Chapter 197 – Unyielding, Triumphant Return!

The bloody light had submerged Keke, the black light had opened the gate of hell. Any traces of the little critter had disappeared in the dark sky.

The multicolored Peacock King let out a long cry, its bright and beautiful feathers were glittering and emitted thousand streaks of colorful rays of light. Its entire body burst forth with dazzling rays of light as it quickly rushed out from that colorless space.

The Golden Lion King did not pay any attention to the Peacock King. It was focusing all of its being on shutting the gate of hell. From within the black hole, what sounded like the rattling of iron chains transmitted outward. The eerie vibe had already broken into the actual world as the Golden Lion tried to seal off the black hole as quickly as possible.

For this reason, it did not hesitate to consume its vital energy. It wanted to close it in the shortest possible time. The entire body of the Lion King was blazing with golden flame as its body slowly ascended into the air and stopped right in front of hell’s gate.

It grasped the opportunity and made a firm decision. The Golden Lion didn’t want all of its efforts to go down the drain. Its instincts were telling it that the Eye of Destruction was not enough to put an end to the little critter, despite the fact that the other party’s defense was at the lowest point at that time. Perhaps, only with the help of the Genesis would it be able to completely get rid of this little troublemaker. If it didn’t grasp this chance, it wouldn’t be able to get rid of this troublemaker for all eternity.

After a brief moment of silence, everyone in the Amber Warbeast Castle flared up again. The turnaround of the battle was so fast that it was somewhat unbelievable. The Golden Lion King was too vicious, it actually made its move at such a crucial moment.

“Too shameless!”

“Damn it! How did this happen?”

“That sly Lion King!”

“The little critter is too naive, you shouldn’t be the slightest bit careless and merciful on the battlefield. It should have killed that Golden Lion first!”


Xiao Chen’s mind completely blanked out, but he hadn’t fallen into despair. He believed in the strength of the little critter. If the Peacock King was able to make it out, the little critter should be able to do it too!

He was secretly praying that the little critter was not injured by the countless bloody rays launched by the Golden Lion King’s Eye of Destruction, otherwise how would Keke have enough strength to make it out of the Genesis?

The Golden Lion King let out a growl as a gold radiance burst forth from its entire body. It was as if the Lion King had already transformed into a blazing sun. The energy around its body was rushing forth like a torrential river. The vertical eye on its forehead that represented Reincarnation was emitting a black light more powerful than ever!

It was not easy to force the little critter into Genesis, it must not fail. The power it was exhausting at the moment was several folds higher compared to the past. It hoped to save as much time as possible.


After the black hole produced a burst of ear-splitting noise, it was shrinking at a high speed. Thereafter, an absolute silence enveloped the sky as all sound was lost. All that could be seen was Hell’s Gate swinging shut.

The multicolored Peacock King was flying at high altitude, Goldie and the White Tiger were calmly standing on the ground. They had no intention of making their move as they didn’t want to wreck the results of the Golden Lion King’s battle at this point in time.

After all, from a certain point of view, the little critter was their most formidable opponent, more so than the Golden Lion. It was an opponent they couldn’t go easy against.

Every sacred beast has intelligence, so much so that they have surpassed humanities. With regards to opponents around the same level as them, they could brave the challenge to improve themselves. However, if it was an opponent they didn’t stand a chance against, they would think of something else and be even more decisive than a human. If there’s a chance to destroy their opponent, they wouldn’t hesitate to make their move!

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Without anyone interrupting, it was smooth sailing for the Golden Lion King. The gate to hell was on the verge of closing.

Many female spectators who could sympathize with Keke were all in despair. Many people had already started to yell. Xiao Chen was clenching his fists tightly, the tip of his fingers were starting to get a little pale. His eyes were as cold as the edge of a blade as he stared at the big crystal screen.

A dragon’s roar pierced through the vast sky, it was as if life had been brought back to the spacious and empty plain. The desolate and lifeless atmosphere had been driven away in an instant.

A milky white dragon swiftly flew over from a high altitude like a flickering light and passing shadows, it was as fast as lightning. Tenax took the risk to receive one attack from the Crimson Dragon King in order to break away from it. It was on the fourth step of the Dragon Countersteps as it attacked the Golden Lion.

The sky was trembling, as if a surge of violent energy waves were fluctuating. It was grandiose like the turbulent sea, then again, it was shaking like a huge mountain.

That was the ancient martial skills of the dragon race that had been renowned since time immemorial!

