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Chapter 177 – Opening up the Body’s Treasure

Pasteur, the ancient spear with flowing divine blood, was thrusted on the bluestone floor in front of Xiao Chen. The divine blood dripped unceasingly, then the blood transformed into specks of red light and disappeared in thin air. It was constantly overflowing with killing intent that came from the distant past.

Without a doubt, the ancient spear that had once killed the deities possessed an unimaginable power. However, the two brothers were unable to manifest its true power. It was truly what they call ‘falling into oblivion’ at their hands.

Xiao Chen had reason to believe this kind of ancient spear was not something they could control. Their master or family elders must be somewhere in Celestial City. Moreover, it seemed like they might be up to something. Otherwise, why would they bring the god killing weapon to this place?

At present, Xiao Chen didn’t want to think over these too much. He sat cross-legged in the courtyard and slowly immersed in the mysterious, yet profound state.

Millions and millions of starlight sprinkled down. The starry sky seemed to be closing in. In front of Xiao Chen was one resplendent ray of light after another streaking across the sky. Those were the shooting stars as they faded away, those were the fallen lives, those were the shattered dreamland…

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense seemed to have streaked past the nine layers of heavens and passed through the outer space. It was as if he had entered that boundless starry sky. His spiritual sense was condensing, as if it was transforming into a resplendent star in the sky.

He seemed to have rose to the cluster of stars. This kind of feeling was really too strange. It seemed as if every star was corresponding to the life on earth. Could it be that the stars were really closely bound to the life on mother earth? It was certainly not like this. It was merely because of the cause and effect of all living things.

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense seemed to cut open the dense fog in the starry sky as he gradually rushed towards a treasure flickering with bright divine radiance.

That’s right, he suddenly realized, this was not whatever starry skies, it was his sea of consciousness! He was getting close to the sealed treasure!

Was the human’s sea of consciousness corresponding to the universe? Why was it so similar to the cycle of the cosmos? Could it be that every living things was a standalone little universe by itself? That seemed to be the case, it really had striking resemblance.

Wouldn’t that mean everyone was made up of a universe of their own?

Xiao Chen’s train of thought was caught up in a labyrinth as he roamed in his sea of consciousness. Rushing over the North Star Constellation, jumping over the Royal Amethyst Star, looking down at this universe from a great height, then looking up at the vast sea of stars, he felt he was so very tiny at this place.

Was this the sea of consciousness sealed in the depths of human body? No wonder it was sealed, this place was really too vast, it was very easy for people to lose themselves at this place. It seems like the human’s potential was really unlimited. In regards to the big universe from the outside, the sea of consciousness could correspond with them one by one.

The world was just as big as the volume of the mind. All living things lived in thee heart. As Xiao Chen looked up at the starry sky, he had an indescribable feeling.

The door to the treasures was embedded in the middle of this sea of stars. Just how majestic and boundless would the other side of the door be? He no longer thought of himself as tiny, because all of this was contained in his mind, grasped by him, controlled by him.

A towering castle stood in the middle of the sea of consciousness. Xiao Chen rushed over there in a straight line, pushing open the gate of the castle……

Keke was bored to death as it yawned ⌈[^1]⌋. Its hairy head touched the ground from time to time. Obviously, it was already tired beyond recognition. On the other side, Tenax was quietly crouching on the flowerbed. Its pair of eyes in the darkness seemed like two glittering pearls.

As for the white-shelled little tortoise, it had a posture that would cause people to cough out blood. Although it had the tortoise shell, its movement was unusually nimble. It was actually lying on the back, with one leg crossed over the other! ⌈[^2]⌋

Two of its tortoise legs were very long. Its legs were falling forwards and it seemed to be very relaxed. One of its tortoise arm was resting under its head. The other tortoise claw was grabbing onto a reishi mushroom it had stolen from who knows where. It was gnawing at the mushroom with great relish. From time to time, it would secretly look all around. Its pair of tortoise eyes were like glittering black gems. It was rolling its eyes to cast a glance at all directions.

This… was practically not how a tortoise would act! Its deceitful appearance was no different from a sly human!

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Tonight, the moonlight was gentle, the starlight was resplendent.

The breeze brushed past lightly, the fragrance spread from the cluster of flowers and plants.

A slight air splitting sound transmitted from beyond the courtyard. The sleepy Keke immediately roused up from its sleep. Its glittering big eyes were perfectly round as it fixed its attention ahead.

With two whooshing sound, two human figure jumped over the wall and entered the courtyard.

When Tenax was about to make its move, Xiao Chen made his move first.

The bloody spear that was thrusted into the ground suddenly blossomed with dazzling bloody light. The murderous aura soared up. With a “clang”, the ancient spear Pasteur lifted up from the bluestone floor by itself. Then it transformed into a frightening light beam and left behind a bloody red afterimage. With a “Pfff,” the two who just entered the courtyard were pierced!

The blood splashed everywhere. After the ancient spear Pasteur pierced the two, it transformed into a bloody light beam again, and with a “ringing” sound, it was thrusted into the bluestone floor in front of Xiao Chen.

