate Demon Absolute God first. When two spend a long time together, love will bloom naturally.”

Hearing these, Xiao Chen almost sprayed out the tea in his mouth. Wasn’t this old fellow too crafty? If he wanted to refuse, just say it! Why be so corny?

On the other side, Yan Qingcheng was delighted and reproachful at the same time. Master really didn’t know how to speak. What “when two spend a long time together, love will bloom naturally”? Who would “bloom romantic feelings” for this guy?!

Xiao Chen originally came to this place to mock Yan Qingcheng to begin with. He was not so naive to think he could actually take Yan Qingcheng as a wife. Since his goal had more or less accomplished, he chuckled and said, “Yan Qingcheng, you really don’t want to marry me? If you really don’t want to, then I will take my leave.”

“In your dream!” She was as beautiful as the angel and as proud as the fairy. Yan Qingcheng’s beautiful face was brimming with ice-cold expression as she said proudly, “I would rather marry off to a beggar or an army ruffian than marrying you!”

Xiao Chen originally wanted to take his leave just like this. However, after hearing these words from Yan Qingcheng, he felt furious and said with a smile, “Good, very ambitious indeed. So high and mighty! Not long later, I am going to leave the Celestial City. I hope that lady Qingcheng will not follow me along the way again. I don’t want to interfere with your adequate life.”

These words caused Yan Qingcheng to be speechless for a moment. After practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, she was really inseparable from this so-called vessel.


As he said these, Xiao Chen had already saluted to Liu Qingfeng and left the main hall.

“Mister Xiao, don’t be so smug! I will find a way to settle this!”

“Then I will congratulate you in advance. Actually, we can already be considered acquaintance. If you can’t stand it anymore, you can continue to be my attendant. Of course, the prerequisite is that you don’t weep endlessly and keep shouting you want to marry me.”

Xiao Chen had resumed the negligent appearance which Yan Qingcheng detested bitterly. He felt that he was a little small-minded just now. After all, he was a man. So be it if he only mocked this arrogant beauty, but it was no worthwhile to take it too seriously. He burst into loud laughter as he soared into the sky and flew towards a distant location.

Yan Qingcheng was gnashing her teeth. How she wished she could pull Xiao Chen down from the sky at once.

“Mister Xiao, I will not let you get away with this!”

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“Come and find me any time. I am currently thinking about my future seriously. If you are too late, you can only become a concubine.” As the voice faded away, Xiao Chen’s figure disappeared in the sky.

“Go to hell!” Yan Qingcheng’s smooth forehead was covered with black lines.

The next day, because the snow-white little Keke was snoozing around and missed the time to get on the stage, its qualification to compete was mercilessly stripped off. When Xiao Chen found the little thing, it was soundly asleep at the backstage. He had no other choice but to take it home.

However, the little critter was very dissatisfied. The unwillingness in its eyes was undisguised. Xiao Chen knew he had to pay close attention to it. Otherwise it might cause some trouble again.

Four days later, the grand battle had finally reached its climax. The spectators’ mood were rising up and down every day, and the warbeast castle was filled to the brim.

The first round of the grand battle dropped its curtain at last. On the fifth day, the second round of the grand battle began!

The first battle today was between the Golden Lion King and the black tortoise.

The strength of these two cubs were gravely underestimated at that time. They were the victors of the standard beast kings. Presently, they were genuinely the strongest and most popular among the young beast kings.

And now, these two powerful warbeasts actually clashed. It could even be said to be a fierce battle between giants.

The Golden Lion King looked extremely fierce. Although it was only one meter long, it had a bearing like that of a natural-born king. Similarly, the golden fur all over its body was dazzling, so much so that the gold radiance made people unable to open their eyes. It crouched there unmovingly like an immemorial sacred mountain, which gave people a great pressure!