Tenax broke away from its opponent at the crucial moment and came to save Keke. Even though its entire body was covered in frightening wounds, so much so that even its bones were already exposed in some places, Tenax did not have the slightest bit of fear as it faced the formidable Golden Lion King. It pressed forward courageously!

The Golden Lion King coldly shot a glance at Tenax. One of its heads turned over as the Eye of Destruction opened. The bloody light beam pierced the vast sky and swept over.

One’s nature determined their fate and the path they would pick throughout their life. Tenax was born for battle and lives for battle. Although it already has sustained serious injuries, it wouldn’t shrink back because of this. Tenax had taken the fifth step and the stellar diagram appeared under its foot, carrying with it, a brilliant ray and an extremely powerful energy fluctuation.

The bloody light beam was getting close. However, Tenax took the sixth step unflustered and it just so happened to step on the light beam to face the Light of Destruction head-on.


The sky and earth trembled, it was as if this region was about to turn upside down.

The bloody radiance dyed the sky red. The power of destruction was present everywhere as it was scattered.

All the spectators were so shocked that their eyes opened wide. There was actually a sacred beast who dared to face the Light of Destruction head-on. This was a little unimaginable.

When the rays of light finally dissipated, Tenax’s injuries had become worst, but it did not get killed and was still standing in the sky.

“Oh my god, it actually survived that attack!”

“Even the Black Tortoise that is reputed to have the number one defense was penetrated by the Light of Destruction, how… just how did it survive that?”


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Everyone in the Amber Warbeast Castle exposed an unfathomable expression. Tenax faced the Light of Destruction head-on and did not fall!

“It did not die… it really did not die!”

The warbeast castle was drowning with noise.

“It did not die… because it is a Dragon King!”

“The Black Tortoise’s defense has fallen behind after all. The dragons always choose to go on the offensive and use attacks to serve as defense. Their attack power is known to be the best under the heavens! Just now, when it executed the Dragon Countersteps, that was enough to prove that this little Dragon King was determined to fight to the death.”

“The race known to possess the strongest attack power, there’s no way they would shrink back. Just now, it used the dragon race’s ancient martial skill and successfully neutralized the Light of Destruction. That is enough to prove the dragon’s supremacy.”

Tenax’s nature of never admitting defeat made it impossible for the tough little dragon to shrink back, especially when Keke was caught in a risky situation. Although it had fought fiercely with the Crimson Dragon King for a long time — both sides had suffered and were covered in terrifying wounds from head to foot — despite this it still chose the difficult path of exterminating the Lion King.

However, it did not take the seventh step in the end. It was not that it didn’t want to take the step, but rather that it did not have the ability to take another step. It fought with the Crimson Dragon King for a really long time and had consumed too much energy. It had nearly exhausted all of its power.

However, the Golden Lion was also unable to launch the second bloody light beam. In order to seal the hell’s gate as soon as possible, it was unable to waste any more strength.

Tenax launched another Dragon Counterstep from the beginning again and pressed towards the Golden Lion.

And just at this time, with a roar, the White Tiger’s incarnation soared up towards the sky to block Tenax’s path. The Peacock King let out a long cry and radiated with colorful rays. It grabbed Goldie and flew up together to block Tenax’s path, making it so that Tenax was unable to execute the Dragon Countersteps unless it fought with the three sacred beasts first.

Tenax stood proudly in the sky alone, it did not fall back a single step, it just stood there silently and cast a glance at these powerful opponents.

Time wouldn’t wait for anyone, there’s no time to hesitate, it could only press forward while disregarding everything else. Although the outcome was obvious, there’s no way it could shrink back!

A dragon roar shook the vast sky. Although it was still very young, it actually possessed a piercing aura. Tenax decided to forge ahead and struggle desperately!

It executed the Dragon Countersteps to shake off the three sacred beasts!

“Swish! Swish! Swish!” The rays of light were dazzling as the five-colored divine radiance swept over.

Bursting with a roar, the White Tiger’s incarnation pounced over.

Brilliant rays flickered as Goldie’s Shadow Partners launched nine streaks of lightning.

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Dragon Countersteps could trample the Gods and Buddhas. It was the secret art of the dragon race and was one of the strongest martial skills under the heavens. However, Tenax was still too young after all, the Dragon Countersteps was far from its peak state and did not possess enough power to push down the three opponents.


Blood splashed everywhere, Tenax was sent flying by the powerful attacks of the three sacred beasts. Its blood dyed the vast sky red.