“Air… airborne fencing?!” The two of them had an unfathomable expression. Their eyes widened in front of the death’s door, wanting to grab on to something. After all, they were Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer practitioners. Although they were far from comparable to the Ninth Celestial Layer expert like Xiao Chen, but… a single encounter, just a single encounter! And they were ruthlessly killed. This made them unable to accept the truth!

Could it be that Xiao Chen had really broke through to Historia realm? That was their last question before death.

Although Xiao Chen was opening up the treasures in his body, he could still feel everything happening on the outside world clearly. The method he used to kill the two was enlightened by Dugu Jianmo. If his spiritual sense was powerful enough, every tangible thing in the vicinity could become his weapon.

This was the great power of the spiritual sense. His spiritual sense continued to absorb the essence of the treasure in his body, becoming all the more condensed and powerful!

Xiao Chen knew, the event regarding him challenging Ninth Celestial Layer experts in the night would definitely alarm a lot of people. Some people could guess that he wanted to make a breakthrough. In order to prevent him from smoothly breaking through to Historia realm, they might even come to exterminate him at the most crucial moment!

The breeze brushed past, the fragrance of flowers covered up the stench of blood. Xiao Chen’s heart was very calm from start to finish. The road to immortality was a very harsh road. Who knows just how many people would die midway.

Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense was sharper than ever. After entering the grand and lofty castle in the sea of consciousness, he felt a subtle change was taking place in his body.

The flow of blood suddenly speed up. Vaguely, he could hear a rumbling sound transmitting from his blood vessels. That was a sound produced by the flow of blood. It clearly transmitted into the sea of consciousness.

There was also the thumping sound of the heart, the trembling sound of the internal organs…… At this moment, he felt one divine radiance after another rushing out from the treasure’s door, flowing into his flesh, baptising his internal organs. Even his bones were not left out as they was submerged by the divine radiance.

This was a transformation, this was a sublimation, this was an evolution!

This was the process of breaking the shackles of human body, transcending oneself, and taking a step into the whole new world.

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Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense became keener than ever. He saw a goldfish in the lotus pond waving its tail, stirring up a few tiny specks of dusts at the bottom of the pond. He saw a night orchid slowly blooming among the flowerbed, with very slight amount of pollen falling from the pistil. He saw a nocturnal bird in the sky, flying gracefully with an insect in its beak. And that the insect’s leg was encroached by a little bit of blood.

Although those sceneries were very far away and very minute, everything in the surroundings appeared as clear as day in Xiao Chen’s mind. The minute world seemed to be just before his eyes.

Forge ahead!

The power of the treasure was opening up!

He’s about to step into the doorstep of Historia!

Just at this time, in front of that grape vine frame at the courtyard, a shadow appeared. That shadow seemed like it appeared from the thin air. It was very sudden.

There’s no life fluctuation transmitting outwards, no ripples of life, if not because of the pitch-black human shadow at that place, others were practically unable to tell someone was standing there.

Tenax slowly pressed onward. Keke also raised its guard. The two sacred beasts felt dangers approaching.

All of a sudden, two divine radiance burst out from under the grape vine frame, directly launching towards the rock in the garden. Looking at that multicolored feather pinned on top of the rock, an elderly voice transmitted outward, “Multicolored divine feather, the phoenix clan…”

The powerful pressure pressed down like Mount Tai. The entire courtyard was silent, as if everything had been sealed by an unfathomable power.

It lasted only for a while, then that mountain-like pressure suddenly disappeared. The shadow under the grape vine frame disappeared without a trace, as if it had never been there to begin with.

The cool breeze flowed, carrying with it, the fragrance of flowers and plants.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Three people jumped into the courtyard, separating into three direction and surrounded Xiao Chen from all sides.


Divine light flashed. Keke had made its move. The rainbow-colored light screen was launched forward and shrouded the three who just entered the courtyard like a tornado. Tenax was nodding its head and wagging its tail as it rushed over, leaving behind a silvery light.


The miserable shriek resounded. The three of them were ripped apart by Tenax.

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It’s coming!

The dangerous moment was coming!

Xiao Chen knew, those who received the news were going to make their move from this moment onward.

The bloody mist drifted in the air. Without making any sound, on top of that white marble bridge at the courtyard, someone shrouded in shadow appeared there. With great astonishment, beside him was actually a Dragon King!

It was an Azure Dragon King flickering with green dragon scales. Its battle intent was soaring as it stared at Tenax unwaveringly.

Was this not Lawrence’s Azure Dragon King? Why did it appear at this place? That person shrouded in shadow was definitely not Lawrence. Their aura was completely different! ⌈[^3]⌋


A long laugh transmitted over. Another figure jumped into the courtyard. The arrival was a middle-aged man. The powerful pressure emitted by him made the pavilion nearby collapse.

“Roar…!” A deep and low beast roar resounded as a golden furred ape jumped into the courtyard from a different direction. It was only one meter tall, but it seemed to be very sturdy and fierce. Its gold fur was glorious and dazzled the eyes. Its ice-cold pupils emitted two cold glints as it gazed at Keke fiercely, without batting an eye. Noiselessly, a shadow appeared beside the golden ape. That person’s body was entirely shrouded by hazy fog and their visage couldn’t be seen.

[^1]: Silva: Damn, even I yawned when I translate this…
[^2]: Pew-weet~
[^3]: Silva: Oh crap… what happened to Lawrence…

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