It had three lion heads and each of them appeared mighty. It made people intimidated at first glance, especially that vertical eyes on its foreheads. When it blinked, the brilliant rays made even the older generation experts to get cold feet. Everyone unanimously determined that, this was definitely an extremely exotic beast. Perhaps, its odds of success were very high even if it faced the Dragon Kings!

As for that mysterious tortoise, nobody dared to look down on it anymore. That was because an older generation warrior had clarified it clearly, this was the direct descendant of the Black Tortoise. It was a natural-born sacred beast and had unlimited potential!

Along with the sound of the drum, this battle had begun. The entire body of the Golden Lion King radiated. Although it hadn’t moved a fraction, it had, without a doubt, already became the sole attention of the audience. The stage was brimming with golden radiance. The aura of the Lion King made every spectators feel pressured.

The Black Tortoise was as quick as lightning. It started to rotate like a sharp disk blade as it flew towards the Golden Lion King.


The Golden Lion King moved with lightning speed. With a swipe of its claw, it ruthlessly hit the Black Tortoise.


The deafening noise had shaken up the entire warbeast palace. The Black Tortoise’s shell was truly indestructible, it was practically impossible to break through.

The qi of earth rumbled as yellowish rays of light appeared around the Black Tortoise. The energy fluctuated violently in the Black Tortoise’s surroundings. The essence of earth gave rise to a yellow light, which was launched towards the Golden Lion King. The black tortoiseshell was bewitching. It was so dark that it made people break out in cold sweat. The energy fluctuation passed through the barrier in front of the stage and made every spectators feel palpitated.

This kind of young sacred beast was too terrifying. It already possessed this much power at present. Who knew what kind of realm it could reach once it was fully grown!


The aura of mother earth was majestic, the momentum was extremely shocking. In a split second, the Golden Lion King had been sent flying and rammed against the barrier surrounding the warbeast stage.

A burst of violent energy fluctuation rumbled. The barrier almost broke down and the spectators burst into clamor. The Black Tortoise was really too powerful. It was actually capable of manipulating such a tyrannical power.

And surprisingly, the Golden Lion King did not get crushed like they had expected. The glaring golden light glinted as the Lion King shook its lustrous fur. It jumped up from the ground and was practically unharmed!

With the speed of lightning, the Golden Lion King ran across the field and let out a thunderous rumble. The entire warbeast stage was trembling. The Golden Lion King got in front of the Black Tortoise in a split second and brandished its lion claw violently.


The Black Tortoise was sent flying, but it was still safe and sound. It was impossible to destroy the tortoiseshell.

The eyes of the Lion King glinted as two threatening lights were emitted. It scuttled across the field and bit the Black Tortoise in the sky. Then, it swung its head violently and flung the Black Tortoise. However, the tortoise shell still remained in one piece.

The Black Tortoise amassed the yellowish rays of light again and gave rise to an even more violent earth essence that drowned the Golden Lion King.


The Golden Lion King was sent flying towards the sky. A mouthful of gold-colored blood was coughed out from the center-head. However, its militaristic body was still as vigorous as before. It didn’t have much influence on its performance.

But also because of this, the Golden Lion King became furious!

Along with the world-shaking lion roar, the barrier around the warbeast stage was destroyed. The vertical eye at the Golden Lion King’s center-head opened in that instant and a blazing, bloody-qi was launched. It was like a light of destruction that destroyed the Black Tortoise’s shell in a split second!


The entire body of the Black Tortoise burst open!

Crushing defeat!

The Black Tortoise, one most powerful sacred beast that was recognized by everyone, died on the warbeast stage. The Golden Lion King achieved victory with indisputable strength.

The entire stadium turned deathly silent. The Golden Lion King was too powerful!

It barely opened one of its vertical eyes and it was already enough to penetrate the Black Tortoise who was known for its defense. Who else among the young sacred beasts could be a worthy match for it?!

Xiao Chen also felt downcast. Even he was not confident that he would be able to withstand that destructive attack just now! And that was merely one out of three of the Golden Lion King’s vertical eyes!


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