Dragon blood fell like rain, and the bones were exposed on many parts of Tenax’s body.

Originally, it still had a very long journey ahead. It had unlimited potential and could grow up slowly. It didn’t have the strength to solo the three saints, but it didn’t want to see Keke, who came from the same island, be sucked into Genesis. Thus, it decided to forge ahead and fight!

Tenax was on the verge of dying, but the glint in its eyes that was gradually getting dimmer suddenly burst forth with brilliant rays the instant it was about to be extinguished.

Waiting for death was not in Tenax’s nature. If it wanted to die, it would choose to die in a battle! Tenax executed the Dragon Countersteps with difficulty and stood in the sky. Its proud silhouette shook the hearts of every spectator.

At this very moment, an indescribable feeling welled up in everyone’s heart. This indescribable feeling had influenced a lot of people. Those who were emotionally weak were already getting teary eyed.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

As long as it still had breath left in its body, Tenax would not shrink back. It ignited its life’s fire for the last time as its unlimited battle intent pierced the skies.

Its dragon cry resonated in heaven and earth. Tenax transformed into a streak of milky white light as it advanced courageously!

Within the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen remained silent. The glint in his eyes was like the cutting edge of a sword. He tightened his fists, the veins were on the verge of breaking, and his joints let out creaking sounds.

Three layers of light screens were launched at Tenax. Nobody had the heart to continue watching this scene. This proud little dragon was fully aware that it was no match for the three sacred beasts, and yet it still continued to press forward. Could it be that it had friendly relations with the young sacred beasts?

To escape reality by averting his gaze was impossible. Xiao Chen stared at the big crystal screen from beginning to end, not saying a single word.

From the horizon, a bloody light dived down fast. A clear dragon cry resonated between heaven and earth. The Crimson Dragon King finally made its move.

Could it be that, under these kind of circumstances, it still wanted to land the final strike?

Many people did not want to watch the appearance of Tenax getting torn apart. However, very quickly, a surprised shout was transmitted from every general room.

The Crimson Dragon King did not choose to attack Tenax, but the three sacred beasts instead. The blazing bloody light illuminated the surroundings and forged ahead to face the three sacred beasts along with Tenax.

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The outcome was beyond everyone’s expectation. Nobody would have thought that the Crimson Dragon King would assist Tenax. After all, they were in a life or death battle just moments ago!

Why did it suddenly offer a helping hand to its former enemy?

Those who had detailed information about the eleven Dragon Kings were very shocked. The Crimson Dragon King was the most ruthless among the Dragon Kings. This was a public secret, nobody would have thought that it had a merciful heart.

However, outsiders wouldn’t know what the Crimson Dragon King was thinking about at the moment. It was not because of pity, it was a dictator among the Dragon Kings. Although the Dragon Kings were destined to fight to the death upon encounter, they would also feel angry when they saw outsiders joining hands to bully their brothers.

If it was in a one versus one battle, the Crimson Dragon King wouldn’t care if Tenax was to die tragically. However, since Tenax was being pushed around by three sacred beasts working together, it was unable to tolerate such conduct. The dignity of the Dragon Kings must not be blemished. No Dragon King should die in such an unfair battle!

Violent light and rumbling noise rushed forth as a terrifying energy storm was given rise. It was just like a volcanic eruption that swept everything in the sky away. Every spectator was overwhelmed with shock. These sacred beasts were still so young, and yet, they possessed extraordinary divine abilities. Just think, how much could they accomplish in the future? If they did not die young, they might even become exotic beasts recorded in the history book of this world!

Tenax and the Crimson Dragon King were pushed back. After all, their battle before was too fierce, both sides had already suffered serious injuries. They still couldn’t gain an upper hand with two versus three.

The condition of Tenax’s injuries became even more serious. From a glance, it looked like Tenax didn’t have much energy left. However, half of the attacks were received by the Crimson Dragon King in the end, so it didn’t get torn apart immediately.

The Crimson Dragon King faced upward and let out a vicious roar, pretending as if it had went berserk.

Just at this time, the Golden Lion king finally sealed off the hell’s gate. The last speck of black light completely disappeared.

Tenax helplessly cast one last glance at the disappeared gates and fell from the sky. The Crimson Dragon King let out an angry roar and transformed into a streak of bloody light to carry Tenax to the ground.

Despite the fact that Tenax has astonishing regeneration power, this time however, it could already feel the breath of death enveloping it completely. When they reached the ground, Tenax nodded towards the Crimson Dragon King and was put on the ground. Its internal organs had already turned into paste, they were completely crushed. Tenax didn’t have much strength left in its body. However, it still mustered every last ounce of strength in its body to stand up and let out a prolonged roar. The dragon cry shook the sky and earth.

Among the spectators, even the older generation figures were moved. They would rather have the competition stopped at this very moment. Such a proud little dragon made many people feel as if their heart had been struck.

The Crimson Dragon King silently walked aside.

Xiao Chen silently stood in front of the big crystal screen. It was as if his body had been petrified as he stood there motionlessly…

The four sacred beasts in the sky descended at the same time. The powerful little critter had been sucked into the Genesis with the four of them working together. At present, Tenax was on the verge of dying, and the Crimson Dragon King was seriously hurt so there was no cause for anxiety. It was time for the four of them to fight.

Naturally, Goldie and the Peacock King would team up.

The Golden Lion King and the White Tiger did not have any hesitation, they directly walked together.

Before the battle began, they cast a glance at the Crimson Dragon King. They believed it would be better to get rid of it first. Moreover, absorbing the essence of the Dragon Kings would have tremendous benefits for them.


An extremely muffled sound suddenly echoed in the sky. It was just like the sound of a sealed up stone room being rammed.

The sudden noise not only made the four sacred beasts raise their guard at the same time and raise their head to look around attentively, even all the spectators were feeling very excited. Their originally crestfallen mood suddenly had a hint of hope.


A even clearer ramming sound was transmitted from high in the air. They could vaguely see one energy ripple after another appearing in the sky, it was as if space was about to deform.

“I did not mishear!”

“I heard it too, it is that little critter…”

Many people cried out in surprise. They couldn’t help but think of that little critter that was sucked into Genesis.


This time, the sound was even louder. Space actually had signs of collapsing.

The Golden Lion King, the Peacock King, and the White Tiger’s External Incarnation flew over simultaneously.


The space had been shattered, hell’s gate reappeared as the rainbow-colored divine radiance was launched towards the horizon. It was extremely dazzling. The snow-white little critter rushed out of hell’s gate.

The clothes on Keke’s body, and the gold monkey fur were completely crushed. It launched the rainbow-colored radiance unceasingly and pushed hell’s gate open. It broke free from Genesis and returned with its own power.

“Oh my god!”

“It can’t be…”

“This is too unbelievable!”

“This really isn’t an illusion!”

Everyone cried out in surprise. This was simply unbelievable, it was too outrageous.

Although Keke’s real identity had been revealed, everyone recognized it at first glance. That pair of glittering big eyes definitely wouldn’t be wrong!

Just what kind of exotic beast was this? How did it come to possess such an unimaginable power? It was actually able to make it back even after hell’s gate had been completely shut. It made everyone so dumbfounded that they didn’t know what to say!

It could make it back from hell’s gate by itself, does that mean it also had the power to open Genesis? Wouldn’t that mean it also have divine ability similar to the Golden Lion King’s Eye of Reincarnation?

Everyone in the Amber Warbeast Castle flared up, the voice spread over the entire Celestial City.

Just at this time, the Golden Lion King, the multicolored Peacock King, and the White Tiger’s External Incarnation moved simultaneously. One after another, glaring rays of light were launched towards the little critter. The sky trembled violently due to the terrifying energy.

“SQUEAK! SQUEAK!!!” The snow-white little critter was angry. Moreover, it was truly very angry!

The rainbow-colored divine radiance swept across the sky and shattered all resistance. It was much more powerful when compared to before it was sucked into Genesis. All the energy attacks were routed as the Golden Lion King, the Peacock King, and the White Tiger’s External Incarnation were sent flying.

Keke was panting with rage, it was not going to leave matters at that. Fortunately, it did not notice the condition Tenax was currently in, otherwise it would definitely flip out and reveal a side it had never before shown.

Despite that, it was already scary enough. It directly charged towards the Peacock King that was the closest to it. The rainbow-colored divine radiance swept away the five-colored divine radiance, it even broke through the drizzling sword-qi emitted by the Chaos Green Feather, and rushed onto the peacock’s back in a flash.

Pulling up radishes!

No, it’s more like, pulling up the peacock’s tail feathers!

Every spectator was completely flabbergasted, Keke actually exerted itself physically to pull that Primal Divine Feather. It was as if everyone had just swallowed a huge elephant, they couldn’t even close their mouths anymore.


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